A loving note to all from the STKC team

Aum Sri Sai Ram

Love My Uncertainty - Baba

So many devoted hearts, so many blessed visions and dreams, so many eager souls craving glad tidings, so many thinking minds with just one desire...one goal – glimpses of the Beloved Master, the fulfillment of His distinct Utterances. 

The faith in Swami's Reappearance stems from the faith in His words.

While we are delighted to post dreams and different viewpoints, readers have to understand that we, by no means, claim these as 'predictions'. 

Can the Infinite ever be pinned down by finite minds...howsoever pure?

Over the last couple of years, innumerable devotees have traversed through this website to participate in the vibrant discussions on Swami’s reappearance. In the process, based on dream interpretations, calculations derived from Swami’s Words, astrological signs, etc, many dates have been suggested by various devotees for His imminent Return. However, there always seem to be a hype around certain dates, after the passing of which, all eyes are set on the next 'possible' scenario. Although, such fervor arises out of profound love for Beloved Swami, by no means have these been treated as 'predictions' for it is an established fact and quite lucid that no mortal can predict the Unpredictable One, nor can any being decipher His incomprehensible ways nor forecast the unfolding of His Will...for He eternally remains beyond the ken of the human mind. 

Deep in our hearts, it is clear to all of us too, that Swami alone knows the sequence of events in His Divine Drama, it is preposterous/futile to even attempt to foresee what the Avatar would do next! 

What is put to print on this site and elsewhere are wholesome expressions of personal beliefs. 

As far as putting a date to His Return is concerned may it be crystal clear in our mind that it is impossible for anyone to know the exactness of His Appearance.  

Our faith is in the reappearance and not on the date there of. 

The actions of the Lord are precisely calculated, yet, remain colossally beyond human calculations. Devotees who speculate on the dates are happy and joyful to do so for it gives us all a reason to talk about Him. That's all. 

Is it not Beloved Swami’s Grace that the discussions on the 'probable' dates of His 'pending' Return, have only led to further thoughts about Him? It is something to constantly indulge in while leaving the rest to the ever expansive indomitable Will of our dear Mother Sai.

Indeed none of us have the temerity to do so nor do we mean to unravel the divine indulgences He blesses us with, by way of dreams and visions, which remain a supreme reflection of His innate love, compassion and understanding of our longing for Him.

His mystery belongs to Him alone...with utmost care and patience let us await the consequential unfolding of this unfathomable celestial spectacle...in thorough awe of the wondrous enigma of the ever Enigmatic One!

Even as we wait for Him, let us make 'Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu' and Sathya Dharma Shanti Prema Ahimsa...our very breath...signifying an enlightened way of living...that will please our dear Lord.


Matt/NJ2014-12-24 13:12#
A well said and well-timed reminder of some essential facts. It is this aspect of level-headedness and humility that I perhaps appreciate the most from this website and its message. Best holiday wishes to brother Sreejith, to all our friends and family, and to seekers of Truth everywhere! Om Sai Ram!

Para Eighteen
Para Eighteen2014-12-24 13:53#
Sai Ram,With love.
Isn't it the most beautiful satsang that we all have been engaged in here? Swami says meditation is being absorbed in the divine and thanks to this truly divinely inspired site,we have kept the live ember of our love -and our hopes- bright and burning.This oasis has nourished parched hearts and each one of us will be eternally grateful for that.
Yes, let us not pre-guess Swami.He loves us to love His uncertainty.He will never disappoint, but He will do IT(whatever) when we least expect it. But that is also trying to predict!So,let us just wait,keeping ourselves filled with His love,and spreading that love,and the unbelievable shall surely unfold... The world will resound with His glory.
sandya rajagopal
sandya rajagopal2014-12-24 14:49#
Very beautiful. Sairam
Susan Fay
Susan Fay2014-12-24 15:54#
Jaya Sai Gayatri. Thank you so much for this soothing Balm for the Baba-Riveted Soul. I know that I have noticed my own feelings lately swinging from excitement, to some distress about a possible upcoming disappointment, and also to a numbness as my ego tries to keep detached. But this grounded article from Sreejith and the STKC Team has returned me to my center, and I now feel a radiant faith in Swami that is warmly detached from any concrete particularities. Let us all celebrate the Birth of Divinity within our own hearts that Jesus Christ’s Advent demonstrated and that Sathya Sai Baba has and will to continue to inspire and call forth, for we are all lovers of Divinity, of Truth, of Sathya.

