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"My Word will never fail" - Sri Sathya Sai Baba


This book is a humble offering at the Divine Lotus Feet of my beloved Lord Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The one who planted the thought and acted upon it too, I pray to thee to also bear the fruits thereof.

Will Swami “return”?

Yes, I do not have any doubt whatsoever!

The “return” I am talking about is His reappearance in the same physical form of Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

What makes me think so?

When you read this book, you will understand what I mean. This book is not about trying to understand Swami and His inscrutable ways. Even sages and advanced souls have tried and failed to understand the nature of His reality. Who am I to try? But what I am certain of is that Swami’s words cannot fail. Whatever He has said is bound to happen. I have looked for clues in Swami's own words from His Discourses and various interviews that He had granted to many devotees. I have also looked into credible information from some books about Swami. Other information I have considered include experiences of some eminent devotees and prophecies that are part of some religious scriptures.

Book Summary:

  • Clues in Swami's own words about His return.
  • What did Swami actually say about His lifetime on earth?
  • Astonishing prophecies in various scriptures that point to Swami's imminent return.
  • A joyful Golden Age that is dawning on us.

Please look upon this book as a humble attempt to put together bits and pieces of information into a definite shape and present it before an earnest enquirer. Swami’s mystery cannot be understood. The best we can do is to get immersed in it. Only thing certain is that whatever He has said is bound to happen. With that certainty, everything else becomes irrelevant. As you read through this book, you will find Swami's words that provide clear indication that it was not time for His final disappearance yet. You will also see why there cannot be any change in Swami's plans either. As far as I am concerned, that would mean only one thing. That He will certainly be back in the same form as Sri Sathya Sai Baba!!! Swami has also provided some astounding indications on His imminent return. Further, there are some mind-boggling prophecies in certain unique scriptures that clearly foretell Swami's reappearance.

Humbly requesting you to read the book with an open mind.

After reading, if you like this book or have any comments, questions or concerns, kindly post them in the Guest Book.

Loving Sairams,
Sreejith Narayan (Author)


Yap boon keng
Yap boon keng2014-12-05 10:33#
Dear Sreejith Narayan,

I am sorry to say you are running out of time for Swami to appear.We are coming to the end of the year and
you have predicted Swami will appear before the end of the year 2014.
Against all the Dhamma teachings of Ancient Great Spiritual Masters,you have made prediction that Baba will come
back again in youger physical form.

It is regrettable to note that you are going against the Law of Nature regarding the impermanence of human
body which is subject to decay,sickness and death.Please read the 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism to dispel your ignorance on this matter.As the Buddha rightly puts it : "When you see the Dhamma,you really see me although my
physical form is not there." Will you become Enlightened and purer,even if Baba appears in his physical form again? All physical forms of Avaartas are subject to the Law of Impermanence,Baba not an exception.
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2014-12-05 15:39#
Sairam dear Yap boon keng,

First of all, I don't want to call it as my "prediction" as no one can predict what Bhagawan would do. What I did was an analysis which was Inspired by Him and based on my faith in His Words. It's my firm belief that He will reappear in His physical form once again. Nothing can take that away from me.

In your comment you say "All physical forms of Avaartas are subject to the Law of Impermanence". You may be referring to "Physical body" and not "physical form". Body and form are different. I have explained it in the article below.


Nevertheless, I don't believe Avatars are subject to the Laws of Nature. Swami Himself says that He is not bound by laws of nature. Please see the below article.


You seem to be desperate to prove me wrong. However, I feel you should be concentrating more on your own spiritual journey and not bother about what I say. I am a nobody in the grand scheme of things. Further more, I am not forcing anyone to share my faith on His reappearance. I share my beliefs through the book and this website for the benefit of like minded devotees.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-05 16:34#

I agree with your assessments, regarding Yap boon keng's point of view (may God Bless him).

Thank you for all you do.

If our understanding is wrong in any way, that is okay. Our intentions are pure. We wish to serve God and Humanity selflessly....nothing else.

We are not forcing ourselves on anyone.

No matter how God's plan unfolds, I can't tell you enough how much I, and many others, love and respect you and your loving efforts.

Sai knows what He is doing.

Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2014-12-05 16:47#
Thank you dear brother Jim for all the love and support.
p c nayak, hyderabad,india
p c nayak, hyderabad,india2014-12-05 16:47#
dear sairam,
i totally agree with sreejith sairam. as i know Swami, what He tell, it became true. when, He tell, He shall stay here up to 96 years, it will happen. why He left also, we can't tell. but, i want to tell that if sreejith sairam would not have started this website, i would have started. but, we should understand that everything Swami only do and we are only instruments. always, He test us to know how much we believe Him. when we beleive, we should not have doubt. so, wait patiently and have brotherly love and enjoy Swami's message. He will not allow our belief to go wrong, as there is no difference between He and we.
vinod2014-12-05 16:31#
sairam yap boon keng,

new yuga has started already ,this is golden age .its all gods wish about law of nature.
Suneesh2014-12-05 17:49#
Sairam Yap boon keng,

Sreejith is only one among those thousands of devotees, who believe the return of baba in the same physical body. The great work Sreejith did was, he inquired about things in details and put them together in a book. We all had faith but had no idea about what's happening. I got in touch with Sreejith's book after an year of Mahasamadhi and I felt like all my questions (except the date) about Swami's return is answered. Until then I was so restless, waiting for Swami everyday.

And what is Laws of nature my dear ? I never heard in any of our Hindu scriptures that everyone 'must' grew old and die (may be because of my limited knowledge but to be frank I never read any such thing). In fact our gurus and saints lead us to immortality. And I heard stories about several characters who went to heaven ,Kailasam or Vaikunda without leaving their physical body. I mean they didn't died. Please read about the story of saint Markandeya who recited Maha Mritunjaya mantra and lord shiva saved him from his death and blessed him to be immortal and to be a Kumara (teenager) forever. Swami himself had said fate is not a chain which bounds humans. If we walked path of self-realization, god will change the fate if needed. You are talking based on a logical view and we are talking based on our faith which is more valuable than our life itself. Only modern view of science believe everyone must die or else nature cannot exist.

If you have enough time, please read each and every post by devotees in this website. There are hundreds of experience shared but one thing you can see that Swami never said any specific date to any of the devotees here. There was only a single person who said he heard about a specific date in the last January or so but it was not his experience. He heard it from a relative or from a friend who participated in a meeting or so, where that friend heard someone's relative got such a darshan in dream. Considering the fact, that message passed through several people, somewhere some kind of misunderstanding must had happened. Except this single experience every other dates were devotee's predictions. I would like to call them as their hope and not as predictions because nobody was sure about Swami's decision. They all said swami 'might come' and no one said like 'Swami will return on this date or else i will shoot myself'.. lol... And swami's ways are the strange. 3 or 4 years I got a darshan when swami asked me 'don't you want me to come and save you?' I replied yes. He said 'Friday' (means he will come on friday) but I was not happy so swami said 'Okay. Monday is not a good day. I will come on Tuesday. I thought he will give me Moksham (liberation) on that Tuesday. But it never happened. For two years or so, on every Tuesday I waited for his arrival very eagerly but he never gave even a darshan in dream during Tuesdays, although he gave me darshans on other days. Every Wednesday I woke up with a heavy heart, thinking swami didn't fulfilled his word. But the truth is Swami never said any week, month or year. He said 'Tuesday' and Im sure on one Tuesday swami will come to me and liberate me but I don't know any date. My view is, to walk the path of self-realization one has to be blind in faith and then you will have experiences which will strengthen your believes.

Swami will surely return on a date, which is known to him only. We will keep guessing his return no matter how many times we fail. None here in STKC is going to leave their faith on Swami's return. All of us are here not only because of Sreejith's book but because of experiences or darshans we received from Swami. Sreejith is a great coordinator and a great writer, and this website helps all of us (who believes in swami's return) to remain as a family. Even if the whole world criticize Sreejith, we got his back. Our support and prayer is always with our brother Sreejith because through him Swami steadied this ship of faith.

Apurva2014-12-06 08:21#
Siaram All...

