Now every day I pray for His return

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Beautiful dream of a devotee shared on STKC blog:

Sreejith Dear Sai brother, I have been an ardent follower of your website, I read every article with great joy awaiting the return of the Lord. Like all His devotees I also was affected for His early departure. About a month ago, after attending the local Sai Center a fellow devoted and friend asked me when I´ve had my last dream with Swami, I answer that Swami has blessed appearing in my dreams but only two or three times a year and that my last dream with Swami was last Christmas. 

That night before going to bed I prayed to Swami and asked him to bless me again with His Darshan in a dream. It turns out that I was blessed, I dreamed that I was in a group of devotees visiting Puttaparthi, everyone was busy in various matters, being in the ashram suddenly I notice that the people were extremely happy, all crying with tears of joy, then I heard that Swami had returned, I said, I cannot believe it, I have to see it by myself, so I run to the mandir and Swami was there standing, talking to everyone and looking fine, looking younger and without wheelchairs, He approached me and allows me to give Him a hug, we were all in tears but tears of joy, never had felt such happiness in my life or in a dream, immediately I try to call my friends by phone but the lines were jammed, then a I try to call my friends in Venezuela but it also was not possible, all overseas lines were also jammed, wherever I looked I only saw happy people full of joy. Later having returned back to my country, people asked me all about what happened in India with Sai Baba. I and all devotees still feeling great joy, even non-devotees asking me if Swami would come to Venezuela, there was so much happiness in my heart that I that it made me wake up. At that time my tears of joy change to tears of sadness having realized that everything had been a dream. Now, every day I pray for his return.

Jai Sai Ram!


subba Gurung
subba Gurung2014-11-12 22:08#

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