Avatar and the Laws of Nature

Sreejith Narayan

There is a popular belief among devotees that Swami would not come back since He would never go against the laws of nature. In my opinion, the origin of this belief stems from the misinterpretation of Swami's words on the law of karma. Swami has indicated a few times that He would rarely interfere with the law of karma. It is easy to get confused between “laws of nature” and the “law of karma”. However, they are two entirely different things. The so-called "laws of nature" is only a term given to merely the perception by human beings of what can or cannot happen in the nature. The books like "Autobiography of a Yogi" are pregnant with amazing accounts of superhuman deeds performed by Saints and Ascended Masters. So how can we even begin to think that Swami the Poorna-Avatar would be limited by such laws? 

Nevertheless, I can narrate so many incidents where Swami has already transcended the natural laws. Swami Himself has confirmed this to be the case. Let us consider the following quote from Swami: 

Some elders try to confuse you. Krishna showed many wonders, with an amazing disregard of the laws of nature and so, according to them, He had to meet death from the arrow of a hunter! Jesus, they say suffered crucifixion, for, He too manifested many miracles! Their argument is that, since I am defying the laws of nature, I too will suffer likewise! They hope to create panic and spread alarm. But, these are the prattlings of weakness, ignorance and envy. They cannot understand this Glory, nor do they desire to tolerate it!  (Sathyam Shivam Sundaram Part 3 Chapter 8) 

In the above words, Swami confirms that Lord Krishna, Jesus and Himself, all have transcended the laws of nature. Avatars are not bound by anything. Every Avatar had to go beyond natural laws in order to accomplish their mission. In fact, there have been defining moments in the careers of all Avatars where extraordinary feats were performed so that people could hail those as the manifestations of divinity, compose songs about, sing them and meditate upon the Glory. Lord Krishna lifted the Gowardhana Mountain to protect the village from excessive rain, when He was still a child. He also reconstructed and gave life to the body of His Guru’s son who was dead for twelve long years. In the Sai Avatar too, He has performed countless mindboggling miracles including various materializations, manifestations, resurrections, stopping rain and flood, curing diseases and even teleporting devotees across continents. 

Since the birth of mankind, it has been perceived that the dead never returns. So this seems to be a law of nature. What then about the countless people whom Swami has resurrected? In some cases, a few days after the physical death? Dr.Hislop's book "My Baba and I" mentions a miracle witnessed by Raja of Venkatagiri when Bhagawan resurrected a man dead for some six days in whom body decomposition was taking its normal course. Aren't these examples of Swami going beyond the laws of nature? 

An Islamic prophecy from around 1300 years ago, talks about a great Master or Teacher named Al Qaim (meaning "One who rises for Truth") who would take the world by surprise by returning after He is perceived dead and His body decayed.

When the Qaim rises, people will say, How could this be? Even his bones must have decayed. (Bihar-ul-Anwar Vol.13 Part 1, English Translation p.181) 

Whether this prophecy is about Swami or not, the very fact that someone prophesied this and another recorded it, itself confirms that such a thing was deemed possible. How then can we devotees who have witnessed or read about the countless mindboggling miracles of our dear Lord, even consider the idea that He wouldn’t go beyond the laws of nature?

During an interview with Swami, prominent journalist R.K.Karanjia asks Him the reason why God should assume human form? Swami answers: 

Because that is the only way to incarnate the God within man. The Avathar takes the human form and behaves in a human way so that humanity can feel kinship with divinity. At the same time He rises to godly heights so that mankind also can aspire to reach God. The realization of the indwelling God as the motivator of life is the task for which Avathars come in human form. -The Blitz Interview, September 1976

How can the Avatar rise to Godly heights without transgressing the humanly laws of nature? In fact, all His miracles would seem to be beyond the laws of nature. Isn’t that why they are called “miracles” in the first place? 

[Swami once mentioned that His body, like all other bodies, is subject to the laws of nature. We have already experienced this. But I believe this statement has been misinterpreted to mean that Swami wouldn’t go against the laws of nature. Here is an interesting article which mentions Swami’s control over the laws of nature where Swami says “Those in divine bliss will not be restricted by ordinary laws of nature”: http://www.saibaba.ws/miracles/swamileaveshisbody.htm]


Lrao2014-09-05 21:26#
So true.... Swami's charitra or story is replete with examples where he has transcended (which is a silly term in itself, because it implies that He ever was subject to it!) the so called laws of nature. It is all in His hands - law, nature, universe - He controls ALL. So what makes us doubt that He continues to do so, and therefore can take the same form again, if He wishes to?

