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i read a recent article on how the reappearance of the mahdi is being wrongly interpreted by the ISIS for recruiting young members. Since we know know very well who the mahdi is, i thought it would be worth sharing the article here with you :

excerpt from the article : "In ISIS’ interpretation, the figure of the Mahdi, or “the rightly guided one” will appear to lead final battles against the Western infidels, called Rome, in northern Syria before the end of days. After the day of judgment, only those who supported the Mahdi will be saved. The Mahdi will appear after the establishment of an Islamic caliphate. (Medieval caliphs, attempting to gin up support for their own battles against the Christian crusaders, claimed to be the Mahdi in the past.) In some of the prophecies, Jesus descends from the heavens to assist the Mahdi in his battle against the infidels, who are led by an Antichrist figure."
Date of Posting: 23 November 2015
Posted By: Srinivas.K

A Beautiful 90th Birthday Gift from Innersky.
Date of Posting: 22 November 2015
Posted By: Joy
Date of Posting: 18 November 2015
'True yearning for God is essential to experience Him'

"Once Vivekananda went to Swami Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and asked him, “Have you seen God?”
“Yes,”, said Ramakrishna.
“In what form?” asked Vivekananda.
 Ramakrishna replied, “I am seeing him just as I am seeing you.”

“Why, then, am I unable to see Him?”

Ramakrishna explained that if he yearned for God with the same intensity with which he was yearning for many other things, he would be able to experience God. Ramakrishna said that people shed tears for relations, wealth, and many other things, but how many shed tears for God? Ramakrishna advised Vivekananda to yearn for God with all his heart and soul. God is then bound to manifest Himself to him.

If we are keen to experience the Divine, we must devote ourselves to the Divine. People go through various troubles for the sake of wealth, relations, position, and power. If they were to devote a small fraction of that time to thoughts of God, they would experience freedom from the fear of death. If you think only of world, how can you get peace and bliss?"

9 July 1998 Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam
Date of Posting: 10 November 2015
Posted By: Joy
Shatakoti Pranamams to Thy Lotus Feet dear Baba..
dear friends,
here is a link regarding adamantine Particles..hope it is interesting
Date of Posting: 03 November 2015
Posted By: venkata ramana
Sairam Dear Brothers and Sisters,

It gives me Immense pleasure, by the way of all of Fellow SKTCians showering "Sai Love" on me. I Thank Everyone from Bottom of my Heart for your Kindness, Love, Goodness, Encouragement and Support.
Date of Posting: 01 November 2015
Sai is Sankalpa Siddha, i.e., His willing is fulfilling. Once He wrote to a devotee 'Sai Sankalpa is Vajrasankalpa (The Will of Sai is irresistible like the thunderbolt)'. It can never miss its aim.
Date of Posting: 31 October 2015
Posted By: Joy
Date of Posting: 31 October 2015
'Name and Form are Inseparable'

"My name is not distinct from My form. The name recalls the form as soon as it is pronounced or heard. When the form is seen, the name comes into the consciousness that very moment. So, when the name is ever dancing on your tongue, the form, too, has to be before you and beside you. What need is there to mention this as a gift from Me? I have to manifest the form, whenever My name is remembered with faith or sung with devotion."

Sanathana Sarathi Nov 2008.
Date of Posting: 22 October 2015
Posted By: Joy

* Why do untoward events happen? Only to promote what is good. They have a cleaning effect. Rise and fall are natural events. When any such thing takes place in relation to the Divine, it must be regarded as the prelude to something elevating and sublime.

* Very soon the glory of Sai will spread to every part of the world. It will increase a thousand-fold. The reason. is the essential goodness of the Sai Mission. It is totally free from any taint. Every act is done out of the purest of motives. Everything that is said is based on truth. All activities are conducted without depending on any outsider. Hence, there is no room for fear.

After the harvest when the sheaves of grains are winnowed, the wind blows away all the chaff, leaving only the grains behind. Through this process, the true devotees will remain steadfast. The wavering puppets will drift away. This is the process of winnowing.

Hence, adhere firmly to the truth of your convictions. Be prepared to meet any challenges. Life is a challenge, meet it. Be ready to face any situation.....

* Sai's resolve will be fulfilled. Even if the heavens fall, Sai's resolve will not alter. We do not speak about these resolves, nor are they broadcast among the public. In the world only goods that are not easily sold, are advertised. Goods that have a ready market are not advertised.

(Extracts from Divine Valedictory Discourse at the Vedha Purusha Sapthaaha Jnaana Yajna, on Vijayadhashami Day, in the Puurnachandhra Auditorium on 24-10-1993.)
Date of Posting: 21 October 2015
Posted By: Joy
Divine Magnetic Attraction.

"Today I want to tell you something very significant. This body of Mine is filled with attraction power from top to toe. It is the divine magnetic power..... Worldly magnets attract only iron filings whereas this divine magnet attracts the entire world..... Such magnetic power is present in every man. God is present in the form of Hiranyagarbha in everyone. Hence, He is extolled as Hiranyagarbhaya Namah (salutations to the one with golden womb). Pure gold does not undergo any change. It attracts everyone......

As the attraction power is increasing, the number of people coming for My Darshan is also on the increase. Henceforth, there will be uncontrollable crowds thronging for My Darshan. You are going to witness many astounding events in the future. God attracts everyone. His attraction power is highly sacred and it will captivate everyone..... This is the divine magnetic power. It originates from the changeless and eternal principle of Transcendental Truth.....

Love God. That is your ultimate goal. There is no property greater than love. Only love can redeem your life. So, develop love Bangaru!.....I address you as Bangaru (gold) because you are the embodiments of Hiranyagarbha.....

You are going to witness the divine glory of Swami unfolding in the days to come. He will attract the whole world. There won’t be place for people to stand even.... All are getting attracted to Swami. Love is very powerful.....

In a matter of a few days you will come to know. The divine glory will increase day-by-day conferring on you joy and bliss. All the unrest will soon be eradicated from the face of earth. Today we find acts of violence everywhere. But whatever is happening, in a way, is for your own good. Everyone will develop sacred feelings. All will enjoy the divine bliss. The entire nation will enjoy peace and happiness soon. There will not be any difficulties or suffering..... Always be happy and blissful. Let no one shed tears of sorrow. Difficulties may come, but they will ultimately lead to happiness. Very soon, everyone in this world will lead ideal lives..... Let divine feelings spring forth from you naturally. Share your joy with others."

(Extracts from Divine Discourse at Brindavan, 16.3.2003)
Date of Posting: 20 October 2015
Posted By: Joy
75th Year of Avtaric Declaration- 1940-2015
Swami, in His Divine Discourse today narrated so many declarations He made 75 years ago and made several fresh declarations today and in the end He commented: "That day that declaration, today this declaration".

Some of the excerpts from today's declaration:

This is the holy place-during Thretha Yuga this is Viswamithra's Ashram.
Here Rama and Lakshmana faught with Thataki here. Devotees are also taking birth again and again.

This entire place of Sathya Sai Grama will be filled with saints and sages.
Whole area will be filled with saffron clad people.

So many ministers and Presidents will come here.
This time of Athi Rudra Yajna is sacred time.

This is the transition time to Sathya Yuga - Sathya Yuga is Prema Yuga.

It is not enough if you see and enjoy; take part in the Grand Mission and enjoy.

Those days people did not believe what I told; again three years back you did not believe what I told. For the last over 40 years nobody visited this place. Why people are coming now in such large numbers? They are coming because of Sai Baba, because of His magnetic attraction. If you develop devotion you will get attracted.

(From Divine Discourse 20th October 2015)
Date of Posting: 20 October 2015
Posted By: An STKCian
On 'Avatar Declaration Day' 2015, here are 'Divine Declarations from the Avatar' in 2008:

* Sathyanarayana looks like any other ordinary human being, but He possesses extraordinary and superhuman powers. They are indescribable. He looks very innocent.

* Sathyanarayana is the Embodiment of Truth and Righteousness (Sathya and Dharma)! It is for propagating these two human values that Lord Sathyanarayana incarnated in human form as Sathyanarayana Raju.

* Sathyanarayana is a unique Avatar, though He appears to be an ordinary human being. People often commit the mistake of thinking Him to be an ordinary human, since He very closely interacts with them at the human level. Whatever He speaks, it is Truth, Truth and nothing but the Truth!

* People do not observe My words properly. They take My words lightly, thinking it to be just a joke or fun. Whatever I speak, even if it is a joke or for fun, it is Truth, Truth, and Truth only!

* Only those who are unable to visualise the future will be taking my words lightly.

* Lord Sathyanarayana is also called Vishnu. He is Lord Vishnu, verily! Lord Vishnu has incarnated as Sathyanarayana in this world. Hence, Sathyanarayana is verily Lord Vishnu.

* Thousands of people have heard My discourses over a period of time. Thousands and lakhs of people witnessed My divine powers on various occasions. In spite of all that, people are unable to understand the true nature of My Divinity.

(All extracts taken from Divine Discourse - Vijayadashami 2008.)
Date of Posting: 19 October 2015
Posted By: Joy
15 October 1999
Who can manifest these powers and prove their existence?

