The Great Glory and Impact of Reappearance


By Dr.Yogiraj Ben and others from Sai Seers' Commune

His Holiness Sri B.V.Narasimhaswamiji Maharaj, the founder of the All India Sai Samaj, is a Saint who has successfully made “Sai Baba of Shirdi” a household name to countless fortunate families throughout the length and breadth of India by ceaseless and vigorous propagation of His life and teachings. While referring to Shirdi Baba leaving the body in the year 1886 and returning to it after three days, Sri B.V. says:

“[…]This is a noticeable or remarkable feature of His life that is leaving the body and returning to it, which we do not find ordinarily in other cases. Now what was the main thing He did after His return? By observing the nature and results of His activities after return, we can easily see why He returned to the body in 1886. If He had left the body finally in 1886, no person in India, certainly not in the south and in the other states, and not even in Bombay (now Mumbai) or Maharashtra, not even in the other parts of Ahmadnagar district, would have heard about Him or felt His influence, and all the ground work of His that is being described in this book would never have taken place. The essential part of Baba’s life is that which comes after 1886, (perhaps that which is yet taking shape) though this is grounded upon the earlier part, […]”

His Holiness B.V. further writes, […] “Baba upto 1886 was not apparently working for the grand aim of infusing love into all and turning out on a large national scale the approachment of all persons so as to promote Hindu Muslim unity and other unities. So, 1886 marks an epoch. We may call it the noticeable starting of His Mission.” 

Baba’s ways are not known to us:

Whether it was due to the reason that public memory is too short or due to some other reason – we do not know Baba’s ways – the glory achieved before His final transition in 1918 could not be seen afterwards. For instance, the restaurant maintained at that time by His close devotee Sagun Meru Naik for the convenience of visiting devotees had to be closed in 1918 due to the fact that there were no visitors from outside Shirdi.

Shiva Shakthi Avatar Glorified Shiva Avatar:

In order to take the Mission of His previous incarnation to the present glorious level, the present incarnation caused several powerful interventions, out of which some are listed below.

 He inspired His devotees to produce wonderful feature films in various languages. The first one was in Marathi language, ‘Shirdi Che Shri Sai Baba’ in the year 1955. The main instrument and also the Music Director of the film is Sri Pandurang Dixit an ardent devotee of both the Sai Avatars. Sri Raja Reddy, the well-known Bhajan singer, is son-in-law of Sri Dixit.

 His another devotee Sri Indulal Shah, through their family Trust ‘Sarala Charities’ produced the Hindi feature film ‘Shirdi Ke Sai Baba’ in 1977. Swami blessed the entire cast of this film which includes Manoj Kumar, Hema Malini and other popular actors of those days. 

In Sri Indulal Shah’s words “When the film was released the devotees of Shirdi Sai were so impressed that, when they compared it with the ‘Pothi’ written by Dabholkar (who was called Hemadpant by Shirdi Baba) they could not find anything therein which was not given in this film. At the same time the devotees of Parthi Sai exclaimed that the film depicted the life and message of Parthi Sai presenting Him in the name and form of Shirdi Sai.

When we look closely at the life, and philosophy and teachings of Sai Baba of Shirdi on the one side and Sai Baba of Puttaparthi on the other, we realize how the two images converge and blend into each other. After the film was released, more and more devotees started visiting the Shirdi Temple from different parts of the world.” 

There used to be followers of Sri Sathya Sai Baba among the top office bearers managing the Trust of His previous incarnation. On several occasions they came to Parthi and were blessed by Bhagawan.

 The Tele film “Shirdi Sai Parthi Sai Divya Katha” produced much later by Smt. Anjali Devi starts with the story of Shirdi Avathar.

 Swami gave the full details of birth and childhood of His previous incarnation, which were till then unknown to the world.

 Swami installed the first statue of His previous incarnation in Guindy temple, Chennai on holy Thursday, 3rd February 1949. Afterwards devotees started installing statues in thousands of places all over India and the world. On February 3rd, 1973 Swami graced the temple with His presence on the inauguration of its silver jubilee year and unveiled the commemoration column. The Supreme Lord alone can glorify His previous incarnations! 

Main Mission yet to commence:

After perusal of the pre-1886 and post-1886 picture of contrast as analysed earlier, let us now discuss the pre-temporary occultation scenario and imminent post–reappearance scenario that is going to emerge, in the words of Swami and in the words of His chosen apostles as revealed to them by Swami. 