July 31, 2012 at 2:29 AM
Sreejith Narayan STKC
Sreejith Narayan STKC2014-09-05 21:27#
Sairam Lrao..Very true.

August 6, 2012 at 7:12 AM
Sammy2014-09-05 21:28#

True indeed! It is one thing "going against the laws of nature" and another, "going beyond (transcending) the laws of nature". Our perception of nature is what we experience through our limited senses and Swami's life has been one of going beyond these limitations. Sometimes people who are too physically "close" to the Light (Swami) can be the ones who are blinded. There creeps in some egoism and a presumption to wisdom.

May 12, 2014 at 10:53 PM
J. Bruni
J. Bruni2014-09-05 21:28#
Indeed... the most impressive thing in the possibility of His return is not even the fact of His reappearance or not, in my humble opinion... it is the fact of some "devotees" discarding this possibility as "impossible", as if there is anything "impossible" for the Lord.

I don't know if He will return publicly reincarnated in the same form or not. I just know that if this is His will, of course He can and He will do it. If it is not His will, if this is not His Sankalpa, then it won't.

So, the true question is not if He can or He cannot, or if it is possible or impossible. Of course He can and it is possible! The true question is if it is part of His Sankalpa or not.

This is where His Words and His Mystery leave us on expectation: none can know until He appears again - later as Prema Sai, or sooner as Sathya Sai again!

Truth is that I wouldn't be expecting anything if I had not read the "Sai, Thy Kingdom Come" book. The study presented in this book is very cool, intelligent, and based mainly on Swami's own words. After "waking up" for Swami's own message and words regarding His body, brilliantly focused by the study in the book, my soul is happy and engaged on being part of this most magnificent fact in the History of our World!

I know "the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life" (2 Corinthians 3:6) - and this would be the main explanation of Swami NOT returning.

Why? Because according to His own "letters"/words, as the study in the book reveals, we can promptly engage ourselves on prayer, namasmarana and seva, preparing ourselves for His imminent return!

Thank you.

August 5, 2012 at 12:07 PM
Sreejith Narayan STKC
Sreejith Narayan STKC2014-09-05 21:29#
Sairam J.Bruni..I completely agree. Thank you for your kind words regarding the book.

August 6, 2012 at 7:13 AM
SHEELA PILLAI2014-09-05 21:29#
Bhagawan is, mind one and all, no human being but the God Almighty Himself. His Divine Sankalpa can make Him accomplish the impossible, including His return in the same Physical form. By His Divine words highlighted by the rational study evinced by in the book SAI, THY KINGDOM COME, regarding His return in the same form, one and all can expect prayerfully HIs promised return.

May 13, 2014 at 3:50 AM
LRao2014-09-05 21:30#
Thanks for re-posting, Sreejith. I was in Parthi recently on the Aradhana Mahotsavam day, and the first bhajan sung was "Brahmanda Nayaka Baba....." :). I smiled to myself - we sing so many bhajans professing His glory, that the entire universe is in His hands, but many don't believe what is sung in bhajans.

Re: Lord Krishna's Govardhanagiri story, I am always reminded of a very sweet little incident from Swami's life that Sri Kasturi outlines in 'Easwaramma the Chosen Mother" -- Smt. Venkamma's family (Swami's oldest sister) was building a home with mud walls and a thatched roof. Just as they were building it, ominous clouds appeared in the sky, threatening to undo all their efforts. The family scurried around, trying to find coconut leaves to cover the new walls and roof. Just as they were doing that, little Sathya stood with his tiny palm facing the sky, and called out to His older sister, "Venkamma, vaana raadu" -- "Venkamma, it is not going to rain". And, the rain clouds stopped instantly. The new home was saved from dissolving into a puddle of mud by the little palm facing the sky.

There was another incident where Sri Kasturi was giving a talk as a precursor to the divine discourse. As people were sitting and listening, and heavy clouds threatened a downpour, Kasturi was anxious that all will get drenched. Even as he spoke, his mind was on the clouds and the imminent rain. In the discourse that followed, Swami lovingly mocked Kasturi's fears - [paraphrased] - this Kasturi doesn't believe that Swami can take care of the rain; even as he talked, he was worried about the rain.... Swami said. Will Swami let that happen? He asked. And....he took care of his devotees. There was no rain, even as all were resigned to a drenching.