"Very often, scientists refer to the two terms —matter and energy— but truly only energy exists. Whatever appears as matter also becomes energy in due course of time. None can describe the glory and grandeur of this transcendental power. "Yatho vacho nivarthanthe apraapya manasa saha (this energy is beyond the comprehension of the mind and description by words).” This transcends the powers of body, mind, and intellect. Who has created this power? Under whose control does this power lie? In whose hands does this power exist? Who can manifest these powers and prove their existence?

"Manifestation of these powers can bring about a divine transformation in the hearts of men. Swami wants that such changes should take place from now onward. It is impossible to say when, where, and how this power will manifest itself. Merely listening to the glory of this power may not evoke interest in you. You will understand only when you experience it. This is the super-human divine power. Very soon you are going to witness it."

Divine Discourse: 15 October 1999 Prasanthi Nilayam
Date of Posting: 14 October 2015
Posted By: Joy
14 October 1999
"You do not know, but many marvelous things are going to happen in the near future. You will be delighted to see, hear, and experience these divine events. Do not miss this sacred opportunity that is before you. If you lose it, you will never get it again. Once you obtain it, you will never lose it. Keep these sacred thoughts in your heart, respect your parents, please your elders, and make your life meaningful. This is My blessing to you all. With this I blessing, I bring My discourse to a close."
14 October 1999 Sai Kulwant Hall, Prasanthi Nilayam
Date of Posting: 13 October 2015
Posted By: Joy
Excerpts from Divine Discourse dt. 11.10.2015

The day on which Shirdi Baba shed His mortal body was Vijaya Dasami. And this Vijaya Dasami makes the transition from Sathya Sai to Prema Sai Avatar. Through Prema Sai Avatar, the Sathya Yuga, the Golden Age will come. This is the first ray of the golden age. Kali Yuga, which is full of darkness of ignorance will end and Sathya Yuga, which will be effulgent will start. And within a short time there are going to be many changes in the world. In the same way as when seasons change, some plants will die, new plants will come up, when this transition happens between Kali Yuga and Sathya Yuga also only those people who are worthy of Sathya Yuga will continue to live,others will have to go. Many people are asking Me the question - when will the Sathya Yuga begin? I want to tell you that from this Vijaya Dasami, the Sathya Yuga will begin. It is not right for you to think when the Sathya Yuga dawns, your hearts will be full of love. But in Sathya Yuga, if you want to develop noble and good feelings, it will be easy for you.The ultimate goal is Self Realisation - to realise your own True Self. When the road is good you can very fast. Similarly during the day you can be faster than at night.Sathya Yuga means light and good road. When both get together you can move very fast.

.For further details ref.
.Thanks to Sri Nayakji for the wonderful lead (ref. his comment on blog post)
Date of Posting: 13 October 2015
Posted By: An STKCian
Re. "River Chitravathi started to flow..."

“From the fig tree learn its lesson; as soon as its branch becomes tender and puts forth its leaves, you know that summer is near. So also, when you see these things taking place, you know that he is near, at the very gates”. - Mark 13:28-29

(The Holy Bible quotation in the article by Sreejith Narayan: "When will the Lord Reappear - Part 2")
Date of Posting: 09 October 2015
Posted By: Joy
River Chitravathi started to flow again due to recent rains. It's not too far.
Date of Posting: 08 October 2015
Posted By: Naren
Baba’s Blessings

You have to just View the following Video (22 seconds), To get the blessings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, by clicking the following link in Full Screen Video Mode
Date of Posting: 06 October 2015
Worldly message about a technology for the golden age to come:
Oil, coal, nuclear power plant, environmental pollution can all be avoided by inventions, using this principle. Many environmentalists do not even know about these technical possibilities.
Link about Mr. Tewari's work:
watch the „Toby and Tewari“ picture with calendar in the background (picture nr. 8 from 9)
Date of Posting: 04 October 2015
Posted By: Reinhard
Children of Immortality

A Poem written by Sathya Sai Baba

(Courtesy : )

Children of Immortality!

Remember that you are created
In my image and likeness.

Live up to this image, in every way, in all planes.
Live like Masters!

Walk this earth with your heads held high,
Your spirits soaring...
Your hearts open to Love...
And believe in yourself and God within you.
Then all will go well.

Earth is but a manifestation of My Being.
Made out of My Life!

Wherever you look, I am there.
Wherever you walk, I am there.
Whomsoever you contact, I am that person.
I am in each, in all My Splendour.

See Me everywhere,
Talk to Me and love Me,
Who am in each.

Then from each, I will respond
And bring you into Glory.
You cannot see Me in one place and not in another,
For I fill all space.

You cannot escape Me
Or do anything in secret,
For there are no secrets with Me.

Live... Live... Live... in perfect accordance
With My laws, and wonders will ensue.

Think now. Does error clog the free flowing
Essence of My Being through you?
Ask Me this moment to reveal to you your errors
In the silence of your meditation.

Let old memories well up in you,
From My subconscious in you...
Old patterns...
Old forgotten feelings and thoughts.

Now plunge them into the Ocean of Light,
Burn them from the consciousness
So that you may be true emblems of My Being.

Right now,
Visualize My burning flame
Rising higher and higher
As it burns through you.

It is a flame that is cooling,
Cleansing and healing,
That soothes the hidden sorrow...
And leaves you calmed and quiet.

Rest in my Love.
Let all that you have been through
In your many lives up to this day,
Melt away in My redeeming Light.

Children of My Being!
Dissolve your sorrows and fears in Me.
Let me efface
All your karma.

Come back into My Consciousness, which is
Your own true Consciousness.
Let your petty human self fade away, right now,
As you come to Me, who am your Inner Self.

You are now My radiant glorious Self...
No longer separate from Me.
Melt with Me... Merge with Me...!
Become Me!1

Sathya Sai Baba
Date of Posting: 03 October 2015
Sairam, with love.
This is with reference to a post I read here about a devotee once having asked Swami about His departure from the world and Swami enigmatically replying that He would have 2 departures... That was a mind boggling post and exciting beyond belief. I don't know if what was said in that post has been verified by anyone or if there is any further info on the same. But,it impacted me strongly for a reason. Years back in a dream, Swami had given me TWO DATES, on which He said mysteriously ''the world will end for you'' and I thought to myself He must mean ''the worldly''....On waking, I couldn't recall the dates ( because not meant to) but much later I figured that one date must have been 24 th April2011.....Now, could the second date be related in some intriguing way to the first....? The heart soars with hope...
Para Eighteen
Date of Posting: 01 October 2015
Posted By: para eighteen
See the latest Miracle as it happened yesterday in Eswaramma School Puttaparthi sept 10 2015
Date of Posting: 13 September 2015
What happened in Puttaparthi over the last 50 years will happen now in 5 years here. You will find no space here. Only those with pure love will enjoy this.

From Divine Discourse on last Thursday, Muddenahalli
Date of Posting: 12 September 2015
Posted By: s s srut
Sairam all,

I am sure that by now almost all of you would have heard about the 'Blood Moon Prophecy'. One thing that is not found on all articles linked to it is that the night of 28th September 2015 is supposed to be the darkest of year until about 2 AM, beyond which the very same night is going to be the brightest of the year!

It seems to me that this represents the darkest period earth is going through and the brightest time to come (probably Swami's reappearance for the world to see), though I don't want to speculate on what the blood red color of the moon stands for.

Nonetheless, I wish all ends well soon. I take the liberty of saying that 2014 was very bad for earth and most of us hoped that 2015 would have put an end to it. However, things didn't stop but just took a different set of directions as far as the calamities are concerned - both natural and man-made.

We must hold on to His word strongly , read His statements again and again, and never give up hope. If Swami says He will bring the golden age, then He will. If He says one day He will walk across the sky, then He will.

My sincere request is that, don't ever feel bad if something doesn't turn out on a much anticipated date, or if someone questions the reasoning behind your faith in Swami's return. Let us remember that it is not the case that we want Him to come. We believe He will come.

Date of Posting: 31 August 2015
Posted By: Naren
Don't miss the inspirational Radio Sai 90th Birthday Special:


"Are you ready for an heart-warming journey in time through events that changed an obscure little village to a global spiritual landmark? A Journey through a story, in which a remarkable yet simple neighbourhood boy proclaimed His Divinity through little acts, and how the incredulousness that followed slowly transformed into reverence.

‘Sathya to Sai’ is a Sai Katha, but be not apathetic as it’s a story retold and heard many a times. For like the Ramayana and the Bhagawata, it is filled with myriad lessons that seep into us slowly, as we listen to it over and over again. Two members of the Radio Sai Team, Aravind and Prem will be relating some of the most popular as well as some little known stories of Sathyam in Puttaparthi, Bukkapatnam, Kamalapuram and Uravakonda. To go with the narration are some rare and golden photographs that will help you relive those moments.

