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1. 28th February, 2014:

I see Swami walking into a building. It reminds me of a train station. He is going in to finalize His arrangements and sign the documents about His returning to Earth.

Swami and I are then 'Karma-Bowling', He shows me how sometimes when you bowl one pin over, it knocks over several other. Though those pins weren't connected, they got knocked over anyway.  The message being that as I clear out karmas, sometimes unrelated things also are cleared out.

2. 6th April, 2014:

Baba is back in human form! I was then working with some others to build a submarine that looked like a manta ray. We were going to explore the ocean.

3. 3rd September, 2014:

Dream from last night: I was at an Art of Living retreat with my father (deceased). Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was there. We started off the singing with – Om Sham Sharanam Sharanam, Chicago. At lunch I ate half plate of food.

We then hear a voice over the speakers and see Sai Baba sitting up on the dais with Sri Sri. He is flickering on and off like a slowly moving film, then becomes solid in human form, back and forth a couple times. Eventually he becomes solid in form and gets up and walks around the room. (Sri Sri will actually be in Chicago next month celebrating Diwali)

When I woke up my impression was that Swami was moving from one state (image of light) into another (physical form).

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma

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