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Here are some of the dreams and visions shared by different devotees over the past two years, which have been compiled together.

1. Shared by GVR Phaneendra Kumar on 23rd May, 2012

It was during Swamis stay in hospital in March, when many devotees were praying for His early come back to Yajur Mandir in perfect health, I got several dreams on a similar note of Swami's resurrection.

It was very peculiar one, where Swami while giving Darshan came towards Vedam block, and suddenly to our utter dismay His entire body blasted off like a fire cracker but there was no blood scene at all. A perfect "CONFETTI". Everybody was aghast; a quiet silence prevailed for few seconds, followed with loud cry all over for few minutes. Unbearable sight to be in.

But after sometime, a small boy came inside Mandir from Gopuram gate and started proclaiming Himself to be the same Swami in a different body. That boy came on stage and sat in Swami’s chair, which is not acceptable to any one of our devotees but wonder is nobody could dare to question Him.

After few minutes of persistence that He is the same Swami, that small boy went inside the interview room. Nobody is believing Him. But after a few seconds this same small Boy came out in the beautiful body of our own Swami. Swami immediately went in car to His Yajur Mandir very seriously. Thank You, Sai Ram!

2. Shared by Anonymous on 4th June, 2012

A devotee from Mauritius:

Let me tell the world out today that on 23rd April last year just before Swami shed off His mortal body, a very close devotee of Swami (here in Mauritius) was called by Swami to get into meditation. Thereby, in his conversation with Swami, amongst others, Swami told him about His (Swami's) will to leave His mortal body the next day, for reason not disclosed, and Swami reassured him that He shall be back in same physical form, soon. He texted me then, and I still keep this text message.

Indeed the next day we learnt about Swami's leaving His physical body, while this devotee went into another meditation for whole day long.

So the appearance of Swami in Kangra does not surprise me at all!

Jai Sai Ram!

3. Shared by Dr Ramu GSV on 5th July, 2012

I have already shared that this is an excellent book. Recently (from July 1 to July 4) I was in Malaysia and July 4 was my Birthday. I got a dream on this Gurupurnima Day and I saw Swami coming out, walking out of the interview room in Prasanthi Nilayam. All devotees were joyful, but in stunning silence to see the 'reappearance' of Swami !!

4. Shared by Veer Bahadur Singh Rajput on 25th July, 2012

Sai Ram. Millions of thanks to you. I also got a dream that in Puttaparthi on 21 sept 2022: At forenoon Bhagawan is announcing a very very important declaration about the future works of Sai organisation. Millions of devotees are there and the program is live telecasting all over the world through thousands of TV channels. At the same time Bhagwan is blessing a devotee in a very unique manner that never happened/granted in the history of mankind by any avatar. Amazing!! Your book has increased a lot of energy in all Samithi members for doing Bhagawan's work. In another dream Bhagwan gave a manthra for all devotees that is: 'OM SHRI SAI PARMASHRAYA ASHRAYA NAMAH'.

5. Shared by Anonymous on 16th August, 2012

As I write this in August 2012 we are having rains pouring after a long dry failed monsoon in the Nilgiris Mountains, where Swami spent much time with tribals during His younger days and recently Sai centre inaugurated here has been christened as Sai Kailash.

Recently I had a dream in early morning that I am sitting in Darshan and Swami comes with more imposing body with looks which are stern like Rudra. His whole body is ashen. His looks and complexion are the same which I witnessed in person in Ooty and in Mandir.

Swami said in a discourse in Kodaikanal when I was present there as Sevadal that Tamil Nadu is Deva Nadu and Nilgiris is the Kailash Manasarover of the south India. It is also reported that He once addressed the badaga tribe of the Nilgiris as being the Gopikas when He came as Krishna.

6. Shared by Kishore on 27th April, 2012

Sai Ram. Baba created one maya body which went super. The real Sathya Sai never went there. It was only an illusion. So I call it the Sri Sathya Sai 'psuedosharirsamadhi'. I am a former student of Parthi and lecturer now staying at Puttaparthi. He shall come - He said that to me in a vision on 20th August, 2012. Let us become Baba.

