"Soon the whole humankind will know Swami's Omniscience"

Shared by: Bhagavatam Filipe

Brother Bhagavatam Filipe who is one of the translators of STKC Portuguese version shares his dreams :

Dream 1:

19th July, 2012:

I had with Swami a few nights ago. I meditated before sleeping and I did hear Swami telling me, "This night I'll give you a big gift " And the following dream followed: 

Swami is laying on a bed in a relatively small room. 4 or 5 people are present. Here I have to explain that for my birthday I used the accumulated Emirates miles to buy points a beautiful watch with the Emirates logo. The watch recalls me every journey in India and the gratitude towards Swami. I love it.

Well, all of a sudden Swami turned almighty in His bed, a bit like a Resurrection energy. He looked at me and asked, "You are happy with your watch" He said that with such an amount of love that I started to cry like a melting soul overwhelmed by such Prema (Love).

After a while, I did manage to recover a bit and after getting focused I asked Swami, "Swami, we are just a few people present in this room. Do You allow me to ask something"?. As He replied positively I asked: "Are You really coming back to this body again?. Very quickly He said, "YES!".

Well! I have been blessed with many Sai dreams. But in terms of energy, this was the highest and I somehow keep crying inside.

Dream 2:

I am in the Mandir and it is overcrowded. I notice above all the the energy is very different from before, eventually less strict and organized but there is more joy and bliss. Then Swami comes walking, doing what we know from the past, He takes letters, He talks to Devotees.

He gives a sign to me and I hear 'telepathically' Swami saying, "Happy to see you here." I was again amazed to see and feel how God spreads messages to everyone at the same time and So I asked,"Private, private...", wishing to talk with Him (This is because I have a physical problem right now).

Again I receive a message instantaneously from Swami: "No need for that, everything is fine." I am amazed because all this happens while Swami keeps walking around talking and receiving letters.

Suddenly the energy changes and I see Swami's face very close to mine wearing a Divine bright smile as Swami says to me: "Soon almost whole humankind will know Swami's Omniscience"

End of dream.

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma

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