"Do you still want further proof?"

Shared by: Apurva Iyengar

Source: Facebook page of STKC

Loving SaiRam Brother Sreejith and all my brothers and sisters,

What an astounding, divine vision! 

‘Thank you’ is such a small word Swami for your ceaseless blessing upon mankind. I am fortunate to be a part of this heavenly play. Today (During the early hours of  December 14th, 2014 - around 3 - 4 AM ) my dearest, ever loving Swami blessed me once again with a divine vision that left me completely flabbergasted. This eye-opening revelation makes this day auspicious for me as the blessed vision conveys the Ultimate Celestial Future Divine Scenario.

From the past two to three days, I had been going through a severe emotional roller coaster ride. This drained me completely and put me to further lot of confusion about how the future would be? I myself started coming to the conclusion because of various reasons after reading many conflicting articles/viewpoints/analysis in and around many face books related to Swami’s return.  My conclusions were quite depressing as they were not very promising. So, I started craving for His affirmation again and again, above all about when and how He is going to return. I was constantly praying Swami to come early to save the humanity from evil.

I had to deal with with innumerable questions popping up in my mind about Swami’s return, cataclysm, what not. I did not leave any dimension. All this made me lifeless, left with no hope. I could not break through my deep emotional web. My depression led to incessant crying. Under this vulnerability and turmoil I slipped in to sleep. Here I got a very vivid, confirming and substantiating vision.

The Vision

In my vision, I was sitting near Swami’s Samadhi and crying profusely. Swami arose from Samadhi all of a sudden and He was looking very furious.  He vigorously pulled me up holding my right hand and took me along with Him, very swiftly in to a huge luminous wheel of light.  With a very great high speed, we moved back into the time. There I saw an ashram where, Lord Krishna was sleeping on the lap of Mother Gayatri ( He seemed to be in a deep meditative state). She patted Him gently and woke Him up saying "Wake up, it is time to go."

I saw Lord Krishna waking up and walking across. Then He entered another bright wheel of light leading to a different time zone where He appeared as Lord Buddha. Lord Buddha was seated in meditation under the Bodhi Tree. Then Mother Gayatri appeared and blessed Him by placing Her palm over His head.  He took Her blessings and started walking ahead for some time and from there He entered into another wheel of luminous light of time zone.  Lord Buddha transformed into Jesus and Jesus continued to travel further.  After sometime Mother Gayatri held the hand of Jesus and passed through another wheel of light of time zone, there Jesus turned into a small boy (Typically looking like a bright Brahman boy) and He was sitting on a baby elephant!  The boy was laughing very loudly with great enjoyment, while the baby elephant also started dancing with great joy. Suddenly, Mother Gayatri appeared and called Him as “SHANKARA”, and picked Him up lovingly into Her arms. There the boy turned into Sri Adi Shankaracharya. Now, Sri Adi Shankaracharya started to walk, after walking for a while He entered into another glistening wheel of light of time zone there He turned into Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa who was meditating. Then Mother Kali appeared and woke Him up and took Him through another very huge brilliantly luminous stream of light. They both walked together and disappeared into it. 

Later I and Swami arrived at another ashram, which was looking very serene with lush green grass beaming with sparkling dew drops. Swami entered the ashram; there a lady was sleeping on a cot, whose face was not clearly visible. Swami placed His right hand on her womb. There I saw Sri Ramakrishna turning into a light and entering her womb. I could clearly see a golden Tiny Shiva Linga, protected by a five hooded golden Adi Sesha (the five hooded divine serpent)

Later, her womb appeared like the cosmos, in which I saw a tiny baby boy. In the next instance, that lady delivered a baby boy and He was absolutely looking like baby Krishna, sleeping on a huge golden banyan leaf. Swami proclaimed, "Lord Vatapatra Sai is born." That little baby Krishna held His foot thumb finger (Toe) in His mouth!

My eyes did not even stop to blink while I was watching everything in amazement. Then I and Swami went into another wheel of light of a different time zone. There I witnessed a major devastation of the Earth. I saw the globe, totally inundated with water. Except Prashanti Nilayam, everywhere I could see just water and only water.