7. Shared by Satrughna on 28th January, 2013

I had a dream on Sunday morning, December 2nd, 2012. I had a dream about Swami again this morning. Swami was again young, happy, and kind. I was riding on public transport, a tramway/streetcar in Amsterdam (I never do by the way), got lost, and met Baba in the tram. He came with me to my house! He answered all my questions, showed me directions, sat in a chair in my house, but He wasn't too pleased with me. My house wasn't ready for receiving Him: not clean and tidy. I was mortified and ashamed. It was as if He told me: 'I want to come to your house, but how can I when you are not ready for receiving Me?' Later my wife and friends and family reached our house and started preparing and cooking, while I started cleaning up, but much too late!

Again I'm reminded of the episode in the Bible where ten girls are awaiting the Groom, but five of them are not prepared beforehand. Of course Baba is right: my house is not ready for receiving Him. It is a mess now. And how about my mind? Am I ready? It could do with some more cleaning as well.

Yesterday I became unemployed. Only now I understand what my new task will be in the coming days or months: PREPARE!!!!

Dear Sreejith, of course I don't know if Swami is going to appear in the flesh, or that He will come in a more internal, spiritual way, but I know this: the story of the Sathya Sai incarnation is far from over. Thank you for your inspiring work. This latest post is very uplifting!

8. Shared by Sai Dav on 6th November, 2013

Om Sai Ram. Two months before Swami "left" on April 2011 He gracefully came to me in a dream and said "I'LL BE BACK!" walking away. I cannot remember if it was the same dream or another one where He got into His red Mercedes front passenger seat - made some gestures to me and waved good bye.

This year in April my daughter who is 11 years old had a dream of Swami entering a stage from behind a curtain with a mike in His hand and eventually light and love explodes from Him and all are in peace/ Sathyam (the stage, curtain and microphone: I interpret as Curtain being Maya, the Stage - the world and the Mike - Grand Entrance to get every ones attention).


9. Shared by Satrughna on 6th November, 2013

Swami’s return is imminent! (I wish I had written down this dream immediately!)

In my dream I saw a huge cruise ship (I think it represented the world). It hit a rock and nearly floundered. But as it was freed, a man and his son discovered that the rock that pierced the hull was in fact a light-bluish translucent semi-precious stone of many hues. The whole world was at once elated but at the same time many were a bit depressed, for all over the world the finding of this gemstone was predicted, and Americans (USA) had been expecting it would be found in their land, by an American. But the ship hit the rock near South America, and the stone was found by a simple janitor and his son, from a totally different, ‘not-important’ country (India?).

It was decided the ship would be repaired, and the gemstone would be hoisted aboard, to be fashioned into a huge lingam. The janitor was honored above everyone else, and when asked what his reward would be (it suddenly was me in the role of the janitor), I replied that I wanted the largest piece of the stone remaining after the carving. Since the Lingam was to be the most valuable object in the world, I reckoned a chunk of that stone would be worth more than anything I would be offered else.

They swallowed, but agreed, and the people watching from the quay cheered at my clever thought. I stood on the ship looking down, when suddenly I saw Baba walking briskly from the belly of the ship, onto the empty space between the ship and the crowd. He looked much younger, say 50 or thereabouts. I was flooded in joy, and suddenly understood. I went to the microphone and called out: ‘Behold the most precious gemstone of the world!!!’ in English (not my native tongue). I at once understood that not this Lingam would be installed as the most precious thing in the world, but Baba himself. Very few people understood. Baba looked up at me. I woke up.

Pondering this dream, I fell asleep again and dreamed of walking along with Swami and getting instructions about many things. I woke up again, not remembering. This telling sadly does not convey the powerful emotions of the dream, but it was very clear that the finding of the stone was big news worldwide.

I am certain Swami’s return is imminent.

