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Shared by: Tejas Viprani

Source: Facebook page of STKC


SaiRam to all,

I just woke up from a vision. It was extremely vivid and lucid. After this mystical and celestial vision I am dumbstruck and I feel this may be the reason I got connected to STKC after the dream I had on  24th November, 2014 night. I am also indebted to my colleague who introduced me to STKC. My inner conscience is strictly prompting me that this highly profound divine message should reach everybody timely for greatest sacred reasons.

Since Swami’s birthday this month, I have been experiencing the nectarine fragrance of Swami’s Vibhuthi in my entire home. Today also before going to bed I realized that my entire bedroom was filled with the fragrance of Swami’s Vibhuti. Soon after going to bed I suddenly had this first part of the vision, where I saw Swami sitting right in front of me in His chair and looked just like how He was before the Mahasamadhi. He turned His head towards the right and resting His cheek on the shoulder He gazed at me. As I was looking at Him, His eyes suddenly became still and all of a sudden He tumbled down. Though initially I was shocked, yet I responded timely and instantly lifted Swami and rested Him back onto the chair. Now Swami was looking young all of a sudden. He was sitting there, healthy and glowing in a strong and sturdy body of forty – forty five years or so, smiling His brightest loving smile. After this, immediately Swami disappeared and the vision got cut. Here ends the first part of the vision. I woke up for a few moments and recollecting the vision started wondering what is the message that Swami is trying to give me? Meanwhile my right hand started aching a lot and I slept over my right hand to relieve some of the pain.

Then again, the second part of the vision continued :-

In the vision, Vibhuthi started flowing from my right hand. I immediately thought of collecting the Vibhuthi. In front of me there was a small table on which I saw a book. I thought of collecting the Vibhuthi in the papers or sheets from the book. As I neared the table, I found that the book was placed open and I turned to the cover page of the book which was entitled as “THE SATHYA SAI DAIRY”. I then placed a handful of Vibhuthi on one of the empty pages and it was so much that it spread all over the page. As I tried to pool it and collect the Vibhuthi on the page there appeared Swamis writing miraculously. And the heading was “SATHYA SAI REVEALS”. With great astonishment I swiftly picked up the diary into my hands. As I was about to read Swami’s revelations with great excitement, from nowhere Swami appeared on to my right side and started rendering into my right ear, the great, prophetic and divine revelations (Imparting Knowledge / Upadesham)

The following is the actual pattern as well in the way I had seen it in the vision in Swami’s own handwriting : 


I am the father of Christ…

Mehdi The Sathya Sai Resurrects!

Jesus is born…

As the son of Gayatri The epitome of wisdom!

Never before never after…

Only this is the time you will see this trio on the earth!

This trio will herald the golden age!

Universe will witness this divine play!

Blessed are those…

Who avail this golden chance to attain golden heart!

Earth suffers the Pangs of Cataclysm…

Born from the Womb of Negativism!

To save the Positive I have very less Time!

To meet the Sun and the Star of the Heaven

Before Moon rises to its peak I have to return! --- Sathya Sai.

After this I turned a page across, to the next page of the book which says “FUTURE EVENTS OF THE TRIO”. By then Swami hurriedly left towards the door, with His dairy. I went behind Him and asked Him “Swami, when will I see you again?”

Swami said: “Meet me at Parthi.” and the vision ended.

I feel very humbled and supremely privileged for receiving such a great revelation from our beloved Swami. Thank you dearest Swami for choosing me as your messenger to pass on your GREATEST REVELATION to the world.

I personally feel this is a divine call to one and all and one of the greatest revelations that is yet to be deciphered and many more startling events to unfold. Since, we have many messages from Swami which is pointing to cataclysm, I feel that we may have to be cautious.

Jai Sai Ram!



This is an amazing master piece called “Sai, Thy Kingdom Come”

I have immense trust in Swami’s words, however I was blinded by the whole event of Swami’s Mahasamadhi and went in to deep depression. I felt that I may not live up to Prema Sai Avatar. This book is a reassurance and a reminder to have unshakable faith in the words of the Divine.

At this juncture, I would like to share with you a beautiful dream that I had on the night of 24th November 2014. It was only after the following dream that a hope of Swami returning rose within my heart. When I shared it with my colleague, who is also a Sai devotee, asked me to post it on STKC. I was not aware of this book/site until my colleague shared the website.

