"Look I am coming back, I kept up My promise..."


Shared by: Sophia Sai

Source:  Facebook page of STKC

SaiRam to one and all,

In the early hours of Saturday December 6th, around Brahmamuhurtam time, I got a very unique vision , or rather I would prefer to call it a supernatural experience in a transcendental state. I am into transcendental meditation for the past 22 years under the guidance of Sree Uma Sambasiva Guru Trayee, who is a Himalayan Yogi.

We call him Trayee Baba, to whom I got introduced through my maternal uncle Sree Ramachandra Saraswathi. This very uncle also introduced Swami to my family, when I was 5 years old. Till date all the messages I received in my transcendental state including Swami’s leaving the body, have come true. 

Before I narrate my vision and experience, I feel this introduction of mine and some very important previous dreams of Swami, as important and necessary to share here to give you all a holistic picture in connection with His leaving the body and reappearance. Sincerely speaking, I have been thinking that, what I have been blessed to know through Swami, must have been shared by Him to many of His close devotees. But I think, those who know it, are not willing to share them with anybody.

heart-fully felt that, it is very important to share some of my important dreams, with one and all, through this medium, as it is very much connecting with this vision of mine, which I have received in the early hours of Saturday. 

Here I want to share Swami’s dream of mine which I received during 1993. I think many people must have been aware of the unfortunate incidents which took place in Prashanti Nilayam around the year 1992-1993. During this period I went through lot of agitation, as I could not take the event happening at Parthi. 

Dream of 1993

In the dream I was resting on Swami’s back as He was rocking in a rocking chair. I then asked Him, "Why should such events take place in Your divine abode? Will not the faith of people be shaken by such events?"

For which Swami laughed loudly and lovingly said that, “Wait, wait, this is nothing, world will witness a day, where people will be shocked by an event, and become skeptical about Me. Many would start doubting Swami Himself. Most of My ashram will be emptied because of lack of faith. Confusion will spread through out the globe. Later for some years you won’t find Me, nor there would be any darshans of Mine. But when I return, the whole world will come to Me! There won’t be anybody left, who won’t believe Me! World will become my abode, I will have to walk through the skies to give My darshan to all. You will see Me as a tiny orange dot on the top of the hill, where I will reside. World will witness and rejoice My return." 

After this He showed me the Samadhi in Kulwant hall, exactly where it is placed now. Later the whole of Puttaparthi was in a chaos, drain water started seeping on to the roads. The serenity of the place was not felt by my heart anymore. I started missing Swami in the dream. I wept profusely and asked Swami, "What is this all about?"

Then He looked intensely at me and smiled very lovingly and said, "Look at my leela", where He showed me a scene, in which Swami returned to Parthi and His abode was guarded by military personnel. He looked very young and brilliantly graceful. The news of Swami’s return was flashing on millions of television screens all through the world. I also saw the main cover page of a news paper, in which, a full page sized photo of Swami with beard was printed with the captions that, "Puttaparthi Baba Returned." I also witnessed an ocean of people flocking towards Parthi. There ended my dream. 

Dream of 2010

And again before His Mahasamadhi, during the year 2010, in many of my dreams where Swami used to always come to me in a white car and tell me that, He is going to leave for some time and will return at the right time. I used to cry and bargain with Him that, I too will accompany Him. For which Swami would gently pamper, reject and say, "Bangaru! Have some patience and wait for Me, don’t be depressed. Always remember that I will definitely comeback."  In all of those dreams, I was taking promises from Swami that He wouldn’t disappoint me and would return soon. For which He always promised me keeping His hand in my hand. Later after Mahasamadhi, I got many dreams on His reappearance. There are innumerable dreams in this context, showing His return. Often in most of my dreams, I used to see Swami with a very cute little boy, sparkling with divinity. 