You can catch a fresh episode of this series every Tuesday. On 20 October 2015, the Avatar Declaration Day, the Sai Katha will conclude with little Sathyam proclaiming that the time has come when the world recognises Him as Sathya Sai."
Date of Posting: 26 August 2015
Posted By: Joy
Re: to my dream of 21 August: the prayer I said was, I remember now, ‘Swami! If you choose to come to me in a physical form, I will worship you in that form. If you choose to come to me in an internal form, I will worship you internally.'
My apologies for not remembering much clearer. Let's all use our sense of wisdom and discrimination, paired with strong belief in Swami. He will know the best time and way. Some people among us will warn of dangers or difficult times ahead. Swami has always urged us not to give in to fears, and said that no major catastrophes can happen. If there is really any need to prepare other than in a spiritual way, I will trust in Swami to tell me. He has always protected me.
Date of Posting: 26 August 2015
Posted By: Satrughna
SWAMI: If your mind is meditating on Me, I will protect you from all difficulties. I have given three quarters of happiness and only one quarter of difficulties to the human beings. People cannot bear even that and presume it to be a mighty mountain. When they are hungry, they eat hurriedly. After filling their stomachs, if they find even a single stone in the last morsel, they complain that the entire food was filled with stones. I keep giving small difficulties every now and then so that the minds of people are turned towards God. Without understanding this, people blame God.

While the main road is being repaired, people have to temporarily use the kachchha (Bad) road. After the completion of the repairs, they are back on the main road. In a similar way, when your personality is being repaired, I go by another road. You feel that I have kept you away from Me. But it is not the truth. I do it with the purpose that repairs should be finished early so that our atmanubandha is resumed at the earliest.
Date of Posting: 24 August 2015
The hope of having darshan of our LORD alone keeps my life going .Thank you STKC AND all for the sharings and the quotes which brightens my hopes.
Date of Posting: 23 August 2015
Posted By: shehana
kerala, india
Dear STKCians, Sai Ram to all,

Recently, I had the wonderful opportunity to go through some of the discourses given by Bhagawan in His Subtle Form, from 11th September to 1st November, 2014. There are several references to the Golden Age and other things exactly the way we have been strongly believing all these years. One devotee, quoting Swami says that only one third of His mission is completed and remaining two thirds will be accomplished before He attains His 96th year.
* * * * *

Last Sunday Swami addressed a group of alumni at Tumkur in the State of Karnataka India. Swami went to a devotee's house there to fulfill a promise given to Him forty years ago. At that time Swami promised to the devotee that one day He would visit his house. The devotee, strong in his devotion insisted for a date. Then Swami responded,"I will not give a date, I will give My word!"('date ivvanu, maata isthaanu'-in Telugu) Swami kept up His word by visiting the devotee's house on 16th August, 2015.

All the promises of Bhagawan which we have quoted in STKC will be fulfilled very soon!

Date of Posting: 21 August 2015
Posted By: s
Dream of 21 august 2015, 05:30

I dreamed I was at some sort of religious gathering, in an unknown place. My brother was arranging photos of Swami and Vedic chanting was going on. I was seated near some small images of Swami and suddenly I could see the real Swami in a little statuette.
As I leaned forward, I suddenly was near a life-size real Swami, seated in a chair. I was so happy to see him and I asked, ‘Swami, when are you coming back in a physical form?’ Swami answered: ‘I am coming back on …’ and I don’t recall when. It was either September 28th, 2015 or October 23rd, 2015. I cried ‘That is Akshaya day!’ Swami shook his head. I remembered reading about this date on this website, but I couldn’t quite remember just what, and said, ‘No, that is a full moon, wait, what was it, Tetrad or something. I don’t remember Swami’s reaction, but I believe I was a bit off. Anyway, it was one of those 2 days. Something with a full moon day, I believe, but I’m not sure. I was too excited that I actually got an answer to properly listen!

And I asked: ‘Swami, what do you expect from me, how can I be of service?’ I asked again: ‘Wat can I do for you, how can I serve you?’ Just then, the person next to me reached out and shifted the statuettes, and I was back in the prayer room. I cried and wept aloud for Swami to come back I just saw images of Shiva and Ganesha etc. again, and I had lost the connection.

Then I heard very clearly Swami say: ‘I am in every form!’ The voice came out of the Shiva statue and the Ganesha statue. I cried: ‘Swami! If you choose to be in a physical form, I will worship you in that. If you choose to be in an internal form, I will worship you internally.
(something like that, but better. I saw this in front of me like a prayer, with words written over the scene like text in a YouTube video.)

After that I cannot remember too much, except that I think I saw Swami again for a short while and there was something with presents. This whole dream was all in English, and not in my native tongue, Dutch. I hadn’t dreamed of Baba for a long time. The last dream of Baba I had was nearly two years ago.
Date of Posting: 20 August 2015
Posted By: Satrughna
Jai Sai Ram

Anandam and immense bliss at the oneness and the feelings as brother Sreejith Narayanji felt when narrating was experienced, would certainly like to be with a copy of the book which was gifted to brother Sreejith by our beloved Swami.

innumerable and immemorial , of course immeasurable experiences here in India , and in Moscow Siberia and everywhere , where Swami plus this disciple merged - since the telephone call and the aural vision of Lord Shiva on the Mahashivarathri day ie 19th of February 1999 - Swami called me on the telephone the morning at 8.30am - spoke for 30 minutes - rest is the sojourn with my beloved Swami with whom there will be always the Oneness....

As I was listening there were indications of Swami's presence - the lights flickered - they went out and returned and in Sreejith saw the likeness of Swami - am a pranic healer and a health life coach with a website: - heal and am directed in all I do by my Swami - BABA - who is everything for me...

thank you so much for this wonderful share and am eagerly waiting for the book to be able to read it through...

Date of Posting: 19 August 2015
Posted By: Nayanika
SWAMI: Do satkarma.( Do Good Things)

DEVOTEE: What should we do?

SWAMI: Listen. You will grow a lawn with green grass. The grass belongs to the cow, and not to you. When the cow comes there to satisfy its hunger, you chase it away. You enjoy yourself by seeing the lawn. But the cow suffers from pangs of hunger. You should not enjoy at the cost of other's sorrow. One's happiness alone is not important. It is better to bear some difficulties if it can bring happiness to others.
Date of Posting: 13 August 2015
Last night i had a dream. Swami was very dissappointed. I was crying watching his face. Then i was writing this dream to share in stkc. Some were very eagerly waiting for the information but others felt my writing as trash. In the next scene, some Saints were climbing a mountain. There were only a few of them. Swami looked disappointed. Dream ended. I think the whole purpose of Swamis disappearance was to intensify our devotion towards Him and many have failed to make use of the opportunity :( .Anyways it looks like Swamis reappearance is near :)
Date of Posting: 12 August 2015
Posted By: Suneesh
SWAMI: (Looking at the moon in the sky) Do not be afraid. Have courage. You will not be removed as you are a devotee of Swami. Your job will also be made permanent. I am the God of Gods. My word never goes wrong. Have no fear.

Do not whine that you are burdened with difficulties. As you undergo more difficulties, your karma will reduce. If someone comes across unbearable problems or difficulties, one has to understand that they are going to see good times shortly.

Therefore, do not get upset or distressed when misfortunes befall. Welcome them instead. It is not always summer or winter. Fortune smiles on you after misfortune and vice versa. To illustrate this, God made fifteen nights dark and filled the other fifteen with cool moonlight in a month. Nothing is permanent. You should get upset only when you are in a happy state, as unhappiness will follow soon!
Date of Posting: 11 August 2015
Another Baba said story -

A poor man was collecting all the dry twigs and cow dung he could get in the forest. Seeing him struggling hard to take care of the family, a sanyasi said to himself, "Down with samsari, hail sanyasi." It started to rain in the evening. The sanyasi felt hungry. He came to the town begging for alms. The poor family man, by then, had come back, bathed in hot water, changed clothes, had a hot meal served by his wife and chewing betel leaves sat warmly. When he saw the sanyasi, drenched in rain, shivering with cold and going from house to house begging for food, he said to himself, "Hail samsari, down with sanyasi."
Date of Posting: 04 August 2015
August 6th 2015: 70th Anniversary of the day an atomic bomb was dropped on the Japanese city of Hiroshima.

Baba: "They are all praying to Me that such a catastrophe, should never befall any other nation... I listened to their prayers and I came!"