Quoting Tejas Viprani dream: Swami thundered “Sai Rama’s vanavasa is over. In the days of Ramaavatara, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman were fortunate to be in the presence of Sri Rama and enjoyed bliss amidst all the suffering they were put to in vanavasa. However Bharata, though lived in the palace, with the acute suffering from Rama’s separation, WAS THE ONLY ONE INDIVIDUAL WHO TOOK UP THE RESPONSIBILITY OF KEEPING UP THE MORALE AND BELIEF OF ALL THE CITIZENS OF AYODHYA, THAT SRIRAMA WOULD RETURN SOON FROM VANAVASA AND SURELY HERALD RAMARAJYAM. And here is our Sreejith, the Kali Yuga Bharata of Sairaama who held on to his belief in Swami and tirelessly inspired world over Sai family, the belief of Sairaama’s return for heralding this Golden Age. He is the chosen divine Sai instrument to spread the word “Sathya Sai Returns Soon”.

Saying thus, Swami blessed Sreejith and pointed His right index finger at his third eye position and said,“ JNANAM IS BESTOWED AND YOU WOULD BE THE REVIVER OF HUMANITY”. I saw Sreejith ji turning very radiant.

Latest Tejas Viprani vision posted in the same link!!

The following is the actual pattern as well in the way I had seen it in the vision in Swami’s own handwriting :


I am the father of Christ…

Mehdi The Sathya Sai Resurrects!

Jesus is born…

As the son of Gayatri The epitome of wisdom!

Never before never after…

Only this is the time you will see this trio on the earth!

This trio will herald the golden age!

Universe will witness this divine play!

Blessed are those…

Who avail this golden chance to attain golden heart!

Earth suffers the Pangs of Cataclysm…

Born from the Womb of Negativism!

To save the Positive I have very less Time!

To meet the Sun and the Star of the Heaven

Before Moon rises to its peak I have to return! --- Sathya Sai.

After this I turned a page across, to the next page of the book which says “FUTURE EVENTS OF THE TRIO”. By then Swami hurriedly left towards the door, with His dairy. I went behind Him and asked Him “Swami, when will I see you again?”

Swami said: “Meet me at Parthi.” and the vision ended.


Divine will reappear soon...when no body knows...decoding messages is a universal activity while we cleanse ourselves to get admitted to teh university of truth as mentioned by swami in my vision :

Swami answered,

Then you need to become the ‘True Truth Aspirant’ by relinquishing the limited identity. Maya gives you mentality, where as the Truth gives you Humanity.”

Then referring to Himself Swami said, “Swami will surely come in few more days, do not worry! I am giving opportunity to many to choose Truth. It means that before I and Gayatri come into light, by that time Evil would have been evacuated from the Earth by natural law and by the demand of upcoming Golden Era! PASSED are those who are TRUTH ASPIRANTS and failed are those who could not be inspired by TRUTH. So choice matters! Universal Law goes unbiased by eligibility only and NOT by BONDAGE and would choose only Truth Aspirants.”

We are given any time to only save ourselves to transition into the Golden Age ...

Loving Sairam,
Siri giti
Siri giti2014-12-07 00:16#
yan boon keng,
BUDDHISM is considered a Rebel child of Hinduism. so more or less all the principles have a base in Hinduism. moreover we can attach the law of impermanance just to the physical body, but not to GOD.It has been time and again proved that GOD can manifest himself any number of times in the same form. I would like to remind you that BUDDHA himself predicted that he would come back as MAITREYA to revive DHARMA/DHAMMA in this age.So BUDDHA was sure that there will be a dearth of Dharma in this age. I hope you as a true buddhist must be aware of this fact.BUT in a way u are contradicting BUDDHA'S prediction.It is a divine plan. So we should not try to decode it with our limited knowledge and understanding. Being enlightened is an individual's evolutionary process which will definetly be accelerated by GOD in or without a form. One should be realised to comment about another realised. As you don't seem to fall under this category to decide Swami's reappearance, I wish you work out on your enlightenment to get rid of your impurity. until then venture not to pass unrighteous comments ending up with aquiring further sin. i wish from now on you get engaged in saving yourself from thy sins. The one who knows what he knows is wise enough. the one who knows, what everyone should know to become wisest, is GOD. the one who doesn't know one's own mind and one's own identity in his own eternal journey of life, shouldn't be claiming to know other's mind. YOU HAVE DIRECTLY VENTURED TO TALK ABOUT GOD HIMSELF. If u have proof to say that you know something,you also don't have any proof to say that what we know is not wise enough! if you fail to see your own self as divine, you would always be failing to seek divinity in anyone! Before you preach you better reach your inner darkness. Wait till you get to know what is divinity all about. until then don't feel free to comment with your ignorance. Sairam.
Naren2014-12-05 17:22#
Hi Yap Boon Keng,