Since my childhood, I am in Swami’s fold. Swami used to guide me through many many dreams. But this dream seemed very different and very important for me. 

(Dream - 1)

The entire sky is painted blue naturally and amidst the blue I saw a dazzling golden chariot appear from the blue skies. The chariot was driven by seven tall and sturdy gleaming white horses and our beloved Swami dressed in luminous white was seated in the golden chariot. Swami was travelling across the skies. On the other side of the sky I saw seven huge pillars of Roman architecture. It looked like an arch erected as a gateway to a palatial heavenly city. And whom do I see seated on the divine pedestal in front of those beautiful arches? None other than divine Mother Gayatri Devi dressed in radiant red attire (Saree) She typically looked like deity Gayatri Devi picture, that is there in our pooja room, that too with five faces. Later she looked with single face. Mother’s face was radiating a divine light that spread from the arches and came throughout the sky and she was smiling awaiting Swami. That was when I saw the huge golden chariot driven by Swami nearing the arches.

Swami halted the chariot a few paces away from the arches. He suddenly pulled out a golden arrow and released it with reverence and gratitude at the feet of the divine Mother Gayatri Devi. This is called “Namaskaara Baanam” in Telugu which a warrior uses to show respect and reverence to the elders / divine. The arrow landed right in front of Gayatri Devi’s divine feet and at the spot where the arrow landed beautiful white flowers appeared from nowhere and arranged themselves in the Telugu words, Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema, Ahimsa in an arc form, in front of Her lotus feet. Swami then addressed these words to Gayatri Devi while Mother endearingly looked on. Swami spoke “Amma ippatininchi nenu adharmamuto poradataanu, idi naa namaskara baanam (Mother, from now on I shall fight adharma, this is my first arrow of gratitude to you, the epitome of knowledge, before I begin my fight against unrighteousness). Then He started shooting arrows in different directions as if attacking the evil.

After this, I saw a very huge flight which was waiting in the sky for the passengers to board. I was dressed like an air hostess awaiting at the entrance for the passengers. Very strangely all this is still happening in the sky. As I keep gazing into the sky I heard the announcement that this flight is about to take off to Earth! I saw the divine passenger, our own beloved Swami entering the flight. He was the only passenger in the entire big flight as big as the cosmos. I also noticed that it is written on the flight in huge Telugu words: Atmatatwame Maanavatvamu (souls innate nature is humanity) Maanavatvame Divyatvamu (Humanity is divinity). I was shell shocked to have Swami on board but excited and happy beyond words. I quickly prepared and brought Parvannam (sweet rice boiled in milk) for Swami and offered it to Him. I said ,"Swami I missed You so much, I thought that I wouldn’t live up to Prema Sai Avatar", then I touched Him to clear my doubt and asked, "Am I really seeing You Swami or is it my imagination? Will You be coming in the same form to Earth or as Prema Sai?”. Then Swami took some of the sweet dish and spoke to me very endearingly “I have to be in this form till I complete my mission OF BRINGING HEAVEN TO EARTH, maya mind can not understand my MASTER MIND, THIS AVTAR’S MAGNANIMITY IS ‘NABHOOTO NA BHAVISHYATI’. THERE IS NO SCOPE FOR SPECULATION AGAINST BHAGWAN’S PROCLAMATION. When My physical form can raise your energies so much and give you heights of happiness, WHY CANNOT THE VERY TRUTH WHICH I REPRESENT GIVE YOU INSPIRATION TO PICK UP TRUTH ONCE FOR ALL! YOU NEED TO REALISE THE TRUTH THAT YOU AND ME ARE ONE! CHOOSE THE SUPERCONCIOUS STATE OF MIND NOT MAYA CONCIOUSNESS. KNOW THAT BEING GOD IS ENLIGHTENMENT AND BECOMING GOD IS IGNORANCE”. 

Saying this, He pointed outside to the Earth and said “Atu Choodu” (see there), I saw the whole world is a picture of chaos and devastation. 75% of the Earth is destroyed. Seva Dal from Swami’s organization were clearing up the dead and directing those alive to safer places. I could see innumerable number of flights looking like small toy planes lined up, from the sky. Innumerable number of people were boarding these flights. 