Dream of 2012

In one of my very very important dreams which I received during 2012, I first saw Jesus transforming into Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and then again into that little child, whom I often saw with Swami in my previous dreams. As I am a very ardent believer of Sree Ramakrishna Paramahamsa, this darshan gave me immense bliss. Swami then told me, "Jesus is your Beloved Sri Ramakrishna and you were His disciple in your past birth. When I return, you are going to be with your Swami and your guru Ramakrishna Paramahamsa at Parthi." There I saw that boy’s mother, dressed as Swami Vivekananda, who was looking very divine and radiant, and to whom Swami addressed as “Viveka Aanandini”. She sat next to Swami. They both picked up that little boy on to their laps.

(Till date, I have not yet arrived to any understanding, about this dream. But I could get to know, one thing for sure that, Jesus was born as Sree Rama Krishna Paramahamsa and now as that little divine lad. I had many times experienced live darshan of Sree Rama Krishna Paramahamsa in the past. By Swami’s words, I started to believe that, in my past birth, he was my guru and my beloved. But I don’t know why Swami showed that boy’s mother as Swami Vivekananda and why she was dressed up like him. It still puzzles me.)

Vision of 2014

(6th December 2014 - Saturday, early hours)

I saw Swami in a gigantic form reaching beyond the skies. There, I saw Him write with His right index finger many calculations, with the sky as the board and divine light emanating as strings from His finger forming the letters and numbers. Now writing a particular ratio, He was declaring that the expected ratio of Evil to be eliminated and Good to be retained has finally arrived. While speaking thus, He also proclaimed resonantly that, "Now Mother Maha Kali Kalaki would descend." (since childhood I was also blessed with darshan of Mother Maha Kali  along with Sree Ramakrishna Paramahansa)

There I saw a very very gigantic Maha Kali appearing in the sky, as if She was rising from below. When She raised completely, the Earth looked like a tiny ball in front of Her. I saw that She was about to embrace the Earth fiercely. There I saw the whole sky flickering with multiple colors and rumbling with thunderous lightening. Suddenly, the whole atmosphere changed and the Earth was glowing very positively.  Mother Maha Kali Kalaki turned into goddess Gayatri (Maha Durga) who was emanating infinite radiance. She wore a big red Bindi on Her forehead and from Her forehead, I saw the whole manifestation emerging out and then merging back into it again. 

Later, I found myself in Himalayas, where I saw my Guru, Trayee Baba, in deep meditation. As I reached there, He opened His eyes and blissfully smiled at me and said, "I know that you're are waiting to know the date of Swami’s return. Here He gave the date and He is about to return any time. All the seers and sages are going to Parthi to meet Swami. Beta! (Dear child) Will you join Me?" Suddenly my guru changed in to Swami. He hugged me and said, "Look I am coming back, I kept up My promise, are you ready to join Me on the way to Parthi?” Instantly I started crying with great ecstasy and said loudly, "YES!" Then Swami said, "Don’t cry, I will be with you all for nine more years", saying thus He showed me His right palm, in which it is written as, 'Up to 2023"

Later, I followed Him up to Parthi, where He climbed up the hill. There I literally saw Swami’s body transforming into a younger looking radiant body, emanating light from every nerve and cell. An old man walked up to Him with a new robe in a golden plate. As Swami, wore the robe, I saw hordes of people rushing towards the top of the hill from below, to reach and have Swami’s darshan.

In the next instance, I saw a Divine Mother dressed in a red robe like Swami’s, standing alone in a vast expanse of land, gazing at the sky and moon. That was a full moon day with complete lunar eclipse. She stood there, until the occultation finished and the moon was restored to its original luster. Then a brilliant radiance started emanating from Her, spreading all through the globe. Suddenly many women surrounded Her appearing from nowhere and started to call Her together, "Mother, we have been waiting for You since a very long time."  In the next instance, women around the world started celebrating Her arrival, in various creative ways with fruits, rangoli, vegetables, sweets, beautiful floral decoration etc. I had never seen such beautiful decoration anywhere before. I could see only women and women everywhere in very high spirits of joy, that too under the moon light and the mid hours of night moving fearlessly and freely.

