When will Swami come?

By Prasanna Sugathan

Hero of Treta Rama
Janaki Jeevan Raghunadha
Dwaparawala Krishna
Gopala Govinda Madhava

Kailasavasa Mahadeva
Parvati Ramana Shankara
All rolled into one my Swami
SaiRama SaiKrishna SaiSiva

Swami's creation a new scenario
Triple Avathara SaiBaba trio
Blessed are we to know our Sai
Indulged by our Baba of Parthi

Rama came indulged Ayodhya
Krishna as Sarathi to Arjuna
Sai attended to our manoradha
His beloved devotees our Baba

Now this new story has a twist
Ever much like our Swami must
Revel in disarming the staunchest
Bewildering plots doubly twist

He made an exit but not really
Unannounced but not truly
May come back not known when
May have already a few have seen

Would Krishna have done this
Would Rama have done this
Dare say either would haven't they
Siva the supreme keeper of time yea

Ok They're All the same
All of same fame and game
So when will You come Swami 
Should I take a lesson from Shabari

All I know is Golden Sathya Age 
About to dawn look over the stage
SwamiTime Sathya's turn has come
So when Swami is it that You will come

Offered with Love and Hope, with humble Pranaams at Swami's Kamala Charanam 
September 3rd 2015


KARTHIKEYAN2015-09-19 05:16#
Swami please come soon !

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