Law of nature is different from law of karma. What you are referring to as death of Baba is merely the shedding of one body and the reappearance being the manifestation of another body. An Avatar's body is special as well in that they are made for specific purposes unlike a regular one which is by and large formed by human factors including the three different states of karma. Resurrection, if that word is preferred, is not new to Avatars. In fact, it is that unique aspect that takes the world by surprise, the ultimate 'miracle' card played by a realized soul so that humanity stops suspecting and starts transforming.

Regarding the timeline Mr. Sreejith has put in his book, it is a reverse engineering of what Swami Himself had said, collection of dreams, and interpretations of authentic scriptures followed by major faiths. He didn't 'claim' anything of his own. It's a great service he has done. In addition, he has stated many things Swami has promised to do, which haven't occurred yet. Thus the focus is on Swami's return 'to keep up His word' and not 'when' He would return.

But will Swami return after all? One thing God cannot do is go back on His word. That's the difference between man and God.

KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-05 20:01#
The Time Has Not Yet run ! This Is the Right Time, He will come soon !

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-07 05:12#
Love you all.......Sai Team!!!!!!!!!
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-09 03:43#
I copied this from STKC facebook....too important not to share!!!!!!

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-09 03:45#
Copied from STKC facebook.....too important not to share!!!!!!!

Part TWO of TWO PARTS....

DREAM OF 2012 ------

In one of my very very important dreams which I received, during 2012, I saw Jesus first, transforming into Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and then again into that little child, whom I often saw with swami in my previous dreams. As I am a very ardent believer of Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, this darshan gave me immense bliss. Swami then told me, “Jesus is your Beloved Sri Ramakrishna and you were his disciple in your past birth. When I return, you are going to be with your swami and your guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa at parthi”. There I saw that boy’s mother, dressed as Swami Vivekananda, who was looking very divine and radiant, whom swami addressed as “VIVEKA AANANDINI”. She sat next to swami. They both picked up that little boy on to their laps.

(Till date, I have not yet arrived to any understanding, about this dream. But I could get to know, one thing for sure that, Jesus was born as Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and now as that little divine lad. I had many times experienced live darshan of Sri Rama Krishna Paramahamsa in the past. By swami’s words, I started to believe that, in my past birth, he was my guru and my beloved. But I don’t know, why swami showed that boy’s mother as Swami Vivekananda and why she was dressed up like him. It still puzzles me.)


I saw Swami in a gigantic form reaching beyond the skies. There, I saw him write with his right index finger many calculations, with the sky as the board and divine light emanating as strings from his finger forming the letters and numbers. Now writing a particular ratio, he was declaring that the expected ratio of Evil to be eliminated and Good to be retained has finally arrived. While speaking thus , he also proclaimed resonantly that NOW MOTHER MAHA KALI KALKI WOULD DESCEND ( since childhood I was also blessed with darshan of MOTHER MAHA KALI ALONG WITH SRI RAMA KRISHNA PARAMAHAMSA)

There I saw a very very gigantic Maha Kali appearing in the sky, as if she was rising from below. When she raised completely, the earth looked like a tiny ball in front of her. I saw that, she was about to embrace the earth fiercely. There I saw the whole sky flickering with multiple colours and rumbling with thunderous lightenings. Suddenly, the whole atmosphere changed and the earth was glowing very positively . Maha kali kalki turned into goddess Gayatri(Maha Durga) who was emanating infinite radiance. She has big red Bindi on her forehead. From her forehead, I saw the whole manifestation emerging out and then merging back into it again.
Later I found myself in Himalayas, where I saw my Guru, Trayee baba, in deep meditation. As I reached there, he opened his eyes and blissfully smiled at me and said, “I know that your are waiting to know the date of Swami’s return. Here he gave the date and he is about to return any time. All the seers and sages are going to Parthi to meet swami. Beta! Will you join me?” Suddenly my guru changed in to Swami. He hugged me and said, “look I am coming back, I kept up my promise, are you ready to join me on the way to parthi?” Instantly.....
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-09 03:46#
Copied from STKC Facebook.....too important not to share!!!!!!

