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Shared by: Cdr (retd) S.BalaSai, Kochi

Sri BalaSai is a retired Commander of the Indian Navy. He shares a series of dreams that he has been receiving with Swami’s Grace, on the imminent reappearance of the Sathya Sai form.

23rd October, 2013:

Dear Sreejith, 

I introduce myself as Cdr (retd) S BalaSai from Kochi. I just happened to go through your book and the same analysis and reasoning were haunting in me for quite some years.

Dear brother, it is very much crystal clear that Swami will be back in this physical frame, once again. I just wanted to share few of the Swami’s dreams which I had personally and disclosing to you:

Dream 1:

Swami has told many times that things which cannot be comprehended by human mind are going to happen. Therefore I could feel that a lot of electrifying events are going to take place to prove the existence of supreme divine power across the cosmos.

In relation to this, I had a dream very long ago (may be in ‘80s) that there will be a day when the Sun shall cease to rise. I could see full darkness in spite of the time showing as early hour of the day.

Dream 2:

In early ‘90s, I had a dream where I could see the sky splitting and Swami was flying across the sky.

Dream 3:

In the late ‘90s, I had a dream where Swami was giving Darshan in many places at the same time, like on the ladies side, gents side, Bhajan hall, etc., to a very huge crowd in Prashanthi Nilayam. And in that dream Swami told me, “I will be in many place at the same time.”

Dream 4:

Around early 2000, I again had a dream where Swami was in many places and was giving discourses at the same time and during the discourse I received a phone call from a friend saying that Swami was also present at another place giving the discourse. In the dream Swami told me that, I will be given a ticket to travel with Swami wherever He goes.

Dream 5:

This dream is a very recent one where Swami came and told me, “When I come back, you can come to my room whenever you want.” I have always craved for being Swami’s personal room volunteer.

Dream 6:

In this recent dream Swami’s body was under the mud and His head was out of it. Swami opened His eyes as if waking up from sleep and asked me, “What  you want?” I told him,  “You must answer my prayers.” And to that He replied, “Definitely.”

Dream 7:

5th November, 2013:

In the dream I could see Swami standing next to the Lord Hanuman statue in an enlarged physical form as big as the statue and giving Darshan to a whole lot of crowd gathered there.

Dream 8:

12th November, 2013:

Last night I had a dream where Swami was sitting on a bench surrounded by devotees and I was assisting Him. Swami asked me to convey all the devotees that He will give interview only after 23rd (no detail about month or year).

After conveying this to the devotees, like a subordinate military officer, I asked Swami boldly,"Swami as such You are available here. Why are You not giving interview?" Swami replied that, “People don’t have commitment now. They should have commitment, then I will give.”

Next, I asked Swami with tears in eyes,"You should call me at least once for the interview." Swami looked at my eyes and hugged me tightly and kissed my right eye so deep and licked my tears. I was excited but was telling Swami ‘enough’ for others might feel bad.

From this dream I could infer the following -                                                                                              
a) Swami is available even now
b) Swami will be available in the same physical form after 23rd
c) Swami will give interview to the required people
d) Lastly Swami will wipe tears with pure love.

Dream 9:

14th December, 2013:

In the dream that I had last night, Swami was standing in a small crowd under a tree. Suddenly He came from behind and held my shoulder and told me, “Tell them I am coming back soon. Go to My room, the kettle on the heater is getting over heated, remove that from the heater.”

Dream 10:

23rd December, 2013:

In this dream, I was searching some documents to study, about the new coming of Swami. All of a sudden, I saw Swami sitting on an elevated platform and told me, “Whatever information available in internet about this is true.” At that time all your postings were getting recollected in my memory.

Dream 11:

30th December, 2013:

In the dream that I had last night, I was travelling to Parthi. A few kilometers away from the Ashram, I could see thousands of people, ladies, children, old, young, running towards the Ashram. My vehicle had to slow down and I was wondering about the reason for such crowd, and the answer was, “Swami is going to give physical Darshans.” I got down and told myself that, "I don’t want to see Swami in such a huge crowd. If He wills to give me Darshan He will give it, otherwise no problem". Then Swami appeared there as if He was appearing from behind the curtain.

Dream 12:

19th February, 2014:

I had this very beautiful dream around 3:54 AM which goes like this : There is a big stage with an arch on it. A huge audience is sitting and Swami Himself is supervising the arrangements. The function is called as 'RE-ENTRY OF SWAMI'.

