By Yaani Drucker

(Author of  "Not Guilty")

“My Dear Children,  AWAKE! AWAKE! AWAKE!

There is no time for slumber. You have been sleeping and dreaming for thousands of lifetimes. If you do not awake now, this chance may not come again for thousands more.”

Baba says the greatest service we can render to the planet is to wake up to the truth of who we are. What have we devoted toward our enlightenment? When does that become our primary focus?

For enlightenment certain conditions must be met, just as certain conditions are being met to remain un - enlightened. What are those conditions that set the stage for enlightenment?

Here’s what Baba says:

1. DESIRE TRUTH ABOVE ALL ELSE - I give you what you want so you will come to want what I have truly come to give you, enlightenment itself. My greatest grace is the three zeros (desire truth above riches, relations, and reputation)

2. PURITY - To seek enlightenment without purity or virtue, is akin to lighting a lamp without wick or oil; it cannot be done. Give Me your garbage. The way to immortality is through the removal of immorality.

3. UNIVERSAL LOVE  -  It is not even devotion that is essential. It is love, truth, virtue, and the eagerness to progress, to serve, to expand one’s heart, to take in the whole of humanity in one’s love. Love towards God must be witnessed by love towards man, for man is the visible manifestation of God. Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu. Love All ~ Serve All.

4. SELF-CONFIDENCE - Nothing happens without self-confidence. If you want Me, you deserve Me. I have come to tell you that you and I are exactly the same.

5. SURRENDER - Once you surrender your mind to Me completely, I will take care of you in every way. ~ Follow the Master.

6. INNER INQUIRY - Inner inquiry is the fastest path to truth. The spiritual path is very easy. Stop making the unreal real, and allow the real to be what it is. The bird of liberation flies with two wings : viveka and vairagya (discrimination and dispassion)

Any guru who stultifies your buddhi (intelligence/discretion), your innate power of discrimination, instead of encouraging you to seek, examine and believe, is a danger to mankind. For the buddhi is the only instrument for realization. ~ Mind is responsible for both bondage and liberation.

7. SELF – Responsibility - God is not responsible for earthquakes and natural disasters. These are due to man’s bad thoughts and greed. Man tore the world apart, and man is responsible for putting it back together. God is allowing mankind to destroy the Earth. Only when mankind is brought to his knees, will he turn towards God. Human beings created these things (demonic energies) and only human beings can destroy them.

8. RELINQUISH  EGO -  Face the Devil - I have come to make you completely ego free. To overcome the ego is a well-nigh impossible task. Many have overcome the 6 enemies of man, but rare indeed is that hero who has overcome his ego. Give up all bad qualities in you, banish the ego and develop the spirit of surrender. You will then experience bliss.

My task is gigantic, to uplift the whole of mankind and put them on to the correct path of Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, and Ahimsa and to grant liberation for aspirants.

Jai Sai Ram!


s.nagarajan2015-05-08 03:12#
Sairam! This is why Swami delays his reappearance in public. He awaits for the specific time when each one of us start behaving in a virtuous manner.
k s murthy
k s murthy2015-05-08 03:30#
It is always a pleasure to read inspiring and enriching words of sister Yaani and Mr. AL Drucker. While going through AL's wonderful commentary on Astavakra Gita- "Self-Realization - The Knowledge of the Absolute", I felt that only a saint like AL, with Swami's prompting, can interpret an ancient text like Astavakra Gita. Thank you.

I will quote a small excerpt from Swami's message to Yor Glory- "[...] I have already told you: you will be approached by beautiful souls in need of brightening up, with Cosmic Consciousness, their still overshadowed existence. You will be in the position to enlighten them due to your gift to speak inspired words. [...]

The Universe thanks you by filling you with hope, kindness and fulfillment.You show everyone, the entire world, that surrendering to God,or Baba, with a sincere heart, is the noblest and highest aim a man can realize to reach the dwelling of 'I Am He Who Is' [..]

A new age is about to start.May every heart be content,even when it cannot rely on the certainties of the past. The world will change rapidly and it will manifest as a newly discovered one. [..]"
Joy2015-05-08 04:43#
"Through love the dead rise to life,
Through love the king becomes a slave."

Jalal al-Din Rumi
Satrughna2015-05-08 06:54#
I like how Swami says 'Give Me your garbage'. It is a very good meditation technique to focus on my inner unrest with a calm observing state of mind, and watch how Swami takes it all away. The fastest inner cleaning method I've ever encountered. I have no idea how it works, I just assume that Swami does all the work, and that it can happen because it is allowed to. Actually there isn't even a question of giving the garbage, more like watching it being taken away!

Thank you Yaani for this beautiful summary.
yaani drucker
yaani drucker2015-05-08 14:57#
"Give me your garbage" proved to be so helpful for me too.

Once Swami told me in interview that I was jealous. I said, Oh No Swami, very happy.

Swami : Jealousy, jealousy, jealousy.

So I asked him to show me.

Then I saw ego raise its ugly head in darshan, when Baba was taking letters, inviting for interview...
I heard my thoughts go: Oh look He's taking that person again, he's giving that person so much attention... jealously jealousy, jealousy.

I saw that I'd had those thoughts all along, but quickly swept them away, and pretended that I was a good devotee.

Now that I saw, I felt guilty. I prayed to Swami, what to do? Baba told - Give me your garbage. So I did. Soon I became aware that I was only genuinely happy for everyone that swami gave attention to. Then I knew jealousy had disappeared.

When we take one step toward Baba, He takes 1000 to us.
s.nagarajan2015-05-10 03:28#
Every devotee (so called)is a mixture of good and bad. Only the proportions are in different variations. We are not aware of the evil in us until it raises stealthly one day. In the first interview during January 1965, Swami mentioned about the bad thoughts my head contained. He himself told me the remedy, "utter Sairam, Sairam". Yes we need to be aware of those evil when they rise so that we relinqush them conciously! Sairam.

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