Simultaneously, I saw Mother Gayatri  seated in mediation in an ashram, where that little Krishna around 6 to 7 year old boy was playing around Her. Then, I saw the sky splitting with immense light and Swami on an enchanting chariot, driven by seven gleaming horses, descended near that ashram. Swami went up to Mother Gayatri and gently called her, "Amma, wake up from yoga nidra." She woke up and smiled at Swami, He held the hands of both little Krishna and Mother Gayatri  and the three of them mounted the chariot and went into light.

In the next scene, again I saw the whole globe was filled with water, except Prashanti Nilayam. Within the premises near the Sarwadharma  Stoopa, I saw both Swami and Mother Gayatri, receiving prime devotees, landing there in Helicopters.

Soon after this, I entered another enormous luminous stream of light. As I moved further ahead, the brilliant luster of the light wheel tremendously enhanced beyond my comprehension. The entire Earth was suddenly radiating a golden aura of divine energy. I saw Swami seated on a throne on the Dais, in Kulwanth Hall. He was looking quite young and handsome as in forties, with an exceptionally majestic demeanor radiating divine glory. There were banners all around welcoming Mother Gayatri. Then, from the ladies side, there appeared Mother Gayatri, a very beautiful and enchanting form, glowing luminously. She was exactly dressed up like Swami Vivekananda (After reading Sophia Sai’s dream I went through too much of mental conflict regarding who Vivekananda was now? May be Swami wanted to give me confirmation this way) and I observed a big red kum-kum (Vermilion) on Her forehead; and holding the little boy’s (Krishna) hand, She walked up to the dais. The divine bright child ran towards Swami. Then, both of them held each other’s hands and walked up to the gathered devotees. Mother Gayatri walked up to the podium. There were gathered very huge crowds. Women and men were seated in two different groups in front of the dais. Though, in the vision, I felt the place as Kulwanth hall, the size was ten folds bigger than the present one. As mother started addressing the crowd, She straight away asked everybody, "Who are you?"

Then She suddenly raised both of Her hands. There I could see a greatest miracle, in the form of manifestation happening in front of my eyes, all men turned into women and all women turned into men. Then each individual started experiencing their chain of births (Including all varieties of species and alien forms), changing from man into woman and woman into man in various form and names scrolled, just like a graphical picture. Everybody was in the state of great transformation and in heights of ecstasy. And all of them started calling Her, "Amma! Amma! Amma! Please listen to us.", very loudly in sheer delight.  

Mother then said, "Now tell me what is your true identity? Soul is beyond form, name, gender and religion. Soul is non-dual. You are that eternal soul."

Everybody started crying out with great joy and replied, "Yes Mother!"

Next, all of a sudden I felt the pat on my head. I turned back and saw Swami, smiling at me very radiantly. He then asked me," How long do you want to peep into the future? Do you still want further proof? What happened to your belief?" I then suddenly realized that Swami showed me the future. I was completely awestruck and stood speechless.

Swami held my hand and dropped me at my place near my bed and said, “Sleep peacefully. Have no doubt in Swami's words. They will never fail. What I just showed you is going to be witnessed by the whole world. Await to meet your Universal Mother Gayatri very soon. I and Mother are arriving to relieve the mankind from ignorance. I have to go as of now. (Telugu) Nenu Yee Year End Lopala Vacchesthunnanu. (Meaning : I am coming back before this year-end), (Telugu) Gruham Ammayi Naakosam Wait Chestundi." (Meaning : The Lady of my house is waiting for Me)..and saying thus, Swami disappeared. 

Now I found myself in a house, where there was a celebration going on. I saw Mother Gayatri seated on a jhoola (Swing). She held an invitation in Her hand, which looked like a wedding invitation. It was a three folded A4 sized sandalwood colored sheet with golden border, on which in the center, Swami’s photo and Mother’s photo along with the little boy’s photos were printed. I could read something written on the top of the sheet in Sanskrit as 'Swasti Sree Chandra Manena..' etc. details were written, which I am not able to recollect. She then called a lady and asked her, “Have you informed Sreejith? (I understood as Brother Sreejith of STKC), as it would be difficult for him to reach Parthi, within such a short span, otherwise post the invitation to him on Facebook." Immediately, that lady shook her head and ran into the hall of another house, where she was speaking to Mr. and Mrs.Sreejith Narayan (Though I do not know how Mrs.Sreejith looks, I understood in the dream like that). The lady told Mrs. Sreejith that Mother invited them for the grand event at Parthi. Then Mrs. Sreejith Narayan, replied that, they themselves are inviting everybody, in USA, on behalf of Mother. 

