Vibhuthi Blessings from our dearest Swami


This is from the second Vibhuthi manifestation mentioned in the article - This time the Vibhuthi is inside the book (on several pages).



Joy2016-01-13 02:07#
A glorious endorsement of 'Sai thy Kingdom Come' and the enlightening happiness it is giving to those who read the book and are inspired to think about, speak about and write about the Lord.

"I am the source of everything. All things emanate from Me. Understanding this, the wise who are endowed with love, worship Me with all their heart.
Those who are always thinking of Me, who have dedicated their lives to Me, enlighten each other and feel great satisfaction and joy by always speaking about Me."

'Vibuthi Yoga' - Bhagavad Gita - Chapter 10 - Verses 8 & 9
jim martineau
jim martineau2016-01-13 03:45#
Sai Ram Sreejith,

Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2016-01-13 04:24#
O Dear Lord Sathya Sai, You are soooo sweet. :-) Be visible to all soon Baba Pleeeease...
saisarannaga2016-01-13 04:41#
Time and again Swami assures about the prophesies. Hence we need not become desperate due to long waiting.Om Sai Ram.
radha2016-01-13 05:38#
woooooooow !! what a blessing from Swamy !!! my heart leaps with joy seeing the Vibhuti manifestation on pages referring to HIS reappearance. Thanks a lot brother Sreejith for sharing this wonderful news. JSR
KARTHIKEYAN2016-01-13 07:45#
Wonderful Manifestations. Confirms "Sai Golden Year" to start this year 2016 and Sai Golden Era sets thereon !
Sandhya2016-01-13 10:08#
Sairam....Amazing!!! Thank you for sharing! JaiSairam.
suneesh2016-01-13 11:18#
Please share the page numbers in which vibhuti manifested. Just wanted to know if there is any clue.
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2016-01-13 16:00#
Sairam dear Suneesh, This is a great blessing from our dear Lord and i would like to consider it an acknowledgement from Bhagawan of the efforts of all the STKCians. Beyond that, in my humble opinion, we should not try to look for any clues that may be non-existent. As such, i am really happy for all of us that it happened.
suneesh2016-01-13 16:56#
Okay. No problem. I saw the pics clearly now. Thanks for the pics. I wasnt actually looking for a date of His return but for any information if Swami wants us to focus on. I was given a very specific date by another Saint in a dream darshan where Swami was present. It wasnt about Swamis reappearance but something important for that Saint. But on that day there will be population reduction by large. Im not sharing that date because i always gets an incomplete date from Swami. Lol. This times the day and month was given but not the year.
Satrughna2016-01-13 17:05#
I am so happy that you are sharing this Sreejith, I feel like a thirsty traveller who has been given cool water. Thank you for all of your efforts. I have always known that Bhagavan would not make huge promises first and then fail to keep them, so I have always expected His return. But these last posts of yours came just in time to prevent me from slipping into doubt. May Swami bless you profusely for the good work you're doing.
Dr. Ramesh Morar
Dr. Ramesh Morar2016-01-14 06:34#
Om Sai Ram Br. Sreejith. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience with us. You are indeed very Blessed. Kindly don't stop sharing your Divine experiences with us all!
Have a Blessed day.
Dr. Ramesh Morar
Reinhard2016-01-18 20:26#
Thank you Br. Sreejith for sharing this. What a wonderful sign again! No wishes left for signs to appear!
Let me add a quote from the book „Sri Sathya Sai Anandadayi – Journey with Sai“ page 66, about a proclamation from Swami, still at the old mandir during late 1940's:
„I do not read books. But I know the entire history of the universe. I can see the past, the present and the future. I am beyond time and space. You were surprised to see Me in two different places simultaneously. In future, why two. I will take thousands of forms and appear simultaneously at different places.“ Publisher: Sri Sathya Sai Sadhana Trust, Prasanthi Nilayam.
radha2016-01-22 05:26#
Sairam... very intriguing dream from apoorva Sairam.. more intriguing is reference to her as Sathya Sai... any special divine reason? just curious..
p c nayak, hyderabad
p c nayak, hyderabad2016-01-22 13:55#
Sairam to all,
why suddenly everybody became silent? This world is running for lakhs of years and Swami wanted to establish 1000 years of Satya Yuga inside Kali yuga. Hence, we have to have lot of patience. Now, I think Swami will come after 2 / 3 years, as the people around the world are busy in their worldly matters without waiting for Swami and all are doing puja for their selfish needs. then, what Swami will do now. So we have to wait for the horific time when, the people will face near death situation and cry for our beloved Swami and Swami will make a wonderful return.
saisarannaga2016-01-23 16:39#
It seems that your line of thought gives sense. It is not you who have written this. Swami inspires you. Why wait with anxiety? Let us accept the fact that it may take another two to three years after all. If he comes well before, it is well and good. If not, we can get solace in the fact that Swami chooses his time! Om Sri Sai Ram.
BRUNO2017-01-15 14:32#

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