I am coming back! Get ready to welcome me!

Sai devotee (who wishes to stay anonymous) shares her experiences and the beautiful dreams that have convinced her, Swami is indeed coming back!

May 15, 2012

I just finished reading your book and I thank Swami from the bottom of my heart for making you write this.

Yes! there is no doubt that our Swami will resurrect amidst us – I have been getting divine dreams about Swami’s resurrection from 27th April 2011. Also prior to Swami passing away, in March 2011 I had got twi dreams of Swami leaving His body.

I get dreams of Swami resurrecting in a young body extremely, extremely, divinely handsome –  I get dreams of massive floods and Swami standing in the middle smiling as if nothing has happened – all the world is running to His feet – Swami peacefully smiling as if Mother has come back to take Her children along. I get dreams of Swami walking alone reaching out to each one of us and wiping our tears, hugging us, comforting us. Yesterday during Brahmamuhurtam I got a dream when I saw Swami had resurrected and was doing Vibhuti Abhishekam to Shirdi Baba like He used to do in His earlier days!

During meditation I get visions of Swami telling me , “I am coming back!” , “Get ready to welcome me!” and I have come across devotees who get same dreams and visions….heart is feeling so light after reading this book… I am so happy to read this book – you have so systematically collated all these information – simply mind blowing! 

Now I would like to share two more dreams of mine, one that I got a few months before Swami left His body and one six months after He left His body: 

First one - few months before Swami left His body I got a dream in which Swami was walking amidst us - it was my turn for padanamaskar, when Swami suddenly turned like Rudra Deva - His eyes became red with anger and He was spitting, panting and puffing with anger – I was near His feet so He looked at me very angrily and shouted, “DON’T TOUCH ME!”…I fell apart - just with His looks we were all thrown helter skelter - Swami made noises like a mad lion - it was a beautiful garden like place which had a very small iron room with only one door – then Swami closed Himself in that room - we all wept madly and pleaded Him to come out but Swami didn’t open the door. The elderly ladies present there started singing Gopala bhajans near a tulasi plant there in the garden, pouring all their devotion in the bhajans, crying and singing, we all joined in....I woke up feeling miserable thinking that Swami was angry with me that’s why I didn’t get padanamaskara….I went to Parthi got Swami’s Darshan, felt pacified and came back, still wondering the meaning of that dream.

Then a few months back again, maybe six months after the Mahasamadhi, I got the continuation of the same dream - where all of us had fallen asleep while still waiting for Swami to open the door and come out - I woke up (in my dream) and saw that the door of the iron room opened and a beautiful young Swami glided out, He was wearing yellow silk robes - I was very scared to look at Him - but He came and spoke to me very lovingly and said , "I have work to do - I will come back soon! Don’t you all cry so much!" He showered a lot of love on me looked at all the sleeping people around - it was a full moon night and Swami again went back to the room and closed the door....

After reading your book all these dreams are coming back to me and I am trying to understand the connection – the divine messages that Swami has been trying to give through these divine dreams! 

Many times in my meditation Swami with tears in His eyes has told me to console, comfort and wipe tears of as many grieving people around as possible and tell them that He has work to do now and that He will return very soon!


Nupur2014-09-02 21:37#
Thank you for sharing this... Makes the determination, yearning and patience stronger.

Commented in STKC blog on May 17, 2012 at 11:43 AM

Unknown2014-09-02 21:38#
This is simply amazing.. thank you.. :)

Commented in STKC blog on May 18, 2012 at 1:21 AM

Lrao2014-09-02 21:38#
We thank the devotee for sharing her dreams. She also talks about 'massive floods' in her dream and Swami standing amidst the flood. Interesting..since one of the nadis and the Nostradamus prophecy also mentioned water and wind and rain (p. 36-37 of the book)! I was telling myself that if there was ONE time we could wish for floods and rain and winds and storms, this could be it :) so that we see our beloved Swami again :).