Radio Sai Audio: 'Fleeting Moments - Lasting Memories' (2012-05-17) Dr. Deepak Anand - part 3
Date of Posting: 04 August 2015
Posted By: Joy
Baba Said Story -

Once Narada took Dharmaraja around both hell and heaven. In the heaven, Dharmaraja saw Indra and bowed to him. He then told Narada, "How much punya this person must have accumulated to get the position of Indra!" Narada said, "Dharmaraja, look properly. It is Duryodhana who has got the rank of Indra." Seeing this Dharmaraja thought to himself, "If this villain can become Indra, what exalted position my generous, elder brother Karna would have got?" So thinking, he asked Narada to take him immediately to Karna. Narada took him to hell. There, seeing a person being tortured, Dharmaraja said, "How many bad deeds this person must have committed! Poor chap, I cannot bear to see him suffer." Narada said, "Dharmaraja, he is your generous brother Karna." Hearing this, Dharmaraja was surprised and was sad. He said, "God is biased. If He deceives like this, why blame human beings for doing wrong things?" Narada said, "But Karna was a traitor." When Dharmaraja asked how could it be, Narada said, "When Karna was bemoaning that he had no relatives and he was an orphan, Duryodhana consoled him, acknowledged his capabilities and made him the king of Angarajya. Karna was happy and promised Duryodhana that he would kill all the enemies of Duryodhana. Placing his faith in Karna, Duryodhana did not worry too much when the war was declared. But before the war, Krishna sent Kunti to Karna. Kunti asked for some concessions from Karna, whose heart melted at his mother's prayers and he promised to safeguard Pandavas. Accordingly, he protected Nakula and Sahadeva from Duryodhana. He also did not kill Arjuna when he had the opportunity to do so. This paved the way for the defeat and death of Duryodhana. For this treason, he is in hell."
Date of Posting: 04 August 2015
DEVOTEE: Swami, according to the epics, when God takes an avatar, even His enemies attain salvation. How is this possible?

SWAMI: Kamsasura tried all the means to do away with Krishna after he realised that Krishna would be his antaka. This fear and hatred towards Krishna was on his mind all the time. Radha also had Krishna on her mind always, but for a different reason — overflowing prema towards the Lord. But, Radha's sister Chandravali hated Krishna all the time. All the three of them attained salvation. The common element in all of them was constant thought of God.

But there is a big difference between the two methods. Attaining salvation through hatred is like pulling the Lord towards you by tying Him in an iron chain. The method of prema offers a soft silken ribbon at the Lord's feet and then He is pulled towards you. In essence, constant contemplation is the key.

I do not ignore and turn away anyone coming to Me, whether the person is a sinner or a saint. I welcome all beings whether they love Me or hate Me. If you remember Me, that is sufficient. When adharma is all prevalent, lower level officers with limited powers cannot stem the tide, let alone turn it. That is why Major General (pointing Himself) has come to wield His power.
Date of Posting: 03 August 2015
"OM SRI SAI RAM". Thank you very much to both, sister Latha Sairam (Chennai) and brother Nirmal (Bangalore). Yes I was looking for this link. I was very very
Happy to read this article. Hopefully, our DREAMS about BABA's REAPPEARANCE on this Planet WILL COME TRUE SOON. "JAI SAI RAM ", please COME.
Date of Posting: 28 July 2015
Posted By: Rita
Sai Ram Dear Warren

Though you reasoning maybe correct regarding dreams I have to whole heartedly disagree with you for some reasons below


2] only SWAMI can change bring in the GOLDEN AGE for it we could do it we have had SWAMI on earth for 85 years !!!!!! DIVINE TIMING IS ALL AS SWAMI SAYS ALL HAPPENS ACORDING TO HIS WILL

3] Personal dreams with personal message is between SWAMI AND JIVA - But this idea that SWAMI RETURNS VISIONS ARE PRIVATE IS NON SENSE and such feelings have spread by devotees who have either a dis belief SWAMI WILL RETURN or have made false proclamations that PREMA SAI IS HERE OR TO ARRIVE



Date of Posting: 28 July 2015
Posted By: Sai Dev
Beautifully spoken and wonderfully wise words Warren. So much Time spent wondering and anticipating is indeed just a part of dreaming. As Swami said, "Being is lost in Becoming" so how can we find what we never lost ?
Date of Posting: 28 July 2015
Posted By: Mark
" OM SRI SAI RAM ". Thank you very much to both of you, sister Latha Sairam (Chennai) and brother Nirmal (Bangalore) for the link of the article of "Swami's
Assurance Letter". I really enjoyed reading it ! After reading it, I remembered that one of my Sai sister friends in Puttaparthy told me about some miracles a year
ago which were happening in her relative's house in Chennai. Baba often replies by writing to this devotee ! I think, this must be the same devotee, who got this
Historical Letter from Swami on 26-04-2011. I think the miracles are still happening there ! Yes, some devotees are having special connections with Baba. They
are indeed Swami's chosen instruments. Anyway, now, we (the regular/general devotees of Baba) have to do three things seriously, if we want to see Him again !
Date of Posting: 27 July 2015
Posted By: Rita
It is not about "wanting His return to cure the world's ills".
(I agree to most, but not to all of what you say, Warren)
Once he stated, that he could remove all of the environmental pollution of the world,
"with just a wave of my hand" !
And added, that this would be in vain: in a very short time, humanity would make again the same mess.

The divine plan is to work through humanity. --> help for self-help by divine guidance.
Not only that, remember the "range of mountains" in comparison with the Govardhana-mountain at the time of Krishna in Hislop's first book and what about: "only He will be able to control the fury of nature"?
For this divine guidance and eventually divine intervention I believe, he will manifest again, before Prema Sai, recognisable for all - not just the Sai-family.
Exact dates to satisfy the worldly part of our mind are not so easily to obtain.
It does not have to be Guru Poornima.
One may say: "his old body was worn out".
This view, however does not bring a deeper meaning of this drama.
He allowed this to happen. He was not overthrown accidentally by desease, having to let us forget very meaningful parts of his statements!
For an ordinary human, this would apply, not in this case.

"the body has died and is decaying, and that will not change":
What about the little cross he made for Hislop?
Did not he reverse the decaying process from the original wood?
And wouldn't he make a bigger one, in the future?

"He has not gone anywhere": agree, He is not the body. So he is not bound by a decaying body. He can manifest himself by tansforming the decayed body or just by manifesting a body, no matter what happens to the old body.

After Elvis died, some people could not accept the obvious: the good fellow had left.
In our case, the most obvious to think is: Swami's public mission cannot have ended there.

So many signs about a reappearance. The trouble in my view is:
the inconvenience of keeping up a positive attitude of humble but certain expectancy, without dips (without any dropouts).

Sai Ram to all of you.
Date of Posting: 26 July 2015
Posted By: Reinhard
Swami will reappear in that same Sathya Sai form. His words about golden age is yet to be fulfilled. Swami is not just a Saint or Guru, but he is GOD . He is the one from which everything manifested. Swami is GOD. His words will never fail
Date of Posting: 26 July 2015
Posted By: Suneesh
Sairam Warren,
Appreciate your considered and sincere analysis. However, I feel one cannot berate ' focusing on the body' if the body is of the avatar ( or saints or high souls). Venerating and loving the form of your desired deity is sagun worship and adoration, advocated even by Krishna in the Bhagawad Gita. It is the bhakti path, which requires the form of the Beloved.. And longing and the ache of separation and the desire for reunion, is an integral part of this love for God. This love as the gopis famously said has nothing to do with the mind or abstract cares only for the vision of the face of the Lord. Thus, though we must not limit ourselves to only the form, now that it is not visible, there is no need to be apologetic too. Pining and hoping for the vision of our Lord has become a sadhana in its own right,and cannot do any harm, as long as we know that nobody but nobody can predict the Lord, and also that He can do anything anytime, if it be His sweet will...
Sairam, with love,
Para 18
Date of Posting: 25 July 2015
Posted By: para eighteen
The dreams and intimations relating to Sai 'returning' are for each individual to interpret for themselves, as to their meaning and message. Dreams from saints are usually full of metaphors and multiple meanings, with the literal meaning usually being secondary or not to be taken literally at all (which is usually the case). It is the energy, spiritual insight and love that comes through a Sai dream that is most important. Think how the dream is saying something about you and your life, because it is your dream and it is intended for you, not the world.

Sai does not need or use individual dreamers to give out His Message. Dreams from Sai should be treated like treasure, carefully looked after and, generally speaking, shared only with those closest to you and with those who will equally value them.

Start from who Sai really is - He has not gone anywhere. He can be reached when "silence reigns in the mind" (Sai, Guru Poornima 1974). But the body has died and is decaying, and that will not change. I was privileged to be in his thoughts in the days before he died and it was simply the right time for him to go. Seeing how his body was, anyone who loved him knows this to be true.

Focusing on the body is going down a blind alley. 'He' may have been reborn (I don't know, and I doubt anyone does know, because his body has to be protected while it is young); but the old body was worn out and He chose to let it go. In my experience, events are not pre-fixed, there are choices and different options at all levels of manifestation, and the divine allows it to be so, and does not dictate beyond setting the boundaries. Sai has merely adjusted to the choices made by his devotees and what is best for them and the role He plays. Everything He did He did out of love for his devotees, and for no other reasons.

Devotees can keep up their practises, connect to the divine around them, including through looking at old darshan footage, meditating, chanting, whatever is their way of connecting to who Sai is, and to their own deeper being. If He comes, He comes when and how He chooses, and it will be crystal clear who He is - no guessing will be necessary. Leave it to him. Worrying and speculating over His 'return' is not honouring his life or his message, and rather devalues what He has already done.

Wanting His return to cure the world's ills misreads His message and his role. The world is at it is, and there will always be opposites, it is in the nature of manifestation. Lasting happiness cannot be found here, but we can be happy by connecting to the source of happiness. But that does not mean the avatar is going to make Shangri-la in this world - perhaps the avatar has influenced things enough to stop us from blowing ourselves to bits, and that is enough of a miracle for me. The rest is up to us, which means living His message, each one of us, in our communities.

