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Shared by: Latha Sairam

Here are some dreams shared by Sister Latha Sairam, received by her son Sai Rupesh, whom she believes to be a gift from Swami. After 5 years of marriage and completing all the treatments, the gynecologist had also left it to God’s will. But never did Sister Latha pray to Swami for a child, she prayed thus...

"Swami, You know...I just did my duty by undergoing all the treatments for bearing a child. I know nothing can/will happen in my life without Your Will. Please don’t mistake me, I am not going to ask You for a child, I will be happy with You forever and ever without a child... but I have only one request, if at all You wish to bless me with a child, I want that child to be born on Your Birthday...Only on Your birthday!" and with Swamis Grace, Sai Rupesh was born on 23rd November, 2006!

Sai Rupesh's dreams related to Swami Returning in the same beautiful, blissful Sathya Sai form, as shared by Latha Sairam:

1. 30th September, 2013:

Sathya Narayana Puja was going on in the Sai Kulwant Hall on a Monday. Many Rishis were doing Yajna in the Sai Kulwant Hall and the public were not allowed inside.

My son and I were standing in a queue near the gate next to Ramar Pattabishekam in Prasanthi Nilayam, to go inside the Sai Kulwant Hall. Swami suddenly appeared in His orange robe and said, “I will come on a Friday...not the immediate one...but the Friday of the following week.”

Both of us folded our hands (Namaskar) and said “Sairam”. The dream ended.

2. April 2014:

(3rd week of April. Sorry, don't remember the date)

Bhajan was going on in the Sai Kulwant Hall. Two sevadals (Gents- wearing SSSSO scarf) took out Swami's Physical body from the Maha Samadhi and placed it on the floor which was decorated with purple roses (A heart shape was drawn using roses).

Swami opened His eyes, walked towards His Throne, sat on it and blessed everyone.

3. 24th April, 2014:

There was heavy rain with thunder and lightning at Puttaparthi. Parthi was flooded with water. In the rain, my son and I ran from the Ganesh gate (Prasanthi Nilayam) towards the shopping center through south 7 route. We got tired and sat near the shopping center.

All the devotees gathered there and we joined them. Suddenly Swami appeared in His orange Robe and blessed everyone by raising His hands. Immediately the rain stopped and everything became normal.

Swami held my right hand and my son's left hand and we went to Sai Kulwant Hall (by walk we entered the Sai Kulwant Hall through the main gate which is next to the Ramar Pattabishekam). All were chanting ‘Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu’, and then Swami sat on His throne and blessed everyone. Then He went (by walk) all around Sai Kulwant Hall and gave Darshan. Then He came and sat on His throne, my son and I sat near His lotus feet.

4. 22nd May, 2014:

A large Throne was placed in the Western Canteen, Prasanthi Nilayam (Where the spoons and sugar are kept in the dining hall at ladies’ side).

Swami was sitting on that throne (I was doing some seva in the Western canteen in Prasanthi Nilayam but Swami was visible only to my son) and he went to take ‘Padnamaskar’, Swami said, "No!" and asked my son to sit next to Him on His throne and said, “You should not go from this place till I go”.

He put my son on His lap for some time, then again, He made him to sit on the throne with Him. My son asked, “Swami, When will you be visible to all?”

Swami said, “I will come on a Friday!”

 5. 29th May, 2014:

Swami blessed my son with a wonderful dream where he experienced and enjoyed "The Golden Age of Sai".

The dream goes on and on and on :

It was raining heavily all over the world with thunder and lightning. All the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers overflowed. Water, water everywhere. The whole world was flooded with water, Crocodiles and other dangerous sea creatures came out and the people got frightened. They cried in fear and called the Lord to save (said "Sairam" loudly and cried).

My son and I ran from the Ganesha gate in Prasanthi Nilayam and went inside a house near the Sai Kulwant Hall and looked through the window. Suddenly Swami appeared in the sky with a halo, He was in His 'Yellow Robe' and was sitting on a large Golden Chariot which had many rooms built in and 12 white horses were tied to the chariot. (my son was able to hear Vedam)

The chariot came down with Swami and landed on the left side of Sai Ganesha in Prasanthi Nilayam near the Sai Kulwant hall. A golden light circled the chariot at the bottom, so the water didn’t even touch it. He blessed with both of His hands and the rain stopped immediately and the other dangerous creatures were washed away to the oceans again.

All those who gathered there, expressed their joy by saying ‘Ooooo…'

We ran behind the chariot. Swami told me and my son to enter the Chariot. We sat with Swami and He rode the chariot inside the Sai Kulwant Hall through the main gate (next to Ramar Pattabishekam idols).

