Even the impossible is possible in Swami's Kingdom

Shared by: Puvaneswari Narayanasamy
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Aum Sree SaiRam!

I am from Malaysia and I wish to share this on your page:

I wish to share something which happened only about an hour ago on this holy Thursday (5th June, 2014). I don't know the exact term of this but let me call it a vision.

As I had to get some work done this morning, I had to delay doing prayers a little late. So, around 11:15 am (Malaysia time) , I was lighting the joss stick and there was a voice saying,"Swami has returned". This was followed by a vision of me rushing towards Sai Kulwant hall. It was extremely crowded and throngs of people were seen rushing towards Prasanthi Nilayam. I managed to secure a place far behind.

After waiting for some time, I saw Swami walking in from afar (just like in the picture above). I was calling on to Swami in my heart,"Please look at me Swami. Please grant me padanamaskar". Swami heard me, looked right into my eyes from where He was and continued walking slowly, stopping every now and then. Finally, He appeared right in front of me and I saw myself touching His divine Lotus Feet.

All I saw after that was a bright gold light. To conclude this vision, there was again a voice saying,"It is going to be difficult to go to Parthi from now on as Swami has returned and the crowd will be massive".

I don't know what is this 'Thiruvilayadal' (Divine game), but I know that anything is possible with our Swami.

Even the impossible is possible in Swami's Kingdom.

Thank you, Swami!
Jai Sai Ram.

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma

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