Swami pointed out to them and said –“see all the negative people are leaving the earth, all the black flights are flying away from the earth. Then I will land my divine flight! ” 

After this, I suddenly saw a small parnakuteeram (small ashram) where Mother Gayatri Devi is seated on a high dias in deep meditation, dressed in a deep red saree. The ashram is in the serene lands of the Himalayas. Swami suddenly arrived on a white gleaming horse. He halted the horse near Gayatri Devi and descended. Swami addressed Mother Gayatri Devi as Mother Kalki, Once Swami addressed her as Kalki, mother opened Her eyes and there appeared a brilliant sparkling shiny sword in Her hands!

Swami urged Her to mount on the horse to ride on. She left like a lightening to start Her activity.

Later, I saw both Swami and Gayathri Devi, riding in a golden chariot drawn by seven brilliant white horses entering Prasanthi Nilayam, and the entire cosmos starts to look like a dais. A huge dais on which Gayatri Devi was seated on a red revolving chair in the middle. Entire Earth and all the beings were holding a welcome banner for Gayatri Devi and Swami. Later Swami made an epochal announcement, “The epitome of divine knowledge and wisdom, divine Mother Gayatri Devi Herself has descended to lead the whole humanity to divine consciousness. She will guide you all and lead this vast spiritual empire after me. Realize that we both are one and the same."

Both Swami and Gayatri Devi started their speech with AHAM BRAHMASMI, AYAMATMAM BRAHMAM, TATWAMASI thrice and the entire cosmos reverberated with the divine energetic vibrations while everybody repeated the same thrice in a chorus. 

Here ended my dream.

(Dream - 2)

On 26th November, 2014 night :

I am once again blessed with a Swami’s divine dream. Though it was meant for SRIJITH NARAYAN JI of  'Sai,Thy Kingdom Come, the underlined promise was that, SWAMI WOULD SURELY BE RETURNING IN THE SAME FORM TO HERALD THE GOLDEN AGE :

I saw a person reclining on a bed in a semi lit room. Before I could figure out who He was I witnessed a huge lightning and thunderstorm outside the room. Amidst such bright light, dearest Swami descended in an orange robe looking quite young, radiant and handsome. He approached the person lying (I don’t know why, but that person looked sad for me) on the bed and held his hand and said “Come with me”. As both Swami and that person arrived at Prashanti Nilayam, I recognized the other person as Sreejith Narayan ji of 'Sai, Thy Kingdom come'. Entire Prasanti was decked up with stunning décor and all the jubilant devout held banners such as “Sathya Sai Returned”, “Celebrating the Success of Sai, Thy kingdom come”.

Swami thundered “Sai Rama’s vanavasa is over. In the days of Ramaavatara, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman were fortunate to be in the presence of Sri Rama and enjoyed bliss amidst all the suffering they were put to in vanavasa. However Bharata, though lived in the palace, with the acute suffering from Rama’s separation, WAS THE ONLY ONE INDIVIDUAL WHO TOOK UP THE RESPONSIBILITY OF KEEPING UP THE MORALE AND BELIEF OF ALL THE CITIZENS OF AYODHYA, THAT SRIRAMA WOULD RETURN SOON FROM VANAVASA AND SURELY HERALD RAMARAJYAM. And here is our Sreejith, the Kali Yuga Bharata of Sairaama who held on to his belief in Swami and tirelessly inspired world over Sai family, the belief of Sairaama’s return for heralding this Golden Age. He is the chosen divine Sai instrument to spread the word “Sathya Sai Returns Soon”. 

Saying thus, Swami blessed Sreejith and pointed His right indes finger at his third eye position and said,“ JNANAM IS BESTOWED AND YOU WOULD BE THE REVIVER OF HUMANITY”. I saw Sreejith ji turning very radiant. 

Here ended my dream.

Sreejith ji must be a very blessed soul. The magnanimity of his activity with all his trust, has pacified millions of hearts from vulnerability, who couldn't understand the sacred reason behind the sudden departure of our beloved Bhagwan. I heart fully thank him and wish him all the best to keep up his strength of trust in him and in every otherself , till our SWAMI returns. 

Jai Sai Ram!

