“It is like how Rama had gone to vanavasam, I will come back after that”

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A dream indicating the 'Return' of our beloved Swami:

Sai Ram,

I had this dream 8-9 months after Swami left His physical body, I was disturbed as to why Swami had left all of us suddenly. In my dream I see a big factory with a lock, where the authorities were sealing the factory saying that something illegal is happening inside the factory.

The owner was trying is to explain that He had not done anything wrong or illegal inside His factory. He was trying to explain to the on-lookers that everything that happens was fair and ethical. Owner said, “Come, I will show what is happening inside.”, and takes a group of 5 to 8 people from the rear door to show what was being done inside the factory. When we went inside we saw that it was a printing press and I suddenly found myself alone with the owner and there I see pictures of Sri Sathya Sai baba in the form of printed material everywhere.

We had a conversation where the Owner asked me, “Do you know Him?”, and I say proudly that He is my Sathya Sai Baba.

Then He asked, “Do you know Him well?”, I said, yes, with a confident voice, “I also know Him very well.”, said the owner.

Then He says, “Come, I will take you to His ashrams.” And then we both go in a car with the owner driving the car and I was sitting at the back seat as if the car belongs to me, owner took me to Mumbai’s Dharmakshetra showed me everything.

Then He took me to Bangalore’s Whitefield showed me everything. Finally, He said, “Come, I will take you to Parthi.”, in my dream I was thinking,
this man should be a real big person since no one in the ashram is stopping Him and He is taking me to all the ashrams. As we were entering Parthi, I asked Him, “who are you and why no one is stopping you?”.

The owner of the factory replied saying, “No one can stop me.” and He turned back and I see Swami as He was turning back. My immediate reaction is, “Swami do you know how much of confusion and chaos you have created by suddenly leaving all of us?”

Swami Said, “I know I know”. 

I replied, “You don’t know anything.”

Swami: "I know each and everything that is happening and that will happen.”

Me: “Swami, just tell me when are You coming back without wasting any time.”  

Swami: “I will come back early”.

Me: “What do You mean by early? Does it not have a time frame?”

Swami: "It is like how Rama had gone to Vanavasam, I will come back after that.”

Me: “14 years is a too long period for all of us to wait.”

Swami: “Don’t worry, I will come back early and will not take so much time. Come, we will go back, everyone will be worried.”

And we started our journey back and then He took me to a beach and told me, “You go that way” and pointed me the way.

As I was returning, I turned around to see if Swami was still there. I saw Him standing, leaning to the the wall (in the same way like Shirdi Baba is seen in the pictures). Swami told me, “Don't go that way...that way is the sea...you need to go that way.”, and He pointed towards the way that I had to go.

As I was leaving I thought to myself, “Swami came to talk to me now, if I want to talk to Him again what should I do?, let me ask Him”. And I turn back only to see Swami has disappeared.

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


SAMY2014-10-16 17:58#
Naren2014-11-03 04:55#
Sairam dear brothers,

I had a dream this Thursday (30th October) and another on Friday (31st October). I feel that mentioning them under this article is more apt than any other.

Dream on Thursday:
The whole world is aware and subsequently was awaiting Swami's return. It was night but the sun was shining. The excitement that Swami is going to come back have made them ignore the sun shining in the night. They felt it to be a part of the supernatural phenomenon about to occur. Then gradually the sun started to shrink in size. But people noticed this and thought the sun's 'lifetime' was over. It shrank to the point of disappearing (but didn't completely disappear yet). And then all of a sudden, the sun appeared in a gigantic size, taking everyone by surprise. It was so huge that it covered 3/4th of the sky and people were completely astounded by the sight and experience. The dream ended there. To me, the sun in the dream is a representation of the world's general perception of Swami; that He became weaker by the day, used a wheel chair and finally 'was done with'. But the sudden appearance of the same sun in a colossal size could mean His return in the most dramatic manner.

Dream on Friday:
In the dream, the vision I had looked like how modern videos containing videotape-sections of Swami during 1970s used to be; relatively fast moving, and someone with an American accent would be narrating the life story of Swami. Although it wasn't a video I saw in the dream but actually seeing Swami deliver a discourse, the quality of the vision like this might refer to the time it could have occurred (in the past) or may be in the future (given that Swami would return in a younger looking form). I couldn't hear anything Swami said. But what I am able to recollect is remarkable. Swami showed a small clay idol of Lord Sri Rama, Lakshmana, and Mother Sita which He materialized a few days earlier. He used one hand of His' to hold the idol on His palm and with the other hand He pointed with His index finger to the idols and explained something that I could sense, related to the future (i.e. the present). It is interesting in that I have never seen such a video, or read, or even heard such a story of Swami anywhere. Yet it was crystal clear as if it had already occurred or will be occurring for sure.

In the second half of the dream, wherever Swami went, water slowly flowed on the ground towards Him. The water will find it's way somehow and it looked to me like an endless stream that never got tired of going behind Swami. This happened all the time but Swami didn't seem to be, in a worldly sense, worried about it. Then one day He told a group of devotees to whom He gave darshan, pointing to the 'hear' of the water, 'This is Mother Ganga. She wants to touch my feet!' I then realized that the water was almost black, with filth. When Swami referred to it as Mother Ganga, I struck me that it was carrying the pollutants; both industrial and the internal ones of the humans.

In this dream, Swami was between 65 and 75 years of age.

I feel it is my duty to share these dreams Swami gives me or rather that is the very purpose of Him giving it in the first place with others here, especially that these all point to His return.

Remember the declaration, 'The sea may turn the rivers back! But I will not neglect My devotees.'

Keep the faith!

Naren2014-11-03 17:36#
Minor edit in 2nd dream:
Swami was pointing to the 'head' of the water.

Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-03 06:11#
On the basis of planetary configurations described in various other chapters of Valmiki’s Ramayan, the date on which Ravana was killed works out to be 4th December 5076 BC. So Swami will come back after 4th Dec but before 6th Dec (Full Moon) as told in Brother Tejas Viprani's dream; and it will be a Friday as told in Sai Rupesh's dreams. YES! 5th December 2014 :) Jai Sairam!
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-06 06:56#
Scientific date of Ramayana: Rama returns to Ayodhya 6th December 7272 B.C.

Message From Brother KARTHIKEYAN(STKC Guest Book)

...Devotees must note that as per Traditional Tamil calender, until the Sunrise on December 6 , it should be considered as Friday. The full moon or Purnima starts on Friday December 5th, evening 6:30 PM and lasts up to Saturday December 6th,6:08PM. For more details please study in the main essay, regarding date corresponding to Second Pradosham. (“The Significance of Pradosham” in Section –Devotees post).This Dream Came to me in Feb 2014.
Rama2014-12-06 19:00#
Does this mean that the Dvapara yug is shorter than the kali yug?

Assuming Rama incarnated in the treta yug, and conservatively taking the return date to Ayodhya as the beginning of dvapara yug (although I take that Rama's lifetime was in the treta yug), and using the generally estimated beginning of kali yug ~3100 BC and the end of kali yug as 2012 AD, then we have the kali yug as being at least ~1000 years longer than dvapara yug.

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