And here is heart-felt quote from Ramakrishna that suggests a whole-being approach for the Seekers of Truth:

O ceaselessly searching mind,
If your yearning for Truth is real,
Then let me hear you cry out
To the beautiful Black Goddess
With an Infinite Cry.
Could the Mother of the Universe
Then sustain the playful illusion
That She is separate from you?

Merry Christmas, everyone!!

Susan Fay
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-24 16:42#
Dearest Sister in Christ, Susan Fay. What a beautiful soul you are. thank you for these comments....especially quote from our Beloved Ramakrishna. Sai Ram!!! Jai Ma
p c nayak
p c nayak2014-12-24 15:58#
we should understand that whatever happens on this earth is as per wish of Swami only. we sai brothers may think that all our predictions have gone waste. but, that is not correct. in the official system, before starting a new procedure, always there used to be workshops for sensitising the officials. if you attend the work shop, it will look totally waste. but, in the long run, it is very useful, just like, if you read all topics, you can easily secure good marks in the exam. suppose you read half of the topics, you may not answer properly and you may fail. that's why, i am thinking that by way of this website, many many sai devotees have got confirmation in the mind that really Swami is coming back on some date. without this website, though i was knowing about His return up to 96th year, i would not have so much confidence. in addition, we got so much message about the dreams of Swami, as all are not blessed to have dreams. i want to thank brother sreejith for the great work, through which many sai devotees got the idea and when Swami will give darshan in parthi, devotees would not be surprised, as radha was not so much happy after seeing krishna, as she was visualising krishna everywhere, in water drops, leaves etc. therefore, i request all sai brothers and sisters that we should be very happy that last few years we always remember Swami.I request all my sai brothers and sisters that we should always be connected through this website, which gives so much happiness that i can not describe.
pc nayak,
Anonymous2014-12-24 16:29#
Feeling elated at the last line, Samastha Lokah and Sathya Dharma Shanti Prema Ahimsa. Christmas in in the air and let the air around be filled with Love and Compassion. He Is verily His Own Equal and no predictions, no dates and no looking back, even if He Himself comes and dissuades me. Let me live to bring Him yet again and thus TO BE... BEING...

Merry Christmas!!!
SAMY2014-12-24 16:33#
lrao2014-12-24 16:39#
Aum Sai Ram. When we were waiting for Darshan of Swami in Puttaparthi in 2010, we sat for several hours once. I remember Sri Anil Kumar telling us, "Waiting for God is Meditation". We would sit for hours, with our single minded attention on the entrance gate to Swami's residence, waiting for Him to come out and give Darshan. And so it is. Waiting for God is indeed Meditation, and on this site, it is Satsang, and shared Sai Love. All this sharing and waiting makes it Sweeter. And gives a spring to my step, and a smile to my lips, and a reason to wake up in the morning and go about my work.

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-24 16:41#
Wow, All of these comments are so beautiful. Thank you ....All of you...I have such a great love for our Sai STKC Team, which includes each and every one of us
S.NAGARAJAN2014-12-25 04:11#
Sairam brothers and sisters! No need to get disheartened. I used to mention about the probable date to many Sai devotees here. Of late, for the past few days, I was musing that 'Swami has said that he would come back by the end of the year. It need not be the Gregorian calendar. It may be around the new year as per the Hindu calendars falling on March -April which is known as Yugadi. Or it may be the next year also. He has not mentioned about the year. Hence, it is rightly said, that all these speculations makes us remember Swami always and thus we pass the time in his memory. His Will alone will prevail ultimately. May Bagawan guide and guard the inhabitants of the worlds. Om Sri Sai Ram.
Joy2014-12-25 04:15#
If our Dear Brother Sreejith and his team ever had any doubts about the spiritual value or positive impact of his Divinely Inspired undertaking, the loving, moving, cheerful comments on this page today should erase those doubts permanently.

