Nothing can slow Him down!

Sreejith Narayan

A few months ago I had a wonderful dream on Swami's Reappearance which I had shared during some of my talks.

In the dream I saw Swami has returned looking young, vibrant and beaming with great energy. 

The scene was a long half-paved road that ran for miles. A multitude of people thronged either sides of the road in anticipation of having a Darshan. The fortunate ones in the few front rows were seated on the ground but the others behind were standing, craning their necks to catch a glimpse of Swami. I was seated in the front row in some random spot. Then I saw Swami emerging from a distance, walking in so fast that the volunteers had a tough time catching up with Him. In fact, the volunteers had to run in order to follow Him closely. It was a "blink and you shall miss" kind of a Darshan. He was quickly closing in on the spot where I was sitting. Suddenly I noticed that there was a big wide trench on the road just in front of where I was seated. I became very anxious and worried that Swami would fall into the trench at the speed which He was walking. There was no way anyone could jump over that. Aghast, I then realized that Swami was already near the trench. Looking at Him helplessly, I prayed "Swami please watch your step". Seeing that He was not slowing down, I decided to "offer" Him a helping hand! I extended my right hand above and towards the center of the trench hoping that Swami could probably keep one step on my hand and then leap over to the other side. However, before I could request Him to step on my outstretched hand, He came in like a whirlwind and with a big long step crossed over the wide trench as if it was nothing! Doing so He looked at me chidingly, seeming to ask "You fool! having measured this entire earth with one step (during the Vamana Avatar), you thought this tiny trench would be a big deal for Me?". He then walked off and in a flash, disappeared into the distant crowd. End of the dream.

Later on, a prominent Sai devotee well known in the Sai world, mentioned to me that when Swami returns it will be difficult for His devotees to keep pace with His new projects, initiatives, and travels. I was immediately reminded of my above dream for the obvious analogy. How He leaped over the trench with ease, is symbolic that nothing can stop Him and that no impediments are significant enough to slow Him down! 


Chamari2015-02-10 00:16#
Sairam dear brother...what a dream! Really there is big significance in it.
Swami's movements cant be limited or stopped by any one or any situation! He is in a
mega run! He will be moving around the world giving dharshan and closeness
to all the devotees who didnt get that opportunity before Mahasamadhi!
May our Lord be with us for ever!
Prof. Sku Pt.
Prof. Sku Pt.2015-02-10 00:30#
In a recent interaction,on 31st January and 1st February, with batches of alumni Swami clearly hinted about the glorious time mentioned in the post above. When a boy occupying a lucrative position (from worldly angle) offered his services at His lotus feet,Swami asked him to wait till a certain time(he told me the time), when there will be opportunities for everybody to participate in the GRAND MISSION (capitals used deliberately to avoid its description in so many paras)

It has been my prayer also for an opportunity to work full time in His Mission which is going to be fulfilled shortly,

