Soon, very soon everyone will know!

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Renato Ciammaruconi

Dear Sreejith, 

I had this dream on the night between 7th and 8th August, 2014. 

I was in a big hall filled with lots of people and our Swami was there, smiling at me. I said to Him, "Baba, isn't it better like this when everybody can see You?" and His smile became even bigger. Seeing this I was very happy and I started to walk out of the hall, still looking at Swami. Outside the hall my brother and brother-in-law were present. Seeing me so happy they asked me what was going on?

I responded, "Sai Baba has resurrected!!"

They asked, "Why does no body know about this?"

To which I answered, "Do not worry; soon, very soon everyone will know!"

Then again, I looked at Swami and His smile was!

The dream ends here.

A few nights later, I had another dream.

In the dream, one Baba was standing beside me and another Baba was lying in state. Then the Baba standing beside me asked me to touch the Baba lying down, saying, "Come on, touch Him, He is not me." I was looking at Baba (standing beside me) not really sure what to do. Once again, Baba told me, "Touch Him, Touch Him...He is not Me."

Finally, I touched Baba's face (the one lying down) and when I did so, my hand was full of wax.  The Baba standing beside me said, "You see? He is not me!"

Dream ends here.

I was in Parthi when Swami left His physical frame and I am still under the impression that, that body was not Swami!!!

Jay Sai Ram!

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The body that performed these great deeds and the body that all have seen so far is not His real body. It is a Maya body. (Sacred Nadi Readings by Sri Vasantha Sai - Page 20. Agasthya Nadi Reading conducted on May 27, 2011).

Posted by: Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


Shantimaya2015-10-09 03:06#
Yes Yes Yes
Aanchal Sai Sharma
Aanchal Sai Sharma2015-10-09 04:22#

Love You, Dearest Sai Maa,
Though You have left your physical frame for a temporary period, even then for this 'small' duration,You did not leave us completely unaware and perplexed. Your immense love for Your children is always visible through Your repeated divine assurances of Your return, in the most beautiful ways and through these beautiful dreams.

Jay Sai Ram! :)
radha2015-10-09 05:37#

wow!!!thank u so much for sharing....need of the hour...jsr
KARTHIKEYAN2015-10-09 06:31#
Carlos Tonki
Carlos Tonki2015-10-09 17:38#
Thank you brother for sharing your dream, i see almost every day SAIKINGDOM for any new dream...but no exact date yet.
Lots af SAI LOVE for you and all
KARTHIKEYAN2015-10-09 18:17#
Sairam, Thanks For Sharing the Dream.
henriëtte Schakel
henriëtte Schakel2015-10-10 19:33#
Your dream was right, for when you examin the photograph of Swami's body lying in state, you can clearly see, that the face was waxed. Therefore the mole on His left cheek was almost invisible. So you better believe the Swami-form, who was standing next you in the dream. May He come soon, indeed. The great moment can't be far.
steve2015-10-10 11:52#
Thankyou for sharing, I had a dream some months ago that Swami was walking around giving darshan and He was handing something to the devotees,then i saw my daughter eagerly holding her hands out with much love for Swami to receive what Swami was giving, but He ignored her and i felt bad for her. Then the scene changed and Swami had turned into a lady but I knew it was Swami so I asked Swami please give me the technique to go with the mantra you gave to me a couple of years ago in a dream, but Swami's reply was JUST KILL THE EGO. The scene changed again and I was standing next to Swami inside a building and I knew intuitively that this is the building that Swami is waiting in until He makes Himself known to the public. Dream finished.

I too felt that I was looking at a wax dummy when Swami was laying in state inside the Kulwant hall. OM SRI SAI RAM.
Suresh2015-10-11 11:25#
Sairam. I too had felt looking at the body lying in Sai Kulwant Hall that it was made up (wax like). The mole was not visible and also the hair. If you observed Swami towards the end days(Feb-Mar 2011) had lost almost majority of his hair and his ear was pretty visible during darshan times. But if you look at the body kept for display, it looked different. These are just my observations. I also felt that it was not his original body being displayed to the public at large.
This certainly gives hope that he may one day eventually return back. But again it is wrong on part of devotees to time and again come up with dates which they imagine (that should be purely left to Him to decide) when He would return. All dates predicted so far by devotees in this forum has turned out to be false. So once again my kind request is to leave that for Him to ascertain.
Thank you.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-10-11 18:53#
It may not be the same as we think on Normal Human Level. After reading the Other Three websites that Brother Sreejith has Referred in this article, I think, By saying about Wax Body, Baba means to Say in a symbolic Language that the Body which was kept in Samadhi is only a Maya Body, not the True Body.