For each one of us who has openly expressed gratitude for the Blessings that have flowed from this wondrous fixation, there must be many more who feel the same but do not, or need not, put it in writing.

Swami said "Be Happy" and I feel certain that He has gifted the book, 'Sai Thy Kingdom Come', to Sreejith in order to bring happiness to devotees as its main purpose.
It has well and truly achieved that goal and, for me, that is more than enough!
Aanchal Sai Sharma
Aanchal Sai Sharma2014-12-25 07:25#
MY Dearest Beloved Sweet SWAMI,

Your words are as true as Your very existence.

Let every guessed date/day/week/month/year pass without even a single sign or even without a slight movement in a leaf...

but I/we shall still keep waiting for Your return and for Your own words, full of divinity, to come true.

And shall keep working on making our lives, Your Message!

Please come soon, Dearest SaiMaa.

|| Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu ||

Aum Bhuur Bhuvah Svah
Bhargo Devasya Dheemahi
Dhiyo Yo Nah
Prachodayaath ||
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-25 07:33#
In His discourse of 29 September 1960 (Chapter 31 of Sathya Sai Speaks volume 1), Swami said,

"I will be in this mortal human form for 59 years more and I shall certainly achieve the purpose of this avatar; do not doubt it. I will take My own time to carry out My Plan so far as you are concerned. I cannot hurry because you are hurrying.

I may sometimes wait until I can achieve ten things at one stroke; just as an engine is not used to haul one coach, but awaits until sufficient haulage in proportion to its capacity is ready. But My Word will never fail; it must happen as I will."
Trayee2014-12-25 15:19#

All of us were praying earnestly from the time Swami left His physical body, for a few, days, months we were all so sorrowful, dejected thinking this is never the way Swami will be leaving His physical body so surely He will be back in fact all of us even those of whom who deny Swami's coming back outwardly I am sure deep within them they crave and pray for it . But brother Sreejith's website makes us all feel infinite percent sure that our Loving Dear Swami is coming back though none of us know the exact date of His return, sure He is the unpredictable.Let us all Wait for Him as we wait for Him in Parthi for His Darshan.
Apurva2014-12-25 15:57#
Thank you brother Sreejith.. my thoughts echo the same!! Susan what a lovely posting here...Awaiting the TRIO!!!
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2014-12-25 21:13#
Sairam my dear fellow travelers in this amazing journey, On behalf of STKC, heartfelt gratitude to all of you for the love and support.
KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-26 04:28#
Our journey will be a Sure Success !Thank you Brother Sreejith for this Wonderful SaiKingdom Website!
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2014-12-26 09:08#
Aum Sai Ram! He is more in our thoughts now than ever before. Every second, every minute of the day. So how can we doubt His reappearance? He said that He will manifest Himself when His devotees call from the heart. And He is just waiting for the right moment and time. Yes He will come whatever the non-believers may say. His words will never fail. His life size picture in front of me looks more alive as never before. Love will bring Him back. He is in front of me, behind me, above me, below me.