The irony is, not a single soul is seriously aware of what exactly it is and all are taking things casually and not bothered. Swami is going in between the crowd and is giving instructions to some people; they too appear not to be bothered. Then Swami recognizes and waves at me. Then He comes to me for giving some instruction.

After coming near me, Swami told something to my friend who was near me. She bluntly refused Swami and I could hear Swami replying back, “Ok, no problem.” I asked her the reason for refusing Swami, and she said that she was scared.

Next, Swami told me, “I will call you later.” (Same words He had told me in a personal interview on 26th January, 2003).  Then He went to my brother and asked him to count the number of high-rise buildings around the area. My brother went to count, and my immediate thought was that the reason for Swami asking to count the number of buildings was for catering for the security reasons and the other reason was for avoiding the damage. Then I followed Swami till the steps of the stage. Swami started climbing and told me, “I will come back and call you, We will have some break.” Then Swami went behind the curtains.

After Swami went behind the curtain, people started moving here and there, and we three, my brother, my friend and I, got up from the chair and started going out. Suddenly I said, "We will go back, Swami will come any time and call us." We came to our place and we could see our chairs were disturbed from the original position, and I asked the people, "why so disturbed, this is where we sat and Swami came down and talked to us. He will come back." But people were not paying heed to my words. Then we pulled our chair and sat. After this I woke up.

The inferences that I could make are;
a) There is a big program of 'RE-ENTRY OF SWAMI', which He is supervising and giving instructions to the individuals, but others are not aware of it.
b) People are aware that, there is something called RE-ENTRY, but not a single person is taking it seriously. But Swami is personally looking after the arrangements very seriously.
c) There is something very important and a big responsibility that Swami would tell me, for which I was waiting eagerly.
d) There are some security issues that would cause some damage and Swami is taking care of this.

I could feel Swami has set the stage for RE-ENTRY. At anytime things will unfold. There would be likely initial damages and security issues which Swami will take care. Most of the people would be unaware of what things are happening. The 'RE-ENTRY OF SWAMI', was written on the arch of the stage.

Dream 13:

15th July, 2014:

The dream goes like this. I was inside my friend's house and suddenly I heard people telling that Swami has come. Then I went outside the house and saw Swami. I immediately held both His hands tightly and told Him, "I LOVE YOU". Swami smiled. Then I asked Him boldly "ARE YOU COMING BACK OR NOT? ALL ARE WAITING FOR YOU". Swami replied: "I HAVE NO INTENTION OF NOT COMING BACK. LET THEM WAIT, FOR THEY ARE NOT READY!". Then I woke up from sleep.

Jai Sai Ram!


lrao2014-10-06 05:02#
"Let them wait for they are not ready" and, not taking it seriously. These two phrases are important. We are not taking it seriously, and we are not ready - and God is waiting because of that. He knows when the time is right. We just have to wait and pray and be ready. Sairam. Thanks for sharing.

SAMY2014-10-06 05:30#
Chamari2014-10-06 06:33#
Thank for brother Bala Sai for sharing all these wonderful dreams...and lots of thanks to brother Sreejith too for sharing it for all of us. Swami is planning everything very carefully! We just have to wait and watch!
ARTTATRANA PANDA2014-10-06 09:22#
really true it believe it not
Vijaya Rajagopal
Vijaya Rajagopal2014-10-06 12:07#
We wait, were not in a hurry, Oh we need you Lord we wait, all our cares and worry we lay aside for You, Oh How we long to see your face, Oh how we long for your embrace.
We wait, we are not afraid to tarry, we yearn for your lord, we wait, for your mighty wind to carry us, into your presence Lord, and as we fill this house with praise,
Let your holy fire fill this place, as we wait, we wait.
For you Lord, as we wait on you, we wait, and as we fill this house with praise, let your Holy fire fill this place, as we wait, as we wait, as we wait upon you Lord, as we wait, Oh how we need you Lord as we wait., How we need you Lord, we wait.
Kyros  Mavrommatis
Kyros Mavrommatis2014-10-06 12:19#
HE is coming back to finish His mission. Earth is on the verge of destruction
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-10-07 03:07#
Thank you for sharing these meaningful dreams.
Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Dr. Rakesh Kumar2014-10-10 17:26#
Whatever Bala Sai and others saw in their dreams are all going to become reality soon. I have absolute, complete firm faith that HE is coming back. Not even minus 0.1 percent doubt. We all should have absolute faith and yearn within our hearts for Swami. Our yearnings are not intense enough. But I think starting 3rd November, there is going to be a great spiritual transformation and Swami will then come on His birthday. November 23rd 2014.
Bala Sai is a blessed soul and he must have been a firm Vishnu bhakta in his previous lives. Devotees like Sreejith Narayan and Bala Sai are Swami's messengers. Many such messengers will soon become passengers, to Puttaparthi!

