Below is an alternate view on the time frame of the Reappearance, presented as an analysis. While STKC is happy to discuss different viewpoints regarding Swami’s Reappearance, we would like to leave it to the reader’s discretion and interpretation as to what he/she will take away from these articles. Please also read the "disclaimer"

By Karthikeyan

Sairam to all fellow SKTCians, 

I humbly request you to take the below article only as an analysis and not as a prediction on the date of Swami’s Reappearance. Only Bhagawan knows His plans and His Day of Reappearance.

Brother Sreejith receives requests from many STKC readers to provide analyses (like this article) or any clues/pointers to His reappearance. At the same time he also receives criticism (which is quite understandable and done in a loving manner) from some other STKCians for publishing articles with such analysis. 

This article is published mainly for the sake of those devotees who would relish such an analysis. Others kindly bear with me if this causes any inconvenience to you.

I also understand that there are devotees who would get very disappointed if Swami does not appear on an expected date. For those devotees, I request you to believe that certainly there is another day on the horizon which will turn out to be the “BIG DAY” - the day of Swami’s Reappearance. Until then let us keep our hopes alive.


While we have already discussed the possibilities of Swami appearing on Vaikunta Ekadesi Day, December 21, 2015 in my previous article, now I present you some additional factors for the possibility of Swamis Reappearance on this day. My previous article may be considered as part 2 and this is part 3.

(To read the part 2 please refer to the link,

From a Dream

“The NBC television station was running promos for a 60 minutes type show to air on Tuesday night all about Sai Baba” - Reference from a dream to brother Donald.

May be Swami will appear on December 21, 2015, Monday on the Vaikunta Ekadesi (as per the facts said in the Part 2 of, my previous article) and the next day Tuesday there could be a TV program about Baba, discussing about His reappearance on the previous day (as per Brother Donald’s Dream). 

Some Importance on the Vaikunta Ekadesi Day from Baba's early days

1) In the early days of Baba (1963, on the 6th January), the Vaikunta Ekadesi had to be celebrated according to the calendar. The Sai calendar marks that day as the Amrithodbhavam Day, when Divine Nectar emanates from His Hands. 

2) December 15, 1945, Vaikunta Ekadesi Day was the day of the inauguration of Baba's first mandir.

3) On January 6th, 1963, Vaikunta Ekadesi Day, Swami witnessed the Abhishekam at the Guindy temple. 

4) On a certain Vaikunta Ekadesi Day, when Baba was sitting in the midst of a few hundred devotees, signed for a tumbler and poured “Amrith” into it - a glass full - from His Divine Mouth!

5) Vaikunta Ekadesi, Chitravathi River Bed, December 28, 1960:

Finding that the vast gathering would not be able to see the materialisation of the Amritha if He did it while seated on the sands, Baba first created a Shankha (conch), "the vessel from which the Amritha will now emanate," as He announced. Then He stood up in the center of the crowd and "poured" from that empty Sankha into a silver vessel a sparkling stream of sweet and fragrant Amritha, which He later distributed to every person who had come!.

6) From Swami's Divine Discourse – “Students! we began these classes on the holy Ekadesi day - day eleven of the lunar fortnight, and we are also concluding the classes on this Ekadesi day. Hence, you should consider all these classes as Ekadesi Vratam (observance of the vows of Ekadesi)"

7) From Swami's Divine Discourse -  “In addition, this day happens to be the auspicious one of Mukkoti Ekadesi also. That is, the day on which the devas (gods) and asuras (demons) obtained the pot of divine ambrosia (amrita kalasa) after churning the ocean of milk………..Today is also the most auspicious day of Mukkoti Ekadesi. It is also called as Vaikuntha Ekadesi”.