Just Sai everywhere.
p c nayak
p c nayak2014-12-26 11:00#
dear sreejith sairam.
You know sairam, now, in this world, almost all the people except very few don't believe at all in reappearance. Whenever I talk on this topic, relatives think me mad and sai devotees also think differently. Some advice me don't speak like this, which does not have any evidence. Under this situation, opening and maintaining such a beautiful website is a very very beautiful thing. Please excuse me here, because first credit for this website go to our Swami and next to you sairam. I don't know if I have any good wishes, which gives immediate result, I wish all the good things for your parents and your children.
Have you anytime try to understood the reason of Swami leaving the physical body. When Swami was available, few people only believe Him and they always tell about Swami, thinking / showing that they are His great devotees. But swami don't go by words and He take test. The topic is very simple. Peviousely He has told that He is not the body and if He want, He can leave the body anytime. In addition, He shall stay on this earth up to 96th year. Now, the question of the test is that He left the body before 96 years and He is testing what is going on in the minds of devotees. What the devotee is thinking about Him and whether the devotee is still believing Him. I think, on this point many of us have failed. Nevermind, we should try our best in believing Swami and making Swami happy.
Here, I want to make another point is that many people are not believing about Swami's reappearance. Suppose Swami would have come back on the dates we presumed, it would have developed ego in us. That is the reason, He has not shown Himself. But, I am sure, He will give darsan again very soon, because, this website is his design and his design never fail.
Once more, many many best wishes for brother sreejith and Swami permit, we will meet in puttaparthy.
pc nayak,
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2014-12-28 03:50#
Sairam dear P C Nayak, Thank you so much for your inspiring words and the wholehearted wishes. Swami willing, we shall meet sometime.
Anup2014-12-27 18:59#
Brothers, pls be PATIENT! BABA is due to come only when we are ready. But unfortunately here we(people on earth) are busy hating each other and (KILLING!) On this Swami hates our fanatic egoism that says - mine or yours! When we crowd(all of earth) together in utter humility and pray to the almighty that -please relieve us from this terror of egoism which has strewn us apart - wife from husband,father from son and family to nation- then he will say -"TIME"! Trust HIM! Right now, Swami is not going to come back for- 'HIS' devotees also include muslims, Christians, jews,hindus, Sikhs- why religion based division -the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom too - belong to HIM.

Disasters will visit this place,(PREPARE PREPARE PREPARE - I AM SURE THERE ARE DOUBTERS-WHY EVEN MY OWN PEOPLE DON'T TRUST!)BUT MY DUTY IS TO FOREWARN-Financially,Physical safety-water,shelter,clothes and food- STORE!

Then everybody will pray for SAI/God to intercede. But this will have to be on a massive scale(all of humanity - in all tongues and in all appearances) then Sai's message of "sufficient haulage in proportion to its capacity is ready" @Latha SaiRam will be fructified! For that we have to pray. And my Bhagawan cautions that Rudram is the only panacea for the coming truth. With foreknowledge of this I hope the STKC team can prepare (with their contacts) prepare a network of volunteers/Sai around the globe who can focus on chanting Rudram for world well-being(in fact universal well-being!). Just as a pre-cursor in the real world - the oil prices have gone down way beyond anybody's expectations and trillions of dollars of bank derivatives within the financial system are based on the oil price being (at the minimum!) 100 dollars (System is burdened and at its seams - can unravel at any point).We all know the 2008 global crash - one thing leads..Domino effect. So prepare! I was lead by Bhagawan to this info( for critics - I will term - 'intuition'!) different sources of information - basically giving the same result - vimeo.com/85015967 . Russia on the other hand has been cornered(not good!) World has never been so close to war since Sai left....So prepare.

Joy2014-12-28 06:10#
“This Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family through the bond of brotherhood, of affirming and illumining the Atmic Reality (Reality of the Spirit) of each being in order to reveal the Divine which is the basis on which the entire Cosmos rests, and of instructing all to recognise the common Divine Heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal in him, and rise into the Divine, which is his goal.”

- 19th June 1974 in ‘Brindavan’, Bangalore.
“Sathya Sai Speaks”, Vol. – XII. Chapter – 38. Page: 229
Apurva2014-12-28 09:11#
Brother Anup! Thank you for this message. I have shared it with all on STKC face book too..Thanks again!! Loving Sairam!!!
Anup2014-12-30 18:01#
marco2014-12-28 09:58#
Dear Anup,
you wrote: '...Swami hates our fanatic egoism...'. In my opinion Baba does not hate anything. A second point: In my opinion it does not help to share fears about whatsoever. 'Think positive and be positive.', that is what I try to do. Panicmongering is the very last thing that is going to help.
Anup2014-12-30 18:07#
Anybody who is aware will be ready, why fear the real fact that is due??
"Trust Me" will be the life breath of SAI DEVOTEES(REAL) SO
panic is never True
Thank you Sir!
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-28 17:00#
A Divine ‘forewarning’!