The next moment I saw, Swami looking very young with divine effulgence and with Divine Mother (She was dressed in red colored robe just as Swami’s) seated on thrones, in a very huge closed auditorium. There, international and national media and press people were seated in rows, in front of them. As soon as Swami waved His hand as a gesture to start with, a man who looked like a Japanese (may be from any one of the eastern countries), stood up and asked Swami, "Are You the same Satya Sai Baba, who left the body in the year 2011? How can You prove it, that You are the same, as You are looking very young now? For that, Swami answered, "God is beyond time, space and causation. God is all knowledge, all power, all pervading. I being God, can do anything to uplift the humanity and to restore the Righteousness. I CAN  DISAPPEAR AND REAPPEAR AS MANY TIMES AS I WANT, AT MY WILL, IN WHICH EVER THE FORM I WANT. AS WHAT I WILL SHALL HAPPEN." The whole auditorium, echoed with applause and amazement. During that time, that little divine lad from back stage, came out and ran up to Swami and sat on the left side of His lap.

Here ended my vision. 

Till date, I shared these dreams, visions and several other experiences with my inner circle of family and friends only, who could understand their relevance and importance. I never felt the need to share these things with anybody else. But after seeing everybody’s vulnerability regarding the delay in Swami’s reappearance, I had a deep urge to share these with everybody to tell them the reality that, SWAMI WOULD SURELY COME BACK.

But as I have got used to seeking Swami’s guidance before I take any step, I waited for His confirmation to disclose my experiences with everyone. Last night while meditating, Swami indicated that this is the right time to share.

SaiRam! Let our waiting be not just a hope, but a conviction.  Swami’s return is for a Universal Cause.  So HIS WILL IS BOUND TO HAPPEN. Please be patient and confident; never lose the faith in Him and His words. 

Jai SaiRam!

Posted by Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


SAMY2014-12-09 12:06#
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-09 13:45#
For me......Sophia Sai..........brings us the HIghest Revelation on this subject.

My Heart is Completely and Totally ENTHRALLED, CAPTURED, CONVINCED........I need nothing else.



(these are my humble feelings....I know I still have much self purification to do)
yana2014-12-09 14:01#
How sweet to have so much love in god.You just made my day.thank you
Sai Dav
Sai Dav2014-12-09 16:54#

I am truly happy for you....Welcome as the blessed ones who either believe Swami is returning or He has personally told His Chosen ones of THIS GREATEST EVENT IN CREATION MAN IS ABOUT TO WITNESS....SUCH THAT I WILL NEVER HAPPEN LIKE THIS AGAIN


Sai Dav
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-09 20:58#
Sai Ram Sai Dav!!!!!!!

I've heard so many good things about you. How do I learn more about you, and any websites or facebook sites that you might have???
KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-09 14:20#
This is a Definite indication of Swami Coming very soon !!! Be Ready (To Celebrate)

steve pearce
steve pearce2014-12-09 14:55#
OM SRI SAI RAM Sophia, thankyou so much for sharing your experiences with us, they give me goosebumps and lighten my heart. If I recall correctly, before Ramakrishna paramahamsa was born he went to a high spiritual plane and saw 7 sages in deep meditation, he was a young boy,and when he saw swami Vivekananda he sat on his lap and asked swami Vivekananda to come down to earth and help him with his mission, I don't know if this helps with any clarification of your dream. Anyway please share any other experiences you may have with us.
Hello Jim , I too have a lot of purification to do also so don't feel too bad, Just remember it only takes a spark to start a bonfire and impurities will burn away quickly, Om sai ram brother may the bonfire begin. steve.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-09 20:12#
Steve (and Sophia and Sreejith and all Sai Friends),

Yes, Steve......what you say about baby Ramakrishna sitting on the lap of Vivekananda....very true....this is recorded in "Gospel of Ramakrishna" written by "M"....OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (OH MY GOD.......how exciting!!!!!)

Sophia, Sreejith, Steve, other Sai Friends....there seems to be a puzzle here.....let's lay out a few pieces of the puzzle!!!!!!