Here ended my vision.

I woke up bright exuberating happiness beyond measure. What a vivid experience it was.  After a long void,  thank-you Swami, for giving me rebirth of assurance. From now I will never let my belief be shaken as I shall MAKE YOUR WORDS AS MY BELIEF. 

Jai Sai Ram !

Posted by Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


SAMY2014-12-18 10:50#
Srinivas K
Srinivas K2014-12-18 11:27#
"... Within the premises near the Sarwadharma Stoopa, I saw both Swami and Mother Gayatri, receiving prime devotees, landing there in Helicopters.... "

Article Source: Sai Thy Kingdom Come - www.saikingdom.com.

On reading this I got reminded of something I had heard once in a talk ( available on Youtube.com ) by Dr. Srikanth Sola. He was asked the question , " When will Swami be known to everyone in the world ? ". His reply was along the following lines : A lot of the devotees who are close to Swami now are actually enjoying the fruits of their good karma. When the karma is over, they will leave and go on with their lives. A lot of the previous devotees of Swami , like His devotees from the previous avatars, have been returning to Swami. Swami said that when the last of these devotees have returned to Him, He will become known to everyone in the world ... "

Probably, when Swami finishes receiving all His devotees , as described very symbolically and dramatically in the dream, He will make himself available to everyone in the world.

Jai Sairam.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-19 02:27#
Thank you for this Srinivas. Sai Ram.
Susan I. Fay
Susan I. Fay2014-12-18 11:36#
This second Vision given to Apurva Iyengar which occurred on December 14 (or 13th, late?) 2014 was originally posted by Apurva (as "Sathya Sai") on the STKC Facebook page on December 14th under the "Post to Page" section. Thank you very much for posting it here, Aanchal Sai Sharma and Sneha Sharma!

I love the entire incredible Vision, but this line of Swami's sticks out right now for me: I AND MOTHER ARE ARRIVING TO RELIEVE THE MANKIND FROM IGNORANCE. I think it encapsulates the almost painfully beautiful Wonder of the Love that God demonstrates for us in that He/She has offered regular incarnations of Divine Beings to guide us throughout our history thus far -- but THIS upcoming Wonder is of the greatest magnitude!! Sathya Sai and Gayatri Devi, who appear to have been presiding over all the divine incarnations, will now appear together, along with a Divine Child. Through this Return of Swami's accompanied, stunningly, by Mother and the Child, the veil of ignorance which has kept humankind oblivious to its own inner divinity for yugas, will finally be removed to a large extent. That may be the salient feature of the imminent Golden Age. We will all be given the opportunity to experience the Self through Gayatri's Will and Wisdom, if we seek it.

(from Hebrew scriptures): Blessed be the Lord.... He(She) has come to His people and set them free.

Jai Sai Gayatri!!

Aao Sai! Aao!
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-19 02:41#

".....But THiS upcoming Wonder is of the greatest magnitude!..." The Divine Trinity is coming. There can be no doubt about this.!!! I don't know exactly how this will unfold.....but from everything I can intuite, this whole Divine Play is going to be initiated this Christmas Season.....and then unfold over the next 9 years.

Buckle your seatbelts. Pray. Fast. Meditate. Sacrifice. And focus on serving others every moment. And be gentle and kind to everyone, especially those who are suffering.

Unconditional Love is need of the moment.

Don't react to others fears or doubts.
Do act with confidence and assurance.

Aum Aum Aum
Shanti Shanti Shanti
Hamsa2014-12-18 12:42#
1. The Vatapatra Sai appears in the pralaya (deluge) waters.
2. In Devi Bhagavatha Purana, to see the Devi, the procedure is to change the gender. Sorry, no exemptions for even the Trinity. It is not possible to have her Darshan without shedding the ego that arises due to male body or female body.