Swami, over the years, painstakingly built a strong foundation with giant pillars in four corners of the world covering almost all nations, to support a grand super structure containing, say nine stories. As on the date of temporary occultation not even the first floor, as it were – is started, considering and comparing the total grand purpose of the Avataric Mission. Going by the strength of the foundation the superstructure visible as on date is just a tip of the ice berg. 

Compared to the small island nations like Mauritius, Trinidad & Tobago or any of the countries in Latin America the message is yet to reach every nook and corner even in India. In Mauritius more than 250 villages out of a total of 300 have Sai Centres, and 7000 houses have ‘Akhanda Jyothi’ (perennial lamp) in their shrines. These lamps were lit from the one brought from India, with great efforts and care like that of Olympic torch as narrated by the wonderful devotee from that country Sri Sanjeeva Narasimha Appadu. EHV syllabus is introduced by the Government in all the schools of this country. 

Only a great Divine happening, nothing short of Reappearance, can trigger the momentum towards the Golden Age. 

God’s plans are revealed only to those whom He loves - a representative sample of four devotees:  

Like the visions of Dr.Hanumanthappa, former Vice Chancellor, which are familiar to readers of STKC, the visions of these devotees are also already fulfilled partly and hence significant.

 The Reappearance will bring such an impact that can sustain the Golden age for a period of thousand years as proclaimed in the scriptures. In an interview the saintly centenarian devotee, nurtured by Swami and chosen by Him for his apostolic work, disclosed that an ‘event’ is going to herald the Golden Age.

Now, let us see how grand the picture will be after the Reappearance, as revealed in visions to one of His chosen instruments who is spreading His message for decades.

 […] Baba takes my arm as we walk down the Puttaparthi road together beyond the schools, dormitories, and cowshed until we are in the countryside. I can see for hundreds of miles the beauty and order of the land and people. Baba explains that He will be expanding and building for 500 miles all around.

 […] I am in a rural setting in India with a small group of devotees, waiting for Darshan. Swami comes walking slowly and beautifully as He did in earlier days. As the time period is ‘now’, I am surprised and amazed as His form is that graceful and majestic one we had been blessed to witness all those years. I touch His feet and He speaks within : “Don’t be fooled by this form you see Me as now. This is not who I am. I can manifest myself in any of the stages of this life, at any time. I am all forms – and none.”

To another of His chosen instruments in His mission, along with step by step guidance for spiritual progress, Swami also revealed several prophecies. Here is a sample of such prophecies.

 I am not in My physical form now, but I am there. I am as Myself, behind the veil of creation. My devotees must continue with their daily Sadhana. I live in their hearts. If they continue to look to me, I will continue to appear to them in their dreams, they will hear me as their inner voice, they will continue to get inner views. I will be back … I will usher in the Golden Age. There will be peace, happiness, food for all . All will be One. Give this message to all. […]

 I will be back.

 My love overfloweth in the cup of your heart.

 I will love all through you. My love will flow through you.

 To feel Me at all times, do not be angry, do not argue; love all. 

 The Golden Age has begun in pockets. Just as Kali Yuga began in pockets and then spread all over the world, the Golden Age has begun in pockets and the winds of change will blow it to the entire world. That’s when the mission of this Body will be complete. Prema Sai will come when the world will be in the thick of the Golden Age. He will sustain it with love; that’s His mission.

 We know a devotee couple in whose house shrine Baba is a living presence. Daily occurrence of miracles and manifestations are so extensive that the husband had to take voluntary retirement just to cater to the needs of visiting devotees. The visiting congregations – mostly out of curiosity and seeking temporal benefits rather than spiritual advancements - became so unmanageable, that when their schedule of spiritual sadhana was too much interrupted, they decided to change the town to live incognito. In their new place they are comparatively peaceful with time for their sadhana. Here also they experience Divine presence both in Shirdi and Sri Sathya Sai Forms. When Shirdi Baba sits in the throne, there will be eleven Saints encircling Him. Baba distributes prasadam offered to Him to all the Saints and He arranges the empty plates in a nice pattern. He also brings prasadam, the taste and quality of which we cannot find anywhere else. While the lady participates in the conversation with Baba, her husband records the things in a journal. Some time back I requested him to ask his wife to request Swami to come back in Sri Sathya Sai Form, for which the husband smiled at my innocence and said how she can ask Him when He Himself is coming to her regularly. I quickly rephrased my request as “please tell her to ask Swami to grant the similar Darshan to all the devotees”. Last week he conveyed to me what Swami told her: “several groups (– some twenty or so-) of devotees come to me from various parts of the world, and from then onwards I will start making myself visible above the sky to more and more devotees”. 

Before concluding this article here are a couple of excerpts of Swami.

