Prayer can reverse a prophecy

Sreejith Narayan 

Many reasons were suggested in the book ”Sai Thy Kingdom Come” for why Swami could have left His body in the manner He did. The clues actually come from a set of discourses, in one of which Swami says:

Since God does not have any body attachment, He does not attach any importance to the suffering of His body. Once He assumes a body, many things are bound to happen to the body. Whatever happens is for the welfare of the whole world. - Divine Discourse, Prasanthi Nilayam, January 14, 1999

From this we can clearly understand that His body was sacrificed “for the welfare of the whole world”. Was Swami absorbing a huge critical mass of karma in order to prevent some major disasters? When we examine carefully the various world events that were unfolding during the time Swami was hospitalized, it is not difficult to find a connection. He was taken to hospital with breathing difficulty (or pneumonia) a few days after the Japan earthquake/tsunami/nuclear disaster. The triple disaster was an extremely unfortunate event that claimed thousands of lives (peace be with them) and rendered many homeless and sick. The largest earthquake in Japan’s history along with a fierce tsunami it triggered, destroyed parts of Fukushima nuclear power plant and the country was bracing itself for a possible nuclear catastrophe. Some experts say that it was a miracle that the plant withstood the event and that it was possible to avoid a complete “melt-down” of the reactor. In short if the complete melt-down had occurred, the disaster could have assumed unimaginable proportions; something of the scale that is yet to be witnessed by humanity.

Even though I suggested in the book about such a possibility, I had wished to know if Swami had really confirmed this to anyone through a dream or vision. Few days ago I learnt about a prominent devotee who had a vision in which Swami confirmed that the nuclear incident in Japan during the earthquake / tsunami would have turned into a nuclear holocaust causing great destruction. That it did not happen is ONLY because He Himself "came to prevent such nuclear holocaust" and took this world karma onto His body!

There are many prophecies from around the world that foretell impending destruction to the earth. Edgar Cayce, a renowned Psychic had predicted many such dreadful calamities. One of his major prophecies is about the disappearance of Japan. So it could be that Swami averted that disaster by taking it upon His body. Cayce also believed that the future disasters could be averted if humanity changed its behavior. And according to him, this was the purpose for giving prophecies - to warn people to change so that the prophecies would not come to pass. So I believe none of the prophecies are carved in stone and can be changed with Swami’s Grace by the virtue of prayers and good deeds of man. Swami has indicated such a change when He said:

"Were it not for the mind change of Sai devotees the world would already have fallen into complete chaos. The deterioration of mind and man has been very rapid and abrupt, even precipitous during the last fifteen years. That the world is not in total destruction is due to the change of mind of Sai devotees and to Sai's Grace" - Conversations with Sathya Sai Baba by Dr. J. Hislop, p. 190

I believe that the Sai Avatar has come for this purpose, to avert such crisis that has come upon the humanity and to mark the commencement of a beautiful golden age as mentioned in many of His discourses. Edgar Cayce also foresaw a new era of enlightenment and peace for humanity in the future:

"A new order of conditions is to arise; there must be a purging in high places as well as low; and that there must be the greater consideration of the individual, so that each soul being his brother's keeper. Then certain circumstances will arise in the political, the economic, and whole relationships to which a leveling will occur or a greater comprehension of the need for it. This America of ours, hardly a new Atlantis, will have another thousand years of peace, another Millennium. All this done in the same manner that the prayers of ten just men once saved a city. And then the deeds, the prayers of the faithful will glorify the Father as peace and love will reign for those who love the Lord."

The above prophecy emphasizes the need for prayers to save this world. Just like how the prayers of ten noble men once saved a city, let us Sai devotees join together with all our hearts and pray fervently to our beloved Lord to save this world from all impending calamities. Let us pray for the benefit all the beings in all the worlds. Let us chant “Samastha Lokah Sukhinobhavantu” as part of our daily lives.

Footnote: This is what Edgar Cayce had to say about the day of the Lord: “What is meant by “the day of the Lord is near at hand”? That as has been promised through the prophets and the sages of old, the time – and half time – has been and is being fulfilled in this day and generation, and that soon there will again appear in the earth that one through whom many will be called to meet those that are preparing the way for His day in the earth. The Lord, then, will come, even as ye have seen him go. - Edgar Cayce reading (262-49) July 9, 1933 


J. Bruni
J. Bruni2014-09-02 22:09#
At the same time, we can determine what happens in the future by our present acts, but we can't go beyond the boundaries of the Will of God.

Without ego, our actions and thougths are completely aligned with the Will of God. Indeed, God is our true essence, our true self. We only need to remove the darkness of ego to see the shining splendour of God "within" us.

Considering humanity and society of nowadays, we already have all information and knowledge of what is needed to be done to purify the planet from its pollution and live in harmony and peace. The problem is the big amount of ignorance, which unfortunately makes people behave worst than animals.

I don't have any doubt that Swami has greatly changed the course of humanity for better. I would say that, without Him, maybe we would be facing the worst imaginable scenarios, like III World War and big catastrophes.