Posted by: Aanchal Sai Sharma & Sneha Sharma


Paul2014-12-01 16:28#
What powerful dreams. Thank you for sharing. And I would like to echo the point you have made which is that Sreejith's work has been a beacon of hope in a world without Baba in the physical. Sairam.
Nirmal2014-12-01 16:57#
What a wonderful dreams are these. OMG I am thrilled to read all these. SWAMI!! LET YOUR KINGDOM REALLY COME!!! Sairam all dear ones... Let there be love all around....
Latha2014-12-01 17:07#
Thank You for everything Swami. Feeling Happy, Blessed, Blissful... Jai Sairam!
sophiasai2014-12-01 19:21#
These are amazing dreams. swami has given so many revelations.they should reach out to all sai devotees. i do not know how many are fortunate enough to see these articles. these should reach people, those who are not aware of STKC.
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-01 19:32#
Aum Aum Aum

Our Father
Who Art In Heaven
Hollowed Be Thy Name

Thy Kingdom Come
Thy Will Be Done
On Earth As It Is In Heaven

Praise be to Jesus (and his Mother Mary)
Praise be to Father/Mother Sai
Praise be to Divine Mother, Gayatri

Shanti Shanti Shanti
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-01 20:06#
Next full moon is December 6th, 2014.

Tejas' dream may mean that Sai will make his reappearance in "Parthi" prior to December 6, 2014.

God's will be done.

I trust. No matter what unfolds. I trust.

I continue my path of purification and service.

Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-03 02:46#
Yes Sairam...Also I believe that Swami will Return on a Friday as told in Sai Rupesh's dreams....Friday-5th December 2014! Jai Sairam! :)
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-01 20:27#
Jai Sai Ram. Sreejith's faith will bear fruit!!!!!!!! Jai Sai Ram.
sumani2014-12-02 12:50#
hoping to have darshan of the trio who heralds the golden age..sathya yuga..hail the truth..lets march towards the divine royal path of sathya ever lasting never changing.

sathya jaya.
badri narayanan p
badri narayanan p2014-12-03 02:33#
I am sure all good people are already bleeding with pain at the terrorism, revolutions and violence of sorts, not to speak of killer diseases like Ebola spreading like devils on defenseless commons! May Sai in His immense mercy drive all the evils that pester humanity and restore His kingdom of peace, harmony and joy for ALL.. I also hope that the 75% destruction of Earth signifies the spread of evil tendencies rather than people and lives, since Swamy had told long ago, in the early years of His mission, that this Avtar would not kill evil people like in the past, since the evil was so ubiquitous and nearly every other person was nurturing evil qualities willy nilly.. But this is just a conjecture of a lay devotee, who is not even blessed to have a dream of his divine form. What is up would be known when the merciful Lord leads the show in days to come.

Victory to Sai and Righteousness. May all people be blessed to enjoy the herald of Golden Era! Sai Ram.
Sai Dav
Sai Dav2014-12-03 10:00#
Sai Ram

Again wonderful re-assurance and declarations from Swami since 2011 of HIS pending RE- APPEARANCE.....
Swami too mentioned in a dream to me in April 2014 that He comes in a Friday....SaI Ram

Brother bagri narayanan p you say ...Swami will not wipe out in NOAH's time...etc...but SWAMI did say...Natural Calamities will remove any negativity...........we had 2004 Tsunami 300 000 pple died....and many more "upheavals" to 1990 SWAMI showed me a vision of End of Kaliyuga..much much changes to earth will happen..... when Sath Yuga starts...........there will reductions in geographical...population.....but ALL SWAMI'S PLAN AND WILL.

Swami said only realised souls will see the Golden Age.....

Apurva2014-12-04 04:35#
Not sure if the previous message to SAI DAV was completely received by the posting it...Brother Sai Dav... You are blessed to have received this dream. Please do share it in detail. Or if you have already shared please give me the link to it. Brother Sreejith if you are aware of all these dreams I would be happy and grateful to you know the source. These are all prophetic dreams and not personalized, so I insist brother Sai Dav to share.

True there will be reduction in geographical population as Earth's burden has to be relieved as mentioned in a Naadi prophecy too. Swami confirms evil evacuation in his birthday message in my vision too!
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-03 16:57#

Thank you for these kind thoughts. Amen.
Douglas Lopez
Douglas Lopez2014-12-03 11:54#
What a beautiful experience. May be it will happen three days before christmas (darkness days) and then after, Mother Gayatri, Jesus and Swami will resurrect, exactly in the same day that Jesus was born.

Yes, we need to be prepared. In my today´s meditation, I saw a cataclism, many bodies in the floor, then after a huge river come and clean everything.

May Swami continue blessing you
Douglas Lopez
Caracas- Venezuela
Apurva2014-12-03 17:19#
Agree with you Sophia and Tejas!!!

