A crucial clue



A crucial clue - Awaiting His physical presence on the 90th Birthday!!!

The Divine Statement (on the occasion of the Avatar's 79th Birthday - November 23, 2004):

(transcript) "Embodiments of Love, Today is Bhagawan's Birthday. As the body is born...and the body is 79 years old. 

Does Bhagawan look like a 79 year old? No!

Not only now, let that be 80th birthday or 90th birthday, Bhagawan will remain like this.

Bhagawan will never submit Himself in the hands of anybody!"


...Now we eagerly await the 90th!!!



Joy2015-11-01 00:48#
"It was declared that Raama was born of the paayasam which was brought by the deity from out of the sacrificial fire. No Avathaar is born flesh and blood, including this Avathaar. The body of the Avathaar is chith (awarenessful) substance; it is not jada (inert) like other materials. The embryo of ordinary mortals is jalodhakashaayi (enveloped in watery stuff) ; the embryo of the Avathaar is encased in Ksheerodakashaayi (the pure white milk of holiness). That is why in the make-up of the Avathaar, there is no blemish, there is no trace of Guna."
Prasanthi Nilayam, 1963-02-04


"THIS is not Swaami's illness; this is an illness which Swaami has taken on, in order to save some one. Swaami has no illness, nor will He get ill at any time. You must all be happy; that alone will make Swaami happy. If you grieve, Swaami will not be happy. Your joy is Swaami's food."
Gurupurnami Day, 1963-07-06
KARTHIKEYAN2015-11-01 11:21#
Yes. We Will Wait Patiently. Thank You. Sairam
Apurva2015-11-01 16:59#
Absolutely!!! Awaiting with sincere love THE PUBLIC APPEARANCE OF OUR BELOVED SWAMI!!! The GOLDEN AGE AND THE GOLDEN REIGN!!! SWAMI .................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW YOU ARE HEARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
radha2015-11-02 09:13#
Sairam !!! quite true... Swami, we are waiting with bated breath... Love You......
suneesh2015-11-03 13:35#
Lol but Swami will look much younger. When He said to me, "Yes I have returned", He was very young like in His 30s or 40s.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-11-19 16:43#
My Word will never fail! -Baba
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-11-20 13:21#
Today is "20th" November 2015, "Friday"


Source: www.saikingdom.com/articles/all-articles/603-a-vision-in-the-sky

Sri Vasantha Sai's Vision:

On 15th October, 2013, Yamadharma Raja told Sree Vasantha Amma during her morning meditation, this - "AN EVENT WILL HAPPEN ON THE 20th AND ALL THE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD WILL KNOW. Swami will come on the 23rd (3 days later)". He did not mention which 23rd.

Source: www.saikingdom.com/devotees/dreams/679-the-significance-of-pradosham

“Swami, When will you be visible to all?”
Swami said, “I will come on a Friday!”

Source: www.saikingdom.com/devotees/dreams/678-dreams-of-sai-rupesh

O Dear Lord Sathya Sai, Thy Kingdom Come...
...Come May It Soon!
niirmal2016-04-11 18:40#
Swami will surely come.He has to give proof to the world that Amma is His Shakthi.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2016-05-28 08:04#
"Not only now, let that be 80th birthday or 90th birthday, Bhagawan will remain like this."

I believe Swami will reappear before His Birthday- 23rd November 2016.
Swami♡.... We are waiting for You. Please 'Will' Thy Magnificent Kingdom to come soon.

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