Arrival of Lord Rama

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A Sai devotee shares a beautiful dream that she had on the morning of Rama Navami day.

April 8th, 2014:

I had a beautiful dream this morning. In the dream, I was in Parthi...

It looked nothing like the Sai Kulwant hall. Instead it was a big stadium or something like  that and we were casually going for Darshan. A lot of people were already there waiting but the sevadals were relaxed and you could just walk in and stand somewhere.

As we were walking into this big ground, suddenly there was a lot of excitement in the crowd and people started running to the front, so I too ran and saw Swami coming in a chariot-like vehicle from a distance. I screamed in joy. The chariot came pretty close to the the crowd and Swami acknowledged everyone.

To our left there was a big building with lots of steps and when the chariot reached the building, Swami quickly alighted from the chariot and walked up the steps and into the building.  There were many men in white who followed Him into the building. I thought I saw a few familiar students faces  following Him but don't recall all of them. I left in a hurry to go and announce to the whole world that Swami has arrived.

Typically, at a gathering like this, we would have waited for Swami to come out again, but strangely enough we left.  I was super happy to have seen Him!

Jai Sai Ram.

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


Joy2014-09-21 07:47#
This magical dream has Swami returning in the way He did, as Lord Rama, with a grand chariot entrance into Ayodhya after long exile!
Will our Sai Rama make His grand re-appearance, to lift our spiritual darkness, as the lamps are lit in joyous celebration at the festival of lights - Deepavali?

"As the ocean heaves up in joy at the sight of the autumn moon the vast populace heaved a breath of joy at the sight of Ramachandra, Rama the Moon. Their excitement reached the sky."

"The sky resounded with their cheers and shouts of Victory. The chariot which bore Rama entered the city streets.The streets were bursting with excitement and delight. The auspicious flames of the lamps that were held by devoted hands and waved as he passed, shone like stars and gave the impression that the firmament had fallen on the earth. The roads were soaked with fragrant rosewater."

As the chariot passed, showers of flowers were rained on it by the citizens from the windows and the terraces. The ecstasy of the citizens broke all bounds."

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