So We cannot literally assume that the Body of Baba in Samadhi made up of Wax. We can assume that the Body kept in Samadhi is actually His physical Body, but that too is Maya Body. Now it comes to the point That Baba Will now come with Full powers in His True Body. This may be the Meaning of Babas Message in this Dream.
Shyam2015-10-12 06:57#
I deeply believe from the bottom of my heart that Swami will return in His fullest glory very soon. Swami time and again kept on saying He is not deha but dehi, the indweller. I believe we all are going to realize Swami's paramatma tatva and Swami's omnipresence before we all see Swami back in His physical frame. Swami gave me the fortune of realizing this in my dreams. There were a series of dreams that Swami gave me after Swami physical departure April 22, 2011. The first in the series of the dream was vibuti emanating from Swami's photos, which I now feel is the way Swami is expressing Himself now at present. The second in the series was Swami appearing in the form of clouds, taking the form of Seshasayana Sai (same as Ananthapadnamaba Swami). Sairam
radha2015-10-13 05:21#
Sairam, Swami has told Vasantha Sai that HE had come as Guru and now HE will come as GOD with full powers....the mention of building in one or two dreams reminds me of the museum that was (?) planned where swami s things would be kept for devotees display..a very senior devotee who has been staying there told me that the building is at the top of the hill and most of us cannot even climb up to go and see...what purpose they are keeping she said she doesn't know ...i have not heard about the museum after that..atleast to my knowledge...any guess?
lrao2015-10-17 08:53#

This might be a reference to the new Archives building that has come up on the hill. It is not a museum, but will archive all materials (including audio, video, books and materials). It is a beautiful white building.
Choodala2015-10-13 06:15#
Thank you for sharing the details of your vision. Things are happening perfectly in the way narrated in STKC.

Swami has already started His Mission to complete the remaining two-thirds part of Divine Mission. He has established a free Super Specialty Hospital in Nayaraipur in the year 2012 and one is getting ready in Nigeria. Several new schools are already functioning in the state of Karnataka, India. Swami is establishing seventeen Ashrams in different countries and work in respect of ten Ashrams is already started.Work relating to EHV - giving training to Principals and teachers in various countries, developing course material in Human Values, starting schools outside India- is in full swing. Conferences to transform the youth of the world are being organised. Athi Rudra Maha Yajna is going on in Sathya Sai Grama starting from today till 23rd October 2015 for world peace.

While these things are going on, our prayers are for the grand finale - Grand Reappearance! I am sure these activities will culminate in His Physical Reappearance soon.

Sai Ram
P C NAYAK, Hyderabad, India
P C NAYAK, Hyderabad, India2015-10-13 12:12#
Sairam to all,
There is a beautiful discourse from Mudenhalli, i.e., Sathya Yuga is starting from Vijaydashami. That means, Swami may show some miracle during 20th and 23rd Oct 2015. All should pray for His re-appearance.
yaani2015-10-13 21:34#
Athi Rudra Maha Yagna has begun and continues till October 23rd!

Our beloved Bhagawan has ordained that the Athi Rudra Maha Yajna be performed alongside the traditional Bengali Durga Pooja and the Navarathri Homa during Navarathri this year at Muddenahalli.

Athi Rudra Maha Yagnam is considered as the highest form of worship to Lord Shiva by the sacred vedic scriptures. It holds tremendous potency to cleanse the atmosphere of lower vibrations and charge it with divine energy. This auspicious yagnam will be performed by 140 learned vedic priests by chanting 14641 Namaka and 1331 Chamaka and performing 1465 Sri Rudra Homas in 11 Homa Kundams in the Divine presence of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba at Sathya Sai Grama, Muddenahalli from 13th to 23rd October, 2015.

A holy atmosphere of vedic chants, further suffused with homas and pujas to propitiate various deities including Lord Ganesha, Sri Dakshinamurthy, the Navagrahas and Goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi to name a few, along with Abhishekam to sacred lingam would constitute the morning sessions. The afternoon sessions would include kramarchana parayana and Bhagavatha Sapthah followed by Divine discourse by our beloved Bhagawan. Cultural programs would mark the celebrations in the evening. The Navarathri Homa will be performed by priests from Karnataka and the Durga Pooja will be performed in traditional style by priests from West Bengal. The divine atmosphere created in this manner invoking both Lord Shiva and Mother Shakti would have far reaching effects.

This Maha Yajna is being performed for Loka Kalyana and good of all mankind as well as to ensure universal peace and prosperity. It is, indeed, our good fortune that such a grand Vedic ritual is being performed in a selfless manner in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan, the very embodiment of Siva-Sakti form of Absolute Cosmic Energy in its entirety.
Savita2015-10-15 08:48#
I agree with Sai brother Suresh. It is indeed very wrong on the part of the devotees to guess dates of Swami's reappearance. When Shirdi sai baba left his physical body for three days and gave certain instructions to the devotees, they strictly followed those instructions despite of the pressure from Shirdi Baba's opponents. They did nothing but follow whatever they were told by baba. I suppose they never guessed dates or anything but did what they were told to do contrarily to what some of us are doing today. So we should also do the same as the devotees at the time of Shirdi baba, strengthen our faith and patience and do as our lord, Swami Shri Sathya Sai baba has told us to do "JUST WAIT AND WATCH...."
when Swami left his physical body in April 2011, there were many criticisms on Swami from everywhere, BBC World using the words like "trickery... treachery etc etc..".I'm mentioning this because I want to point out that ,thankfully the Samadhi of Sri Sathya Sai Baba was broadcast live worldwide and I hope when Swami makes His grand Reappearance, noone will criticise Him of another trickery etc.
Savita2015-10-30 08:24#
We can talk as much as we can and ask ourselves which form or body -body of wax or maya body but so many devotees already have the experiences how Swami has come to them so is it not ridiculous on our part when we keep talking about the form or body. The ONE WHO can take so many forms so HIS coming back in the same form or in the same body is but a mere child play for HIM. Sairam

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