Be Patient. In time, everything will be given to you


It was on the Easter Sunday of 2011 that our beloved Lord chose to withdraw from His physical form and attain Maha Samadhi. To commemorate the significance of Swami choosing the "day of Jesus' Resurrection" for His disappearance and in anticipation of His imminent return, STKC first edition was published on the Easter day of 2012. So, in a way, today is also the ninth anniversary of STKC.

Of late, there hasn't been much activity on, and several readers have been wondering if I have lost faith in His Reappearance in the physical form of Sri Sathya Sai Baba. Let me assure you, I have no doubt in my mind that He will return as Sathya Sai. That's perhaps been the only thing in my life that I ever had so much clarity on! By His Grace, that faith will never dwindle in me.

My belief in His Return and the reasons for the same, have been shared in the book and through numerous articles on the website. Several readers have shared their amazing dreams and viewpoints on the website as well. Now the only thing that is left to do is to prayerfully wait for His Return. However, there is no point in "idly" waiting for it to happen either. In fact, Swami's return is not a "wait", it is an "understanding" which should fuel our spiritual journey and not undermine the same.

Borrowing Sister Jullie Chaudhuri's words: "His Kingdom will come as and when He Wills it so! For our part, we need to exercise patience and await the unfolding of events, so extraordinaire, that generations hence for eons to come will speak of it in absolute awe". 

As Swami Himself says “Be Patient. In time, everything will be given to you”. (Sanathana Sarathi, October 1996, Back cover)


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Paul Kelly
Paul Kelly2021-04-10 23:23#
Thanks for this update. May we all experience the loving world that we long for. Sairam
Shantimaya Siri
Shantimaya Siri2022-01-03 04:18#
Beautiful Sreejith. Om Jai Sai Trio Ram.
To may have already told you this... Easter Sunday 2011 was of course April 24th, which is also my birthday. It is amazing that in 59 years my birthday never before and never after landed on Easter Sunday!!!!! Swami came to me the day before and let me know something drama-atic was about to unfold!!!

Swami has already returned physically on January 1st 2015, and He brought with him his Divine Consort Gayatri Maa/Kalki Maa and their son Jesus (Prema Sai). Swami let us know that He will remain with us in Sathya Sai form until 2023 (see STKC vision from Sophia Sai) and he also revealed via STKC visions that shift to Golden Age will happen whilst He is in this form.

As you are, I await with utter confidence in His public darshan as per His will and timing.

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