Swami got down from the chariot and sat on His throne. He put my son on His lap and I sat near His Lotus feet. All of them who gathered there said "Oooooo....!" in joy. Then Swami materialized two books titled "My life is My message" and gave it to me and my son. My son sat on Swami's lap and opened it. Inside the book, there was a greeting card in which it was written by Swami, "Hi My Son!" Next page, "I am your Mom!" third page, "Don’t get scared of anything because you are my child, I am always with you!" And in the last side, "Thank you!"

He then materialized a golden chain and put around my neck and said, "Don't show this to anyone as they will feel jealous" [...]

Then He expanded Puttaparthi (the geographical area). He moved those houses inside Prasanthi Nilayam, backwards, and Sai Kulwant Hall  was expanded and got more spacious inside. It was fully covered with glass doors and was air conditioned! Many rooms were created by Swami inside Sai Kulwant Hall. Separate rooms for foreigners, Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, animals, birds, fishes, insects. (Male/Female separate and fully air conditioned with a Television through which all of us can see Swami)

Swami then created so many flights just by waving His divine hands and sent them, (without pilots!) all over the world and those flights came back with people, animals, flies too. Then Swami told His students to take His cars and bring people and all the animals, flies and all other creatures in and around Puttaparthi to Prasanthi Nilayam. Then He sent a helicopter to bring the Chief ministers and the Prime Ministers of India to Puttaparthi […]

Then Swami blessed both of us with His hands on our heads. When my (His) son tried to take Padanamaskar, Swami said "No!" And I took Padnamaskar. Then Swami smiled and said, "Bye!"

(Note: In Rupesh's dreams, whenever he tries to take Padanamaskar, Swami tells him not to. Not sure why. However, Swami asks Rupesh to be with Him, to sit on His lap or be very close to Him. Swami allowed him to take Padanamaskar only once in his dream in 2012).

Jai Sai Ram!

Picture of our dear Sai Rupesh

 Posted by : Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


shiny2014-09-16 17:16#
Sai Ram sister.

I had been getting dreams of Bhagavan's reappearance. like u I am also married for 4 yrs, without a child. I pray to him that if he gives me a son, according to His divine will, I need to name him as 'Satya narayana'. I always believed that I should ask Him. But something prevented me and I felt He knows me well. Like your son, Swami only once gave me padanamaskar in dreams.In all other dreams, whenever I bent down to His lotus feet, He disappears.And once told me that I will get padanamskar in His next birth. I have heard that Swami never touches or allows those people who are very light hearted and fragile to come in His divine aura as they will collapse. He might be preventing me because of that. He gives me amrith and vibhuthi in dreams. I get the smell & taste even. Longing to see HIM.
Sai Ram
P.Nataraj, Tirupur
P.Nataraj, Tirupur2014-09-18 01:04#
sairam. Thankyou for sent message on 16/09/2014. and also thanks for remembering me. kindly send me messages and photos if any to my e-mail. . To-day only I opened website and read everything. thanks a lot.
RAVIKUMAR PK2014-09-18 03:07#
Thank you Master Sai Rupesh. Now Master Sai Rupesh appeared in Sairam site. Hope He will give him full strength to be helpful to all devotees in Chennai first and later on to the rest of the world.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-19 03:06#
Fantastic. Wonderful. Thank you.
P.Badri Narayanan
P.Badri Narayanan2014-09-19 16:44#
thanks for sharing the blessed news. May the world see Swamy establish Golden Age early and bring Peace harmony and piety everywhere.
saisampat2014-09-20 11:06#

gon through EX. swamy should come back
Sadasiva Kumar
Sadasiva Kumar2014-09-20 12:44#
It was wonderful reading through the dreams. Swami's return in His original form
would be a great Blessing for mankind. Praying Swami for His Grace.
SAMY2014-09-21 04:28#
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-10-22 04:46#
Aum Sri Sairam
I firmly believe that Swami will Return on a Friday!
Possible dates :)
Year 2014-
October- 24 , 31
November- 7, 14, 21, 28
December- 5, 12, 19, 26

Jai Sairam!
Chandrasekar.T.M2014-10-25 15:23#
Aum Sri Sai Ram
Sai Dav
Sai Dav2014-10-30 22:34#
Om Sai Ram

Swami saif Friday..... i too had a dream of Swami in April 2014 and Swami said "I AM COMING THIS FRIDAY" end dream...
i know the Friday Swami is referring to us the FRIDAY HE SAW. in the future....not the friday in the week i had the deam.
Such a divine child to receive such blessings from Swami and to be born the same day as OUR LORD GOD...wow

Jai Sai Ram

Sai Dav
Satrughna2015-01-24 18:29#
24th of April, 2015 is a Friday!
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-01-04 07:25#

I was expecting that Swami will 'Return' on a Friday (based on Sai Rupesh's dreams). 

