Glimpse of the coming Golden Era

By Jim Martineau

Sai Ram Sreejith and STKC family,

I had dream vision in the early hours of the morning on March 7, 2017.

Swami, in the form of a young (maybe 40 years old) Sathya Sai Baba, spent several hours with myself and about 20 other pure true truth aspirants. There were children and adults, friends of mine that are living, along with some who have died, all with Swami in a most divinely joyous atmosphere.

One of my closest childhood friends, Ed Luedke, who died at the age of 42 in 2002, was there.

Ed had died of stomach cancer. He was an agnostic, basically, but he was a good man. He had paid for my visa/passport costs in 1999, for my for visit to Swami in India (in his final will he left my son Matthew $30,000 for his college education).

After he died in 2002, he had appeared to me in a dream showing me he was healed. We hugged joyously.

Now, in this current vision, I got to introduce him directly to Swami, which was really wonderful.

Swami acted as the most intimate family member to all present. There was no preaching, no prayers, no rituals, no worshipping him. Nothing like that.

All were naturally in superconsciousness.

Swami was helping everyone move forward to final victory.... Self Realization.

There seemed to be no ego in anyone, no doubts, no disharmony. Everyone seemed to be learning at their own pace.

Swami seemed to change forms to meet the needs of the situation. When I introduced him to Ed, who is very tall (6 feet 8 inches), Swami seemed to grow in height similar to Ed's. It seemed we all had expanded abilities.

Later I was assisting Swami as he gave a young girl a haircut, and he seemed to shrink to a size that was comfortable to her.

I understood this vision might be a glimpse of the coming golden era. The ego or evil influence was completely absent. The dense and narrow sense of physicality that causes us so much pain in the kaliyuga was absent. All seemed to be entirely focused on moving rapidly forward on the spiritual journey to Self Realization. Yet, Swami didn't preach to anyone. Everyone seemed joyously busy...not even so much identified as a group of individuals. To me, it seemed more like Divine Consciousness was playing the roles of everyone, and everyone was at various joyous stages of waking up to their true identity as that Divine Consciousness itself.... God.... Self.... The formless absolute... Enjoying the Divine Recreation of playing in various forms who are awakening from a long slumber of mistaken identity as individuals!!!!!!!!

At the end of this Divine Experience, I quietly sat up in bed. It was 1:30am. I was utterly thrilled.

Sai Ram, 

Jim Martineau

(Picture by Karthikeyan)


Adweta2017-03-10 21:28#
Wonderful dream! Thank you for sharing. Jai Sai Ram
Rita2017-03-10 21:39#
Dear Jim, Thank you ! We were somewhat lost ! No dreams, no visions, in January & February, 2017 ! Is there HOPE ? I hope, there IS ! 'JAI SAI RAM'.
KARTHIKEYAN2017-03-11 07:55#
Thank you brother Jim Martineau for sharing this amazing vision. This is one more confirmation of golden age.

A dream of a life where you can see
All the things of fantasy

Where you can find some peace of mind
Where people are so very kind

Where you can get what you want
And you can be able to really flaunt

The way you want to be in life
Free of all the stress and strive!

A dream of a life so good!
May your dream turn to reality
Touch wood!
suneesh2017-03-12 17:12#
Wonderful vision. Sairam.
saisarannaga2017-03-13 02:41#
Sairam! Superb. No words to express joy of the coming days!
P C NAYAK, INDIA2017-03-13 06:44#
I had also one vision of our beloved Swami on 20th february 2017 morning between 4am to 4.30 am. I was going with Swami. I had the vision after a long gap. I was very happy.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2017-03-13 18:48#
Sai Ram!!!!!!!! Such Beautiful comments.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2017-03-13 18:50#
Sai Ram!!!! Such Beautiful comments.
Eva healy
Eva healy2017-03-15 03:40#
Hi my name is Eva, On Friday night 11 march 2017 Swami told me, PREPARE FOR MY PRESENCE, i said, how do i prepare? He said, remain calm.

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