Part THREE OF THREE Parts....

.....I started crying with great ecstasy and said loudly ‘YES’. Then swami said, “don’t cry, I will be with you all for nine more years”, saying thus he showed me his right palm, in which it is written as, “up to 2023”.
Later I followed him up to Parthi, where he climbed up the hill. There I literally saw, Swami’s body transforming into a younger looking radiant body, emanating light from every nerve and cell. An old man walked up to him with a new robe in a golden plate. As Swami, wore the robe, I saw hordes of people rushing towards the top of the hill from below, to reach and have swami’s darshan.

In the next instance, I saw a Divine Mother dressed in a red robe like swami’s, standing alone in a vast expanse of land, gazing at the sky and moon. That was a full moon day with complete lunar eclipse. She stood there, until the occultation finished and the moon was restored to its original lustre. Then a brilliant radiance started emanating from her, spreading all through the globe. Suddenly many women surrounded her appearing from nowhere and started to call her together, “MOTHER, WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU, FROM A VERY LONG TIME.” In the next instance, women around the world started celebrating her arrival, in various creative ways with fruits, rangoli, vegetables, sweets, beautiful floral decoration etc. I had never seen such beautiful decoration anywhere before. I could see only women and women everywhere in very high spirits of joy, that too under the moon light and the mid hours of night moving fearlessly and freely.

The next moment I saw, Swami looking very young with divine effulgence and with Divine Mother (she was dressed in red coloured robe just as swami’s) seated on thrones, in a very huge closed auditorium. There, international and national media and press people were seated in rows, in front of them. As soon as Swami waved his hand as a gesture to start with, a man who looked like a Japanese ( may be from any one of the eastern countries), stood up and asked Swami, that are you the same Satya Sai Baba, who left the body in the year 2011? How can you prove it, that you are the same, as you are looking very young now? For that, swami said, “GOD IS BEYOND TIME, SPACE AND CAUSATION. GOD IS ALL KNOWLEDGE, ALL POWER, ALL PERVADING. I BEING GOD, CAN DO ANYTHING TO UPLIFT THE HUMANITY AND TO RESTORE THE RIGHTEOUSNESS. I CAN DISAPPEAR AND REAPPEAR AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT AT MY WILL, IN WHICH EVER THE FORM I WANT. AS WHAT I WILL SHALL HAPPEN”. The whole auditorium, echoed with applause and amazement. During that time, that little divine lad from back stage, came out and ran up to swami and sat on the left side of his lap.

Here ended my vision.


Till date, I shared these dreams, visions and several other experiences with my inner circle of family and friends only, who could understand their relevance and importance. I never felt the need to share these things with anybody else. But after seeing everybody’s vulnerability regarding the delay in Swami’s reappearance, I had a deep urge to share these with everybody to tell them the reality that, Swami would surely come back. But as I have got used to seeking Swami’s guidance before I take any step, I waited for his confirmation to disclose my experiences with everyone. Yesterday night while meditating Swami indicated that this is the right time to share.

Sairam! Let our waiting be not just a hope, but a conviction!!! Swami’s return is for a Universal Cause!! So his WILL IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. Please be patient and confident; never lose the faith in him and his words.


Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-09 06:46#
Sophia Sai has captured my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rajesh N S
Rajesh N S2015-11-23 07:49#
Sai Ram,

Thanks Sreejith brother for sharing, love u.
Frogcatcher2018-03-06 06:01#
I have letters written that I received which could put some light on this. My personal belief of His rebirth which was told to me in the 90s will be 202?.
Prashant Kumar
Prashant Kumar2018-03-08 11:55#
Please clarify in details. Could not understand what are you trying to convey.

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