My Supreme Mission: 

“I have come with the Supreme Mission of spiritually regenerating people and to unite mankind. I shall leave the world only after completing My Mission”. (A quote prominently displayed on an exhibition panel)

You will see Me in many places at the same time:


“[...]You were surprised to see Me in two different places simultaneously. In future, why two, I will take thousands of forms and appear simultaneously in different places.[..]I have taken Avatar not to do small things, but for doing great things; to uplift the world. My task is gigantic, to uplift the whole mankind and put them on to the correct path of Sathya, Dharma, Shanthi, Prema and Ahimsa and grant liberation for aspirants”. (Sri Sathya Sai, Anandadayi, P66) 

There is no delay. This period of Grace is granted to us to get ready:

While the Reappearance is going to be a reality, the apparent delay is a grace period allowed by our compassionate Lord to enable more and more of His children to be part of that grand occasion. This time is a ‘grace period’ – like a few extra days allowed by a banker to his customers even after the actual due date to repay the loans was over. 


Let us pray Baba to keep us within a radius of 500 miles of the Saicity centre!

Let us get ready!

P.S.: Before forwarding this article to we requested an elderly scholar for favour of peer review. The scholar suggests cursory reading of Chapters 5 & 7 of STKC to better appreciate this article and to see things in their right perspective. 


SAMY2014-12-11 14:01#
Paul2014-12-11 15:59#
Thanks to Sreejith, Dr. Yogiraj Ben and others for this spiritual sustenance.
Lrao2014-12-11 15:59#
Aum Sai Ram. Thank you for the great article. I read it carefully. There is one sentence at the end that I did not understand:

"Last week he conveyed to me what Swami told her: “several groups (– some twenty or so-) of devotees come to me from various parts of the world, and from then onwards I will start making myself visible above the sky to more and more devotees”.

What does this mean? Is Swami asking groups of 20 or so devotees to come to Him? Or, is he saying, after/when they come, He will then make Himself visible? The usage of 'come to me' does not clarify whether it is happening now, or will happen in the future.
In 2015, several groups WILL be visiting for the 90th Birthday celebrations. Thanks.

Lrao2014-12-11 16:56#
Lovely article. Thank you for the reminder about how Shirdi was after Shirdi Baba left his body.
It amuses me when I go to Parthi and someone randomly comments - "so few people now....", 'no crowds' etc. I just have a good laugh. Of course, the numbers will not be as when Baba was here physically. No complaints! Everyone (and more) will come back soon - just like in Shirdi. I had a fabulous time enjoying Baba's company at Parthi in November during birthday celebrations. It was amazing and divine. Waiting for His arrival. Praying every day to be allowed Darshan when He returns. Aum Sai Ram.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-11 21:28#
Thank you for this. Sai Ram.
Joy2014-12-11 22:38#
What a beautiful description of our yearning phase: "This time is a ‘grace period’..."
Happily too, the two most recent articles on Prasanthi Reporter indicate to me that, in His Holy Abode also, there is a strong belief in Swami's Reappearance. Here are two short extracts:

Are We Ready?
"Endeavouring to bring ‘Him’ home, the most beloved Divine form, every devotee with pure-hearted devotion stands with a chance to win His grace to manifest Him."

Truth of a Prophecy
"Muslims around the world believe the advent of a great leader and guide, known as Hazrat Mehdi."
Sairaj Merai
Sairaj Merai2014-12-12 04:56#
Aum Sri Sai Ram
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-12 05:25#

Muslims will recognize him only nine years before His passing from the world. -Bihar-ul-Anwar
(Source: STKC Chapter 7, pg:42)

Swami said, "Don’t cry, I will be with you all for nine more years", saying thus He showed me His right palm, in which it is written as, 'Up to 2023"

KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-14 10:29#
“Baba Said to Apurva Iyengar in Telugu (in a Vision) "NENU YEE YEAR END LOPALA VACHHESTHUNNANU" - “(I Am Coming Back Before This Year End),

However “ I Am Coming Back Before This Year End” which Swami Says may be Referring This English Year Ending on december or the Telugu year ending on March 20 (since he Said in Telugu)
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-14 16:14#
Sairam Brother Karthikeyan, It cannot be March as Swami said, "I will wake up four months before my anniversary".
Apurva2014-12-14 11:10#
Brilliant words of swami "The Golden Age has begun in pockets. Just as Kali Yuga began in pockets and then spread all over the world, the Golden Age has begun in pockets and the winds of change will blow it to the entire world." Truly I feel it, yes the Golden Age has definitely begun in pockets. Thank You all!! Jai Sairam!!!
S.Mahendaraj2014-12-15 03:38#
KARTHIKEYAN2014-12-15 12:18#
Sairam Sister Latha Sairam

Thankyou for referring the post of Brother Lokes.

