Until You Resurrect...A Continuous Period Of Sai Lent

By Jullie Chaudhuri

The forty day period of Lent is a time of repentance, fasting and preparation for the coming of Easter, when countless devout hearts spend their days praying to God, contemplating, overhauling the mindset and enhancing spiritual discipline.

Two thousand years since the supreme sacrifice by the Son Of God, crucifixion of Jesus Christ, The Supreme Divine Father HimSelf, as Sri Sathya Sai, enacted a Divine Drama in March – April 2011, during the Lent period, resulting in HimSelf being aloof from the human sight hitherto. Connecting the two epochal events spanning two millennia, Ms Jullie Chaudhuri writes about her passion called ‘Sai Lent’, pledging to continue the same until He chooses to resurrect, return.

At this moment we are traversing the most profound phase of Lent. It is a period particularly set aside for deliberation, introspection, self absorption and meditation on Christ Consciousness. In order to eventually celebrate the resurrection of Christ...the day known to all as Easter...countless devout hearts fast for 40 days – praying, feasting on the name of God, contemplating, overhauling the mindset...and enhancing spiritual discipline. Bhagawan chose this period of Lent to perform an extraordinarily astounding leela...while enacting a Cosmic Drama with refined precision...absolutely in accordance to the script written by Him.  The aftermath of this episode naturally leaves mankind, those that are aware, in a state of extreme shock and agony...giving way gradually to the acceptance of His Divine Will. He also chose Easter day - 24th April 2011...to proclaim silently through this most telling enactment – as regards a hush...an interim...an interval of sorts in the course of His Advent. The link in all this is - His Word and our Faith and Patience...faith in our patience and patience in our faith. What He chose to inflict upon His Divine Frame......for the ultimate benefit and upliftment of humanity......is completely beyond any human mind to understand......or even try to appreciate, gauge, interpret or unravel, For sure, Even if one tries to do so... it will remain a mere conjecture. Easter this year is on 27th March...time to celebrate the culmination of Lent. Yet, for many of us...the period of Lent continues on. 28th March 2011 was the day Bhagawan revealed the SSSIHMS as the place pre-reserved for some startlingly significant scenes in this Cosmic Play that involved the Creator Himself and His creation on Planet Earth.

Personally, the period of Lent for me will persist on till the fulfillment of each of His Word...for His Word is His Will...the Will of the Supreme Being...the Ultimate Source...the Absolute Truth...and His Will will be done...His Kingdom will come....the Sathya of Sai will prevail...for the era of Sathya Sai has much more in store...moreover, we have not even witnessed the tip of the ‘saiceberg’ so to say, for it is hitherto hidden in the misty ocean of His Maya. Thus, the chapter of Sai Lent will conclude only upon His Resurrection...the time, its imminence, its exact implementation and fluid accuracy is known only to Him and remains His prerogative. ‘That day’ will be the most astonishing day recorded in the historical treatise of Earth...that day will be the most royal Easter Day...that day will stupefy, flabbergast, overwhelmingly transform the destiny of the human race...that day will be declared as the most marvellously sacrosanct Diwali Day...that day will gloriously witness the meteoric and spectacular cascade of His incomparable magnificent Grace.

Everything is Sathya Sai...there is nothing beyond Him...because the truth is...that He is Truth and everything is within Him...resting in His omnipotent, all-powerful grasp.

Accordingly this popular hymn liltingly echoes - ‘Come to Me over the water, Peter, walk on the waves of the stormy sea, I know your boat is frail and fragile but believe in Me...I can do anything when faith doesn’t weaken...’

Dear Sisters and Brothers...let us once again bring about that tremendous fervour that rocked the earth and showered the celestial spheres with a deluge of human emotions in April 2011 - that pure matchless passion to see our Beloved Master amongst us again. Those expressions of one pointed desire still hover animatedly, expectantly, fragrantly in the ether. In the realm of the Divine - no prayer goes unnoticed, no heartfelt appeal is ignored and certainly no devotion is unreciprocated. 

