The Divine Procession

HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI....Readers may recall the articles titled May the Lord's Glory illuminate this earth, This is the time for the gifts and A Golden Age Awaits!, which were based on the experiences of Marie Perron. Marie has shared a few more recent powerful dream experiences that she had regarding Swami's Reappearance.

By Marie Perron

Sai Ram dear Sreejith, lately I had 3 dreams about the return of our beloved Master.

1st dream (May): Beloved Baba holds out his hand to me and He says this to me: "Marie come with me, it is the time of the procession". I then ask Him: "Swami which procession are You talking about?" And He answers me joyfully: "The Divine Procession".

2nd dream (May): I am outside at home and I look at the sky. Suddenly I see an angel of light appear in the clouds. I then said to Yvon and my daughters: Look, there is an angel in the sky. Then suddenly other angels appear in the sky and they slowly come down to us and they are so gorgeous. They are very tall and dressed in magnificent royal clothes. They are so dazzling and an energy of divine peace emanates from them. I exclaim then, saying this to my family: You see Sai Baba told me and it is very real, the Divine Procession begins, the Golden Age is coming!

3rd dream August 11: I am with all my family in a large open-sky temple, with other Sai devotees. We have all been praying and waiting for the return of our Master Sai Baba for several years now. At the front of the temple there is the throne of our beloved Master and to His right a huge statue of Ganesha. A great light bathes the whole temple and suddenly our wonderful Lord Sai Baba arrives in the temple. He looks a lot younger and walks swiftly. We are all so happy to see Him after all these years of intense waiting and praying. He goes directly to the front of the temple and stops in front of the statue of Ganesha. There He takes a big cloth and covers the statue. Suddenly with one movement, He removes the fabric and a magnificent, extremely luminous gold celestial chariot appears and the statue transforms into a living Gold Ganesha. We are all amazed by the beauty of this divine spectacle. Then, beloved Baba takes his place in the royal chariot, and Ganesha drives the chariot and They fly majestically in the sky. How beautiful and awe-inspiring to see our beloved Lord ascend with such strength and glory in the heavenly heavens. Then suddenly Sai Baba the Avatar of God begins to make a speech about why He returned to earth and all of mankind can see Him and hear His divine speech resounding powerfully all over the earth.

Best regards,

Marie Perron 


Steve2020-08-22 17:17#
Beautiful. Thankyou for sharing marie

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