Sai might well say to all of this speculation - don't waste time, don't worry, be happy, happy, happy. If we all did that then Sai is living through us, which is always what He wanted.

Sai Ram
Date of Posting: 24 July 2015
Posted By: Warren
New Zealand
Is this the link you are looking for? sister Rita, Sairam.
Date of Posting: 23 July 2015
Posted By: Nirmal
Sairam Rita, Here is the link -
Date of Posting: 23 July 2015
Posted By: Latha Sairam
Dear Sri Sreejith Ji, Where can I read the post of "Swami's Assurance Letter" in your Website ? I think that I have missed it somehow and did not read it earlier !
Would you please send the link to me ? So, I can read it. It seems to be a very inspiring article, "FULL OF HOPE" !!!
"LOVING SAIRAMS" to you and the STKC team and to all the SUPPORTERS/READERS of this Website. "JAI SAI RAM".
Date of Posting: 21 July 2015
Posted By: Rita
This “Swamis Assurance letter” gives us hope that he will surely give public Reappearance on some day.

This Was "Swamis Assurance letter" which was materialized on 26/4/2011 and already posted in our saikingdom Website.

Swamis letter ......

Dear Children,

What is holier? Temple? Holy rivers? – heart of a devotee who is having love and devotion, this heart is holier than anything else. God resides and will always like to reside in that holy heart of a holy devotee.

Children, you all are witnessing a crucial part of history. Swami wants you all to maintain peace. With patient heart see what is happening. Your Swami has not left you. He is within you and he is also in prashanthi. This is an assurance and with this wait for that miraculous moment. After that moment! the entire world - will be at my feet. There will be none who will not believe in this Sathyam - Sai.

You all out of your devotion want Swami to write about that miraculous time. But Swami cannot reveal that now. Swami wants my dearest children that is you all to wait and see that moment. If future is told / revealed there will be no taste in life.

All your Prema tears! Your cry from your heart!, Your nama japam that you all are doing from hridayam will not go waste.

Like how Swami rose in the previous avatar the same will occur. Remember one thing, you all are dear to me. Dear and Near than my own eye. It is my duty to fulfill your wishes. Which I will do. You will not be deserted for your Sai Ma is anatha rakshaki.

Will write to you again. Continue your prayers. Swami is very happy with the unconditional love that you give. Swami can never go away from you. Your prayers will pull Me in to this form again.

Continue your chants! Continue! My dearest dears!

With Love and Blessings,

Your Sai Ma, Your Antharyami - Hridayavasi Sai

• anatha rakshaki - The One who protects those who have no one else
• Antharyami - Indweller
• hridayam - Heart
• Hridayavasi - The One who lives in the heart
• nama japam - Repetition of God’s name
Date of Posting: 20 July 2015
Friends, I had a beautiful dream of Swami last night and wish to share it with you. Prior to my sleep I had an emotional monologue with Swami.

It was Swami's birthday in the near future (90th?) and thousands of people gathered atop a hill on Puttaparthi, for Swami's darshan. I was there as well. The interesting part was everyone knew Swami was not in a body at that moment but all were also aware (how? I don't know) that on that day Swami will give darshan in the Sathya Sai form. As we were all eagerly waiting, long away we could see an empty golden chariot (similar to the one Swami ascended in 1997) being drawn by some devotees towards the hill. Since it had to move spirally upwards to reach the top and there were trees as well, sometimes it disappeared from our view. On one such instance, once it reappeared there was Swami in it and everyone shouted with joy. But as it grew nearer the 'Swami' on the chariot removed His disguise and we found that it was a devotee of Swami who pulled a prank. We were disappointed but took it lightly since it looked more like arranged on purpose and kept our hopes on. As it grew very near to the hill top, Swami - the real Swami, was on the chariot and we were all in celebrating in ecstasy. I and my friend were talking though it was I who kept on talking (I was trying to point out something to him). A senior devotee chided us and drew Swami's attention, who came towards me. I didn't know what to do and was giving a blank look at Swami but these words came out of my mouth involuntarily, 'Swami! At last I am able to see you in real life as opposed to only dreams'. Swami put a mysterious smile and replied, 'All those dreams happened in real life only' and moved on.

That was not it, Swami also stayed in my home per my request. But after 5:00 pm His room was empty and in place an old lady stood. She said Swami in that body has to leave and has to follow certain rules. The dream ended there.
Date of Posting: 19 July 2015
Posted By: Naren
"Since the ancient times, remember that the Lord has always responded to holy and sincere prayers with His Advent."

Thought for the Day - Prasanthi Nilayam - Today - 19th July 2015

"When people need any convenience or assistance, they approach those in authority and convey their request. So also, in the internal state, when there is no possibility of achieving and acquiring devotion, charity, peace, and truth by normal people, the great and noble, who desire to achieve these, pray to the Lord within themselves. Listening to these prayers, He Himself comes into the world and showers His grace on all people. As an example, Lord Rama and Lord Krishna incarnated answering the prayers of the sages. Similarly Saint Ramakrishna prayed to Goddess Kali to incarnate and establish righteousness (dharma) that would uproot injustice and selfishness. Thus prayers should be offered again and again for the realisation of this noble purpose. No one should become desperate and give up prayers if they don’t result immediately in the advent of the Lord. Since the ancient times, remember that the Lord has always responded to holy and sincere prayers with His Advent." (Prema Vahini, Ch 70)
Date of Posting: 18 July 2015
Posted By: Joy
From Comments Section

Dream to Rev. Wayne E Farquhar......

In my dream (Michael and I) were met by an Indian man whom I felt was similar to a seva dal. He was much like an escort; that’s the only way I can describe him. We were not long off the plane (this I knew) – we were walking towards Prashanti Nilayam while listening to him explain the work being done in preparing for His return.

I looked over to my left and saw a large taped off area in keeping people out, and I asked what was the purpose for that area.

He then said ; there will soon be tons and tons of sand brought to this area so the many who come to see Him will not have to stand on hard ground, but soft sand. It would be much more comfortable for them. Of course there was more said but I can’t remember.

Like so many telling their dream experiences, I too thought this was necessary to tell.

Date of Posting: 18 July 2015
From Facebook

Sairam ..Dream to Sri Ramnath garu, Chennai on 15.7.2015 at 4.15 A.M. I was walking in busy Pondy Bazar T Nagar Chennai at about 5.00 AM in the morning some of the shops were about to open in the morning itself and I saw Swami photo on all the shops shutters and also govt bank's shutters and Radio Sai 90th birth day banners were seen The day is Swami's 90th birth day and people were telling today bank holiday govt declared holiday on account of Baba's 90th birthday dream over..sairam
Date of Posting: 15 July 2015
i had missed to write some other points. when the womans voice spoke to me, i felt that it was Gayathri Mother. This is for the first time that Swami confirmed about His return to me. im very happy.
Date of Posting: 15 July 2015
Posted By: suneesh
From Facebook

Dream to Archanaa Archanna

SAI THY KINGDOM IS COMING SOON: I had a dream on 10/07/2015 about our sai return on the earth.In my dream first my mom reading some info that is going to happen. Whatever she read on the phone takes place one by one.It follows that a big gleaming golden swan appeared on the sky.The sky became golden color.Then the golden stairs appeared one by one.After a secs our beloved bhagavan appeared on the golden swan.He wore a saffron color dress.He slowly get down from the golden stairs.Then suddenly he moves fastly and reaches the earth .Seeing this I jumped in joy.So i wake up.My dream ends.So we r soon going to see swami.-SAI THY KINGDOM IS COMING SOON.
Date of Posting: 12 July 2015
Just wokeup from a wonderful sai dream. The dream started with a saint visiting me but i didnt really remeber that part. After sometime it was like forest and then swami was visible in his orange robe but it was like the dress of a christian priest. Then some other priests , all clothed in white robe came with excitment towards swami. I ran to swami but suddenly noticed that swamis face was different. so i doubted whether it was really our swami and i was just about to leave him. Then Swami said " Ha.ha.. its me.. your swami ".then swami showed his mole on the left cheek. i realized swami and fell on his feets kissing his feets. The next sceen i was telling this dream to some people inside an old room in prasanthi nilayam. they were not interested in my story but then swami was visble in a corner. this time with his actual face. everyone was so happy. swami said " yes i have returned". i went to the nearby ladies room to see whether swami was there too. door was partially closed. so i stood outside and asked " swami.. are you in the form of lady?" . Reply came "No.but i dont have a thali (ceremonial thread for marriage) now. it was a ladies voice though. i said i will get one. checked time in my watch and it was 3.40 am. i was trying to get some one from puttaprthi to open any shop to buy a thali. dream ended.
Date of Posting: 10 July 2015
Posted By: Suneesh
Sairam all,

Last night, I had a beautiful dream of Baba and would like to share the joy with others. (Prior to the dream I was thinking about His return).

