My Journey with STKC

By Shammi Paranjape

Shammi Paranjape is known to the Sai Fraternity as the author of the famous book "Blossoms in the Eternal Spring", a moving memoir about spiritual discovery and the strength and joy this bestows on a person. In the book she details her inspiration for turning inwards that came with the extraordinary entry of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba in her life which changed her forever. Born in Kanpur, Shammi Paranjape graduated from Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College with English honours. She followed this up with an LLB from Mumbai’s Govt. Law College. With writing being her first love, Shammi found her metier in journalism which she has been pursuing ever since with avid interest. A freelance writer interested in spiritualism and the art of being, she, however, has written on various topics including women, social mores, travel, reviews, short stories and is a regular contributor to several online publications. She is also the Sister-in-law of cricketing legend Sri Sunil Gavaskar.

In this heart-warming article she recounts her memoirs of those disconsolate days subsequent to Swami's a stunning Sai Message received by her friend helped soothe her Sai Thy Kingdom Come made a fortuitous entry into her life, sending her pulse racing....and how her journey with STKC has nourished her belief and faith in the Reappearance of Lord Sathya Sai.

It started even before it started. When 24th April 2011 happened, my subconscious I think, went into STKC mode immediately. I,like every other devotee, wanted Sai to ‘come back’ and complete the task of establishing His divine beauteous kingdom of love all over the world. I wanted the unnameable, unbelievable miracle to happen. And I sought from everywhere - from the spiritual firmament, from prophesies, and dreams, and the internet, some sign, some hope. Never having been much of an online person, I suddenly was glued to Google Search, scouring the material available. There were some stunning revelations that sparked great hope. Reading the prophesies, and related stuff was tremendously exciting. Also, it kind of so fitted in. It was like discovering the missing piece of the agonising jigsaw puzzle, left for us by Swami, to tackle.

Hope is one of the best gifts of life. It gets you through the roughest passages, with its ‘never-say-die’ spirit of buoyancy. The story of the phoenix exemplifies this beautifully. And so it was, that slowly hope sprang up in me, and added life to life once again.

Knowing that anything and everything is possible for Sai, I waited for something to happen.

There was one more thing that was a source of great hope. This was an inner voice message given to my close friend, Shanti (1), just two days prior to Swami leaving His body. My friend is blessed to have received many gems of wisdom, on the inner voice level, down the years. A book of these divine messages, titled, ‘From Him to me’ was published and later sold under the auspices of the Prasanthi Book Trust, Puttaparthi. Around the time when Swami was unwell, and everybody of the Sai Fraternity in unimaginable agony, to ease the anguish Swami gave a message one day, out of the blue. It was a potent and stunning message. We read the message over and again, trying to decode its meaning. Even as we were wondering what it meant, Swami ‘left’…

For a while, we were too anguished to even think. I felt a strange stupor overtake me, that in a bizarre way anaesthetised me. Life was a dream, Swami said, and this, what was happening was one part of the dream. However, after a lapse of time, I re-read the message Swami had so graciously, in His immense love and compassion given. When I read the message again it stunned me. For two reasons. It said many intriguing things in between the lines, and secondly it tallied with the inner voice message received by Seema Dewan - ‘A Miracle….To Come..’ which I and so many innumerable others read on Sai Divine Inspirations online.

I reproduce the message received by Shanti here with the permission of the Author:

Sai Message received by Sister Shanti Bhawalkar two days before Swami left His body

“Let the oceans rise,

Let the sky come crashing down,

Let the earth stop revolving round the sun,

But you don’t waver in your faith and devotion,

Because that alone can turn things around in a moment.

Remember that My word is the Ultimate Truth,

And whatever I have said to you is bound to happen; it HAS to happen…

And why do I tell you this?

It is because of your faith and devotion...Your love for God.

Never forget that God is nothing but love

And only love can draw Him closer to His devotees...

So, love alone will bring Me among My devotees,

And that too, very soon...

Don’t get affected by what your eyes see

Or your ears hear...

Instead let the flame of your faith and devotion burn brighter

And in that bright flame

You will be able to see the Reality...

For there is only one REALITY...your Bhagawan...

Swami in this way gave an intimation of what was going to happen and also how we should react to it. He also hinted that we should not believe what our physical eyes were seeing, and how only love could and would turn it all around and bring Him among His devotees, "And that too, very soon"...

Time passed and I continued to be in silent waiting mode. I knew it would not happen so easily and that it would take time, immense patience, intense sadhana and unflinching trust and faith - for how could we expect something magnificent beyond belief to happen so easily??

And then, serendipity! My brother-in-law (2) returned from a vista to the U.S. and gave me a copy of a book – Sai Thy Kingdom Come, presented to him by Sreejith. It was my first introduction to the book and did it make my pulse race! I was over the moon. It was tying up and it was going to happen - that unfinished epic saga of Sri Sathya Sai's Divine earthly sojourn, suspended in some etheric landscape, would see the light of day again. I felt my soul breathe...

After that, I discovered this wonderful STKC website offering regular treasures of mind boggling dreams, visions, insightful posts and comments, which nourished my belief and faith. As Swami says just like a small lamp gets you through a dark forest and a raft across the ocean, STKC has been the lamp and the raft that has brought me across the timespan of the years just gone.