10. Shared by Satyapurva on 13th November, 2013

It  propels me to share a dream I had last week on the day when akhanda bhajan started, where Swami appeared in all glory in fifty years or so age and showed me a set of three gold plated Vigrahas. He asked me who the first one was? I said it was Sita/Janaki. He smiled and pointed to the next vigraha and Himself stated that was Lord Rama and finally showed the last Vigraha and stated that was Lakshmana. He shared a lot about Ramayana. He had held the three vigrahas on His right palm.

When I woke up from the dream I felt Sairama's vanavasa or disappearance ended and the dream was an indication that He would be back anytime soon just like Rama and troupe returned after 14 years of forest stay.

Jai Sai Ram

11. Shared by Kamaladas on 30th November, 2013

8th August, 2013:

I had a beautiful vision. It was cloudy and raining. I was standing at the edge of a cliff top. Against a sky of radiant golden light, Swami was descending from the sky towards me with a halo of light which surpassed the brilliance of thousand Suns, holding His yellow robe with one hand.  Significantly a portal has opened up in the process of the evolution giving all souls who are ready to connect with the Divine.

YES! Swami's return is a CERTAINTY rather than a possibility. Another day, I was meditating with a crystal in hand. Suddenly, I saw Swami in his White robe bending down and I felt His sacred touch on my hand and also clearly heard Him say "I am always with you". I opened my eyes and it was 2:20 AM. All I asked, as I started to meditate, was my beloved Lords Darshans. Thank you Swami!

I join Sreejith Narayan and all the rest, in earnest prayer and devotion, awaiting our beloved Swami's Manifestation. Please Swami, bless us all to live a life, to reach a level of consciousness so that we children do not miss your most loving sacred Dharsan on your return as Sathya Sai. YOUR WORD IS TRUTH. IT NEVER EVER FAILS.

Jai Sai Ram!

12. Shared by Anonymous on 7th December, 2013

Sai Ram all, I had a dream of Swami some months ago. He was speaking in a language that I could not understand. I told him that I only knew English (although I was thinking that I did not even know English) but He continued to speak in this strange language. Then I told him that I did not understand what He was saying, Swami started to speak in Hindi, again I said I only knew English after which Swami started to speak in English. Swami was smiling and very happy in the dream.

Soon after I woke up, I felt a strong energy entered into my head and I heard the words “I will come back soon.” I immediately remembered only two words in the dream which were ‘phir ayenge’. An East Indian then came at our home and I asked her what it meant. I was shocked when she said that means ‘I will come again.’ I also searched on Google and got very emotional when I read Sai Thy Kingdom Come.

Sai Ram.

13. Shared by Satrughna on 2nd January, 2014

I got another dream in which a much younger Swami came in my room by the window. It was a long dream. He told me three simple instructions to prepare, but apart from cleaning up the room I can't remember them. He was so sweet! He was a teenager Baba.

There was much more in the dream, perhaps for later to be shared. Yet He spoke with me in Dutch and explained things about His body in Puttaparthi and other questions I had. He said He would 'come back soon' and asked me to be ready.

14. Shared by Al Macasaet on 1st February, 2014

28th January, 2014:

I had a dream where rather young Swami gave Darshan, twice in the USA. I had a specific thought that He would appear at different, multiple places at the same time. The dream was so real! He appeared in flesh & blood while I did Aarthi. After that I was making flight arrangements to Canada. I wonder if that means He is going there too.

15. Shared by Al Macasaet on 14th February, 2014

A few nights ago I had a dream. I kept thinking to myself, He is here, He is here, He is here - for a long time, almost through the night. I was referring to a physical presence, not just spiritual though we all know that He is above us, around us.

Perhaps this is just an inner conviction sounding off in a dream or my inner self, telling me of a physical presence that is yet to unfold to my senses. I pray for that moment when the Sai form reveals Himself again, for the sake of those who have not heard of Him yet.