Baba said to lokes "I will wake up four months before my anniversary"

1)Considering sister apurvas Vision and Brother Lokes Vision, there is a good chance that baba may return in December 2014,Considering "English Calender and Samadhi anniversary".

2)However there is also equal chance that baba may return on July, If We consider the Lokes vision- If it is Birth Anniversary

3)However Since Swami Said to apurva Iyengar in telugu, (And because of this if we consider telugu Calender)there may be also a chance That baba may return any time between March 20 (March 21 is Telugu new year)

4)Suppose if the anniversary refers any other category not mentioned above, it is difficult to calculate

5)But if he comes in December ,( considering the first point) every devotees will be happy!

Sai Dav
Sai Dav2014-12-15 22:18#

Swami will continue to drop little hints.....for us to keep guessing and calculating HIS return month/date.

Since last 2 years all predictions have not come to fruition....and I have calculated as per follows too...

SWAMI LIVES TO 2022 age 96 Gregorian modern day Cakender
THEREFORE HIS AGE NOW 89 7 + 96 but...2014 + 7 +2021 BUT...89 age last from 23/11/2104/ - 22/11/2105 so Swami my come anytime from there on......

No ONE can predict a date........JESUS HIMSELF SAID OF HIS RETURN......not the angels of heaven or even the Son of God knows the day hour when the Son of Man returns.......




in Loving Service

Sai Dav
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-16 04:20#
Sairam, In our hearts we know ONLY Swami knows what He means by the words 'few days', 'friday', 'this year end', 'tomorrow', 'four months', 'trio' and so on. Who can ever find the meaning of His words written only in HIS DIVINE DICTIONARY?! Who can ever find the month/date of HIS DIVINE CALENDAR?!
We can only sincerely Pray and Await His Return!
Sai, Thy Kingdom Come...
...Come May It Soon!
Lrao2014-12-16 16:40#
Sairam. After today's horrendous happenings, and innocent children's lives lost, we can only PRAY HARDER AND HARDER and implore Swami to please come and put an end to this madness. Please, let us pray and pray, instead of speculating on times and dates which only Swami knows. Let's make him come running due to our tears and earnest prayers.
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-03 11:25#
Yes, Sairam, In all probability, the end of the Telugu year, somewhere around March -April and the Lunar eclipse time!
Rama2015-01-04 06:20#
I concur that there is nontrivial likelihood of appearance in Mar-April; at the least, various Nadi prophecies appear to corroborate this time frame.
s.nagarajan2015-05-07 09:13#
Swami is hiding like the trickster Krishna did during his childhood days after stealing butter stealthly from the house of poor Gopis (Of Course, they are the fortunate lot to enjoy the Divine Leelas of Baby Krishna and child Krishna! We are all now "dunnapothus" in Swami's vocabulary. Hope Swami bless all of us 'dunnapothus'. Hope none will be offended. Sairam.
damaris2015-09-17 01:05#
Mensaje de aparición de Sai
Ramu GSV
Ramu GSV2015-11-28 16:10#
I will rise 4 months before Anniversary. Anniversary is in April. So it must be in Dec. I will come before the year end. So it must be December. Then, to someone Swami Said I will come on a Friday. This December 25, 2015 matches to this and it is also a BIG DAY for the majority religion of this world - Christianity. He left on Easter Sunday and will rise on Christmas, may be.
Ramu GSV
Ramu GSV2015-11-28 16:17#
And December 25th is FULL MOON day.
Sai Ram
Sai Ram2015-11-30 06:53#
And Mrugasira Nakshtram till after noon and Arudra Nakshtram (Swami's birth star) later
Venkata ramana
Venkata ramana2015-11-29 17:16#
Finally we arrived the day of our lord SAIRAM..yes 25th of December 2015..BABA WE WELCOME YOU ON THIS AUSPICIOUS DAY!!!! And also a Friday,full moon,Christmas..Let all be prepared
saisarannaga2015-12-01 02:45#
Devotees might have seen the huge deluge due to torrential downpour in South India, especially Tamilnadu. It is said that the quantum of rainfall has exceeded that occurred about one hundred years ago. Also recently some middle east countries experienced heavy rain fall which is a rare phenomenon. As it was forecast in some Islamic scriptures, the entire Tamilnadu was covered with one sheet of water and it is still pouring...Is it the indication which herald the grand prophesy?

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