I was in a place strangely familiar. There was a gathering in the outdoor. It was more of a celebration, in which thousands of Sai devotees participated. Swami had went on a car procession on a specific route. It was decorated beautifully. I was not there to witness it and had apparently reached late. I was not surprised though, fully knowing who I was. I knew there were people who deserved it and therefore experienced it. I didn't have anything to complain, yet there was a feeling of emptiness in me. The pathway of the procession was filled with flowers the devotees showered Bhagawan with as He toured. I was the only one there and was imagining the scene as it would have happened when I suddenly saw Swami appearing right next to me. He walked slowly, on the same route. Since there was nobody else I was rather stunned and had no clue what's going on. Swami looked at me in the eyes and asked, 'What sir? What do you want?'

Words failed me and I began to cry. The only thing I could do was to walk slowly with a bent back and folded hands behind him, tearfully. Swami didn't say anything. After a few feet, He stopped and turned around and I genuflected. Looking into my eyes, Swami gently bent and grabbed a handful of flowers from the ground and showered them on my head. I didn't see Him anymore. Wiping my tears, I collected those flowers and went to a large hall nearby where all devotees have gathered for bhajans. I started offering the flowers to some people there but they didn't seem to be interested, until I said they were gifted by Swami. The dream ended there.

This dream has a special connection with my real life. A few months back I wanted to try gardening but was careful to begin with just one plant. I bought an yellow Kalanchoe and named her, 'Geetha', since to me she was a gift from God. I had apparently watered her excessively and it began to die slowly everyday. But I was determined not to desert her no matter what so was carefully monitoring her everyday, changing lighting, and positions as required. She finally came back to life. When I could see the first bud almost after a month, I told Swami I will bring her flowers to the local Sai center, keep them at His feet, and then give them to someone. It never manifested due to my forgetfulness and inability to visit the center regularly in recent times for certain reasons. They were the same ones Swami showered on my head!

Last night's experience gave me a new ray of hope in all aspects of life. I believe we are all in for better times very soon.

Date of Posting: 07 July 2015
Posted By: Naren
How little we know about the Divine and the Divine communications with His Devotees.

Read an inspirational story from Radio Sai about Sathya Sai, Sai Geetha and Pedda Reddy…..
"I have no regrets. I have achieved my target. When Shiva Himself was here in human form I saw Him, I served Him and I served His greatest devotee."

“In fact while tending to her one night, about four days before she passed away on May 22, 2007, she actually confided in me that she did not want to live any longer...”

“She spoke to me in Telugu,”

“Yes,” he said, “Actually no one knows this. In fact even I was startled when this happened to me for the first time sometime in 2002-03. One night after I finished her work and was about to leave, I heard a voice calling out to me in Telugu. It was soft, serene, warm and welcoming. I wondered who was calling me and looked around but there was no one. When the call was repeated, I paid attention towards the direction of its source and can you imagine what I saw? It was not Sai Geetha anymore. Instead, where she stood, I saw a resplendent halo of bright light. It was this light that began to speak to me. Since that day, I have had many conversations with this Bright Light, generally during the nights.

“Actually when Swami had His first fracture in 2003, I asked her if Swami would walk again and she clearly said, ‘No, He is never going to walk normally. Swami has decided to slowly conclude His earthly sojourn’. And then, she stated something that completely shook me. She said, 'I too do not want to live long. I cannot stay here if He is not here.’
“Of course I did not share this with anyone then for obvious reasons. Same thing happened on May 18, 2007. That night she spoke her last words to me. With piercing sadness she said, ‘Swami is not going to be here for long. I am going... I just cannot live to see the day when He is not here anymore. I cannot bear it. I have to go. I am going.’
Date of Posting: 01 July 2015
Posted By: Joy
Swami's Sankalpa is vajra Sankalpa

* 70% of Mission will happen now; only 30% of the task was done.

* Four Ashrams will come up in Italy, Croatia, Malaysia and USA.

* Significant work will be done in rural development.

* Swami appreciated Tustin Book Center and their wonderful collection of titles. He recalled His written authority given to Cowans to start this center.

* Follow My foot prints- left foot print SELFLESS LOVE and right footprint SELFLESS SERVICE.

___________Excerpts collected from His interactions with devotees of Canada and USA.
Date of Posting: 01 July 2015
Posted By: Gouri Amma
Oh, and by the way when I said I got an answer to my question, this is what I think Swami told me, "Wait and watch!"
Date of Posting: 30 June 2015
Posted By: Naren









Sai Dev
Date of Posting: 30 June 2015
Posted By: Sai Dev
From Sister Sophia Sai's Vision...

...I asked Him with great awe and wonder, “Swami,  are You back?”

Swami said, “Yes! Touch me and feel, NOW I AM NO MORE IN THE LIGHT BODY, I am here in Prasanthi Nilayam, in flesh and blood. See! Your Swami did not differ and appeared according to the dates given.”
Date of Posting: 29 June 2015
Posted By: Latha Sairam
Sairam all,

For the past few days I've been reading about the (claimed) subtle form appearance of Baba at Muddenahalli, the reactions of the world, Prashanthi Nilayam, talks by senior devotees for or against the same. My intention was to get more information only (regardless of whether it was corroborating or incriminating) and not to take sides in this matter. But last night I was probably overwhelmed with everything and so asked Swami, 'What do you have to say on this? Can you give me an answer?', and dozed off.

I had a dream right away. I was believing in Swami's return but not many were enthusiastic about the idea. I was sure Swami would not disappoint but give a hint soon. Then one night I saw the gray patch on the moon slightly changing over the days. I started telling everyone that it was Swami Himself. But the idea wasn't much welcome until, as the days passed and the moon's waxing increased, the lower part of the moon turned bright orange. Since there was coloring on the moon for the first time ever, people became curious. One fine night (it was almost a full moon I guess), people realized it was indeed Swami smiling with a raised palm (abhayahastha), and were struck with amazement. I was very happy and wanted to inform bro. Sreejith (since I share my experiences with him and also it can be disseminated better by him via his website). I was just about to take a picture of Swami when the dream ended (it looked more like a deliberate play of Swami to shatter the dream at that point for some mysterious reason).

Well, I think I got an answer to my question :)
Date of Posting: 26 June 2015
Posted By: Naren
From Saikingdom facebook posted by brother Aravind Jayaraman

Sairam to all,

My Mother had a dream on 11-06-2015

Please see the below information :

Had a dream on early morning between 4am to 4.30am, on 11-06-2015, I was standing outside suddenly clouds change to dark, from that clouds one person come down he seems to be a Dwarabalagar I asked him when swami is coming, we are all waiting for swami,

i asked again and again, for that he replied "swami will come soon."

Had a similar dream On 20-01-2015 also.
Date of Posting: 22 June 2015
“Why don’t You show Yourself to all?” The Prasanthi Reporter, 19.6.15

Is it so easy to manifest HIM, our Chosen Lord, in front of us in physical? …For Maladasa, an innocent cowherd, it was…as his unflinching faith coupled with persistent yearning won him His physical darshan…a story from the Mahabharata times as recounted by Bhagawan Himself…

There was a cowherd called Maladasa who was determined to see the Lord, as He was described in the sacred texts he had heard expounded in the village temple by a pandit. So he prayed fervently to the “black Lord riding on the white bird” all the time his cows were pasturing in the fields.

Eleven days passed; but, there was no sign of the “black Lord riding the white bird,” He had forgotten to take food and drink during all those days and so, had become weak, too weak to walk or talk. At last, the Lord melted at his entreaties and presented Himself before him as an old Brahmin; but the Brahmin was not riding a white bird, nor was he black, beautifully black, as the pandit had described. So, he asked the Brahmin to come the next day at seven in the morning, so that he may bring the pandit and verify whether He was the Lord Himself.

The pandit laughed at the whole affair and refused to take part in it, but Maladasa was so importunate that he agreed. The entire village turned out on the river bank the next day, long before seven o’clock. The Brahmin was there, exactly as he had promised and Maladasa showed Him to all. But, they could not see him!

They began to laugh at the cowherd’s antics and threatened him with a severe beating for bringing them along as butts for his joke. Maladasa could see the Brahmin clearly but no one else could. At last, he got so enraged that he walked up to the old Brahmin and gave him a whacking blow on the cheek, saying, “Why don’t you show yourself to all?”

That blow changed the entire scene. Krishna appeared in resplendent robes, smiling face, captivating form and the white bird. As the astounded villagers were recovering from the amazement, the Vimana (heavenly chariot), floated down from the sky and Krishna asked Maladasa to sit inside it. Then, with the Lord by his side Maladasa rose up and soon was out of sight.

II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II
Date of Posting: 18 June 2015
Posted By: Joy
Connie Shaw's* recent dream:

[...] A Sai dream of the night before flickered in my memory. In the dream, Baba had said to me and a group of women working on a Sai project, "Very soon I'm going to be doing some exciting things. Are you going to be ready to drop everything, pretty soon, when I say,One-two-three,ready-set-go, come where Iam?" Without missing a beat, we all said, in unison, "Of course,Swami! There's only You!"

"Good!" He said. "Pretty soon, you'll all be able to see Me!" [...]

