Soon I shall reveal Myself

The name Jiten Thakrar would be familiar to most of the STKC readers. Brother Jiten is a Sai instrument based out of the United Kingdom, currently engaged in propagating the Global Gayathri Mantra Program, a mission assigned by the Lord Himself! Another major work of him of late is creating video documentaries capturing the Sai HIS-story. By profession, he used to be in the media industry working for media giants. Leaving behind that successful career, he has completely dedicated his life to Sai Seva, putting his media and videography background to great use by creating beautiful Sai documentaries to educate this generation of Sai devotees on Swami and His life. This work too is prompted to him by Bhagawan.

Brother Jiten has been receiving many visions and dreams of Bhagawan in His various forms, guiding him in his personal Sadhana and in his Divine work as a Sai instrument. Usually such messages are personal in nature that are not to be disclosed to all. However, he feels that the below dream needs to be shared with all STKCians, as it concerns with the return of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.

The dream (in Brother Jiten's words)

In the dream, I was standing half-way down the Sai Kulwant Hall, and so were many others surrounding a circle with Sri Sathya Sai Baba standing in the middle. He had returned!

Most of the devotees were trying to remain disciplined. However, a few of them, out of excitement, started to walk hurriedly towards Him.

Then, as I slowly approached Him, He hugged me and I was allowed to touch His Feet.

After I touched His Feet, our Divine Father said to me, "Make sure you come to Darshan, as I am back".

I asked something about the Samadhi and He explained: "I am no longer in the Samadhi, I am walking amongst you all, but you cannot see Me. Soon though, I shall reveal Myself and all will be able to see Me."

Jai Sai Ram.


saisaran2018-02-05 04:19#
Sairam! Pleasant news from brother Jiten which gives solace to the troubled mind of many around the globe! May Swami visit the Nilayam and make Himself (known) to one and all.
KARTHIKEYAN2018-02-05 04:27#
"Soon though, I shall reveal Myself and all will be able to see Me"
Shantimaya2018-02-05 05:14#
Om Jai Sai Ram
hari shekar
hari shekar2018-02-05 12:01#
Om Sai Ram
Sai Elangovan S
Sai Elangovan S2018-02-05 14:01#

I had a couple of dreams very recently and don't know how much it would be related to Swami's return. however, I would like to share the same.

Dream 1.

suddenly everyone at my home started packing their things to move somewhere. at the same time, an elephant came to our house and urges us to move out from home as soon as possible. then the dream ended.

Dream 2.

after a couple of days from dream 1, I had one more dream where along with my friend I reached some strange place to call another friend to accompany us. the same time I could see one a bus arriving the same place with bearing huge Swami photos. the next scene, I am along with parents and family members in the same place and we were invited by our trust adopted village people to have breakfast in their home. then the dream ended.

Vyom Swami
Vyom Swami2018-02-07 17:45#
Sairam.. in a dream last year i saw that when Baba returned, people were filled with joy and were playing holi.
The time of festival of holi has come now... holi is on 1st/2nd of March this year.
mark2018-02-16 06:42#
Jiten is blessed and his movie is wonderful. His dream is very uplifting and it feels good knowing Swami is now present physically even though not visible yet. Sai Ram.
BRUNO2018-02-21 14:57#
Hermoso, Bello y con Energía de carga Nueva !!! OM SAI RAM !!!

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