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Sai Ram,

Our dear Sai Manoj who has been supporting STKC immensely by spreading the word and posting those beautiful pictures, has had many wonderful dreams about Swami’s reappearance. I am delighted to share some of his dreams with all the readers:

Dream 1:

This is a dream which I got a few months ago. In the dream I saw that, Swami, who looked like how we all last saw Him, around 85 years old, was sitting in His chair and having dinner in the basement of a building.

I saw that I was standing next to Him with a yellow folder in my hand. Swami was eating very slowly, and within a few minutes He finished His dinner, and drank a glass of water.

After this, He looked at me and said, "I AM TRUTH! I AM TRUTH! I AM TRUTH!" Then suddenly He got up from the chair (while pushing it backwards with His leg) and while He was getting up, I remember very vividly, that He turned very young, say around 47-55 years old Swami!

He started walking very briskly, climbing the steps to reach the ground floor from the basement. This was a huge hall with big windows on all sides. A huge crowd had gathered around the building for Swami’s Darshan. Swami walked from one side of the hall to another to give Darshan. Swami was walking so fast that I had to run behind Him in order to keep pace. Dream ended there.

Dream 2:

Again a few months ago, very early in the morning, at around 3:45 AM, I heard a very loud voice say, “Swami Jarrur aata hai! Swami Jarrur aata hai! Swami Jarrur aata hai!" (Hindi) (English meaning: Swami shall surely come! Swami shall surely come! Swami shall surely come!) I woke up feeling very happy about Swami’s imminent return.

Dream 3:

On 7th February 2013, which was a Thursday, I had another beautiful dream. I could see the full Moon shining bright in the sky. Then suddenly two eyes appeared on the Moon. Then the forehead, nose, two ears and in the end, the beautiful crown of hair on the head. Lo and behold! It was our beloved Swami’s face appearing on the Moon!

People started running hither-tither to catch a glimpse of this miracle. The whole area was crowded with people, some running to their building terrace, some on the open ground. The entire atmosphere was filled with joy and Divine Bliss!

After a while, the Moon enlarged and Swami’s full form could be seen on it. People were overjoyed and started dancing. They were unsure of what they were supposed to do. Their prayers and dreams seemed to have been answered and were coming true.

Next, the Moon started appearing to be descending to the Earth and Swami who looked about 55-60 years of age, started walking down and sat on the out-stretched hands of His devotees! People all around were overwhelmed with joy, singing bhajans and dancing happily at this golden moment which they had been praying for!

And our Dear Swami looked very happy to see His children in bliss and gave Abhayahasta Ashirvad (Blessing gesture) to all who had gathered there.

*(One of the predictions regarding the reappearance of Mahdi- "The face of Mahdi shall shine on the Moon". The name Mahdi also means "The One of the Moon")

Dream 4:

On the 1st of May, I was blessed with a beautiful dream regarding the much anticipated and prayed-for event in my life. I saw our dear Swami coming out from behind the huge curtains surrounding the Maha Samadhi in the Sai Kulwant Hall.

Swami Himself pushed aside one part of the curtain and walked right out. I was really astonished to see Swami. He was looking young, around 55 years of age. Soon I found myself standing next to our dear Lord. He turned towards me and looked straight into my eyes as if to say something. Then He started walking down the steps. There was a young man wearing a dark green kafni (a long robe) waiting for Swami. Both Swami and that person started walking and I followed them. End of the dream.

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-19 03:11#
Lovely Dreams.....may they all come to pass!!!!
Joy Beales
Joy Beales2014-09-20 04:36#
"The One of the Moon"

Sai Manoj, your 'Dream 3' of Sai Manoj was a truly beautiful one in which Swami's face appeared on the moon then He descended to earth and, your additional information about Mahdi was really fascinating.....

"*(One of the predictions regarding the reappearance of Mahdi- "The face of Mahdi shall shine on the Moon". The name Mahdi also means "The One of the Moon")"

In Sreejith's book, there is a section called "Viswarupa Darshanam postponed" which describes an incident in 2007 when Swami allowed it to be announced that He would give Darshan of His Cosmic Form, visible from the Puttaparthi Airport, that evening.

That the vision was 'postponed' is a puzzle but, about three weeks after the Airport incident, across many continents and in many countries, the image of Baba (in Sathya Sai and Shirdi Sai Forms) was visible on the moon over several days.

From Bahrain to Trinidad, from UK to Pune, from Mexico to Dubai, from California to Chennai, from Scotland to Canada... hundreds of people witnessed this glorious event. Was this a prediction - "The face of Mahdi shall shine on the Moon" - being fulfilled?

Here are two links where devotees describe the 2007 vision: www.vedamu.org/features/FViratSroopaDarshan.aspx www.saibabaofindia.com/news4oct_sai_baba.htm
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2014-11-25 15:25#
In 2003 or was it in 2004, it was early morning when I also had a similar dream, I saw a black sky and then I saw a small star which started expanding and Baba's full form appeared in the star. He was surrounded by a bright light and people on the earth around me were shouting "Sai Baba Ki Jai Ho". We were all dancing with joy to see Him in that bright lighted star. I did not know then that He had given me that Darshan so long time back for what we are all eagerly awaiting now. I am eagerly awaiting for that day soon to come and am praying hard to give us that blessed darshan soon. SAI RAM to all on earth.
S.Nagarajan2015-02-28 09:05#
Devotees will become delirious to witness such earth shaking events. Time serves the Lord since He is the Master of Time. He only knows when is the hour of revelations to all people on earth!

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