8) It was Vaikunta Ekadesi, a day of exceptional sanctity. The holy scriptures describe it as the glorious day on which the Supreme Lord Mahavishnu vouch safes Darshan to devotees at the northern gate way of His Celestial Abode, Vaikunta. A devotee called Raja Reddy was sleeping in the veranda on the first floor of Prashanti Nilayam (the Supreme Abode of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba). At about midnight he woke up. He noticed through the slightly open doors of Bhagavan’s room a very bright illumination. He wondered why so much light was there at such an odd hour. He drew close and peeped through the gap between the doors. He was astonished to find several celestial beings taking turns to pay homage at the Lotus Feet of Bhagavan Sri Satya Sai Baba. They emitted fantastic illumination. Swami was reclining as Lord Mahavishnu, on the bed provided by Adishesha, and was graciously accepting their homage. Seven fires were burning bright all around Swami’s bed. The Vision startled Raja Reddy. He quietly drew the doors close and went back to his bed in the veranda. He could sleep no further. Next day he mentioned to Bhagavan about the heavenly experience and enquired, “Swami who are all those persons?” Bhagavan explained, “They are all celestial beings (devtas or demi-gods). They had come for My Darshan. What you saw in the form of flames are the saptarishis, the seven great rishis. As I protected you with My blessings, you are still alive. Otherwise, the moment you set your eyes on that scene, you would have been reduced to ashes.” Sri Satya Sai Baba is really the human form of Parabrahma (the Supreme Absolute). (From THAPOVANAM)

9) Swami Himself reemerged on the previous Vaikunta Ekadesi day (December 31, 2014 - January 1, 2015) and there is a possibility for His Reappearance on this current Vaikunta Ekadesi day - Monday, December 21, 2015.


So From the above Facts, Swami may reappear on Dec 21, 2015, Monday Vaikunta Ekadesi Day, which is:

The Day of Days which occurs in the Month of Months called Markali


Pictorial representation of the author's perception of Swami's Reappearance







(Pictures and graphics by Karthikeyan)



Paul2015-12-13 22:47#
Sairam Karthikeyan for another opportunity to focus on Baba. I find myself in the position of knowing the reality of Sathya Sai Baba and wanting the world to know that as well. If the world comes to know of this truth, then the corresponding, much needed, positive transformation of the world in a practical real way is inevitable. I sometimes slide into questioning Baba's timeline wondering how He can wait while the world suffers but I remind myself that it is all His play. The Lord has assigned the roles. But Baba has made His presence known in our dreams and in His appearances to some. Come may He soon to fulfill what He has foretold. Sairam to the STKCians for their enthusiastic readiness for Baba. And Sairam to all those who most apply the teachings in the form of the service that Baba invites us to. Shirdi Sai Baba said, "Have faith and patience and I will always be with you." Thankfully Sai is with us at all times. We have the faith, may Baba grant us the patience to await His timing. Sairam
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 17:16#
Sairam Brother Paul, Let us all strive to be in Truth. Om Sai Ram
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-12-13 23:25#
O Dear Lord Sathya Sai, Thy Kingdom Come...
...Come May It Soon!
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-12-13 23:43#
Very Beautiful. OM JAI SAI RAM
jim martineau
jim martineau2015-12-14 02:04#

Yes!!!!!!!! I hope so!!!!!!!

Fantastic pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yippie !!!!!! Swami... Mother Gayatri... and Jesus!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!! This is what Swami is telling us in many of the STKC visions!!!!!!!!

KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 17:57#
Sairam Brother Jim Martineau, I am happy to know that you like the pictures and found the article to be helpful. I too like to say with You OM JAI SAI TRIO RAM.
Sandhya2015-12-14 02:19#
Sairam Brother Karthikeyan, Thank you very much for this post...The pictures are beautiful!! Eagerly awaiting Swami's darshan every moment! JaiSairam
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 17:59#
Sairam Sister Sandhya , pleased to know, you liked the pictures. By Swamis grace and Will, I was able put that pictures.
Rajesh2015-12-14 05:11#
Any possibility of Him appearing on 31st February...???
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-12-14 13:36#
Sairam Brother Rajesh, Let us be ready to celebrate Christmas with Our Swami @SSPN :-)