Having Him, the source of all Wisdom, Knowledge, Love and Light, pouring His Grace among us all these years, and telling us how to behave, undoubtedly brought to not only each of us individually, but also collectively, the perspective and possibility of a wealthy and healthy future.


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Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2014-09-02 22:09#
Sairam J.Bruni, Thank you for your wonderful comments.
Anonymous2014-09-02 22:10#
I do appreciate how you connect the dots for most mortal folks like myself. Absolutely insightful & the bigger picture is emerging quite brilliantly! Sai's Glory shines brighter & brighter through you...

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Anonymous2014-09-02 22:11#
I read your posting on the papal prophecies. Its interesting. I found this blog by an Italian, who has translated the barefooted saint bit and something about the future. Kind of confusing actually or maybe it this person's translation. Anyway - assuming u haven't read it already -- Mentions a "HEART WHO WILL RETURN TO LIFE."

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Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-02 22:11#
Beautiful insights.
Susan Fay
Susan Fay2014-09-02 22:12#
The conclusion that Swami took a large portion of the full extent of the Fukushima nuclear disaster onto His own Body to avert it, and also simply the notion that Swami will somehow resurrect His Sweet Form for not only His devotees but for all of humankind and to jumpstart the Golden Age...both are overwhelmingly stirring and heart-melting and awe-inspiring. In the case of His time in the hospital before departing His Form, we may briefly get stuck in a place of agonized protectiveness for the Body and apparent well-being of the One we all hold so precious, our Beloved Swami -- until we realize that a much GRANDER fierce, tender care and protectiveness for each of US is just what has motivated Him to perform that colossal loving feat of protecting Japan and the entire earth! It makes one so inspired to intensify our efforts at LOVING AND VALUING ALL and LOVING AND VALUING THIS EARTH more and more, in a dim reflection of what He has done, and does, and will do! We shall "make the whole world [our] own" as Baba does (and as Sri Sarada Devi so nicely put it). And while we redouble our efforts to pray unceasingly for the well-being of all, our devotion and our invincible bond to Swami grows and grows. Jaya Most Wondrous Sri Sathya Sai Narayana!

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Rajesh2014-09-02 22:12#
IIRC, Isaac Tigrett in his interview with RadioSai mentions about a dream that he/ his friend had about future where world is facing too much natural calamities (This discussion I think was on global warming etc). When he got an opportunity next time, he asked Swami if world will undergo these. Swami told something like this "Mankind has to be brought to its knees so that they will have to call God for help". This is not verbatim but from memory.

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Bala Subramanian
Bala Subramanian2014-09-02 22:13#
Tigrett -
the scientific community headed by Carl Sagan, at the Moscow conference all they could say was that we're doomed. I got so concerned that I went to Sai Baba and asked him ,"What's going to happen to the biosphere ?" And he said to me, "God is allowing mankind to destroy the Earth. only when man is brought to his knees will he turn toward God. "

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Joy Beales
Joy Beales2014-09-19 03:13#
Prayer overpowers nuclear 'melt-down'?

There is an interesting story in an interview on Radio Sai with Dr Deepak Anand (Fleeting Moments Lasting Memories, May 2012) where he reports an amazing incident of Swami hearing and responding to the intense prayers of many people. FM_LM_120_DR_DEEPAK_ANAND_PART_02.mp3 (about 33 minutes from start)

Basically....Swami was sitting in total silence for a long time (I think, in the interview room but don't know the year) and then asked the students present about the significance of that day, what happened on that day? He then revealed it was an anniversary of the day the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. He went on to say that, at that very moment in Osaka in Japan, thousands of people had gathered with candles lit, and "they are all praying to Me that such a catastrophe, should never befall any other nation... I listened to their prayers and I came!"

Hearing this, I felt more strongly that Swami's illness in 2011 was indeed connected with the earthquake in Japan. Long before the 2011 disaster, He had responded to the fervent prayers of people calling out on the anniversary of Hiroshima and, I believe, He had then made a promise to them, which was fulfilled in 2011.
s.nagarajan2015-05-20 06:10#
Sairam, Many a time during the previous body(Shirdi), Baba took the illness of many devotees and their siblings on his own body. Saibaba showing developed bubonic plague boils on his own body when a mother pleaded about the bubonic feaver of her young son. Saibaba said, the dark clouds will vanish, the sky will become clear. Thus the child was saved from the catastrophe! The earth itself is the child for "Boomatha". How she will simply watch when things go awry? At the same time, people around the world need to learn their lessons practically. Only during troubles and tortures, we turn to God. This is the natural way and hence all the natural calamities we witness now! In fact, the occurence of such calamities have increased manifold during the past one year and is still continuing. May Swami purify the Hearts of all beings to ensure the dawn of Golden Age. He is the Master of Time and it is futile to predict "when Swami will reapper? Om Sri Sai Ram.
venkata ramana
venkata ramana2015-05-21 09:56#
raghava2017-06-19 19:17#
Sai Ram.

Absolutely indeed. We humans think in six ways, but HE has his seventh way. He is beyond our comprehension. We can just taste His divinity but not entirely know His DEEDS or WAYS.

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