Revealing Dream of Jairo Borjas

Jairo Borjas is from Venezuela and has been a Sai Devotee since 1988. Due to his kind of work, he has been an active devotee in Orlando, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuelan Sai Centers holding different positions in the Sai Organization. He has traveled to the Ashram several times. In 1997-1998 he stayed in the Ashram for a year as instructed by Swami Himself in interviews. Nowadays he lives in Bogota, Colombia. 

On April 29, 2012 he had a beautiful dream in which Swami instructs him to spread the word among fellow Sai devotees that an exceptional moment in the history of mankind is drawing close! Following is the translated version (thanks to Ana Diaz-Viana of San Jose) of his original narration in Spanish. 

Last night, before arriving home, I began to feel Swami's voice telling me to prepare for what is about to happen. The voice kept asking me “Are you ready?”, “Are you ready?” Then it became stronger and stronger that initially scared me. I did not want to get home because I did not know how to answer the question. So I started chanting the Gayatri, while telling Swami that I as His son was worthy of all His love and protection and I was always prepared for Him and that my faith in Him as my loving Father and God would always protect me. But the voice was still getting stronger and then I became convinced that it was meant to prepare me for something great and extraordinary.

After I got home, I started working as I usually do before going to sleep. Being so tired I could not continue much longer and soon fell asleep chanting Gayatri. Swami came to me in such a vivid dream. In the dream I was with my students of Sai Spiritual Education, one of them named Narada who Swami mentioned was actually a descendant of the great Sage. Then Swami approached us waving His hand, looked extremely beautiful and young. He gave us Padnamaskar, (touching the Lotus Feet of the Lord) amazingly it was an experience of such depth that I felt He was right there for real. So real that I could swear I experienced His physical body. Swami told me that He was indeed alive and that He had not left His body. Tears of joy flowed from my eyes as He touched and embraced me.

Swami then took my hand and led me to the interview room. After we got inside He asked me Are you ready? And said: “It is time and I need you. Be willing to do what I say”. I was in such a state of ecstasy that I had never experienced before, something that surpasses anything describable. I told Swami , “My body is your body, my mind is your mind, I surrender to you”. Extending my arms I told Him that they were His arms and so was my body that He could use as He liked. I pleaded to Him that I should never be out of that state of consciousness, where I knew no difference between my Swami and I. I did not wish to get back to sleep without being permanently conscious of that reality, keeping that state of fulfillment and bliss. He told me: “I need you dear son to do some things for me”. So I said yes and only asked Him to give me clarity on what His Will was. To that He presented me a smile that filled me with such radiant light that had invaded all my being till then. 

Afterwards, He took me to the Shrine of my sister Coro...there was a carpet where Coro meditates... Entering there, Swami became Lord Rama Himself and told me that the place was full of name of God and the love of God. He told me that Coro was a great devotee, always reciting His name and thinking of Him. Moving around the altar, then He began to dance a sort of Tandava dance in ecstasy, tears of joy streaming down His eyes, and flashed in a shining light spilling bliss. Telling me: “The name of Lord Rama pervades everything here, Coro is a great devotee, and she is very loved and cherished”. In that state of joy at the end of the dance He transformed back into Baba and said I am God, moreover I am all names and forms. 

We were back in the interview room. Baba explained that pure-hearted devotees make the Divinity manifest when the Divine name is recited, and Coro, is a devotee centered in God, reciting His name. With tears of joy in His eyes, saying this kind of devotion touches me... He told me that’s what all devotees should do. 

Then very emphatically He told me that we are about to witness an exceptional moment in the history of mankind, it will be very soon, and that His power and glory will manifest in ways we had never seen or even imagined. That time is drawing close…. 

Swami told me: “My devotees should awaken from the dream. I am not the body, or one form of God or the other, but all the names and all forms. How can that eternal and immeasurable God be limited to one shape? How can it be said that I attained a state of bliss or that I am in Samadhi or Mahasamadhi, when I as God am always in bliss and in fact I am bliss Myself? If I am what you have always been looking for, I am the source itself of all happiness and bliss”.

“Oh devotees, wake up, wake up, wake up .... the time for which great Sages and Sidhas have been waiting for eons… is fast approaching. Realize who I am, My reality of that Omnipresence, that Greatness; and Majesty and prepare yourself for an extraordinary event that is about to unfold.... in which I will return in ways that you can never imagine. Trust Me, have complete faith and surrender. Very soon all will realize My Glory and Greatness”. 

