"This body is made from adamantine particles"

Picture Courtesy: Sai Manoj

Shared by: Donald Lenort

Date: October 31st, 2015 - Saturday 

Dream 1:

I was in a large gathering of people (over 800) in a Church basement. Sai Baba walked in from the back and up the right hand aisle. Many people were stunned to see Him and didn’t know what to do. He was invited up on stage and gave a short talk.

He then walked amongst the people giving darshan. Many people were taking pictures. At one point He walked over and stood right in front of me (we were all standing). I bent over placing my head next to His and whispered a question.

I asked, "How is this body different than your previous one?"

He replied, "This body is made from adamantine particles, it is much harder to protect."

He was there for about 45 minutes all together, then He left. 

I then went to Jack Feely, the American Sai Organization President, and told him what Swami had said to me. Several of us began to wonder if we should organize a protection detail for His future appearances. Someone said, "Only if He asks or wants us to, otherwise don’t worry about it, He is in charge of everything."

We then pondered about creating a security detail, not to protect Him, but to keep the crowds orderly. A police man then showed up, quite bewildered. He was trying to take people’s statements about what had just occurred. We told him that many people had digital cameras and took a lot of photos as evidence. 

My previous dream encounters always seemed like "dreams" as if they were occurring on a different plane of existence; whereas this seemed more real, more solid, more final; as if it has finally happened – He has returned! 


Date: November 17th, 2015 - Tuesday

Dream 2: 

The NBC television station was running promos for a 60 minutes-type show to air on Tuesday night all about Sai Baba. The headline was: 'Sai Baba – has He returned?'. There were still pictures of Him in the promo and you could see Him on stage in front of people in several of them. These weren’t just still pictures, as when I looked at them, He was alive in them and looking back.


I was then walking through a warehouse and went into the basement levels. There was a nice men’s clothing section. We went through some secret doors into a larger section where immigrants were unloading and sorting fruit. There was also a section where people were building a large swimming pool. We continued on back into an unfinished section of the warehouse and on a little table I found a bunch of Sai Baba’s dusty orange robes. We determined Swami must have been staying here out of sight for a while until it was time for Him to return. I held one up in front of me so my friend could take a picture of me with it. I was thinking that this would validate my last dream where I was confident that He had already returned.


Then, internally I heard Swami’s voice say, "Take it."

"Take it, Swami?", I wondered.

"Yes, take it, I don’t need it anymore", He answered.


Jay Sai Ram! 


Posted by Aanchal Sai Sharma and Sai Sneha Sharma


KARTHIKEYAN2015-11-01 11:50#
Adamantine Body means a Strong Body or Healthy Body !
Rita2015-11-01 16:21#
Meaning of ' Adamantine ' : 1). Very hard ; Unbreakable or unyielding. 2). Having the lustre of a diamond.
What a wonderful dream ! It would be nice to know a little more about Mr. Donald Lenort. Where does he live ? Which country he belongs to ? He must be very blessed and fortunate
to get Baba's Darshan in a realistic dream ! I never heard his name before, but I think that he is also being chosen as another instrument of Baba for the STKC ! I think that this post will generate much enthusiasm and excitement and encouragement among the STKCians ! We all are waiting for more and more serious indications from Baba through the dreams ! Time is flying so Fast ! Already, November, 2015 ! Are we getting closer to the Final Day ? So much 'uncertainty' ! What lessons we are supposed to learn ? Why is this game going on for such
a long time ??? Let HIM decide about the 'DAY' ! Till then, we should keep quiet and wait patiently.. Please communicate with many of your chosen devotees through beautiful and vivid dreams until we get your Darshan in Your Previous Physical Form ! Our World is facing a very difficult time now ! How worse it could be ? Only YOU know, BABA. YOU (ONLY) can save
it !!! " Sai Sankalpa Is Vajra Sankalpa " ! " JAI SRI SAI RAM ".
Please come and protect all the beautiful things and creatures of Your Wonderful Creation !
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2015-11-04 18:11#
He lives in the USA. This is from Donald Lenort's Facebook:

Donald Lenort has a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy. He has been a long time student of the Edgar Cayce and Paul Solomon readings. He completed the course work from the School of Metaphysics, the Self Realization Fellowship and Astara lessons along with the Synchronicity Foundation Recognitions program. He has performed readings from the Akashic Record since 1994. He is author of the forthcoming book, ‘Mystical Experiences along the way to Awakening – Autobiography of an urban yogi’.
stefania2015-11-07 00:35#
Wonderful dream! And good answer, thank you. Sai Ram. Che bel commento, è vero, siamo tutti in attesa del Suo ritorno. Non sappiamo come, quando, in quale forma, ma è una certezza che cresce giorno per giorno. Quando Baba era in forma fisica attendavamo pazienti nel mandir per il Suo darshan. Oggi il pianeta stesso è diventato un enorme mandir e noi lo stiamo aspettando da un capo all'altro della Terra con la stessa determinazione di allora. Baba affrettati a tornare perché noi non sappiamo come arrestare la violenza di questo mondo, c'è bisogno di un tuo intervento urgente. Sai Ram.
Donald Lenort
Donald Lenort2015-12-22 19:01#
How I met Sai Baba:

I had read in a book, if you want a Guru, pray to God daily with sincerity to send you one and your prayers will be answered in less than a year. Seven months after beginning my daily prayers, this experience happened.