Swami thundered “Sai Rama’s vanavasa is over. In the days of Ramaavatara, Sita, Lakshmana and Hanuman were fortunate to be in the presence of Sri Rama and enjoyed bliss amidst all the suffering they were put to in vanavasa. However Bharata, though lived in the palace, with the acute suffering from Rama’s separation, WAS THE ONLY ONE INDIVIDUAL WHO TOOK UP THE RESPONSIBILITY OF KEEPING UP THE MORALE AND BELIEF OF ALL THE CITIZENS OF AYODHYA, THAT SRIRAMA WOULD RETURN SOON FROM VANAVASA AND SURELY HERALD RAMARAJYAM. And here is our Sreejith, the Kali Yuga Bharata of Sairaama who held on to his belief in Swami and tirelessly inspired world over Sai family, the belief of Sairaama’s return for heralding this Golden Age. He is the chosen divine Sai instrument to spread the word “Sathya Sai Returns Soon”.


Anita Narain
Anita Narain2014-12-04 07:37#
Jai Sai Ram. My thirsty eyes are turned towards the sky every moment of the day, awaiting the beautiful vision of Sai Maa. Thanks for sharing this beautiful dream. May SAI Bless Us All!! Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavantu.

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-05 04:39#
Dear Sai Devotees,

We have had two Sai Devotees, Apurva and Tejas, come forward with Prophetic Sathya Sai Dreams in the last few days.

After carefully reading and re-reading both messages that they have posted here at STKC, I think we have a good chance of having Sai's reappearance very soon, maybe now, December 5, 2014 or maybe later this month.....This is my hope and prayer.

But I want to clarify another possible scenario that i can think of, which i partially derived from a possible interpretation from information from these two postings, that "might" indicate a longer waiting period for us before Sai's reappearance.

Below I will share two scenarios....

First....regarding Apurva's vision......

Here is a copy of a part of Apurva's Post......

"Then referring to Himself Swami said, 'Swami will surely come in few more days, do not worry! I am giving opportunity to many to choose Truth. It means that before I and Gayatri come into light, by that time Evil would have been evacuated from the Earth by natural law and by the demand of upcoming Golden Era!'"

In this quote, Swami says that He will "come into light" when Evil has Evacuated from Earth.

(Susan Fay and I questioned Apurva about what Sai meant by "coming into light." It was Apurva's opinion that Sai meant His physical reappearance on this earth.

If that is the case, then it appears that Evil will be evacuated from Earth PRIOR to his coming.

If that is the case, it seems a small chance that Sai will reappear today or tomorrow or this month, since there still seems to be much "Evil" on earth right now. (to eradicate all evil in this short amount of time would be rather abrupt, but if that is Sai's will.....than I trust that.)

However Susan Fay and I gave another way (see our comments in the comment section of Apurva's message) of interpreting "coming into light."

In this "second interpretation" Sai "coming into light" refers to His going back to the light after 7 years on earth. In this scenario Evil would be eradicated while WHILE SAI IS ON EARTH.

Regarding Swami's quote about Himself... "'Swami will surely come in few more days..." My hope, like many of yours, is that he is talking earth time, in which case HE may appear today or tomorrow or very very soon.

However, as we all probably have heard Swami telling devotees.... that He will give interview "tomorrow" ......and that tomorrow ends up being much longer than one of our earth days (I've read this many times in Sai Books by devotees).

This business of trying to use Swami's own words to predict what he is going to do can be very tricky....given that God's ways are not always our ways or according to our understanding.

(continuing.......see next message)
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-05 04:43#
continuing.....from previous post.

(Please see first part of this message in previous post)

Now I wish to convey a very similar piece of information from Tejas' vision and posting.....

Here is a quote from Tejas posting from "Dream 1".....

"Saying this, He pointed outside to the Earth and said “Atu Choodu” (see there), I saw the whole world is a picture of chaos and devastation. 75% of the Earth is destroyed. Seva Dal from Swami’s organization were clearing up the dead and directing those alive to safer places. I could see innumerable number of flights looking like small toy planes lined up, from the sky. Innumerable number of people were boarding these flights.

Swami pointed out to them and said –“see all the negative people are leaving the earth, all the black flights are flying away from the earth. Then I will land my divine flight!""

