Why I believe in Swami's Return - By Ben T

Ben T

Why is Baba's return important and inevitable? In India alone there are still quite a lot of people who have hardly heard of Baba let alone the entire world.  Even quite a number of His devotees and followers' faith were badly shaken by His premature departure from this earth.  How can the critics, skeptics  non believers, scientists, intellectuals, world and religious leaders be convinced that Baba is God in human form?

There are two very important factors one has to remember. The unity of all faiths for one, and the other, He proclaimed that His miracle to come would  by far be greater than Krishna lifting the hill to protect the gopikas from the storm.  And whatever Baba had said would not fail to take place.  Baba did ask His devotees and followers to be patient and have FAITH.

Unless a miracle comes to pass, that is His return, together with a miracle so profound, mind boggling, incomprehensible, inconceivable and beyond all logic and reasons even the scientists, intellectuals, world and religious leaders, etc are totally at a loss to provide an answer, that they have no choice other than to acknowledge and succumb to the fact that GOD alone could bring about such an event, nothing else can shake the world's consciousness to the core.

When such an eventuality takes place, everyone will believe and accept Baba is GOD and this will lead to the beginning of a new world order. The media of the world would focus on Bhagawan's Organisation, His education system, free medical help, the fantastic Seva of selfless services in different parts of the world and above all His teachings Love, Truth, Peace and Non Violence.

Unless a miracle is to happen in such a grand scale, how is the entire world going to know of the Avatar, Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba, our Lord God???


M GOPINATH2017-01-09 08:39#
you said it Mr.Ben.I bow before you.

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