Have you any doubt still?

Shared by a devotee who prefers to stay anonymous

Sairam. I would like to share one of my dreams with you. It was night time and I was standing on a rooftop. Suddenly meteors started falling from the sky and I started to run to a safe place. Then the same dream started all over again. This time, before I started to run, I saw a huge image of Swami in the sky looking about 40 years of age, wearing red robe.

A few days later I had yet another dream. I saw a huge ground with lush green grass where many people had gathered to have His Darshan. Swami was energetic and sitting on a chair. He then started giving Darshan. As He approached where I was, He turned to me and said smilingly 'ab to koi doubt nahi hai?' (have you any doubt still?). Thus He reassured me of His Return.

Postscript by Sreejith

Readers may recall the experience of Mr.Kumar from Kerala to whom Swami had showed (in a dream) a date in Golden letters, instructing him not to share with anyone. A few days ago I had the opportunity to catch up with Kumar after a long time. I asked him whether the date has passed and he answered 'no, not yet'. Then he shared two of his recent dreams.
In the first dream he saw the heads of various countries including US, Russia and China, assembled in Parthi for Swami's Birthday. He could not make out which Birthday of Swami it was. Then in the second dream, he found himself in an interview room. Swami was seated in a chair looking about 40 year of age. All of a sudden He turns to Kumar, pointing to Himself, asks, 'This form looks better right?'. Kumar felt excited in the dream and gathered courage to ask Swami about the date He had given previously, hoping to elicit a reaffirmation. Just as he was about to ask Him, in a flash Swami got up and left the room.
Kumar understood from the dream that Swami did not want to talk about the date in public. This he took as a sign that Swami was stressing on the confidentiality of the date.


Editors' Comments:

We couldn't help but notice the similarities between this dream experience and a few other experiences published in STKC before. The links to those articles are provided below.

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Pictures by Karthikeyan


KARTHIKEYAN2017-05-10 09:10#
I hope that you find a reason to smile,
I hope you stay happy all the while,
Don't lose hope as things would change soon,
Don't give up to your pain,
If you don't lose hope,
Things will be fine,
Everything will fall into place on time!
Shantimaya2017-05-10 14:42#
Om Jai Sai Ram
BRUNO2017-05-10 18:13#
Sita2017-05-11 22:42#
Years ago Swami mentioned 9-27 or was it 7-29 in a dream. I am not sure anymore. In the dream i was waiting for more but alas didn't get more.
I thought it is a sign and every year when july or september comes I think is it this year or next. So waiting this again if something will happen. Om Sri Sai Ram
Paul2017-05-19 14:57#
Thanks for posting this Sreejith. I've become a bit disillusioned due to the long wait which is exactly what a strong devotee would not allow. But these entries keep hope alive.
Anand Rupakula
Anand Rupakula2017-06-06 14:33#
Heads of US,RUSSIA,CHINA,-Could he throw some more light on them,like their names possibly,Are they Trump, Putin etc
Maria Graham
Maria Graham2017-06-16 12:24#
sounds like Swami has His finger on the pulse, I had dream on 10/03/17 Baba told me there is going to be a war, but all His children will be safe. great vision Sreejith
Carlos Tonki
Carlos Tonki2017-06-16 23:52#
SAI RAM Maria, on April 21-2016 I also had a dream with Baba, He told me about a great war, a holocaust, a big conflagration, then His voice turned like a badly sintonized radio station...so i could not understand the details about this future event.
Maria Graham
Maria Graham2017-06-17 05:33#
Also in my dream on the 10/03/17 Swami warned me that their was still evil in this Drama ( the world ) He also mentioned that I was not going to Manchester, as a friend, I will not name was going, few weeks later the bombing in Manchester took place
devoteewhopreferstostayanonymous2017-06-27 18:37#
Following the above dreams... I got another dream on 14/5/17 and I thought we should share our dreams related to Baba's reappearance with each other so here it is...

DREAM: I was in my old house(where I used to live till a april 2011). It was night time. Something began to happen... I came out of my house and saw that light started originating in the sky from the east. Soon all the darkness was cast away. In the centre of sky I saw Baba. He was walking in the sky from left to right (with a downward gaze, holding a part of his robe in one hand). I was so happy to see Him...It was so vivid that I thought that it is really happening now. I started telling my father who was standing beside me that look papa.. Baba has come... you didn't use to belive!! Baba turned slowly and walked towards us (though he is still in the sky). Earlier He could only be seen as a shadow but as He came closer He seemed gigantic and could be seen clearly. Then He lit a flame on cracker(over here in north India, crackers are burned on celebration of lord's return- diwali). The cracker didn't make any sound but filled the whole sky with beautiful colours. It was truly heavenly. He made hand gestures with a beautiful smile on His resplendant face. Then people start celebrating Holi and that is how dream ended.

One may think what does Holi signify here? ... My interpretation -Golden age is going to be filled love and Holi is also festival of love and forgiveness.. so maybe Holi here represents love blossoming in the hearts.
Anonymous2017-07-09 04:30#
Sairam! I had 3 recent dreams in a span of 3 weeks. Wanted to share with you all

6/21/17 Dream1: In my dream Swami returned / resurrected in physical form (couldn't tell the year & I didn't see him in the dream). But I was busy making lots of preparations to go to India from USA and then my colleague YR (Ukranian) asked if she can join me and pleading if I can help her. I say ok don't worry you can stay at my parents place and we will take care of your accommodation, food. Then many others started asking me they want to come and I was thinking "Oh God how will I take the whole world there?!"

Next morning I was in train to work & v strangely I was pointed to the article on STKC where a child had a dream (from few years ago) of Swami splitting into 81 forms, 1 was in India and 80 left to 80 other countries. As if to reaffirm I don't have to take everyone along to India

Until I shared this dream 1 with my family members that morning(I wasn't sure if I was imagining),there was a heavy vibhuthi fragrance followed me in train, work place and at my desk. The moment I shared , that strong fragrance stopped instantly. As if asking me to announce

6/28 or 29 Dream 2: this was a bit disturbing and I woke up with a heavy head. There was lot of water (flood like). In my dream i or someone uttered it to be Ganga (North India). My husband, me and a well wisher were swimming to save ourselves and there I found a idol of the Lord. Anyways it was very disturbing I didn't want to recollect more of what happened then

7/7/17 Dream 3: My daughter was down with cold (I hardly had any sleep the night of dream 3, May be early hours was when we finally fell asleep). In my dream I was in a auditorium and spotted PM Modi ji who gave a speech and was all smiles. Next to me was a Miss India runner up (I don't know her name), and all of a sudden I see to my diagonally right side and see our LORD sitting in one of the seats. He looked beautifully majestic I have no words, so young like 20-30 yrs old, with very very light beard (like 2 days after men shave), not a lot. Oh the crown in the head(hair) was so full. As I looked at him with love, He looked at me with a calm demeanor (no expression as such smile/anger/etc). Our eyes met and there ended the dream or that's all I could recollect
kushi2017-08-22 11:15#
Om Sai Ram...Does anyone know if Vasantha Maa is OK. I normally receive mail from Her team at MukthiNilayam, but haven't for some time now.
Gita2017-08-26 20:29#
Yes, Amma must be well. Was Blessed to meet Her early July 2017. Sairam

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