Jai Sai Ram
KARTHIKEYAN2015-02-10 03:23#
Amiable Dream. Swami is little bit of Humorous here! This Dream indicates that several changes will be in future in a Rapid time. Here in the Dream, when Swami Leaps the Trench in one Jump, It means that he is going to do the impossible and difficult tasks in just a matter of time as he leaped the Trench in one jump!
Ramesh Babu
Ramesh Babu2015-02-10 03:54#
I think one has to watch the Hindi movie PK to correctly see this dream. That we always had choice even in Kali yuga to tune our mind to WRONG NUMBER only(seeking only miracles and material comforts,being attached to Form) or tune our mind to RIGHT NUMBER (to reach FORMLESSNESS by understanding His stature and not status alone) at least in Golden Age,after He comes back. It also means to not sacrifice all emotions and feelings as well in the name of Surrender but to have independence in emotions&feelings coming from purity and a nonjudgmental state of mind and try to look to become equal to Him as God at least in coming times.SAIRAM...
subash calpu
subash calpu2015-02-11 21:20#
Sain Ram Ramesh, Very few people or even sai devotees fully understand this principle you spoke of especially in the light of kaliyuga being so ingrained in our consciousness, hence the reason swami must induce a quantum leap in consciousness from our present state to one of enlightenment. To do this it is absolutely necessary for swami to produce such a miraculously stupendous once in a yuga lifetime miracle that would have the effect of a nuclear spiritual bomb throughout the world so large and so strong that every single person would have absolutely no choice but to stand up and take notice or be obliterated in the aftermath. This is the quantum leap necessary for the entire consciousness of the world to leap forward into the Golden Age, and only the avatar has the capability of doing that. This is the primary reason swami has taken birth, to usher in the Golden Age, and he will do so whether we believe it, accept it, reject it, it is going to happen as he wills it. "There is no force on earth which can prevent me from fulfilling my mission on earth." Continue writing Ramesh you are doing a good job of enlightening persons everywhere. Sai Ram
K Raut
K Raut2015-02-10 04:56#
Apparently Swami has told Shri Narsimhamurthy that He will not be coming again in the same physical form.
Rajasudhan2015-02-10 16:47#
Sairam, In some of the Muddhenahalli Discourses Bhagawan has indicated that He will not come back in the same body. We have to be very attentive to Swami's words. This may not mean that He is not coming back as Sathya Sai at all. It could mean that He is actually coming back in a new body. I belive brother Narayan has written about it in this website itself somewhere.
T P Udayasankar
T P Udayasankar2015-02-10 09:53#
Sai brother. He came in my dream on 9th Feb 2015. He takes a seat. I take padanamaskar. He bends to touch my head with both hands. I raise to whisper in His ears "you have come specially to give me darshan" He smiles. I take one more padanamaskar. It was so blissful. Surely He is planning something big.
Prof. Sku Pt.
Prof. Sku Pt.2015-02-10 23:31#
Ref. comments of Raut and Raja: He will come in a new and younger body. Remember what He told Shri Narasimha Murthy- "Narasimha Murthy,s car is worn out I will give him a new car".

Now he need not travel in the old car.Similarly Swami will come in a new body.

Sri Sathya Sai Uvacha published in Nov 2014 and subsequent discourses contain mind boggling Divine prophecies.
Joy2015-02-11 00:23#
"The power of Sai is limitless; It manifests for ever. All forms of 'power' are resident in this Sai palm.

'Defeats' experienced by Avathaars are part of Leela

My power is immeasurable; My truth is inexplicable, unfathomable.

What I will, must take place; what I plan must succeed. I am Truth; and Truth has no need to hesitate, or fear, or bend."

Brindhaavan, 19-6-1974
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2015-02-11 07:09#
Sai Ram. Waiting eagerly for that opportunity to be in Sai Seva. Swami please make us your instruments in you Grand Mission.
Joy2015-02-11 22:52#
".... the aeroplane flying high in the sky descends to the airport. But one should not make the mistake of thinking that the plane is a ground machine because they see it on the ground. Once it has taken on its load of passengers, it again zooms up high into the sky. In like fashion, although the Lord has made a landing here on earth so to speak, He is not limited by His human form."
KARTHIKEYAN2015-02-12 15:02#
“What remains with Allah is better for you if you are believers…”

(Surah Hud 11:86)
Divija Ganga RR
Divija Ganga RR2015-02-15 02:01#
See the Power of Collective Prayers

Excerpts from Swami's recent discourse

[...]"Today, Swami is here because you all have prayed for Him to come- as individuals and even collectively,as devotees. You may ask, why only few of us are here today? Why not all the devotees from the UK?

One day all will be here, but it depends on who yearns more; he gets the opportunity first.Just as the child that is more hungry gets food first,those who are really hungry get to know Him more than the others. Not only devotees, the whole world will be at the Feet of Sai one day.You may witness it if you live long enough.

But today, I have decided to speak here with a few of you.Many of you might be thinking, "Why is it this way? Why not the other way of experiencing Him? Why can't I listen to Him?

Definitely, you can." [...]

_________ Excerpted from Divine Discourse on 26th August 2014 at London,
in the residence of Dr. Girish Malhotra.
Hamsa2015-02-21 08:28#
Beautiful dream Sreejith. We have to continue our little steps. One year, it rained a lot during His birthday celebrations and devotees struggled to cope up with. They asked why He did not stop the rains. He said, "None took care of the Samaadhis of my parents". There are always duties which He cannot tell individually but one has to do out of love for him. Based on that, the doers and the whole world gets grace. Everyone has to pick up the duties that they have ability to deliver.

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