Once Silent...Now Relent...End This Sai Lent...

By Jullie Chaudhuri 

A Silent Offering...a Sai Lent Offering...
At the same time as the Lord we specifically chose to be born...
...the soul thought it paramount to be around,
When the Avatar walked upon Earth,
Sanctifying, revivifying Her soil and ground...
As regards 24th April 2011...
...and the extremely trying time that does as yet...
...us all confound...and surround,
So too, vis-à-vis days preceding this date...
...that colossally touches and imprints our fate,
Inevitable emotions did and still do the heartstrings rock and stir,
All the chants, prayers, appeals, offerings...
...vows and pledges are as yet reverberating in the ether,
...awaiting a holy sanction, consent and permission,
All those who have seen Him...
...can never stop wanting to see Him again,
All those who have heard Him,
...never cease to abstain,
...yearning soulfully to hear Him evermore,
All those who have interacted with Him,
...having experienced ambrosial sannidhi...
...darshan, sparshan, sambhashan...
...deeply desire such reciprocal exchanges...
...with the One they exclusively adore...
...profoundly from the depth of their very core...
When in reminiscence...the eyes well up and moisten...
...the heart does swell with wholesome emotion,
Joining in...each atom of creation too does sigh and cry...
...for sanctity. for amity, for global harmony...
...that can be wrought and brought in solely...
...by the sanctifying Presence of the Greatest Avatar -
Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba...

The days spanning March - April 2011 was a profound phase for not only devotees of Bhagawan, but all of mankind, for it included a Divine Decision...the enactment of an episode that shook the earth...our souls...while impacting the destiny of humanity. 

What He chose to inflict upon His Divine Frame...
...for the ultimate benefit and upliftment of the human race...
...is completely beyond any mortal mind to understand...
...or even try to appreciate, gauge, interpret, unravel or grasp...
...though countless million epochs may lapse,
His Plan...His Ways...What He decided to endure,
Even if one tries to fathom...it will remain mere conjecture,
For sure.

Bhagawan chose this period of Lent to perform an extraordinarily astounding leela...while enacting a Cosmic Drama with refined precision...absolutely in accordance to the script written by Him. The aftermath of this episode naturally leaves mankind, those that are aware, in a state of extreme shock and agony...giving way gradually to the acceptance of His Divine Will. He also chose Easter day - 24th April 2011 to aloof Himself from the physical. 

Bhagawan having chosen the period of Lent for His stay in the SSSIHMS and His - this most baffling, unfathomable Drama culminating in the ‘withdrawal, disappearance’ of His Beatific Form...with a hidden ‘For the Time Being’ board...and His choosing to remain momentarily unseen as the scenes play on upon the Earthly Screen...for the past few years...hasn’t it linked us even more deeply, unequivocally, vocally, silently to this period...this Season of Lent...Sai Lent?

Isn’t the onus upon us all, His children...the children of Sai...to make proper use of this period He has lent us all....? To enhance our study, our practice...our steady practice while inching towards graduation day while honouring our enlistment in the classroom of the Universe... the University of Sai...where the ether becomes the expansive roof?

Is this a Cosmic Rehearsal then?

My soul believes thus –
The Majestic Ocean decides to ebb...for a while...in order to mightily surge and flow in time to come; the Supreme Cosmic Body chooses to remain in a phase of wane...before it will wax, expand and swell in extreme glory and fullness once again; the veils were drawn on this Sacrosanct Visit...this most Holy Sojourn...an eclipse declared...only to give way to the astonishing, shimmering brilliance of this vividly distinct and magnificent Advent ultimately...as deemed fit by Sathya Sai – the Ultimate One...one fine Divine Day...as a natural consequence and triumph of His Word. 

Until then, come dear ones, together let us pray and live for global peace and kindred harmony...so that the Beloved One may come into view...let us offer allegiance to and incessantly chant Samastha Lokah Sukhino Bhavantu...Samastha Jeeva Sukhino Bhavantu...let us breathe Sathya and Dharma...endeavour constantly to exude Shanti and Prema for all beings...that includes me and you!