Sanathana Sarathi He Is, our Lord Supreme, Whom we have ‘earned’ by His mighty magnanimity. He Is The Maker Of All Gods and Is The Lord Of Eternity…. Para Brahmam… Blessed indeed are we, to be ‘His Own’… When, at a time, He remains aloof from human sight, when His created world shows declining tendencies with reference to Truth and Righteousness, let’s listen to one of His most profound sayings, a Divine ‘forewarning’ to humanity… as recorded by Lucas Ralli in his book, Sai Messages For You & Me. (by Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust)The day of awakening is not far away and when it comes there will be a true revelation of the true power of God, a manifestation of the omnipresence of The Lord. This will be the signal for a great move forward and the weeding out of those who are not ready to accept the challenge of the moment… It will be just so. Mark My words. But few will listen, very few.After the storm there will be completely different beginning and the atmosphere will be completely different. It will be like a new age, the age of love, harmony and cooperation replacing the age of war, fighting, hatred, jealous, greed and all the negative aspects of life. Everyone should prepare NOW for this change, for I promise you that it will come, and only those who are ready will survive.I have given the warning. I have given My message a thousand times and no one who hears My words can proclaim ignorance. Don’t delay action to put right your own lifestyle and to change it to the way of God. There is no other way.”
II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II
Chockaingam Muthaiah
Chockaingam Muthaiah2014-12-31 07:17#
sms received__ The earth is going to witness a huge even, so be careful -Baba
Sais2015-01-02 04:16#
Sairam, From whom you received SMS?
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-01-02 06:46#
Sairam Sais, I used to send STKC posts to many devotees through sms, whatsapp and email. Hope your doubt is cleared! :)
Sais2015-01-03 02:46#
Oh Okay. I thought Baba send you SMS :)
Apurva2014-12-28 17:51#
Sairam Latha Sister, your link to sanathana sarathi is apt now in my opinion..reposting an extract here for those who may not have seen it. Thanks dear once again and loving sairam.
Sanathana Sarathi: He Is, our Lord Supreme, Whom we have ‘earned’ by His mighty magnanimity. He Is The Maker Of All Gods and Is The Lord Of Eternity…. Para Brahmam… Blessed indeed are we, to be ‘His Own’… When, at a time, He remains aloof from human sight, when His created world shows declining tendencies with reference to Truth and Righteousness, let’s listen to one of His most profound sayings, a Divine ‘forewarning’ to humanity… as recorded by Lucas Ralli in his book, Sai Messages For You & Me. (by Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust)

"The day of awakening is not far away and when it comes there will be a true revelation of the true power of God, a manifestation of the omnipresence of The Lord. This will be the signal for a great move forward and the weeding out of those who are not ready to accept the challenge of the moment… It will be just so. Mark My words. But few will listen, very few.
After the storm there will be completely different beginning and the atmosphere will be completely different. It will be like a new age, the age of love, harmony and cooperation replacing the age of war, fighting, hatred, jealous, greed and all the negative aspects of life. Everyone should prepare NOW for this change, for I promise you that it will come, and only those who are ready will survive.
I have given the warning. I have given My message a thousand times and no one who hears My words can proclaim ignorance. Don’t delay action to put right your own lifestyle and to change it to the way of God. There is no other way.”
II Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu II"
Apurva2014-12-28 19:40#
Sairam Brother, Appreciate your empathetic heart. The first thing that we do when there is an impending danger is alert our family members. That exactly is your natural response. When Swami clearly stated to so many people in various dream. It is always better to be prepared what little that can be done when our own SWAMI is asking us to be prepared (Maanvita Bhavataarinin Dream. Faith in Swami is undeterred, and we have to listen to our own mother sai's words.
Bro. Amal
Bro. Amal2014-12-28 22:46#
Sai Ram Sisters and Brothers,
It is very important that we all have firm faith in Swami at all times and at the same time it is also important that we all PREPARE as suggested by Anup since there are many real signs of major disasters to take place very soon. It is very clear from the recent dreams/visions that a disaster involving water is almost a certainty. If so, this could mean possibly a major earthquake or a volcanic eruption in the sea could cause a tsunami. In light of this I thought of sharing some information that I have been following for some time now, related to this. A mini solar system with at least 7 planets which is fast approaching the Earth and is expected to fly by the Earth at a distance of approximately 14 million miles very soon. One of them is known by various names Wormwood, Nibiru, Planet X, Red Kachina, Red Dragon, Hercolubus etc. As it gets closer and closer it is triggering volcanic activities as well. Currently there are about 30 active volcanoes. Igor Kostelac from Croatia has been following these planetary objects for the last 90 days and produced daily reports based on public webcams placed in Croatia and Switzerland. The link to his Youtube channel is provided here. Please watch his video presentations and draw your conclusions.