★"By the end of 2015, lakhs of devotees would be visiting Prasanthi Nilayam every day"
radha2015-12-14 05:32#
saisarannaga2015-12-14 06:03#
Sairam! It is another seven days only! We have waited much long. So it is not a problem to wait for another seven days. May Bagawan bless his creation and protect it from harm and destruction! Om Sri Sai Ram.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 18:09#
Sure Sister Saisarannaga, as it is said in Islam Scriptures

"The best deed is waiting for the reappearance"
suneesh2015-12-14 15:59#
Sorry to say this. Recently if i see the author of an article is Mr. Kartikeyan sir, i skip that article. These analysis are the most boring part of this website. Sreejith shall help Kartikeyan by providing a list of mail ids who requests for a date on Swamis reappearance. Thank you
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2015-12-14 16:42#
Sairam Brother Suneesh, It is Swami who decides what/when to post(through Brother Sreejith-The Most Humble Instrument) on STKC website & Face Book! Jai Sairam!
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 17:23#
Sairam Sister Latha Sairam, You are correct. Swami is the Director of this SKTC, and Swami has appointed Brother Sreejith as the leader of SKTC !
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2015-12-14 16:42#
Sairam Suneesh, Not everything is for everybody and no one is forced into reading what they are not comfortable with. I hope the disclaimer on the top of the article is self-explanatory. I am against flooding people's inboxes, so by putting these in the website, devotees who like such articles can read them, others may skip :-)
Poonam2015-12-14 17:53#
@ brother Suneesh Sai Ram,
Though i am not a Satya Sai devotee, but still for one year I am following this website, with a craving to read something new everyday.. I appreciate huge effort of brother Karthikeyan for his analysis. No matter things fall true or not but still it gives hope....after all what all are we trying to do here?? encouraging to be truthful helpful and lead a virtuous life. These dreams and visions of many devotees have made me happy, and made me believe something that is too good to be true.
Keep it up SKTC . Great work.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 18:11#
Thank You Sister Poonam !
jim martineau
jim martineau2015-12-14 18:25#
I find Karthikeyan information to be VERY VERY HELPFUL ....OM JAI SAI RAM
ambiga2015-12-14 20:56#
Sairam brothers and sisters,
I have been following all the articles in this website. Early days, I was concentrating wholly on Swami's reappearance. As time passed, I came to realise that Swami is within me and what He expects from me, is for me to be His message to the best of my ability.
If all Sai devotees become personification of Love, the Golden Era will be here.
I was in Parthi for 4 days this November. This was my 1st visit after Swami's Mahasamadhi. There had been an inner call to be there in November. The transformation that has taken place in me since then is amazing. I was able to feel Swami's Love more this time. The whole atmosphere was glorious. Maybe. for me, His message was profound in the absence of His physical presence. He is all ready here- in all of us, in nature in the sound of birds, in the smile of small babies.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 18:12#
Yes Sister Ambiga Nature itself is God !
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-12-15 05:28#
Sai Ram... Yes Ambiga... Very Beautiful.

But also Swami will return in Sathya Sai Form.. All people of good will shall witness this very very soon.
radha2015-12-15 05:35#
Sairam !! it is SWAMY who keeps our hopes alive thru such devotees. even if HE doesnt show up on 21 st we are not going to give up our hopes or get disappointed. as we all know that SWAMY's ways are unpredictable.
KARTHIKEYAN2015-12-15 18:14#
sister Radha,As you say, there is surely one day which turns out to be the big day of His Reappearance
radha2015-12-18 05:13#
wow sister latha Sairam!!! just saw the link in face book. what more do we need ? Swamy, we are waiting to see you !!!!!
Joy2015-12-21 01:48#

O, Son of Eswaramba! O, resplendent majestic One! Dawn is breaking in the East. The daily tasks of divinity which you have undertaken, have to be accomplished therefore, Awake! O, Sathya Sai Lord!..... we are longing for your Darshan!


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