"I've not gone away"

By Karen

I have just been reading the wonderful poems and articles on your website. In the letter "Your prayers will pull Me in to this form again"!, I note that He says, "Swami wants you all to maintain peace. With patient heart, see what is happening. Your Swami has not left you. He is within you and He is also in Prasanthi."

I was reminded of a poem Swami gave to me during the World Youth Conference in 2007.

I thought it very odd that He gave me three poems that had to do with Him leaving His body. It seemed a little too early to be concerned about it, but there they were! I would like to share one in particular because it affirms that we will find Him within us in our peaceful heart, as does His letter. "He is within you and He is also in Prasanthi." (peace)


Don't miss me I've not gone away,
I live inside your heart,
With faith and love you must believe,
Of Me you are a part.

Do tell how one can part the 
  endless ocean from a wave,
Or distance My devotees,
When their blissful love I crave.

I'm here as I have always been,
I've merely changed my form,
I've taken on my cosmic self,
The body–tired and worn...

Was left a gift to mother earth,
To rest upon her bosom,
And for those pilgrims near and far,
Whose fate too late were chosen.

Just call my name and I'll be there,
To wipe away your tears,
To hold you in my loving arms,
To cast away your fears.

Don't miss me I've not gone away,
There is no place to go,
Just look inside your peaceful heart–
My Presence you will know.

In Sai love and with great expectation!


S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-11 06:34#
Oh! This one is soothing to the soul. Thanks for sharing. Sairam.
Mark2015-01-11 23:29#
Wonderful ! Please Karen, share with us the other two poems. Sai Ram.
s.nagarajan2015-06-30 12:27#
Sairam! After a long wait, people all over the globe hanker for your Physical Presence once again since they were torn apart by the grief of living in an empty world bereft of your physical form. Swami! We are not the sages and saints of ancient time. We live in the materialistic enclosures and hence believe the eyes and ears though they are ephemeral. The Universe badly needs you NOW! Om Sri Sai Ram.

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