Let us seek blessings to purify our hearts that it may become a site for a grand Yagna; let the radiance of our individual and collective intensity as well as our immense adoration ignite a luminous flame within this purified arena...sparkling with exceptional brilliance; may our earnest devotion, dedicated intention, allegiance to the elements five, to human values and to universal harmony be the symbolic oblations offered alongside with intonations of selfless chants for the welfare of all life forms. Together with Swaha...let us intone – Aao Sai Maa (Come, Sai Maa). The heart space is the place from whence springs forth all miracles...for the Supreme One resides there.

Hidden within all of us is a Radha, a Mira, an Andal, a Tukaram, a Dhruv...and a Prahlad...to name just a few of those rapturously lost in the fervour of spiritual intoxication...unable to bear any separation...their souls pledged in a sublime matrimony to the Sovereign Soul, persuasive prayers that appealed, charmed, invoked and caused a reciprocation...an invincible Manifestation through ages gone by. Depth and profound intensity is the key to open the door to that pinnacle of adoration, devotion that compels an incarnation of the Supreme...a Supreme Incarnation. Let us all deepen our craving for the Lord – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai...especially during this time that He chose to take upon Himself the hopelessly woebegone condition of humanity and the colossal contamination of Earth besides other unimaginable cosmic issues. It is a momentous interlude, so let us submit all our moments to it with steadfast intent and unwavering intensity.

Being keenly absorbed in Him, His Story...recollecting the Sai Bhagavatam...a chapter wise study; zealously, incessantly recalling His endless exalted leelas; radiating Samastha Lokaah/Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu; performing random acts of kindness; being enrapt by His Words...so thoroughly researched and wonderfully assembled, streamlined ‘under one roof’ so to say...in the fascinatingly ruminative chronicle - Sai Thy Kingdom Come, enthusing a regular hallowed recitation akin to a resolute parayanam (a dedicated daily read through of predetermined chapters); concentrating on His pledge from the sacrosanct Bhagawad Gita – Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya...Glanir Bhavati Bharata... Abhyuthanam Adharmasya... Tadatmanam Sryjamyaham... compellingly attracting Him through His own vow that commits His Presence...are some practices and processes that we can follow seeking His Appearance...for Bhagawan is the only way out of all the micro and macro global adharma.

Beloved Lord, sweet Mother Sai...this is the feeling of our soul, this is the echo of every heartbeat...every atom of creation joins in too...to plead with You to guide our prayer and penance...to accept us, our love, our gratitude as well as our repentance. Earth craves a lasting relief and respite so essential for her existence...for the survival of the beings that do dwell upon her compassionate bosom...for liberating her, her fertile soil and environ...consequently, along with us all, earth single-mindedly awaits You...Your Presence...so as to rekindle love and purity, truth and righteousness, harmony and oneness in mortal hearts gone arid and dry...totally bereft of warmth, sympathy and kindness. Precious One, Beloved Mother Sai...Resurrect...end this Sailence...at the earliest...consent, assent, relent...for until You resurrect it will be a continuous period of Sai Lent.



Evaristo forcen fernandez
Evaristo forcen fernandez2016-02-29 17:58#
Dearest SAI sister,Jullie Chaudhuri:I feel blessed, reading your magnificentcomments Thank you GOD-SWAMI bless you
KARTHIKEYAN2016-02-29 18:06#
When everything was dark
and it seemed that the sun would never shine again,
your love broke through.

Your love was too strong,
too wide,
too deep
for death to hold.

The sparks cast by your love
dance and spread
and burst forth
with resurrection light.

Gracious God,
We praise you for the light of new life
made possible through Jesus.
We praise you for the light of new life
that shone on the first witnesses of resurrection.
We praise you for the light of new life
that continues to shine in our hearts today.

We pray that the Easter light of life, hope and joy,
will live in us each day;
and that we will be bearers of that light
into the lives of others.
Joy2016-02-29 22:18#
'Easter Findings' - The Prasanthi Reporter, Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2013.