Commented in STKC blog on May 18, 2012 at 2:51 AM

GVR PHANEENDRA KUMAR2014-09-02 21:38#
thank you for sharing this valuable information . It was during swami's stay in hospital in march when many devotees were praying for HIS early come back to yajur mandir in perfect health , i got several dreams on a similar note of swami's resurrection . It was very peculiar one where swami while giving darshan came towards vedam block, and sudenly to our utter dismay HIS entire body blasted off like a fire cracker but there was no blood scene at all . A perfect "CONFETTI". Everybody was aghast , a quiet silence prevailed for few seconds,followed with loud cry all over for few minutes . Unbearable sight to be in .But after sometime , A small boy came inside mandhir from gopuram gate and started proclaiming himself to be the same SWAMI in a different BODY . that boy came on stage and sat in SWAMI's chair which is not acceptable to any one of our devotees but wonder is nobody could dare to question him. After few minutes of persistance that he is the same swami. that small boy went inside the interview room .nobody is believing him . BUT AFTER FEW SECONDS THIS SAME SMALL BOY CAME OUT IN THE BEAUTIFUL BODY OF OUR OWN SWAMI. SWAMI IMMEDIATELY WENT IN CAR TO HIS YAJUR MANDIR VERY SERIOUSLY. THANK YOU SAIRAM

Commented in STKC blog on May 23, 2012 at 10:47 AM

dvs prasad
dvs prasad2014-09-02 21:39#
dear Lucky one, Swamy coming in the dreams is trustful faith we have on Him. why we cannot dream about any of our family members? because, the love & trust on Swamy is different. also, we have to spread the Message of His so, we do get dreams on Swamy. any way, please start spreading the news that He is coming on this planet in a different shape. hence, love all. it is certainly has to happen. i strongly believe that He is coming to assist us to lead a loveable life. my pranamas to you and to Him through this forum.
dvs prasad, Hyderabad, India

Commented in STKC blog on May 31, 2012 at 9:01 PM

Anonymous2014-09-02 21:40#
As I write this in August 2012 we are having rains pouring after a long dry failed monsoon in the Nilgiris mountains where Swami spent much time with tribals during His younger days and recently Sai centre enaugerated here has been christened as SAI KAILASH. Recently I dreamt in early morning that I am sitting in Darshan and Swami comes with more imposing body with looks which are stern like Rudra......His whole body is ashen......His looks and complexion are the same which I witnessed in person in Ooty and in Mandir. Swami said in a discourse in Kodaikanal when I was present there as Sewa Dal that Tamil Nadu is Deva Nadu and Nilgiris is the Kailash Mansarover of the south India. It is also reported that He once addressed the badaga tribe of the Nilgiris as being the Gopikas when He came as Krishna.....

Commented in STKC blog on August 16, 2012 at 12:32 AM

Anonymous2014-09-02 21:42#
Swami is everywhere though he left his physical form. He never stop to grace his dear devotees. As he said once that "my words never fail" that is why so as to console,convince and to wipes the tear of the devotees like writer of this above incredible facts. Swami give darshan all the time but it is our weakness to get the darshan. He has gone no where.he has chossen our heart as his temple so he is already with us and will be with us.....Aum sai ram.

Commented in STKC blog on November 20, 2013 at 8:02 PM

S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-11 06:31#
Sairam! Even after exhausting reading most of the posts, I still found something new year. I don't know how I missed such beautiful stories? This particular post is really nice one. Om Sri Sai Ram.
s.nagarajan2015-04-07 09:56#
Waited with bated breath. Swami! the terror created by the ignorant people is engulfing the globe. Many innocents are laying their life at the hands of those foolish terrorists. Why you are still waiting. Please do not delay any more!
yaani drucker
yaani drucker2015-07-27 17:01#
"...It was a full moon night and Swami again went back to the room and closed the door." We are all hoping and praying Swami reveal Himself to the world this Holy Blue Moon, most auspicious Gurupoornima.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Swami may give darshan on Guru Poornima. However if He does not, it is simply that He still has work to do before reappearing publicly.

I love this devotee's last paragraph here in which she is being instructed to comfort all who are in tears - Baba knows how much our hearts long for His return, and yet we must remain strong TOGETHER until His PERFECT time which will be in the best interest of ALL. Jai Sai Ram

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