*Ms.Connie Shaw has served Sathya Sai Baba for 34 years and has fulfilled many roles and capacities in the U.S.Sai Organization.She has traveled in 60 countries and is the author of several books. Ms. Shaw has given over 2,000 talks on the Love, Power and Divinity of the Avatar both in person and in 130 venues on Skype,on five continents. Of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba she says, "He is my life and I live to love and to obey Him. He is the Only Doer."
Date of Posting: 12 June 2015
Posted By: bujji & pandu
Sai Thy Kingdom Come !
Come May it Soon !
Date of Posting: 10 June 2015
Love All Serve All
Help Ever Hurt Never - Baba
Date of Posting: 10 June 2015
Date of Posting: 28 May 2015
nalgonda district ,TELANGANA state ,India
Om SaiRam! Aana he Padega, Swami! WE are eagerly waiting for you!
Date of Posting: 27 May 2015
Posted By: Devi Ganesh
Please read chapter six and seven of Sai Thy Kingdom come!,& dreams and visions of devotees posted here around 89th B'Day & Dec 2014 and then read the following.

It is time for a great change, when one yuga is leading to another and lots of changes must happen. Only those who become dear to God will continue others must go.Even the wives of Lord Krishna who were nearest to Him could not survive whereas the Pandavas who were dearest survived. Become Dear!
- from Swami's discourse in Kodai today.

"God's actions can be described as leelas.No one can determine the nature of such leelas. It is also not possible to understand them.Only after the event has taken place, can one realize it's significance.Because such leelas are genarally covered by Maya."
-Swami in S.showers, 1978.

We eagerly await His Divine visit and message which causes our collective transformation for the new age.
Date of Posting: 20 May 2015
Posted By: Sukhdeva Goswamy Br & Paani Rn.
Your book is magical and exciting. Reading your book has filled my heart with immense happiness. Now just waiting for the most beautiful and unimaginable event of our lives. Sairam :)
Date of Posting: 12 May 2015
Posted By: Paavana
Our faith and conviction in Baba's glorious reappearance including His simultaneous physical darshan to all, younger looking form on reappearance, and other details were confirmed and shared by Connie Shaw- Baba's ardent devotee and a wonderful instrument in His Divine Mission for over four decades.

Details can be seen at

or at numerous other places.

Connie is familiar to devotees all over the world through Mrs & Mr Ted's interviews on Souljourns, her wonderful books, and her talks throughout the world.

The time is crucial as narrated by number of devotees on this site basing on their visions and insights. Many wonders will occur before the turning point in the Avataric Mission i.e. NOV.2015

Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram Om Sai Ram
Date of Posting: 12 May 2015
Posted By: C.Chakra
Sairam! I am happy to read the post from Saidev, London! Yes, Swami prepares everybody to get ready for the world shaking event of His reappearance in Public! Thanks STKC for sharing. Thanks to Saidev! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Date of Posting: 03 May 2015
Thank You Brother Saidev for putting below the Dream Post. Based on the following Dream, I believe There is a chance Swami will show his darshan today, Full moon day in the month of Chitra (chitra Pournami) May 3 ,2015 up to May 4, 9.30 am! In those days Swami used to perform Many miracles on Chitra Pournami Days. Swami likes this Day of Chitra Pournami (Full moon day in this month of Chitra) and he used to serve food to devotees in the Moon Light of this month on this day (Chitra Pournami)

(Full moon Timings in India Starts from May 3, 8.30 A.M Up to May 4, 9.28 A.m)

This date may vary 1 day in other Countries, Since full moon day Varies in different Countries !

From Sri Vasantha Sai Nadi Reading –

“….On the day of Full moon the Lord will give himself a Vision of Himself in Present Form. This will be his true vision of his real body. It will be seen by many who will be wonder with Wonder and amazement…….Lord Siva tells now that, a vision will be seen not only in india but all over the world. It will be the Same form, But in different places. Many people will be filled with wonder and claim to see him here and there. In fact he will be seen in different places in the Same time by many peoples.”

Who Knows !!!!! as based on the following Dream, Swami may even Give his Public Darshan To all From the Moon itself !!!!!!!! (Full moon day is Today, May 3, 8.30 A.M Up to May 4, 9.30 A.m).

Swami has already Said that the Moon Darshan is Postponed some years ago, and There is a chance this event may even Occur on above said timings ! (and may vary in other Countries based on their Countries Full Moon Timings)
Date of Posting: 03 May 2015


SWAMI HIMSELF HAS ASKED TO TELL EVERYONE HE WILL COME SOON daughter too had a vision this evening before going to the Sundaram bhajans.
all were sitting at the bhajan hall when she suddenly saw Swami on the first floor where Swami's room is located.He then smiled at her and asked her to call me.i was sitting outside the hall.i too see Swami and then she calls everyone near her to see Swami and everyone can see Him.then she is called upstairs and she immdtly runs up..though some volunteers try to stop her one person who comes from inside the room before Swami's room understands and lets her go.She comes back after sometime fully covered in vibhoothi and also having a handful of vibhoothi.she then,in a state if bliss says that Swami asked her to tell everyone to start the preparations as He would give a public appearance in two days.And also to distribute the vibhoothi in her hand to everyone present there.And then my daughter faints right there.She tells me this and i read this update too. He has His own plans!
Date of Posting: 03 May 2015
Posted By: Sai Dav
Sairam! What the events are foretelling? The devastating earthquake that killed more than 5000 in Nepal, The big landslides in Afganishtan, Pakistan and Brazil, The torrential rains and storms in Bihar, J&K and many parts of Himalayan regions. The chariot has started moving towards resurrection of Dharma in the globe. The many atrocities in many regions of the world continues unabated. Yes, all these requires the Presence of Supreme Controller of Events in the Cosmos. Await with bated breath, the unfolding of Golden Age. Swami wants every change long lasting and hence his plan to be here on earth for another seven years or so. Yes, it requires enormous Force and Glory to contain the evil everywhere, nay in every one. Rare are the pure in spirits. Every one is a mixture of all attributes which is natural. In today's "Thought for the day", Swami exhorts one and all to be in constant communion with the Divine by incessant chanting. Then we need not worry about any thing! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Date of Posting: 28 April 2015
On 24 th April, the date that singed the calendar in 2011, it was balm on the soul to read V B S Rajput's dream.... especially loved the bits about Swami smiling at the Samadhi, no decorations on it, and Swami sauntering to the chair near the Samadhi, to sit...Poetic justice...
Date of Posting: 24 April 2015
Posted By: paraeighteen
Today morning, I have a wonderful dream. In open ground many peoples are talking about reappearance of Bhagwan through Sky route & also watching on the sky. There are 9/10 Aeroplanes (like fighter planes) on the sky to Welcome Bhagwan. Very next movement , I am in the Sai Kulwant Hall , Puttaparthi where thousands of devotees are cheered to Bhagwan loudly on his reappearance and chanting' Bhagwan Sri Sathya sai baba ki Jai". Bhagwan is entering in Sai Kulwant hall from his residence alone.He blessed all devotees with raising both hands many times till he reach near samadhi. He smiled to see samadhi. There is no decoration on samadhi. Bhagwan sit on the chair near samadhi. There is no sevadal, staff members, no vip , no restriction between Bhagwan & devotees. I am having Camera & busy to take photographs of Bhagwan.
Date of Posting: 23 April 2015
Posted By: V.B.S. Rajput
Jabalpur(M.P) India
Today is the 23rd. Tomorrow is the anniversary of his death. Four years, now. I await important stuff happening soon, due to this date.
Date of Posting: 23 April 2015
Posted By: Freestone wilson
Tallahassee, florida
In my mail box just now:


You see Me in visions.
You see Me in dreams.
I stand before you in your waking state (vision),
And prove My omnipresence to you.
I come into your dreams,
To wake you from your deep slumber,
And to grant you the dreams of Me.
In your dreams,
I make them a reality,
You think of My appearance
As a mere dream.
You again tie yourself
With the ropes of Maya,
And stand before Me, confused and full of doubts.
Do not doubt My darshans.
Do not deprive yourself of Me constantly.
I have given you My word,
To be your Mother for all your births.
My word is never untrue,
And My Darshan is not a dream!
You pray, He wills, I come!

From: Sai Darshan by Seema Dewan

April 22
Date of Posting: 21 April 2015
Posted By: LRao
Swami says...
"When I appear in a dream, it is to communicate something to the individual. It is not a mere dream as is generally known. Do not think that these incidents you experienced in your dream are stretches of your imagination. I was giving answers thereby to all your doubts." -BABA

Here, I must tell you one thing. Which dreams are real? Dreams relating to God are real.You see Me in the dream, I allow you to do Namaskaram, I bless you, I grant Grace ... That is true; that is due to My Will and your Sadhana. If the Lord or your guru appears in a dream, it must be the results of Sankalpa, not due to any of the other reasons which cause dreams. It can never happen as a result of your wish. (SSS5, Chap.35)
Date of Posting: 18 April 2015
Posted By: Latha Sairam
Sairam Sita,

4 or 5 days ago, I had a darshan from mother Sarada Devi (Wife of Bhagvan Sri Rama Krishna) and she was in the form of mother Sri Vasantha Sai. I was holding her hand, calling her mother and crying my heart out for doubting her. I was very suspicious about the truth of mother Vasantha sai and finally she come to show that she is the incarnation of divine mother. Now I believe Swami will come on a 23rd itself. Now that 23rd might be either from a month in Georgian calender or from Tamil calender. Many old people in India still uses their traditional calender.