16. Shared by Dina on 15th February, 2014

I had a dream few days back. Swami showing me one book. I could feel that these are the last pages in that book. Swami showing only two pages of that book. Book was somewhat green and white in color. I can visualize that now also and I could read all the lines clearly on first  page, at the top of the page its written as ‘Sai years’ (it’s something more long. It was blurred though). But I can't remember what I read in the first page of that book after my dream. However, I still remember the first few lines from the start of second page. This is what written in the second page,

'I am coming soon, coming soon for everyone. There are more things to be done by Me in this world, coming soon, I have work to do. There are so many things and many things to be changed in every country. I am coming soon'. Dream ended, but I remember there are more lines after the above ones. But dream ended.

Let’s pray incessantly for our beloved lord's immediate reappearance, that only can make the world to turn to Swami. Thank you Sreejith brother for all the valuable work you doing with Bhagavan's sankalpa, thanking you for the wonderful book SKTC. How true those words from Dr. Rakesh. Sai Ram.

17. Shared by Raj on 5th March, 2014

A few weeks ago, I had a dream which is my first where I am standing on the road and chasing a car, on which Swami is standing and as I am running towards it Swami is growing in size and I am unable to keep up with the car but can see Him grow so huge and disappear finally. I then become aware and open my eyes and I find that my legs are still moving as if I am still chasing the car. I just wanted to share my small experience to see Swami and I await the grand return.

18. Shared by Sai Ram Sai, on 18th March, 2014

Sai Ram, A very close friend of mine told me the following dream which she had about three weeks ago: The two of us and another friend (who is not a Sai devotee, but a spiritual person) were standing beside some kind of a stage. We don't know if it's of any interest but the three of us are teachers. People were standing in front of the stage and Baba was talking to them about the future. People came very close to Him; He was some kind of in the crowd as well. The atmosphere was very busy and He gave some kind of instruction to the people. A well known ghost healer from the UK, a devotee, was standing a few steps apart from us talking to some other spiritual people, I can't remember. Baba turned to us shortly and said in a quite severe tone that there will be lots of work to do soon. That one friend of us was so excited that he ran towards Baba to touch Him and talk to Him. We heard the English healer saying: "He is a real avatar." He stressed this. My friend was felt calm inside and had an inner knowledge that Baba was already back. He is already back. That was the feeling. End of the dream.

My sister, a Sai devotee, had a very similar experience in a meditation around the same time as the dream took place. She felt strong vibrations in her body which was a new experience for her. While the meditation she heard or knew "He is there". An aspect that seems very interesting to us is the fact that all we heard was spoken in English though we are Germans.

To us it feels like a hint from Baba. Every time we meet we talk about our hopes concerning Baba coming back.

19. Shared by Bodhisatwa Mohanty‎ on 6th April, 2014

Today early morning (6th April, 2014), at Sahara Star Hotel Mumbai, got up with a wonderful vision seems realistic. Confused real or dream but it was:- Swami Riding a Horse Coming out from clouds wearing Red robe, saying confused because after getting up when once closing my eyes same scene reappears.

Feeling blessed, may be Swami has given a hint of my question to Him when at the hotel, late at night. (first time in my life with my client for dinner after a long business meeting). On seeing middle aged people come here, looking for peace from drinking and dancing, I suddenly got a question if the parents are here doing parties late night who is taking care of their children? And I start remembering Swami, to set the society into shape for Golden Age. And He blessed me with this Vision.

20. Shared by Al Macasaet on 19th May, 2014

The night before last, I had a dream of Swami being here with us. Cannot offer any particular details as I woke up with a clear impression of His physical presence. Similarly a few weeks before that, I had a dream of Swami being physically here on Earth. Once more I cannot offer details. I woke up knowing Swami is here with us. Swami, in His song tells us, "(there is) ... no birth, no death." What better way to show us than by coming back in the same form. Hard as it is, to explain in logical human terms, we simply cannot fathom Divinity. We can only wait to experience this, when the right time comes.

21. Shared by Vivek Pandare‎ on 22nd May, 2014

Sai Ram to all,

I had a beautiful dream around 4 to 7 days back, in that dream, I saw Swami's body was laid down in Kulwanth hall. Everybody was setting near body thinking that Swami will come back and wake up. Even for long time Swami was in same position.