But now after reading the recent visions posted on STKC Facebook by Sai Sisters, that Swami has already Returned(31st Dec 2014/1st Jan 2015)...I thought...'Oh Yes! Swami did not tell that HE will 'RETURN' on a Friday....in the dream Sai Rupesh actually asked, "Swami, when will You be 'VISIBLE' to all?" for which Swami said, "I will come on a Friday!"

It is very clear that HE planned to 'Return' first and then to be 'VISIBLE' to all later.

I have NO DOUBT that Swami has already returned as promised. HE will be 'VISIBLE' to all at the RIGHT TIME!

Rejoice! A life with GOD awaits! :)
Love You Bhagawan...

Jai Sairam!
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-24 08:46#
Sairam! Though I had gone through this episode earlier, to day only i read it in detail. No doubt Sri Sai Rupesh is a blessed child since his birth happened on Swami's birthday as an answer to his mother's prayer. We are being tossed from expectations and empathy alternatively. Thank SKTC site for such beautiful revelations. Om Sri Sai Ram.
Naren2015-03-16 08:15#
Sairam all

Do any of you know whether the March 20th solar eclipse is significant on this subject? On Jan 03 this year, in the guest book of STKC, I posted a dream I had the previous night about a solar eclipse.
Three days later, Dr. Rakesh Kumar uploaded a newsletter on his website that March 20th will be the switch of Time and Age (just putting it here because if it happened the other way round it is easy for anyone to think my dream was influenced by reading his newsletter. To me the words of people like Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Sreejith and the likes are the truly important messages to everyone else than the dreams I get - for I believe Swami gives such dreams out of mercy since I may or may not be there when He returns).

This solar eclipse falls on a Friday. There's the 4 blood moon (tetrad) prophecy in the Jewish faith which is interpreted as something 'significant' will happen during period this (if you haven't heard of it please Google it). If there's someone out there who knows more about the impact or importance of this solar eclipse it please share the info here. It is greatly appreciated.

God bless you all!

Naren2015-03-20 22:53#
It is my moral responsibility to update everyone on this (solar eclipse post) of mine. From what I've experienced, at least until this minute, the day of 20th March 2015 passed quite uneventfully at the international level with the exception of some violent acts that seem to occur almost everyday these days. Although I didn't claim anything would happen on this day, I sincerely apologize if it looked so and raised your expectations. Perhaps, something in the spiritual realm did manifest which we are aware of. Or perhaps it didn't. That is beyond my comprehension. As always, I join you all and look for better and brighter days to come in the future with the grace and presence of the Lord.

Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-03-17 06:44#
FRIDAY: It is a festival which is repeated every week. Ibn Maajah narrated in his Sunan that Abu Lubaabah ibn ‘Abd al-Mundhir said: “The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: 
FRIDAY is the best and greatest of days before Allaah, and it is greater before Allaah than the day of al-Adha (the Feast of Sacrifice) and the day of al-Fitr (the Feast of Breaking the Fast).   
It has five characteristics: on this day Allaah created Adam; on this day Adam came down to earth; on this day Allaah caused Adam to die; on this day there is an hour during which no one asks Allaah for something but He will grant it to him, so long as he does not ask for something haraam (forbidden); 
AND ON THIS DAY THE HOUR [i.e., THE DAY OF JUDGEMENT] WILL BEGIN, so there is no angel who is close to Allaah, no heaven, no earth, no wind, no mountain and no tree that does not feel some apprehension on Friday.” (Narrated by Ibn Maajah, 1084. Al-Busayri said: its isnaad is hasan, and it was classed as saheeh in Saheeh Abi Dawood, 888).

Abu Hurairah (RA) narrated that Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “The best day on which the sun rises is Friday; on it Adam (AS) was created; and on it, he descended on earth; and on it, his repentance was accepted; and on it, he died; and on it, the Hour will be established…..”
(Hadith No. 1046, Book of Salat, Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol.1).

Jai Sairam!
Karthik R
Karthik R2015-03-17 18:03#
Would like to bring one more fact to everyone's notice. It was on 20th march 2011 when Swami did namaskar with his folded hands to the entire congregation gathered t Sai Kulwant hall.