In this quote from Sathya Sai in Tejas posting, if Sai's landing of His divine flight represents his physical reappearance, then it seems that He is indicating that He will only come after "all the negative people" leave the earth. In this scenario....we might be waiting longer than a few "earth days."

There seems to be a parallel here with Tejas' vision and Apurva's vision.

With one interpretion, we must wait until Evil is eradicated before Sai returns.

With the second interpretation, Sai will reappear BEFORE evil is eradicated, and then the Golden Age will begin after all evil is eradicated, maybe 7 years from now....after which Swami will return to the LIGHT (leave his physical form).


I write this letter to all of you in hopes of sharing the Joy with you as Sai comes now, in December, 2014 (this is my hope and prayer).


to help you patiently deal with the other possible scenario.....

which is....

Sai chooses to remain "hidden" from us a while longer while evil is eradicated from the earth. In this case, the robust Sathya Sai Form will continue to work from the "subtle form" for a while longer before reappearing with Gayatri Ma and Jesus to usher in the Golden Age.

Again, I hope and pray that HE will come now!!!!!!

Sai Ram,

Jim Martineau
Susan Fay
Susan Fay2014-12-05 21:21#
Beautiful, helpful, well-considered and heart-felt thoughts, Brother Jim Martineau! Of course I hope too that we will not have to wait any longer! And the Visions and His Subtle Body form in Muddenahalli make His Presence feel closer than ever since 2011. It will be difficult to wait years or at least months longer. Thank you for pointing out this possibility so we can prepare ourselves.

I also want to add that in my opinion, when "evil" or negative souls depart from earth I believe it will be by their own choosing, whether that choosing is conscious or not - their higher Selves will choose. As Swami said in His Vision to Apurva, this earth is a school whose level is changing to "a University for only True Truth Aspirants, from being the Realm of Evil people." So the ones who depart are simply those who are younger, and not to be judged or despised any more than one would judge one's younger siblings or children. Furthermore, I think we will not be able to distinguish who is leaving because it was simply their time from who is leaving because they are not yet ready for the lessons that the Golden Age earth will be offering.

Jai Beloved Baba!
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-05 22:55#
Dear Sai Family of STKC,

(Thank you Susan for your added insights in your last message. Perfect!!!!!!

Sai Devotees,

Since we are all gathered now.....huddled together, so to speak, wondering what Sai's next move is going to be....

,.....please allow me to share a little informal Sai Love letter....

..... that may involve many Sai devotees in the Sai Golden Age to come.

I just submitted it..... Sreejith's (STKC's) "Guest Book," which can be found by clicking.....

the "OPiNIONS" button on the top bar of this website.

I hope you enjoy it.

Sai Ram,
JIm Martineau

PS. it was a long letter.....I hope it is reviewed and published by Sreejith.
Anita  Narain
Anita Narain2014-12-06 19:15#
Two days back I had the dream that the sky was full of small angels and as I was looking at the sky waiting for Baba to appear I saw the sky splitting up and a
Huge crack forming in the sky but as I waited eagerly for Baba to appear, the dream
ended and I woke up. The next night I dreamt that I was in a big auditorium and I was fixing my Seva dal scarf when suddenly there was a hush that Baba is coming for darshan and then as we all looked expectantly at the entrance Baba walked in , but we were amazed to see not one Baba but more than one Baba walking in while we stared in disbelief.
I woke up still with that surprised state of mind. He is definitely coming. Our prayers will be answered. Aa na hi parega Baba aana hi parega, Shirdi Se aao chahe Parthi Se aao, Mathura Se aao chahe Ayodhya Se aao, aana hi parega Baba aana hi parega!
Apurva2014-12-08 15:36#
Wonderful dream Anita!! Swami will be here soon!
Sreejith Narayan - STKC
Sreejith Narayan - STKC2014-12-09 18:10#
Sairam dears, Really feel humbled and blessed after reading the experience of Sister Tejas and all the wonderful comments. Thank you.
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-04 14:13#
Sairam! Though I browse through many posts, every day I am finding some posts were newer to me. This post is one and really thrilling to the core. Yes, evil in the heart of the people need to be dissolved completely before He appears in form. May be the pious one may get his Dharsan during dreams and visions. The rest has to wait for the moment of grand reality! But all dreams and visions point out to one fact, "It is sooner and not later! Om Sai Ram.
BRUNO2017-05-15 14:34#
Harishekar2017-09-12 12:54#
Om Sai Ram

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