1st January was a Thursday, in which Swami rejoined with his physical form. But Swami had said to many devotees that he will come on a Friday. So that must be about his public reappearance. Once swami asked me "Don't you want me to come and save you". I replied "yes". Swami said "Friday" (means he will come on Friday). I was not happy because I don't have enough patience to wait. So Swami Said "Monday is not a good day" and then said "Tuesday" (means he will come on Tuesday). This message is of course personal but here too swami mentioned about Friday.

A Friday with date 23rd is on 2015 October 9th (a Tamil month with day 23 is on Oct 9th) and 2015 October 23rd is a Friday. Even though both these dates are not Swami's birth star, there is a chance of course. But why you said 27/9 ? any specific reasons ?

About earth trembling. If worst things must happen before swami's reappearance then the next Monday is perfect for it :) 20th April 2015 is a Monday. Vasantha sai amma was given the information that something will happen on 20th and the whole world will come to know about it. And from a darshan quoted above, Swami had informed me that "Monday is not a good day" ! By the way 20th Monday is the last day of Chaitra month.

Sairam Srinavas,

To me, the question about whether swami will live till 96, is invalid now. Swami is already on his physical form and one or two of STKC members are already blessed with the most awaited darshan. We are now waiting for his public darshan only. This could be tricky though. Swami will fulfill his promise about his life span but I don't know whether swami promised any immediate date about his public darshan. He can extend it as long as he wish for he has not given any word on it. Only Naadi readings says he will appear after 3 months.

I know its difficult to believe about Swami's return until he appear in public because we still miss Swami a lot. But I'm sure he is now in physical form, playing hide and seek inside Prasanthi Nilayam ..LOL..

Anyways no one knows the moment of Swami's darshan. Until then it's all calculations and hope .. :)

Sairam :)
Date of Posting: 17 April 2015
Posted By: Suneesh
This link contains one of His Statements about His Life : " If I want I can live till 96, otherwise I can leave the body now itself." - Baba.
Date of Posting: 17 April 2015
Posted By: Srinivas Kumar
In dreams to some devotees Swami has shown that the earth will tremble before his coming. See older posts. As long as that will not happen he will not reappear.
I have a date 27-9.
Date of Posting: 16 April 2015
Posted By: Sita
The Hague
I'm hopeful about April 23rd midnight. If the reappearance event starts with April 23rd 11:59 Pm and extends into April 24th 00:01 AM, then I feel like some of the statements about his return will be fulfilled. The event might be longer considering its importance. so there is more possibility for the prophecies to be fulfilled.

1) Swami will come on 23rd, according to Sri Vasantha Sai amma's vision.
2) Swami will come on a friday, based on some devotees vision. April 24th is a Friday
3) Swami will appear on his birthday (or birth star) according to one Naadi, I hope. It is Thiruvathira Star after some early hours in April 23rd and ends on April 24th Sunrise or so.
4) This is Chaitra month which Swami mentioned to me. Swami had given an exact date, but all I could remember was this month. But another fact is, he didn't mentioned anything about his reappearance. It was just a date.
5) Swami will appear to public after 3 months from the day of his rejoining with the body, according to some Naadi. Swami already returned to his physical form on 2014 December 31st or January 1st 2015. This is the fourth month.
6) April 24th is Samadhi day. I'm not sure whether any Naadi mentioned about Samadhi day but still there will be big enough public to witness swami's reappearance, if it happens.

Swami.. please..please..please return to us.
Date of Posting: 16 April 2015
Posted By: Suneesh

We will wait for You till the end of time, and if You don't come even then, we will wait a bit more- but we will not give up nor rest, till we behold the Beloved Face of our Lord again....Amen.

With Love
Para 18
Date of Posting: 05 April 2015
Posted By: Paraeighteen
The post by brother devotee Shri Karthikeyan on 3rd April confirm my hunch. It is about to start. Even to my family and friends, I caution them not to move out during this period. Many in the family are thinking that I am unnecessarily concerned. But Baba's ominous warning confirm my fear. It would be better if devotees in this forum avoid travel and confine to your home unless there is a great emergency! Baba will protect us yet we have to be cautious and not to take risk! Thank you Shri Karthikeyan!
Date of Posting: 05 April 2015
Thanjavur at present
Reference From SaiKindom Facebook Page

Vision To Sister Apurva

Loving Sairam to dear brother Sreejith and entire STKC, this morning (April 3 2014) I had a very small but significant vision by our dear beloved Swami. I thought it was meant for me alone initially, but then felt a divine urge to share it !!! Here it is: "In the vision i woke up suddenly and saw a silhouette. I sat down on the bed... looking up to the shadow..there i saw swami...he was talking to me like a shadow...he was in his fifty or so age.. his face was clear..but his rest of the body was like shadow...rather dark. Then he raised his index finger of his right hand and said (waving the finger to me ) Don't go no no danger is lurking ! Then i saw dark clouds in the sky... they were black lions forming in the clouds! I was staring at swami and told him that i will not venture out. And then, as he was still standing, looking at his face and dark shadow body i fell back on to the bed. " Take care and stay safe my dear selves / devotees! Hope every one is aware of Lunar eclipse today. Jai Sai Ram!! Apurva
Date of Posting: 03 April 2015

Early this morning I had a very beautiful dream of Swami. It was night. The sky was full of stars and there was a celestial body moving at a fast rate, observable by earthlings. It was understood that this body will merely move very close but will not collide with any planet. The whole world was stargazing. The moving body ended up colliding with a planet. The people were stunned but the most miraculous thing was yet to occur. All the stars in the sky started moving around forming some kind of a design and vanished. The whole sky showed the face of a, now familiar only to a few million people, man with a halo hair and orange robe. Yes! Sathya Sai Baba took up the entire sky... Swami looked upon earthlings with a compassionate look. From then on it was Swami, Swami everywhere. Swami directed people to be loving towards each other and guided them on many things. Those who knew Baba explained to others whatever they knew about Him. I hope when the day arrives, you all get His darshan and be liberated.

God bless you all!

Date of Posting: 25 March 2015
Posted By: Naren
This morning I dreamt that Baba's face was printed on all Indian Rupee notes. The one I saw had two depictions on the front of the note, and one on the back. It was a small denomination, like 1 rupee, but all of the other denominations had Baba's face on them as well.
Date of Posting: 24 March 2015
Posted By: Satrughna
the Netherlands
I would like to share a two-part talk given over two decades ago by Brother Michael McCarty. For those who have not listened to this before, on one level these talks are quite entertaining and unique- a "breath of fresh air." On another level, the accounts are poignant. It is wonderful to consider how each of us brings apparently remarkably different experiences and functions while contributing in the macroscopic scale to a grand divine plan!
Date of Posting: 20 March 2015
Posted By: Rama
"My desire---if I can put it in so many words---is this: More and more should yearn for Me. The desire could be realised only if I assume this Form and come among you.

Those among you who have been following the unfolding of My story will have discovered this by now; though even to the best of you only a fraction of the mystery is revealed. You are like a Thelugu audience sitting through a Thamil picture, or vice versa. The nuances, the subtler significances, the deeper meanings are all beyond the grasp. My language, My role, My career, My purpose can be understood in a general way only by sitting through the entire film, watching earnestly and vigilantly and trying to get at the meaning of every word and act with patient attention."
Mahaa Shivaraathri, 4-3-1962

Or, as Swami directed Sreejith, "Just Keep Quiet and Watch the Show!"
Date of Posting: 20 March 2015
Posted By: Joy
Om Sai Ram sisters and brothers I came across of an interesting documentary on you tube entitle. Our history is not what we think!
Would everything that's happening right now as sai aspirant it's very, very interesting.
Jay Sai Ram
Date of Posting: 16 March 2015
Posted By: Rajen Naicker
South Africa
That day is approaching faster:

Let us observe a deeksha of,say, 40 days starting from today.
The grand event may come even before.
So many happenings are hinting at this.

Jai Sai Ram
Date of Posting: 13 March 2015
Posted By: Vinayak
Today, while doing bhajan in the home, I came across the Bhajan, "Prabhu Vega Rava, Premaswarupa" which mean- Oh! Lord, Come quickly! Though I had sung this song several times, only today I got the apt meaning calling the Lord to come quickly! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Date of Posting: 12 March 2015
Dear Sai Ram Gloriosa superba, Holy Basil.
Can you please tell me your analysis.
pc nayak
Date of Posting: 09 March 2015
Posted By: P C NAYAK
As a frequent visitor to this famous Shrine I fully endorse the views expressed by para18.Thank you STKC for linking up the devotees from various corners of the world. please read the beautiful letter by Sai Keshav. Sai Keshav-open letter to all, facebook.

Jai Sai Ram
Date of Posting: 07 March 2015
Posted By: Amos Kr

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