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Shared by Brother Vargav Sen via Facebook on Thursday February 21, 2019

Thursday today (21.02.2019) started with an early morning dream of Swami after a long span of time. Swami's dreams i generally keep to myself or share with few of my close ones. But this dream which i saw today the voice of within is whispering to share with all as i feel there is a Message. It was yesterday only during afternoon i felt like posting a picture of Swami with the saying "HE WHO WILL COME , WILL COME AND WILL NOT DELAY " but i dropped the thought as some work assignments came in that very moment. Neways now i want to straightaway come to the point the dream of this early morning.

Puttaparthi, Prasanthi Nilayam ashram was crowded like anything. I saw myself wearing white dress and i had a VIP badge and i was engaged in total management of the crowd. The area was outside Sai kulwanth Hall near the Ganesh temple of Ganesh Gate. Ladies and Gents crowds were made seperate and i was discharging duties to other sevadals about how to manage and tackle the crowd. Then the next scene was there was a huge door like the silver door of Swami upstairs of Prasanthi mandir near the balcony from where Swami used to come out for Darshan. But here the door was huge made up of Gold. And there was this huge crowd of people facing the closed door made up of Gold. As if some breathtaking event would occur and all are waiting for. Suddenly very slowly the Gold door started to open.... and Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram chants filled the air Jaikar filled the air Jai Sai Ram... and lo and behold there was the huge Golden chariot and Our Swami was sitting on the chariot wearing the dazzling yellow robe. I lack words to describe the sensation the first glance of Swami we all received as the door opened. Bhagawan was continuously raising both of His hands conferring to all His Abhayhasta Blessings. Sight of God's it was. My hands were folded offered my salutation to my Master. Then i took out my camera and was taking photographs of Swami sitting on the Golden Chariot. A moment as if i wanted to treasure for a lifetime, the feel exact feel was i was Capturing God Himself inside my Camera, capturing a moment that would be referred and remembered as a Golden History for generations to come.... and the dream got over....

Eyes are full. Emotions surging from within. The pining increases... Waiting for Your Arrival Swami because i know it's only Your Physical Comeback that can save the world today and each of our lives. Your comeback Swami will settle my life and lives of all who have surrendered their everything to You Swami.....

Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram


Shantimaya Siri
Shantimaya Siri2019-02-23 01:50#
Om Jai Sai Ram
saisaranna2019-02-23 02:50#
Sairam! as we are human, the wait seem to be prolonged. After reading the dream experience, I feel time is nearing!
Radha2019-02-23 05:35#
Wow !!!! Beautiful dream sairam... so blessed you are... We are waiting swami.....
Rajen  Naicker r
Rajen Naicker r2019-02-24 09:54#
On Sri Sai Ram our beloved Lord will come soon,only He
Know the right time. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram............
KARTHIKEYAN2019-02-25 17:20#

wonderful dream, thankyou
shehana RS
shehana RS2019-03-11 00:22#
Sairam, So lucky to have a such a dream , because the experience itself is rich, that's enough for the survival.
Rita2019-03-11 20:12#
What a WONDERFUL DREAM you have received from
GOD ! Blessed you are ! Hope & Pray that such an
AUSPICIOUS DAY would be granted to the World by
HIM SOON !! We are still waiting for you SAI RAM !
Rita2019-03-12 06:30#
S.Rani2019-03-20 09:04#
Sairam to all Sai brothers and Sai sisters

This is indeed another reassuring dream signifying Swami's come back very soon. Our strong faith and patience will definitely pull HIM back again. So, let us wait and watch. Thank you.
Meera2019-03-22 08:26#
Your dreams are so powerful and touching. Waiting just never seems to end, but all these dreams are keeping hope alive. Thank you for sharing.
PC NAYAK2019-03-24 15:23#
Dear Sairam,
Sairam to all. While going through youtube, I have come across one video of Professor Bhagia of I think from Puttaparthy. I have given the link below. In the video, he has said about Swami's Return, which is matching with this website. .

Pratheba456@gmail.com2019-04-03 11:13#
Swami pls come fast .just waiting for your arival.pls
Pratheba2019-04-03 11:23#
Swami pls come.
BRUNO2019-04-16 18:52#
Anita Narain
Anita Narain2019-04-18 07:08#
Jai Sai Ram to all.

Seems to be a testing time for all of us. just be convinced it will happen as He says. And as Shirdi Baba says keep Shraddha and Saburi.

Sai Ram
Al Macasaet
Al Macasaet2020-03-27 21:52#
Jai Sai Ram, may He come soon. Baba, You have to come Baba, You have to come

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