I always felt this date will definitely have some importance. Who knows may be he indicated He would return on this day.
Jagdish2015-12-30 06:23#
We are now going to 2016
No sign of physical Sai return
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-12-31 13:24#
Venkata ramana pola
Venkata ramana pola2015-12-30 16:42#
Sairam ..we have to accept the fact that every major predictions predicted by Sai brothers and sisters gone wrong about Swamis reappearance in 2015.. we may not know when swami unfolds the mystery.. HOPE THY ARRIVAL COME IN THE NEW YEAR SWAMI ..HAPPY NEW SAI RAM YEAR 2016..
radha2015-12-31 05:39#
Sairam, happy and Divine new year to all STKC eans... all these predictions are from Hope rising out of sheer Love... Swamy knows that n will surely respond to our LOve..patience is the greatest virtue says Swamy. HE is giving us a chance to develop that.. JSR
Suresh2015-12-31 11:17#
Wishing all of you a Very Happy New Year. All predictions and analysis of return of Swami has been proven wrong so far.
As I had earlier mentioned it is impossible to predict/analyze based on festival/auspicious dates. No human alive on this planet can do that because only the divine knows His master plans.
But we can always be hopeful for a miracle in the coming years. I would therefore kindly request all devotees to refrain from speculating on dates and leave it to Him to unfold His plans. Sai Ram.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-31 17:18#
Dear Brother Suresh,

Your point is not fully correct. Actually, Some analysis and Some Dreams Have come true too ! For Example I will explain you about one analysis and one Dream which came true.

1)My Analysis- Last year, By Swamis Grace, I came up with a analysis named “ The Importance of Vaikunta Ekadesi ” Published on Dec 25, 2014. In that analysis, I had said Swami will enter this world on Vaikunta Ekadesi day which falls on Dec 31 2014 – Jan 1 2015. And It actually happened ! Yes, Swami came exactly on the Vaikunta Ekadesi day as I analyzed before. However I don’t take any credit for this. Baba is the Doer of all things. All the Credit Goes to Baba, For my analysis coming correct.

You can check that my analysis in the following First link no 1,
and the second and third link a proof for babas coming on Jan 1

Link 1 (My analyis) - saikingdom.com/devotees/dreams/749-importance-of-vaikunta-ekadesi

Link 2 (Proof) - saikingdom.com/devotees/dreams/758-a-divine-heavenly-experience

Link 3 (Proof) - saikingdom.com/devotees/dreams/755-has-swami-returned

2 ) Dream

On November 20, Swami gave a dream to Brother Sreejith, that He will give a message on His birthday. And Baba actually gave that Message on birthday ! (through sister Apurva ). Here is the two links. First is the dream to Brother Sreejith. Second is the message given by Baba as said to Brother Sreejith before.

Link 1 - saikingdom.com/devotees/dreams/741-a-message-awaited

Link 2 - saikingdom.com/.../742-swami-will-surely-come-in-few-more-days-do-not-worry
saisarannaga2015-12-31 11:36#
Never mind if our expectations fell short. Swami alone knows the exact time and date. Let us leave it to Him and remain at Peace praying for the welfare of the entire world!
Bruno2016-10-02 15:22#
Hermosa comunicación con Swami !!!

Sai Rupesh te mando un Abrazo de Luz grande ... mandale mis saludos a Swami en tu próximo sueño, si?
Om Sai Ram !!!
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2016-10-04 18:29#
Gracias. Sairam :-)
latha sairam
latha sairam2017-07-18 01:02#
kindly send me latest news
KARTHIKEYAN2017-08-23 19:15#
This is a false notion that Sathya Yuga is approaching and that Prem Sai is already born. Swami denies this.................

From the website

Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2018-07-09 16:38#
"SathyaNarayana Puja...." Could mean "Pournami"(Full Moon day). 27th July, FRIDAY is a Full Moon day with Lunar eclipse!

O Dear Lord Sathya Sai,
Thy Kingdom Come Soon!
vidya2018-07-23 05:53#
My thoughts too were identical. Blue moon in March, super moon in july( new moon) and the trailing blood moon on the 27th. And it is on a Friday. And it’s the 7 th yr (and 3 months).my fingers are crossed.
Al Macasaet
Al Macasaet2020-03-27 22:23#
May He come soon, be it a Friday or any day ... many promises to keep before He sleeps (my opinion only). That is why He has to come, Baba, You have to come, You really have to come, says this child.
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2020-04-05 02:17#
24th April 2020 is a Friday! Keeping my fingers crossed. Jai Sairam!
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2020-09-14 03:56#
The Messenger of Allah (sallallahu ‘alayhi wa sallam) said:
“The days were shown to me, and among them Friday was shown to me. It looked like a shiny mirror in the middle of which was a black spot. I asked, ‘What is this?’ It was said, ‘The Hour.'”

Friday is a special day whose virtues have been extolled in the Hadith. Friday has been likened in this hadith to a gleaming mirror. The only thing that mars the beauty of Friday is the fact that it is also the day on which the Hour will commence. Because of this, every Friday, all creatures (apart from humans and jinn) are filled with fear in case this particular Friday be the one on which the Trumpet is blown. Jazakallah

Note 1: The black dot referring to Qiyamah is actually part of the Hadith, and not an interpretation.

Note 2: (1) Qiyamah occuring on a Friday, and (2) that the entire creation fears its possible occurrence every Friday, is found in other reliable Hadiths as well.
Jai Sairam!!


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