"1894 Painting by Maurice Denis, depicting the Resurrection of Jesus…and interestingly, the image of the Lord resurrected has a striking resemblance to The Lord clad in an Orange Robe, Who Walks The Earth in this modern era – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai!"

"It fills each devotee’s heart with a light of longing for a Divine encore."

"God is beyond time! He was there in the past, is there in the present, and will be there in future."

Jay2016-03-01 13:21#
Sai Ram Sister Julie, beautiful article. Didn't know about the Lent period. Gives me so much inspiration to intensify my prayers and Sadhana. Thank you.
Sheela Pillai D   BSc., FCA.,Grad CWA
Sheela Pillai D BSc., FCA.,Grad CWA2016-03-01 18:45#
It is heartening to note that amongst us, the hopefuls waiting for His return in the same form, there is one more indefatigable spirit in you that has not lost faith in His words of promised return with the clouding mist of passing time of nearing 5 years of His disappearance. We draw strength from each other in times of spiritual gloom. SAI RAM
saisarannaga2016-03-03 05:13#
Awaiting for the Lord, every moment on earth. The secrets are hidden in Sai. We can not predict, forecast or even conclude with His various indications during mysterious dreams. Everyone who dream Swami has forgotten the date He has mentioned. That is the mystery of mysteries. Om Sai Ram.
P CNAYAK2016-03-05 16:45#
SWAMI'S Leela is very unique. Everyday, all of us are verifying this website to know about any dream and indirectly, we are remembering SWAMI everyday, every minute and every second.
By now, I am understanding that Swami will come, when, there would be need for the people. I was going through Swami's forecast made in 1970's, where, He had said about disasters and war. He told about one day, which would be very hot, like cooking can be made outside, when [many] people will die after fighting with each other. Now, we are observing that in many countries including India, the society is dividing on the basis of thinking and they are very violent. So, I request all my Sai brothers and sisters to keep themselves inside the house, if they come across such situation.
I am of the opinion that Swami would be doing some thing in this 2016. One Sairam has mentioned about flooding and she closed her eyes to see that flood disappearing suddenly. All these thing pointed to one thing that if flood really come, we should pray Swami to save us and allow us to do His work.
All of us should prepare ourselves for the miraculous day to be unveiled by Swami and always, we should pray for His early APPEARANCE.
Lrao2016-03-08 04:49#
Today's Thought for the Day from Prasanthi Nilayam:

Truly, the prayers of the great act as an invitation even for the advent of the Lord. In the external world, when the subjects need any convenience or help, they approach the rulers and inform them of their request. So also, in the internal state, when there is no possibility of achieving and acquiring devotion, charity, peace, and truth, the great and good people who desire to achieve them pray to the Lord within themselves. Then, listening to their prayers, He Himself comes into the world and showers His grace on them. Ramayana and Bhagavata reveal that Lord Rama and Krishna incarnated as an answer to the prayers of the sages. Thus prayers should be offered again and again for the realisation of the task. No one should become desperate and give up prayers if they don’t result immediately in the advent of the Lord.
- Prema Vahini, Ch 70.
P. C. NAYAK, INDIA2016-03-14 04:10#
Sairam to All,
It is very surprising that everybody became silent as Swami became silent. It is very boring without dreams of Swami. Let us all pray for a dream by any Sai devotee, even though, it is discretion of Swami.
Day temperature is going up abnormally. I request all Sai devotees to keep grocery for one month in the house for facing any natural / man made disasters.
KARTHIKEYAN2016-03-14 16:35#
Sairam Brother, What To Do? Every One is Silent!!!!! The Only thing we can do is, as you said, We can pray to Swami For something good to happen. Thank You.
BRUNO2017-01-31 18:42#
S.Rani2017-02-06 09:07#
Swami will certainly answer our prayers. We shouldn't lose faith but keep praying.

Al Macasaet
Al Macasaet2020-03-27 21:15#
Thank you for voicing what our hearts yearn for. Yours is a gift of literary ability, which when turned to our Swami, becomes HIs instrument of inspiration. Written for the heart, read by the heart. Jai Sai Ram

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