Another real sign is the Yellowstone Caldera in the USA. There has been many earthquake swams in this area for some time now and has caught the eye of scientists as well. Here is the link to a recent report on it. It is being claimed that even the animals living in that park have left.


Please note, I am not saying this is definitely going to happen but it is always best to be PREPARED while we continue to have firm faith in Swami and hold on to His Lotus feet very tight. Have NO DOUBT He will then take care of us.
Sai Ram
Anup2014-12-30 18:36#
K S Murthy
K S Murthy2014-12-28 16:37#
Sai Ram,

"Our faith is in the reappearance and not on the exact date there of" - excellent observation. Along with 89th birth day celebrations, several devotees started year-long activities culminating in 90th birth day of our beloved Lord on 23rd November, 2015. The activities include training to teachers in EHV syllabus, school-balavikas classes, starting nagarsankeerthan in new places, starting new Sai Centres, starting orphanages and old age homes, embarking on serious spiritual practice in seclusion, spiritual retreats etc., The STKCians, with a strong network of ardent devotees spread over the entire world, along with all these activities, they are praying for Lord's reappearance with intense faith and expectancy and also spreading among devotees the news of His immanent reappearance.

When a devotee from Holland, who wrote several books on Baba sought Baba's blessings for better concentration during her meditation, Baba answered saying that there is no need for her to do meditation as her intense involvement in writing books is her real meditation. Similarly we are all doing intense meditation by way of our single point concentration and expectancy for His reappearance.

And God's long nights are justified by dawn.--- Savitri (X.1)

Please continue to share your wonderful insights and those of other devotees.
Anup2014-12-30 18:03#
lrao2014-12-29 17:20#
Aum Sai Ram. I was returning from work this evening, and a car in front of me had the following message painted on the back windshield glass: "Don't worry, GOD is always on time. Trust Him". :).
anon2015-02-26 14:40#
on 1/apr/2011 Swami appeared in my dream .He was in a yellow robe coming out near the ladies side in Kulwant hall , the chair was pushed by one of the the veda-chanting persons (not the usual boys whom we had seen till then)..i too was there ...the hall was filled to capacity and it appears that all present in the hall were aware that SWAMI had returned frm the hosp. and it was his first darshan after discharge.Needless to say, we are all ecstatic.... I await, Swami, the scene to be enacted....in real .
Al Macasaet
Al Macasaet2015-03-13 23:23#
Very well said
Kiran Bamane
Kiran Bamane2015-09-22 10:17#
The Muddenahalli Sai appearience is the awaited reappearance of Swami?
Manfred Dempfle
Manfred Dempfle2015-12-08 12:13#
For some it seems to be so.In my heart and many other devotes I know this is surely not the awaited appearance of our Kali yuga Avatar! AS the masses of people on earth are not yet so advanced in the Divine love in order to communicate with a non material light body He will sort of bend down like a loving mother in order to reach out to help her crying child. This means HE will manifest in one or even many forms at the same time so we are able to cognise Him with our given worldly or outer senses. Because of the love and trust of SWAMIS devotes in His known Sathya Sai-form He will doubtlessly respect the desired imagination of His beloved devotees. Although He was is and will never be restricted to a specific form, place, or time out of love and care He will appear so and delude us first only to build up faith in the omnipresent Divinity. In order to have us disillusioned and clean up the face of earth of all evil spirits He will most propably come with a even more visible lovelight. You better be ever ready. OM TAT SAT
Manfred Dempfle
Manfred Dempfle2015-12-06 12:15#
Namasde every ONE.
Once the chaos in this world,- as in one of His discourses already anounced-hence per His Will, will finally reach the highest peak;

