Will Swami be back in the same body?

Sreejith Narayan

Since this question has come up from time to time, been put forth by different devotees, I decided to provide my humble views in this article. To answer this question, I would like to split it into two parts.

1. Will Swami be back?

Well, I have no doubt and my faith knows no two ways about it!

2. In the same body?

My faith is that He will be back in the same “form” that we know as Sri Sathya Sai Baba. The question of whether it will be in the same body does not even arise!

Let me explain. If you look at this question from a certain perspective, the expression “same body” itself would seem paradoxical. Probably the reference here is to the body that we saw being laid to rest in His Mahasamadhi. However, assuming that body would have already been consumed by the elements, even if He reconstructs that one, it cannot be called the same body anyway!

When people raise the question of whether He will be back in the same body, I have been consistently tempted to lovingly respond with another question: “Which body are we talking about?” For the Avatar who has already used multiple bodies in His Avataric career, this question seems to be preposterous. Swami once asked a devotee “You are surprised that I can be in two bodies at the same time”.-(Sathyam Sivam Sundaram Part 4, Page 194). Many instances have been documented in His Avataric career where Swami had been in multiple bodies at the same time. The point is that even while Swami was in His body, He was not restricted to one physical body alone.  Why would there be any restrictions even now after He just left one of them?

Avatar’s body

The Mahasakthi (Divine Energy) puts on the cloak of Mayasakthi (illusory energy and its forms) in order to fulfill the purpose of contacting and protecting mankind. (Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 1 Chapter 30)

An Avatar's birth is voluntary through His Yoga Maya (illusory energy). Human body is 'mrinmayam' or made up of natural elements but the Avatar's body is 'chinmayam', embodiment of pure consciousness. Avatars operate at a different level of physical existence. Bhagavad Gita provides ample clues that the body of Krishna was merely a cloak that He put on to make Himself visible to this world. Swami too hints at a similar attribute of His body when He says:

Do not equate this body with human bodies. It is only the appearance of a form for the sake of the devotees…This body is just an appearance of form. (Conversations with Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba by John.S.Hislop)

“Appearance of the form” is the key here. The bodies can be many for one Avataric form and name. The name evokes the form and vice versa.  Hence the correct way to put it is, “He will back in the same form”.

There is an episode from Swami’s late teen years described by Prof. Kasturi in his book “Easwaramma - The Chosen Mother”, which I feel throws another intriguing twist on the already mysterious phenomenon that is Swami’s body.

Swami was just out of His teens and at Bangalore when He did fall ill just as Easwaramma had feared. His hosts, Raja Setty and Sakamma, called in the doctors. But no one could diagnose the trouble. How could they, for Swami announced, “I have willed the illness!” He quoted precedents, from the lives of Rama and Shirdi Baba to show that they too had had an apathetic distaste for food and fun for some years during their teenage. This ‘illness’ was therefore indispensable for Him, Swami said, spending hours trying to reassure His devotees. 

At last, besieged by insistent questioning, Swami confessed that He was in the process of remoulding His physical frame so that it might withstand the Divine Energy stirring within, for He had to embark on His Avataric Tasks. Such incomprehensible words, such tremendous mysterious happenings …whoever had the experience of anything like this? Men and women stood around Him dumb and distraught. (http://www.theprasanthireporter.org/2014/07/anthaa-swami-daya/)

As Prof.Kasturi himself acknowledges, it is not easy to comprehend such mysterious actions of the Avatar. However, one thing is certain. The moiety of the Divine mission yet to unfold in the Sathya Sai Avatar, going by Swami’s own words, is by any standard gargantuan compared to the tasks fulfilled before His disappearance. Perhaps the intensity of the Divine energy needed to accomplish that necessitates a completely new physical frame? Well, we mortals can only keep speculating!


Naren2014-09-02 21:12#

I heard that the average human body regenerates all of its cells 7 to 10 years, thus completely becoming a new one. If this is the case for the average human, what would it be with Avatars whose body should adapt to karmic transfers and yogic powers? Simply put, the Swami we saw during one fine day wouldn't have been the same just few days later.

Form vs. body. There is a lot of confusion over the agreed usage of this when Swami's return is discussed. I wish to put it this way. Identical twins have same form but different body. So if all you need is the sight of one of the twins, how does it matter which of the two you talk to?

Also, why should reappearance or return be necessarily the same body that was buried? When He gives darshan from the Sun or Moon, is it going to be the same 5+ feet 'body' He was in?

