Sai Sankalpam

By Prasanna Sugathan

Universe is as Swami designed
What He wills will be so ordained
What He states must come true 
Truth is His name Sathya Sai Baba...

Said Sreejith because Swami said so first
Sathya Narayana Swami Himself decreed
Whatever I say must come to be He said
So His will be done on earth as in heaven

Swami You have many Manvantharas Swami
You know the past present and future
The more You show us the more we realize
Swami there's much more of You than we know

If we were each a voxel in Your composite Swami
What a grand theater You've designed Dear Swami
All scurrying in personal scenes of importance 
As the Earth spins steadily around the Sun

Why doesn't Earth just fall into the Sun Swami
You've made centripetal or is it centrifugal force Swami
Whichever it is I mean the one that keeps us in place
Swami what a careful balancing act You manage

Love that we have a Moon to gaze at Swami
Especially with SwamiFace etched on it Swami
Please don't let the Moon spin away Swami
Even though we have shot at the Moon Swami

Haven't yet seen the Milky Way Swami
Though feel certain I will someday soon
Will I be ever so privileged Swami 
To see Andromeda at a distance Swami

Farfield gaze at the empty space Swami
Wonder of wonders showing countless Galaxies
Each with many Suns wonder how many Earths
Swami how many Dramas do You have going on

Inward gaze at each cell in a body Swami
Equally amazing constellation of organs
Further gaze at each Atom Swami
All obeying same laws SwamiSankalpam

Swami are You now resting on a distant Galaxy
Was it You who swung by on a comet in December
What powered a little collection of dust Swami
As it whipped by the Sun so close and survived

SwamiSankalpam great to witness results
As we watch in awe of the wonders You share
As SwamiSankalpam includes Reappearance 
So shall it be we believe and await Swami

When will You return Swami oh Swami
Sure someone knows did You tell them not to tell
Please Swami we pray plead cry hope wish with all our might
We Love You Adore You Need You 
Please show Thyself soon Swami

Offered with Love and Hope for Swami's quick return, with Pranaams at Swami's Kamala Charanam 

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