Swami is coming back!


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I had a dream about Swami on 24th May, 2014: I was looking at the sky and noticed that the stars were looking different. On looking closer the stars formed the words OM SAI RAM and then the M in RAM started rotating to form the 'AUM' sign.

I then saw three Swamis in the night sky and I screamed,"It started!.. Swami is coming back!" I was running around shouting OM SAI RAM with my hands folded in praying position. I bowed down to Swami.

Two Swamis were young with one hand blessing (Abhaya Mudra). And one Swami was old form, with folded hands, just like He folded them before He went to hospital.

The sky was a beautiful - blue and orange. There were shooting stars everywhere. Oh and there was also a Cross in the sky. Such a beautiful dream! I woke up so excited thinking it is really happening but it was a dream.

Jai Sai Ram.

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


S.Nagarajan2015-03-02 12:40#
Sairam, we have not witnessed Yuga pralaya. Yet we could discern about the intensities since we had recent Tsunami during 2004 and many earthquakes, volcono eruptions, regular hurricane and tornodos in most of the European countries. Only Swami must protect us all from those horrible events. We should pray for courage and confidence to withstand the severity. The subsequent events that are to unfold will give us courage and confidence! Om Sri Sai Ram.

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