What are the pieces of the puzzle?????? ..... What is the symbolism??????????

Sai says Trio is coming...

Sai As Father
Gayatri Ma/Vivekanandini As Mother
Jesus/Ramakrishna As Son

Here is a quote from Tejas' prophetic dreams....


I am the father of Christ…

Mehdi The Sathya Sai Resurrects!

Jesus is born…

As the son of Gayatri The epitome of wisdom!

Never before never after…

Only this is the time you will see this trio on the earth!


Sai states here that HE is Jesus DADDY
Sai also states that Jesus is born of Gayatri (who is the MOMMY), who is the epitome of WISDOM

Sophia dreams of Vivekananda in FEMALE FORM = "Vivekanandini" (female version of Wisdom)

Vivekanandini = Gayatri Ma = Kalki Avatara = WIsdom in female form
Jesus = Ramakrishna = Son of Wisdom

Sophia dreams of Jesus/Ramakrishna coming in the form of a "little Divine Boy, playing on the lap of Mommy Gayatri/Vivekanadini and Daddy Sai"

This is very symbolic isn't it??????....



Here is some more symbolism.....


.......Makes Love to......




Anyway......it seems as though Jesus reincarnated as Ramakrishna and they are both (ha ha!) reincarnating as this Little Divine Son who likes to play on mommy and daddys lap!!!!!!!

Vivekananda is going to reincarnate as Mother Gayatri...

(Sophia's dream about Vivekananda dressing up as a mother makes total sense to me!!!!!!!)

One might argue that Vivekananda was only the "student" of Ramakrishna. How can he come back as Mother Gayatri Herself!!!!!???????

My answer is simple.....

Maybe Vivekananda insists on being close to his eternal guru, Ramakrishna....so he has decided to merge with Mother Gayatri, who is the "epitome of WISDOM" which can be called a female version of Wisdom, which can be called "Vivekanandini"

Ramakrishna said iN "Gospel of Ramakrishna" that Vivekananda was "born in" as "Ever-Perfect."

And we all know that once a soul is "Ever-Perfect" it is "verily God Himself/Herself." "Total Merger" has occurred.

Therefore, it is not a problem to view Vivekananda as being totally merged into and one with Mother Gayatri or Vivekanandini.


Anyway....it appears we are all going to be a witness to (and involved in) this Divine Drama of What "Pure" Creation is meant to be like......THE GOLDEN AGE!!!!!!
Amal Edward
Amal Edward2014-12-10 01:32#
Sai Ram,

Swami Vivekananda has been born already in Sri Lanka as Nalin Sedera. He had visited Swami a few times and Swami Himself had said this to several people. Here below the link for further details. Thanks very much for all the update that all of you are providing. Let us all pray that Swami come at the earliest possible.


Sai Ram,
With Sai Love

sophia sai
sophia sai2014-12-10 04:02#
Sairam Steve, i thank you heart fully for giving me the required direction where ever i got stuck. This direction of youRs elated me so much that, now i feel very much blessed to recieve this. i once again thank you so much for your kindness and concern for taking interest in solving my puzzle. I AM VERY MUCH INDEBTED TO YOU AND JIM.
steve pearce
steve pearce2014-12-10 14:58#
OM SRI SAIRAM Sophia, so glad I could help you in any small way. By the way no need to feel INDEBTED to me as I have plenty of karma to balance out in this lifetime already, LOL . I look forward to hear any other experiences you may wish to share, GOD BLESS,........ Steve.
Ramesh2014-12-11 13:06#
Sis Sophiya,Mother Gayatri is the symbol of wisdom who is also the 7 sages,a physical symbol for wisdom called sapta rishis.They were guiding swami vivekananda who was also a disciple like u to Sri Ramakrishna in ur past birth.That swami vivekananda who was with u physically in ur past life took birth in Srilanka as Nalin Sedera as told by Swami when he was alive.Vivekanandini only is a symbol for Gayatri as Ramakrishna is known to the world through wisdom&u recognise wisdom physically as vivekananda only.Even Gautam Buddha was guided by the same Mother of Wisdom Gayatri/Saptarishis and could give his past births as jataka tales as well as a wisdom path/Gnana marga to practice.I feel the japanese represents the physical expression of wisdom practising Buddhas path as Buddha is more known outside India as symbol of wisdom than swami vivekananda.
Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Dr. Rakesh Kumar2014-12-09 16:10#
Sai Ram!!!!