"HE" will reveal part of His divinity to one and all.

He said be ever ready. Why should He say so!? Well I guess only then we can be sure not to be caught "on the wrong foot".

ONLY pure hearded ONE`s will realy BE ABLE to SURRENDER or identify their selves hence become one with this very pristine bright love-light at that moment.

ALL others will be more or less, according to their own self made failures in the course of time, be shocked or simply not able to identify with this deep in silence inside hidden inborn Divinity yet.

Because we need to practice or cultivate virtues,hence real selfless LOVE.

Every moment OM IS MENT mhhh-OM-ment. But who cares!?

However the pure hearded only will be fit to take the full Grace of that surely upcoming special DIVINE REVELATION from our Avatar immediately into their heart and ever equal minds and stay firmly uplifted from then on.

BE EVEREADY the worldly photograph may tell you when to smile, but the Avatar said to better stay at home with a uninspiring castor-oil face instead of bringing everyone else down with such a negative expression.

While the evil doers face to face with the Divine event will either change or rather feel a shame or even get frightened. Because Divine radiation and vibration will make it impossible to further neglect or hide under such Divine circumstances.
In such cases love is really the strongest weapon which will delete this evil feelings deeds from the face of this earth. No soul can hide from His presence if He Wills so. Love is the essence or the real I of ALL BEINGS WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS! As long as one is able to RE-MEMBER and identify with his innermost divine I.

In the divine presence there is no one to judge. Who else could be there in the divine presence other then divinity!?

BUT if the dual mind is persistent the blindness and emotions will also persist.If one is not willing to change ifen in the divine presence god has granted appropriat places to experience.

All are not readdy yet,some heavy sins will have further consequnces and hence bind one for a further journey in dualismus and time or illusion.STILL many souls yet need more or less time to rise and shine.But finally all will shine pure.

To practice virtues helpes to gain mastery over ouer senses and leads to a non dual introspective mind.It is a question of the right Disciplin.

Perfect alignment in dayly practice of the five main virtues in thought,word, AND DEEDS only will lead shurely to TOTAL ONENESS or transformation!!!

Mark2015-12-09 03:39#
Much wisdom you speak ! Thank you & Hari Om Manfred :-D
S.NAGARAJAN2016-05-08 06:21#
Sairam! I think that there is nothing more to add except to await the events predicted in many scriptures as well as from Swami's discourses, his dreams and other ways of communication. I feel we have nothing to plan except to remain and rely upon HIM. Let Him choose to do whatever is best for us in spiritual point of view!
KARTHIKEYAN2016-05-13 17:55#
May all beings be peaceful.
May all beings be happy.
May all beings be safe.
May all beings awaken to
the light of their true nature.
May all beings be free.
M GOPINATH2017-01-09 08:34#
Just like a fish moving in water trying to either explain or learn about the atmosphere outside the water(like Air,Fire,smell etc) is it humanly possible to decode the words of the Divine (i.e. understand, discuss/explain about
the revelations)? So as Sri.Nagarajan said simply wait and observe the developments around.What else?
Reinhard Geith
Reinhard Geith2017-04-17 20:01#
Easter Monday 2017:
If everything would develop exactly as we are imagining and expecting because of prophecies and dusty scriptures, our attention would be there, instead of where He actually is acting His story in the here and now, including His physical absence at present. So this gap between our imagination and actuality in this 3-dimensional world can be seen as a beneficial factor.
Understanding this gap, we can save for later!

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