I think the image of Swami as how He has been and is recognized will be the foundation of His return.


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SAMY2014-09-02 21:12#
Om Sri Sairam

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Anonymous2014-09-02 21:13#
Swami's darshans is decreasing. This is my experience only. I feels a bit disappointed about this. When I hear swami's darshans is increasing and even his appearance in kodaikkanal, I feels very disappointed. What happened swami ? why you don't come to me often ? Last darshan was in last month or so. Swami was there and me. I hold his legs tightly and was crying.

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Anonymous2014-09-02 21:13#
Sai Ram,

Swami was born to Easwaramma and Pedda Venkama Raju....only in one body / form....

....this multiple forms bodies (ekoham bahushyam) is enigma.....

probably only a concept in dreams /visions/spiritual experiences (?)

this seems to be very difficult to understand /comprehend..

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Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-02 21:13#
Beautiful and insightful thoughts....thank you.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-02 21:14#
Hi Sreejith,

I just had a desire to share my love for you. So I am writing this.

I like you a lot. You uplift me.

To be honest, I am not very worried at all about how Sai chooses to unfold His Mission.

I just know that I love you, and I love your views. I love your focus.

I guess I am not worried about how things happen, but i so much enjoy all of us working to make His Mission a beautiful one. His Mission is Our Mission.

Sai Ram,


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Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2014-09-02 21:17#
Sairam dear Jim, Love you too dear brother. Your warmhearted words are a big encouragement to me as always. Thank you.
Anonymous2014-09-02 21:14#
Wonderful, thank you so much.

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Murthy2014-09-02 21:15#
I have read your recent post and loved it so much. Afterwards I have again gone through the masterpiece Sai Thy Kingdom Come and the full text of Swami's Divine discourses given in Kodaikanal during May, 2014. What a Sainchronicity! The same ideas, the same postulations recorded in the book more than two yrs before are reiterated now by Baba! The Universe is communicating with Itself! We can see all parts of Divine web as interconnected.
Along with the excerpts given in an earlier post and links provided by devotees in their comments number of sites carrying full texts of various discourses- 13th,May,16th,May, 19th May, etc., One devotee made available an additional discourese of 16th, May, 2014 Morning at www.reconnectsrisathyasai.blogspot.com
All the above, more particularly the last mentioned, is a latest Divine confirmation of our convictions.

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Anonymous2014-09-02 21:15#
[…] Christ will return- not in weakness, the way He came the first time, but with power and glory, and with great authority […]

Excerpted from Billy Graham's answer to a devotee's question.

(As mentioned in the last para of the blog it is required to achieve the Grand Mission of God)

Thank you for the excellant post.

Sai Ram

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Anonymous2014-09-02 21:15#
Thank You Baba for Your STRIKING DISCLOSURES in Kodai Hills. While keep looking, keep awake for the appointed time I join billions of brothers and sisters in their 'The LORD's Prayer' in various languages, versions and denominations where the feeling and yearning is the same.

Sai Ram

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Kiran Bamane
Kiran Bamane2015-09-24 04:06#
Is Muddenahalli Sai appearance is the awaited.......
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-09-24 17:03#
Sairam Kiran Bamane, Swami will reappear in the same PHYSICAL FORM.

KARTHIKEYAN2015-09-25 05:52#

MDH is said to be a Subtle body of Baba.Already in many places Swami is appearing in Subtle form. Even when Swami was alive, His subtle form Manifested in different places. Hence in my opinion Subtle Baba cannot be termed as Reappearance of Baba. Reappearance of Baba means his reappearance in physical form as like it was before available for public darshan and Worship.
yaani2015-09-30 00:10#
I very much like this explanation Karthikeyan. Yes, Baba has always appeared in subtle form, even when he was in physical form. I feel MDH to be legitimate, and yet, I know Baba will come in physical form. No doubt, and before 90th birthday. As our prayers for love and light and uplift of all mankind continue without cease, they clear the way for Baba to reappear. The moment Baba arrives is the moment the whole planet will be transformed. We just have to keep increasing the energy of light and love on the planet with our prayers, with our vision, with our love, with our chanting of Gayatri, and most powerfully of all, with our enlightenment. When we pray Baba to take us to enlightenment in the service of the planet, He will. He wants us enlightened. Our enlightenment helps Him do His work.
radha2015-10-01 05:28#
Sairam....i totally agree with you...lets hold HIS lotus feet and wait for the momentous day !!!! Swami come ssoooon

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