Yes, Our most beloved Swami is surely surely coming back soon. Only He decides the Time.
But that time has come. May Swami bless all and bring in the Golden age. This is the most phenomenal time since creation. We await, our Bhagwan Sri Satya Sai Baba, the God, to return as many other divine souls follow.
Om Sri Sai Ram.
Apurva2014-12-09 17:06#
True... I have goosebumps every time I read the last vision! Swami will come back, and before that evil will be evacuated. I have a feeling it is all going to happen this month! Lets hold on to ultimate Truth as lovingly commanded by swami in his birthday message... to be eligible for the golden age!!!

Love all my selves!!
Rajesh2014-12-10 04:37#

There is Gayathri ma common to this and SIster Apurvas dream
Also "....Swami returned to Parthi and His abode was guarded by military personnel..."
is very similar to the dream that former VC Dr Hanumanthappa has written in his book.
Omarcca2014-12-10 15:18#

Hello everyone... be ready and get ready to be the Prince Of Sri Sathya Sai... Shiva Shakthi, Mother Sai lifting the child and placing on His lap is nothing but, He is indicating, inviting all of us to make ourselves eligible for that coveted Seat... to be the Prince Of Sathya Sai...

And remember, He will put deterrence on our way, only to test our commitment... I remember, there is a hidden line in one of His discourses wherein, He spoke about the FAITH Jesus Christ had possessed... saying that Faith is lacking in the present day...

Am verily counting down...

Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-11 02:21#
Sairam Omarcca. This is REALLY a wake up call! Thank you. Jai Sairam!
Hamsa2014-12-11 07:22#
Very pleased. I have seen some strong visions, dreams, indications, nadi predictions reported at this site about Swami's return. They all thrill me, I also await for his return. Many of them have not materialized at the time they were expected. I have this feeling that Swami's return is not fixed on a certain date but is conditional to some tests which Swami wants his devotees to pass (at least the advanced devotees) before he graces his full return. I could be wrong but I see some tests being failed. Everybody should check if they have opened up their hearts to the truth of what Swami is, that which is beyond even his form, name, organization etc, the big picture. He is the source of all the world, all the grace. All the world is his mission. Usually Swami's tests are simple. I pray for his return. Sairam.
yaani drucker
yaani drucker2014-12-11 15:13#
I completely agree Hamsa, that Baba's return is not related to a fixed day but waits on certain conditions, and it is my firm conviction it waits on a critical mass of us waking up.

Baba says He needs a hand full of true devotees to save the whole world.

One who is awake, that is completely free of ego, is such a devotee.

This we must aspire to to with all that is within us. Then Baba will return quickly.

Let us focus on our enlightenment in the service of Baba's imminent return. How do we free ourselves of ego? Let us ask Baba within to show us what ego is. Once seen truly, we will hurl it from us. Do we see ourselves as worthy of enlightenment, rather than fall into the false humility of thinking that we have too many bad habits... Our impurities are simply us giving our power away to ego. If we surrender to Baba in every thought word and deed, we have no room for impurities or unworthiness, or guilty or shame, and then Baba can take us quickly to Self-realization, which furthers his return.

Jai Sai Ram.
Omarcca2014-12-11 14:57#

Thank You Sister Latha... and Love You all...
We are one community with an astounding belief...and we need to pep ourselves up...