Thank you, Swami. Thank you, Sreejith...and all the committed, sincere and ardent followers of this site, for all the wonderful, inspiring inputs. It has been a journey of love and hope and will continue to be so.
More than anything else, this is a wondrous place to be. We are in constant sweet remembrance of our beloved Swami and in beautiful satsang, and full of sweet hope that we will get the Darshan of our exquisite Lord again - by His grace alone.

The remarkable happenings that led to the writing of STKC and the amazing dreams and brilliant visions to diverse devotees that tally and sync with each other in marvelous ways, leads one to believe with full conviction that something magnificent is imminent where Sai will be emblazoned across the consciousness of the entire world. How and when this will happen is a secret only Swami knows……

But, I and all of us are ready to wait. With love, devotion and surrender.



Editor's notes

(1) Sister Shanti Bhawalkar - who is blessed with the "inner voice" of Sai. Some of the beautiful Sai Messages she received have been published in her book "From Him to me", sold under the auspices of the Prasanthi Book Trust, Puttaparthi

(2) Sri Sunil Gavaskar - The Legendary Cricketer


L Rao
L Rao2016-01-28 05:40#
Sairam! Lovely. Thank you. That is the exact feeling I had when I came across STKC way back in 2012 when it was released. Gave me a purpose for going through each day after the earth shattering 2011. Thank you for sharing so eloquently, and for sharing Shanti's dream.
saisarannaga2016-01-28 06:00#
Yes, preciously all messages indicate the ultimate reappearance of Bagawan on sky and earth. Om Sri Sai Ram
Sandhya2016-01-28 09:14#
Sairam...Thank you for posting this beautiful article!! Jaisairam
Paul2016-01-28 13:33#
Beautiful. Thanks for the inspiration. Love the kindness, sweetness and certainty that permeate your account.
Jay2016-01-28 16:33#
Sai Ram Shammiji, Did Sister Shanti receive any more Messages from Bhagawan about Reappearance? Would love to know. Thanks.
Shammi paranjape
Shammi paranjape2016-01-29 17:08#
Sairam Jay. Thank you ( and all others for your kind words). About your query...this was the only specific message on the subject of Reappearance.
Jay2016-01-28 16:35#
Sai Ram Shammiji, really beautiful article.
KARTHIKEYAN2016-01-29 05:29#
Sairam Sister, inspiring words which gives another ray of hope!Thank you.
Joy2016-01-29 05:44#
Happiness and delight ring out from Shammi's article, so joyously expressing what many of us also feel about this 'beautiful satsang'.

Swami's Gift to Sreejith and Sreejith's loving gift to his Sai family has become a Magnificient Obsession; captivating, convincing and inspiring many to have more faith in Bhagawan - His Word - Truth. We must never feel awkward or give up praying for His return and the happiness of the world - Swami says that is our responsibility!

Prema Vahini: "Thus, prayers should be offered again and again for the realisation of the task. No one should become desperate and give up prayers if they don’t result immediately in the Advent of the Lord....

".... one has to pray until the world is established in happiness. The happiness of the world is the sign of His arrival; if this is understood, then it is easy to recognise the Avatar immediately. It is then that the religion of truth (sathya), of compassion (daya), of spiritual wisdom (jnana) and of love (prema) will grow and prosper. So, until these are firmly rooted, people must continue their prayers. That is the responsibility of the people.....

"If all humanity prays at one time for unrest, injustice, disorder, and falsehood to be transformed into peace, truth, love, and mutual service, things will certainly become better."
saisarannaga2016-01-30 07:02#
Today 30th January, being the remembrance day of Mahatma Gandhi, who shed his body, hit by the assassin's bullets. He simply said Ram, Ram. Ram and left his body. He was a true Karma Yogi. His entire life was founded on Truth and non-violence.Such great souls tread the length of our country. His continuous chanting of Ram enabled him to perform courageous non-violent movement and non-operation movement against British atrocities.Ultimately, the British Kingdom had to concede independence to India, unable to bear the onslaught of TRUTH. That was the mighty weapon wielded by Gandhi against British. All this was achieved due to the great Faith in God and Truth. We need to follow such great ideals to usher once again the reign of Dharma in this holy land and in the entire world. May Swami bring the "Golden Age" on humanity! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Varalakshmi2016-01-30 17:59#
Beautiful writing. Heart touching article. I re-lived my own emotions when Swami departed. Amazing revelation through Sister Shanti. As you said, we all have to wait with love devotion and surrender.
Mark2016-01-31 06:19#
Very nice & uplifting story Shammi - the message Swami gave is especially precious as it contains so much important instruction. I have always believed Swami's return is assured but will be outside the boundary of any time frames we might imagine and also in a way and under circumstances we cannot fully comprehend. Our minds are so outward & objectively bent and conditioned to perceive all things in a linear fashion. Omnipotence & Omnipresence conforms to Nothing as it encompasses everything and Swami is That.

All the imagery & talk of Biblical prophecy is interesting but ultimately delusion & distraction because one of the hallmarks of our Baba's Avatar was His mischievousness & uncertainty surrounding many events & things including the expectations of His devotees. We all have our head in the clouds at times but whilst we inhabit a body, we must also ensure our feet are firmly planted on the ground. Faith, Patience, Love. Sai Ram
Lakshmipathy2016-10-15 00:17#
Bruno2016-11-09 23:53#
Bendiciones de Luz a Todos !!!
Om Sai Ram !!!

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