“Now you go around the world and spread my message. Tell all to be prepared. This is a great time and a great opportunity, something extraordinary in the history of mankind is about to happen”. 

Swami ended His words and bid me goodbye; I listened with my eyes full of tears and begged Him not to go, not to let me back into this world of illusion. I pleaded Him to keep my mind on the eternal and take care of the mundane things, as my hands would always be used for serving Him. Oh Swami, you are always the doer, let me live in this happiness and bliss forever. 

Shaking His hand I said goodbye. I was bathed in tears of love, joy and ecstasy. Oh my dear Lord how much I love you!  


Adiraj2014-09-02 21:43#
Om Sai Ram,
respected dears,
i follow everything that are being said and also agreed that our dear lord will be back as did our Jesus and others. But the the sake of all devotees i think we should place much emphasis on Sathya sai`s teachings and instructions on the how to receive the return; with love, love, love .... but how come if we only just telling swami will be back.Thousands of appologies... dear all we would be if alongside we share also on the how we have to prepare ourselves
thanks and jai sai ram

Commented in STKC blog on May 31, 2012 at 6:55 PM

mahavakya2014-09-02 21:44#
Beloved Premananda:

Thanks for your important words, and yes we must focus in the teachings and what we must do to prepare ourselves. The message is very clear, as in the dream Baba explained: "Pure-hearted devotees make the Divinity manifest when the Divine name is recited... With tears of joy in His eyes, saying this kind of devotion touches me... He told me that’s what all devotees should do."

Sai`s teachings are soo simple,yet profound, that we tend to overlook them. The order of the day is to go back to the Sai conciousness, and that is only possible by concentrating ourselves with a pure heart in the Divine Omnipresence, by chanting his name, or any other Sadhana that keeps our mind focused.

I am Hridaya Atmananda, The one Whose pure Heart as a diamond finds Bliss in His own Self. I am Sat-Chit-Ananda. All are but my onw reflexion, we are all one.

Baba when asked How to transform attachment into Divine love told me in intervew: "Deep wine? Deep red wine? Everything is Divine, get drunk with the Divinity." We must see Divinity, sumerge deep into the infinite ocean of Divinity, and realize there is only Divinity... All is Divine. As the drop, is the ocean, there is not difference.

Love you all,

Jairo Borjas

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J. Bruni
J. Bruni2014-09-02 21:45#
"Something extraordinary in the history of mankind is about to happen." - we urgently need it, as adharma and injustice are so strong now.

Corruption is everywhere - government and corporations rules, guided by ambition and desire of more power, money and control - it doesn't matter if it destroys nature and people's lifes.

Only God and the unfolding of His beyond-imagination-will for this planet's destiny and our consciousness blossoming can bring Nityananda to this illusion-and-ignorance based society.

Once I thought it would happen slowly, through Educare. Now, I am eager to experiment the amazing delight that Swami seems to be preparing for us all! Each increase in the suffering is to me a signal of the unexpected joy that will come.

Let's pray wholeheartedly for this "something extraordinary in the history of mankind" which "is about to happen"!

Thanks. Om Sai Ram

Commented in STKC blog on June 3, 2012 at 11:12 PM

raviji2014-09-02 21:45#
Come Lord Sai, we are waiting!

This is 'Sai-awesomness'. Lord let thy will be done!

Lord Let thy will be done!

Commented in STKC blog on June 16, 2012 at 8:07 PM

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-02 21:46#
This is a very beautiful dream. Thank you Jairo Borjas.

Commented in STKC blog on October 4, 2013 at 4:11 PM

SMahendaraj2014-11-07 06:11#
SAMY2014-11-18 04:14#
Mark Blayney
Mark Blayney2015-01-06 02:53#
Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful teaching Jairo. You have conveyed the most important and simple Truth of Swami always residing within as our own eternal Paramatma and the Supreme importance of His mission to awaken that Realisation. Our part is to cease looking & searching without for Him but to utilise all our energy, every breathe to know Him within as our own Self. He clearly reveals the method, the way & the goal. Sairam.
E:FORCEN2015-05-30 15:34#
k.s.murthy2015-06-09 16:35#
Sai Ram,

All those things Swami revealed to Bro.Jairo Borjas are going to come true very shortly,

Let us continue to pray and share these things to more and more devotees while waiting for that grand event,

Jai Sai Ram
BRUNO2017-02-01 02:50#
Bello y de Profundo Amor !!! Om Sai Ram !!!

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