Oh Lord of Lords, marry the creative principle and create a new world. Only you are fit to marry her. She is waiting for you.

Let us offer our baby steps in return for millions of miles of Swami's steps. He once did not appear on the moon in front of the crowd because the devotees did not make their baby steps. Let your Karma yogis mend their way, Bhakti yogis love more of the creation, the Gnana Yogis, the whiz kids, accept more truth of you. Aren't you there in all of your creation.

This is Christmas season and resurrection time. Dust the golden chariot and get it ready.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-19 02:25#
Amen. Amen, Hamsa. Thank you.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-19 04:23#
Divine Visions....
Oh Sai Devotees,

Is it possible to analyze too much a Vision this Majestic?
Can we understand the ways of God?

How can we not prepare our hearts, minds....and very souls for this Christmas Season, one which is destined to be the initiation of a Divine Drama for the Ages?

The Incarnation of the Divine Trinity, for our Edification, is about to unfold. This is my firm conviction.

How? How Fast? How Immediate? I do not pretend to know.

But this much I dare intuit......It will begin to unfold during this 2014 season of Christ's Birth.

What more can we ask for, than for Our Beloved Sathya Sai, to "die" on Easter Sunday, the Day of Christ's Resurrection....And 3 years later, to Resurrect during Christmas?

Did not Christ's Birth Harold the Birth of Divinity for Mankind?
Does not Sathya Sai's Resurrection now triumphantly Inaugurate the fulfillment of what Christ's birth did Harold?
Is it not apropos for the reenactment of the Nativity scene to take place now? with Father, Mother, Child.....ALL Divine?

Will this Divine Trinity appear now? Or will Sathya come first and the rest unfold in time? How can "little me" know?

But this I feel Sure of.....This Trio of Visionaries are True. True. True. I have checked them out. They have passed the test.
We will Behold!!! They will Preside!!!
The Divine Trinity will Manifest....
Sathya Sai has confirmed this, in my view, beyond a shadow of a doubt.


The "Sai, Thy Kingdom Come Family" must be very Blessed Indeed to receive these Visionaries into Its Folds.

For, to me, they are the "Star of Bethlehem," ... The "Christmas Star!!!!!"
Inspiring us to travel to "Parthi" to witness the Nativity Scene, reenacted once again.

Can we turn our heads? Can we distract our minds? Can we deny?

Have we not each witnessed this Miracle presented by these Three? ...... Apurva Iyengar, Sophia Sai, Tejas Viprani? With Siri Giti, giving her Motherly Support to Them?

My Dearest Sai Family, I invite each of you to "go back" and "re-read" this series of Divinely interrelated and inter-confirming Visions...... of this Trio....this Trio, which are our very own STKC Family's.........Visionaries Divine.

These are no ordinary messages.

These are Sacred.

These are for Mankind.

Aum Aum Aum
Shanti Shanti Shanti
Joy2014-12-22 21:18#
As written at PRASANTHI NILAYAM Today 23rd December 2014


People believe that Divine incarnations happen only for the punishment of the wicked and the protection of the righteous. But these represent only one aspect of the task. The granting of peace and joy, of a sense of fulfillment to seekers who have striven long —this too is His task. The Avatar, or form incarnate, is only the concretization of the yearning of the seekers. It is the solidified sweetness of the devotion of godly aspirants. The Formless assumes the form for the sake of these aspirants and seekers. They are the prime cause. The cow secretes milk for the sustenance of the calf. That is the chief beneficiary. But, as we see, others also benefit from that milk. So too, though the devotees are the prime cause and their joy and sustenance the prime purpose of an incarnation, other incidental benefits also accrue, such as fostering dharma, suppression of evil, and reforming, correcting or destroying the wicked. (Bhagavatha Vahini, Ch 1, “The Bhagavatha”)
Apurva2014-12-23 17:59#
Thank you and sairam to all my brothers and sisters here! Sairam! Thy kingdom come soon!!!
Evaristo forcen fernandez
Evaristo forcen fernandez2015-01-05 17:16#
Love and light SAI RAM .May SWAMI bless us all.
s.nagarajan2015-04-03 12:48#
Reading the earlier posts gives immense relief from anxious waiting. Thank you all.

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