After some days passed by, I  was walking outside Prashanti Nilayam. Then I came inside Sai Kulawanth hall and Swami was still in the same position. Then I came near to Swami's body and prayed. After one hour, I touched Swamis body and touched Swami's face. Then suddenly Swami woke up and saw me. That time Swami was young and started giving Darshan.

End of the dream, Sai Ram.

22. Shared by Anonymous on 9th July, 2014

Om Sai Ram, I also experienced some dreams about Swami’s Return. In 2011, I got a dream. In that dream, I saw Swami among many people, reporters with cameras and microphones. Swami wove His hand to me and He said, "See you again next Saturday!" Hopefully Swami comes back soon.

Jai Sai Ram.

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


SAMY2014-09-24 15:19#
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-10-29 04:41#
very nice sharing here. thank you. Swami will come.
Ranjit kumar mohapatra
Ranjit kumar mohapatra2014-10-30 20:01#
When I saw u swami first time in saikulwant hall in the year 2004 I had a prayer I never want to see the last day of this divine body and before swami's maha samadhi my leg was broken I was not travelled to puttaparthi during his last samadhi darshan.but swami i want to see your physical return at prashanti nilayam in Satya Sai form please bless me for this swami.me and my family in problem and having only faith on you.you only save us.I want to present in that day in puttaparthi when you will again reappear. Love you saimaa.forgive me for my mistakes. Bless me I want u touch my head and bless me.I want to touch your feet.after that all my family friends relatives also take our darshan and blessings. 108 prema plaban yatra bhajan is going on every saturday.want your interview swami.u r mine.u r for all please come swami I love u very much Sairam.
Joy2014-10-31 05:15#
Wonderful dreams! Swami is allowing a 'peek' into the future for many Blessed devotees. This is another dream worth mentioning for those who missed hearing about it.

In a Sai Souljourns interview of December 2008, Dr Albert Ferrara describes a vivid dream which has more significance now, following Baba's departure in 2011 and the strong conviction of many that He will reappear. www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRvgg0LMUhs
Here is a sketchy transcript but I urge everyone to listen to Dr Ferrara's own words which convey the awe and emotion he experienced during the dream. (Dream description starts at about 1m 30sec.)

"Imagine New York with all skyscrapers on skyline - the broad avenue leading to the United Nations - on both sides of this avenue - which was closed to traffic - there was a mass of people.... the whole of mankind. There was total silence but for loud speakers which were broadcasting the sound of creation - 'OM'. Can you imagine full silence in New York and OM, the sound of creation, resounding?

Then,through this empty avenue, some Great Beings were walking, side by side... Jesus was recognised and other Great Masters of mankind, realised Beings, They were walking slowly; beautiful; shining;.... right up to the United Nations building and, walking ahead, in front of them, at a distance was SAI BABA!

In this magnificent scene, with the resounding of OM, Sai Baba and the Great Masters stepped into the UN building.... into the main assembly hall. Sai Baba stood, with the Great Masters standing on each side of Him and, in front of them, were gathered all the leaders of mankind in the UN General Assembly..... bending, surrendering to Sai Baba and the Masters of mankind. All the most powerful leaders of the world were kneeling, surrendering to the will of the Masters, to the Will of the Poorna Avatar!"

The meaning of the dream was clear to Dr Ferrera: "The political power of the planet Earth will surrender to the will of God, to the Light!" And.... another interesting prophesy also connects the United Nations with Jesus Christ and God.

A member of Jehovah's Witnesses told me of their belief that a time is soon coming when all human governments will be abolished and 'God Himself will rule the earth'. Their conviction is based on prophesies from the Holy Bible and, in particular, from the Book of Daniel where it is told that the Prophet Daniel had dreams and visions about the end of the world. Clues relating to the time period were mentioned and the Jehovah's Witnesses have calculated it to be "70 years after the establishment of the United Nations". That anniversary is upon us next year - 2015! The United Nations is now in its 70th year!

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