Awaiting the Majestic Reappearance

(A f
ew days ago, Jenny Socrate had a dream of Swami, which she graciously shares with SKTCians)

Sai Ram dear Sai Brothers and Sisters,

After a longtime without any Sai dreams, our Beloved Lord came into my dream on the night of September 29th 2016.

I was waiting for darshan in Puttaparthi, among thousands of people. Suddenly Baba appeared standing  just in front of me. He was shining like a thousand diamonds, in a white gown, much younger and very happy and active.


With Love
By Jenny Socrate (Saijen), Paris, France

Ms Jenny Socrate is known to the Sai Fraternity as the author of the famous book titled “The Divine Master”, which has been translated and printed into thirteen languages, available in Prasanthi Nilayam Book Store. She has been engaged in Service to Swami's Mission for the past 25 years by delivering lectures about Bhagawan and His Teachings in English, French and Spanish, in countries all around the world. It has been her experience that whenever she delivers her lectures, Swami Himself speaks through her. As a testimony to this, after the lectures, she would not remember anything that she had said! Devotees have reported hearing Swami's Own voice instead of hers, seeing light emanating from her head and her face changing into Baba’s face among many miracles! She has also healed many with the help of the ring materialized by Swami and by praying for people. Jenny has a Sai Temple in her home where devotees from all over the world come to get Swami’s Blessings. Swami's presence is strongly felt in her Temple!

Please follow the links below to listen to the Radio Sai interview with Jenny Socrate.




Jenny in her Temple

Jenny with all the thirteen language translations of her book

Vibhuthi manifestation on Jenny's book "The Divine Master"


KARTHIKEYAN2016-10-16 05:38#
Another article “Easter Findings” relating to Jenny Socrate was published in - The Prasanthi Reporter, Easter Sunday, March 31st, 2013.

"1894 Painting by Maurice Denis, depicting the Resurrection of Jesus…and interestingly, the image of the Lord resurrected has a striking resemblance to The Lord clad in an Orange Robe, Who Walks The Earth in this modern era – Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai!"
Jay2016-10-18 12:17#
SaiRam and thank you Sister Jenny for sharing your belief with all of us. It's heartening to know that you believe in the reappearance. This is so uplifting.
Reinhard Geith
Reinhard Geith2016-10-26 11:01#
Chère Mme,
ça fait sentir bien de trouver dans ce forum une vraie devotée dans „le même environnement“ qui partage la même espérance de la réapparition. J’ai écouté votres trois interviews, ne pas lu votre livre. Est-ce que je peux vous visiter une fois?
Quelques devotees, qui je connais ici, le trouvent hors de propos si l’avatar retourne après „son décès“ dans sa forme reconnaissable ou non. Après la transformation de la planète, je crois, ils s’ exprimeront différents. Je crois qu’une certaine intervention divine sera décisive pour faire possible et avancer le procès de transformation. Sai Ram

Dear Madam,
it does feel good to find in this forum a true devotee in „the same surrounding“, who shares the same expectancy of the reappearance. I have been listening to your 3 interviews, not read your book. Can I once pay you a visit?
For some devotees, whom I know here, it is irrelevant whether the Avatar will return, after „His demise“, in His recognisable form, or not. After the transformation of the planet, I believe, they will express themselves differently. I believe a certain Divine intervention will be decisive in enabling and facilitate this transformation process.
Maybe Sreejith is willing to pass my email over to you. Sai Ram
Jenny Socrate
Jenny Socrate2016-11-16 17:14#
write me please.


Jenny Socrate
P C Nayak
P C Nayak2016-11-02 05:23#
Dear Sairam to all,
I am a regular follower of this website and fully confident that our dear Swami shall be on this Earth again to remove the doubt from the mind of people. But, my wife was having little doubt about re-appearance. So in the night of 31st night, in the dream, she was with our beloved Swami, who is young and energetic and my wife spent so much time in walking and talking with Him. I am hopeful that our Swami may come quickly to fulfill our thirst.
Kantha Pillay
Kantha Pillay2018-11-29 10:56#
Sai Ram Dear Jenny, my Dear Late Mum & i met you at Prashanti in 2007. You gave me your book Divine Master...a Beautiful book which i have read & re-read on many occassions. You wrote your email address on this beautiful book but i cant get through to you. Please email me & i will respond 2 you. May Our Dear Swami bless you always. Lots of Love...Kantha Pillay
Jenny Socrate
Jenny Socrate2019-09-13 14:27#
Sai Ram Kantha Pillay,

I will be pleased to hear from you!

Please write me an email!

Jensocrate [at]
Nivar2019-03-02 05:55#
Hari Om. Aunty Jenny. We met at Sai Towers about a year back. Please write another book.

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