Precious Lord...Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai...
...hear us as we plead and implore Thee:
That we adore Thee,
Every speck of our devotion to Thee...
...is simply due to Thy Glorious Grace and Merciful Largesse...
...truly a wondrous bequest...
Beloved Mother Sai...
...once silent...now relent...end this Sai Lent...
Collectively we do Thee repeatedly request -
You are our soul's sole quest,
That earth may eternally rejoice and be blessed,
With our longing Your Lotus Feet we do caress,
Its best for all of creation...
...that You manifest at the earliest.



kay es
kay es2016-04-07 03:25#
Sai Ram dear brothers and sisters,

Let us continue our prayers and fasting till His grand arrival. Let us join the seekers of all faiths who are also eagerly awaiting His arrival. Let us have a glimpse of His current Mission at saivrinda.org.
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2016-04-07 06:52#
The world over, the feeling is thus - Where the mind is without I, and the heart is full of Sai, into that heaven of freedom, Oh Lord let my soul awake… …each drum beat, each ring of the cymbals is pleading with the Lord and praying to Him for Him…and why shouldn't they…? For all that He takes upon Himself, saving humanity from disastrous effects of natural calamities which threatens the existence of millions, it is on their part but a humble act of acknowledgement and gratitude, isn't it….? …gratitude to the Beloved for all that we know He does and all that we don't know…to the Universe for all its abundance, for the country we live in…do we wish to be in any other place than the one the Lord chose…?...to our parents for giving us life and for introducing us to life i.e. the Beloved; also, it's important to have gratitude towards the physical casing of the atma, the vehicle for the soul, to each and every organ for functioning well, to the eyes for seeing His form, to the ears for having heard Him, to the feet for having walked His way, to the mind for its focus on Him…and to the heart for being the shrine where He does dwell.
8th April 2011…Collective Harmony in the heart of Parthi…beyond caste, colour, religion - a rare example of unity… When the cherished One allows Himself to be admitted to the ICU of SSSIHMS, the Cosmos watches with bated breath as to what He has written next in the Divine play, for only He knows the script and He is the Director Supreme in this Cosmic drama. What is known to us is that devotees the world over – in every village, city, home and heart are praying to Him…for Him. For a change, there is a selfless prayer in every heart, mind and soul, an ardent appeal, a passionate plea, in all humility, with pure love replete…that goes beyond any personal benefit or selfish need…a prayer that asks Beloved Bhagawan to cure Himself…as He has done with millions over the last eight decades of this Avatarhood.

7th April 2016: Thus we pray again with tears in our eyes. Swami hear us!!!!!Manifest!Manifest!Manifest!
KARTHIKEYAN2016-04-07 10:08#
I am a link in Lord Sathya Sai’s golden chain of love that stretches around the world.
I must keep my link bright and strong.
I will try to be kind and gentle to every living thing, and protect all who are weaker than myself.
I will try to think pure and beautiful thoughts, to say pure and beautiful words, and to do pure and beautiful deeds, knowing that on what I do now depends my happiness and misery.
May every link in Lord Sathya Sai’s golden chain of love become bright and strong and may we all attain perfect peace.
Rita2016-04-07 10:26#
"OM SRI SAI RAM ". Wonderfully expressed the feelings of the heart ! Truly Heart touching ! Many Thanks to SAI Sister Jullie.
shehana2016-04-08 06:47#
Thank you sister Jullie for expressing our deep feelings for our Beloved BABA
Together we may pray , The Uttamapurusha of Treta yuga, Partha Sarathi of Dvaparayuga, Sanathana Sarathi of Kaliyuga, Prema Swaroopa, Parthi Natha, who poured pearls of wisdom to our hearts so that the darkness of ignorance was removed, please come at the earliest and make us fortunate to have a glimpse of Thy beautiful face and witness the golden Sathyayuga happen.
Sathyanarayana Murthy
Sathyanarayana Murthy2016-04-11 14:28#
"Lord, after all this war with one another, won't there be a period of love and goodwill among men?", Gabrielle Bossis asks her Supreme Lord.

Lord's response: "That would be the Kingdom of God. Ask more often that My kingdom come. The hour of the Father's kingdom can be hastened if His children only plead with Him more earnestly, just as the birth of Christ was hastened by the yearning of the Virgin of Nazareth.
Pray, work, do everything to bring about this beautiful kingdom. I put this request in the Our Father so that it might be answered. Take courage, since I am helping you, and kindle your desires. Desires are prayers. They are swift arrows. Take aim and may the mark be struck with power." ________From He and i by Gabrielle Bossis (LUI ET MOI in French)

KARTHIKEYAN2016-04-11 20:04#
Well Said Words ! ThankYou Brother Sathyanarayana Murthy !

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