Om Sri Sai Ram.
Sachin sable
Sachin sable2014-11-11 05:21#
Each and every word of swami is universal truth...we are not aware about swami's leela...we must pray to swami for his returning as soon as possible...SAIRAM
Satheesh2014-11-14 09:52#
HE is coming back to finish His mission.
Chitra2014-12-18 05:03#
Swami told Italian group who was present in muddenahalli on Thursday the 4th december to come on Sunday th 7th for the interview. I dont know whether they had it.I went in the morning on that day to witness the homam.swami came to homam .created gold chain for the priest. Swami is in the suttle body. But the energy is overwelming. In Sri Sri Nurasimhermurty,s speech he said Swami will continue his mission until he is 96 years. Crowd is increasing day by day. My last visit on15th December the crowds were in hundreds. Sri Nurasimha Murthy appologized for the inconvieience and said Swami told him to build a hall and foundation will be laid on Makara Sankranthi which would fall on 14th January.Swamis returnn to flesh is no more an imagination to me anymore. after experiensing the suttle body. The day of revalation is a matter of time. But to understand this phinomina you have to be guided and chosen by the Lord. My Daughter or the friend accompanied me was in dillema whether to believe or not.I was little confused on the 1st day on way to hotel swami gave me beautiful explanations. After that I could not keep away from Muddenahalli
Para Eighteen
Para Eighteen2014-12-27 15:47#
Sairam, with love.
By His grace,I too was present in Muddenahalli on 15th dec.
What is happening is no small thing- in fact it is out of the purview of credibility- of maybe even the most ardent devotees,even those who have been longing for something to happen that would 'bring back' their Swami to them. So,it is not something that can be easily spoken about(even to devotees)and one has to describe events and experiences,of the place, very carefully.Yet,something is happening....beyond imagination.And,the amazing thing is many are ready to believe,because, putting it simply, we all know, 'Swami can do anything'..... Is it that Swami is laying the ground,weaning us gently into readiness for THAT which,though we are all waiting for, is something so BIG, it cannot but require a lot of preparedness on our parts?Refer to some of the dreams and visions on this STKC site, where Swami indicates, that we have to be ready, before He comes...So,let us pray intensely to Swami to get us to the level of preparedness that will manifest the apurva chamatkar we all are awaiting..and the world needs,as never before...
S.NAGARAJAN2015-02-01 04:22#
Fine that Swami is subtly manifesting in Muddanahalli as promised to Sri Narayanamoorthy earlier. These are all the preliminaries before he comes in public view. Likewise, to a few devotees, he was seen in the balcony of Yajur Mandir and the balcony over Mahasamadhi. Om Sri Sai Ram.
Reinhard2015-09-03 07:28#
We might be facing the big financial collapse, this month (world economy).
Time will run very fast, then, and one can imagine there will be a lot of commitment by prayer all over the world. (the necessary commitment for Swami's reappearance, as Sri S.BalaSai mentioned) On 23rd or 24th of Oktober, Swami's hiding from our eyes would have completed 54 months. God's play with a holy number? Wasn't His body's weight equal to 108 pounds? The body's height I do not remember. Maybe needless to say in this forum: In God's play „ordinary“ worldy events and ideal numbers may very well coincide.
Sai Ram
Anand2015-09-03 11:32#
"Swami has told many times that things which cannot be comprehended by human mind are going to happen".
Did Swami said it(many times) in the dream? or?
Jagdish2015-11-17 07:12#

I have been following this theory of Swami return

However till date we have just dreams only and nothing happened for real

Still we are eagerly awaiting our Lord
alchemi2015-11-18 11:15#
live like He is among you for He is. Then we will be ready to truly honor the form.
Rossana Carletti
Rossana Carletti2016-04-24 17:23#
Spero di vederlo prest! Sai Ram.
M GOPINATH2016-12-29 11:28#
My Dear Balasai Sir
I recognised the backdrop of your photo as that small room at W.Island where my friend Vishnu was managing and I used to get excited at the site of the photos covered with holy ash.Although we never had a chance to meet I have been going through your dream experiences and join you in waiting for the great event the world is longing for! Sai Ram. My mobile No:9446019596 and I am staying at Vyttila.
Sai Ram
Al Macasaet
Al Macasaet2020-04-29 07:11#
Swami alone knows the best time to come ... but come He will.

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