A small game 'to play' for all of us... in the run up to 'Manifesting Sai Back..' being committed... let each one of imagine to be that Prince, that Golden Child, running towards, amining at 'the coveted Seat... The Lap Of Sathya Sai... we are all into a spirited game, sans jealousy, with sheer competitive spirit in terms of our Dharma to our Real Soul... call it Pratyagatma, the term Swami used in Jnana Vahini and the term used in ancient Indian scriputes ... and this is real 'Purification Process...'. Only the Purest Of The Purest can get to sit there....and let all of us... each one of us... do this exercise... at our common level of consciouness, (i do agree, many of you are highly spirited and live in higher realms of consciousness...) we need to engage ourselves busy every moment... purifying... When u close ur eyes, see Him within...and eyes turned wide open, stare at Him...seeing Him in everything.. and embrace the Creation... Samastha Lokas.... Samastha Jeevas...

There is only One Shakthi and That Is Maha Shakthi... the feminine aspect of Para Brahmam.... and It is That Shakthi that runs through every spec of creatin, making the 'inert' into 'active...' and thus this phenomenon called CREATION.... ...and know that Sathya Sai Is That Shiva Shakthi in One Unique Form... One and One Only!!!

We are committed to His Return and nothing short of that is accepted by us... He Will try to delude you and me, with His enticing games... and if we agree for a compromise, result will be a short-circuit... do you have the guts and grit to say, I WILL MANIFEST YOU... if so, take it for granted... YEAR 2015 WILL BE OURS AND WILL BE ETERNALLY INSCRIBED IN EMBOSSED GOLDEN LETTERS... (this is not a prediction with a date and year... no...no... never... i am against dates and predictions... but my 'pepping up' game need a small 'excuse' and my belief strikes a perfect balance with this game...and thus 2015...'


Love...Love...This Much More...
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2014-12-11 15:14#
Sai ram to all. Many Thanks Sophia for raising our depressed spirits. I was praying hard for a sign and ur dream is that. He has successfully cleared all doubts. My humble prayer to Him is that He should make us His instruments and accept us in His fold when He becomes visible again to our naked eyes. We are still very very imperfect. Lets all intensify our sadhana so that we become worthy of Him. Be ready. Love to all.

viraj2014-12-11 15:19#
Om sai ram.Thank you so much for the share.Swami is always with us.It depends upon our belief.Still we are always waiting to see him in human form.
N A RAMESH2014-12-12 05:49#
Thank you very much for sharing this Great Dream. All of us are waiting to see our dear Lord.Our heart is yearning to see him.

STKC Moderator
STKC Moderator2014-12-12 16:49#
I have removed a certain comment from Omarcca (and the respective replies) per his own request. Omarcca says "my heart blossomed a million times after reading Sophia Sai’s vision" because it was amazing. His comments that flowed from his heart as a spontaneous over-pouring of love has been misunderstood by readers and he wishes to avoid any further confusion by removing the comment from saikingdom.com (as well as the FB page) as this website is meant for a holy purpose.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-12 17:48#

We love you so so much!!!!!! Whatever confusion has happened is very small compared to the love we have for you. Sai Ram to you.

Your Love for Sai and all of us is felt very deeply.
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-03 11:02#
Sairam! Few minutes back, I posted a comment on a different article in this forum. I have written about the lunar eclipse. This article is only a confirmation of my doubt that it may happen around Lunar eclipse around March-April this year. I have not read this article and i was only glancing through the headlines! Om Sri Sai Ram.
S. Rani
S. Rani2015-06-23 12:20#
Om Sri Sai Ram, Sai Sister Sophia, As you are talking of Swami Vivekanand I am thinking about His message He had conveyed to Mankind : "AWAKE, ARISE, STOP NOT UNTIL THE GOAL IS ACHIEVED". Perhaps there is a symbolical meaning behind this.
Vidya2015-06-26 03:54#
Sairam Sophia, I absolutely loved it.
Rajesh N S
Rajesh N S2015-11-26 08:30#
Sai ram,

Thanks for sharing sister
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2016-07-04 04:04#
Sairam Sister Sophia, I have read all these dreams/visions many times...every time when I read your dreams I get goosebumps! :-) Great revelations! Sairam!

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