Sorry for getting carried away :) -- every little incident should remind us of the glory of the Brahmanda Nayaka as written/read/seen/experienced. Else, what is the use of being contemporaries of Bhagavan.


May 12, 2014 at 10:44 PM
leog182014-09-05 21:31#
Everything is Himpossible :)

May 13, 2014 at 1:46 AM
Anonymous2014-09-05 21:33#
There was a child that died and after 12 years was resurrected - I cannot recall the story of who/ when etc.. but I know I read it - Jesus died rose 3 days later - Shirdi BABA died and rose 3 days later - BABA WILL RISE - TIME FOR HIM IS UNIMPORTANT IN THIS EVENT BUT IT WILL BE HIS TIMING - Prof. Sri Anil Kumar Eminent BABA's close companion for years - THE MAYA OF BABA GODS BODY IS SO GREAT - that devotees forget HE is GOD and so become engrossed in the FORM and so think BABA is like any other SWAMI that is in INDIA and has left - so that why they do not believe BABA RETURNS - it can happen to any of us if we spend that much time with the FORM - also many people became disillusioned and their hope /faith was traumatised so there is pain that stops the belief of return -WE PRAY FOR BABA TO COME - TO GENTLYPICK UP THE FALLEN - EMBRACE US ALL AS HIS/HER CHILDREN AND RE-ESTABLISH DHARMA AND PEACE FOR ALL LIFE FORMS - SAIRAM

May 13, 2014 at 2:14 AM
Sai Dav
Sai Dav2014-09-05 21:33#

It is not a question of BABA 9(GOD ALMIGHTY) can do BUT WHAT CAN HE NOT DO !!!!
I am whatever YOU think I am - BABA


Sai Dav

June 2, 2014 at 2:19 AM
Paul2014-12-13 12:12#
Love this article Sreejith. I never thought this argument of Baba not breaking laws of nature made sense. As you say, do not these miracles proclaim otherwise? One might say Baba's Love is his greatest miracle but the countless physical miracles played a significant role in drawing people to Baba and in cultivating their faith in him. Why does Baba say these miracles are his "calling cards"? Because miracles proclaim the presence of divinity. Sairam
Parag2015-01-06 19:11#
sairam, it's really wonderful to read about Swami's arrival.
The One who lived an extraordinary life cannot have an ordinary death. There is more to it, keep your faith, for he shall unfold the truth soon....
S.Nagarajan2015-03-16 08:20#
It is the sweet will of the Lord that will manifest soon. Dreams and visions on Bagawan never failed. We should maintain patience and pray for the welfare of the entire world. Already some events are taking place slowly which indicate nature's fury starting at one place and gaining momentum. The supercyclone at Pacific islands on friday and a major earthquake in Indonasia shows that things started rolling....May Swami give us courage and confidence to face and deal with the situation appropriately, aware of His Presence everywhere!
Nayanika.Jayaram2015-08-21 12:54#
Dear Sai brother thank you so much for the share - overwhelming and feelings of total presence of our beloved Swami filled the spaces and made His Presence very very REAL - always with the formless and with the form when presented this e-book and the read just was timeless and exceedingly THE DIVINE PRESENCE OF VAASUDEVA THE LORD HIMSELF - Dhanyavadulu, vannakam , shukhriya Sreejith Narayan brother Sai...

Aum Jai Sai Ram

Will love to be with a copy of this book , when and if it is available...
Dhanya Ho Sreejith Narayanji
Vaasudevaya Namo Namaha - Aum Jai Sai Ram
Natarajan S
Natarajan S2015-09-05 12:14#
Sai Ram Brothers,
Now that He left his body, there is no boundaries for Him. Only at the time avatars born from human mothers and live in that form ,they need to be bound by karma or natural laws. When He left the mortal body and now in immortal form it is the best time to take the old body with the immortal form so that everything that He planned for, He can establish now. What He said about everybody wants to be in Puttaparthi at one time, will come true only when He comes with His full might showing total powers that He got on His command. Let anybody believing Him, not to break law of karma or law of nature, be welcome to await Prema Sai. But I believe He will come in old form and show His might to the world, to fulfill sayings in every religion "Judgment Day" Day Thy Kingdom come" etc.

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