Evening meditation, by myself, at home, after work, on my loveseat:

After Kriyas, as I sat to meditate, I experienced a giant Kriya of breath and energy rise up my spine and shoot out the top of my head taking “me,” my conscious awareness with it. It felt like the size and power of a large fire hose with water rushing through it going up my spine. My experience was like being swept along in a fast current and just surrendering to the ride. I immediately found myself outside of my body and was greeted by someone that I internally recognized as a guide. I decided to follow him. We began walking over desert sands. As we came up to a large sand dune, my guide stopped and motioned for me, with his sweeping arm, to continue walking over.

I walked up and over the sand dune. On the other side was Sathya Sai Baba standing there in His orange robe with His arms folded behind His back.

Baba said, “Continue with the readings, expand them with trust. They will open people’s minds to new attitudes and possibilities and through them I will help them also by giving personal, useful information to enhance their lives.”

He continued, “I will continue to send people for bodywork, but, you must remember to heal with the Touch of God. Always remember and keep foremost in your mind that you are a channel for the healing power or force of God.”

He then told me, “I am your Guru. I am everyone’s Guru. You will not meet Me until you are called to come; two, three perhaps maybe four years. You will be called clearly.”

He paced back and forth as He talked to me, keeping His hands clasped behind His back.

He then asked, “Questions?”

Being in His presence had eliminated all thoughts from my mind because there was such stillness present. I knew there must be something I wanted to know. So, I stopped trying to think and just allowed my subconscious to ask whatever was most important to know at the time. The question bubbled up from inside and I found myself asking, “Did you obtain your Divinity through Earthly incarnations or elsewhere? What is your relationship to the Christ?”

He replied, “I am the Christ and greater. The Christ manifests through humans. I have taken a human form, but I am not human, but Divine. My Divine awareness has been veiled at times for learning, but never totally separated from, always maintaining a contact with the Divine.”

He then placed His hand on my chest and I watched as His form disintegrated into energy and then moved through His arm, disappearing into my chest.
sandhya2015-12-23 02:33#
Sairam...Beautiful and an amazing experience!!!Thanks a lot for sharing it. Jai Sairam
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-12-23 07:14#
Blissful experience! Thank you for sharing. Sairam.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-23 17:52#
Aanchal Sai Sharma
Aanchal Sai Sharma2015-11-01 18:21#
A thought provoking and informative dream.

Adamantine is something unbreakable; a legendary metal that was impenetrable.

More about adamantine, www.paulhumebrewster.com/21-facts-about-adamantine-particles/
(Above link via Mr.Donald Lenort)
James Cooper
James Cooper2015-11-01 18:22#
How did you know that the room had more that 800 people in it?
D. Lenort
D. Lenort2020-04-25 16:38#
It was an inner knowing and that number came to mind
radha2015-11-02 09:17#
wondeful dream !!! you are blessed brother..
Para Eighteen
Para Eighteen2015-11-02 16:42#
ADAMANTINE is such an unusual,uncommon and beautiful word,and for a devotee to be given it in a dream,in relation to Swami's 'new body' is marvelously exciting. Exciting because of the unusualness of the word and its perfectness for the situation!Please refer to the links provided on adamantine particles on fb by the said devotee....
Sairam, with love,
Para 18
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-11-03 08:44#Reply
Vidya2015-11-04 07:52#
Sai ram , it's a major coincidence Swami has used the word adamantine. Jesus has also spoken about adamantine particles . It's in the book -love without end- Jesus speaks by Glenda Green,
saisarannaga2015-11-05 03:23#
Sairam! Even during normal conversation, we use the term 'adamant' to indicate stubbornness. None is capable of protecting the body of Bhagawan which is made up of adamantine particles. Swami's words contain meanings which is beyond our understanding. Hence the author has misunderstood the 'protection part' May Swami manifest himself physically soon as the plight of refugees who belong nowhere is increasing beyond control due to the ongoing conflicts in Syria and other places. "Samastha Lokas Sukino bhavanthu! Om Sri Sai Ram.
Satrughna2015-11-07 21:23#
Interesting article, stating that 'adamantine' means Prana: goldenageofgaia.com/2015/11/06/the-use-and-importance-of-the-breath-part-12/
KARTHIKEYAN2015-11-09 05:20#
Sairam Brother,

Your link gives perfect explanation about Adamantine particles.ThankYou
Savita S.Rani
Savita S.Rani2015-12-28 08:23#
Sairam to all of you,

The claws of LORD NARASIMHA were also made of ADAMANTINE. Sairam

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