A Lightworker's encounter with STKC

Sreejith Narayan

Before I go into the story, let me define who a light-worker is:

Lightworkers are souls who carry the strong inner desire to spread light, i.e., knowledge, love and peace on earth. A Lightworker would have reached a particular stage of enlightenment and is usually bestowed with some mystical abilities that enable them to carry out their mission more effectively.

(If you are wondering what STKC is - It is the abbreviation for "Sai Thy Kingdom Come”).

The Lightworker in our story is a long-time Sai devotee who lives in the USA and has received many blessed interactions with Swami. He, along with his wife, has been conducting meditation workshops across the world and written books on Swami and various spiritual topics. A well known name in Sai circles, he has a special gift given by Swami - He gets regular visions/dreams of Swami through which Swami gives him specific instructions and advices. Since he chose to be anonymous for this story, I will henceforth address him as Mr.LW (for LightWorker).

Now to the story:

On August 25, 2012, I was invited to a Sai Satsang in Pennsylvania to talk about STKC and my thoughts on Swami's return. There I met a very loving group of Sai devotees; most of them had already read the book. I really enjoyed the question-answer session from which I learnt a lot and it was amazing to experience how Swami teaches you through other devotees. It was great to hear many perspectives about Swami's return. 

Two days later I received an email from one of the participants of the Satsang. In the email she mentioned about another Satsang she attended the next day, which was conducted by Mr. LW. The short version of the email is that during the Satsang Mr. LW told a very interesting story that included the book STKC, and a validation directly from Swami! She also mentioned that it would be better to hear the story directly from the person himself and gave me an email address to contact him. 

I wrote to Mr. LW and asked about a possibility to meet in person, possibly at my home. I got a very loving reply from Mr. and Mrs. LW who lovingly accepted the invitation to come to our house. We had a great time and spent about 3-4 hours talking about Swami. My wife Suma and I listened with much interest to the amazing stories of their interactions with Swami.  Then came the part that I was eagerly waiting for:

Mr. and Mrs. LW had been on a trip to Perth, Australia to conduct some meditation workshops. Two nights before they left Australia to return to the US, Swami told Mr. LW in a vision that He would be sending him a very important message and it would come through one of his friends. Swami also gave him the name of the friend who would give that message. Swami further indicated that the message was being sent through another person so that Mr. LW would “listen”, for Swami had already been giving the message directly. 

The very next day they had a workshop to deliver in the city. The day following the workshop they would depart from Perth. At the hotel where the workshop was being held there was only one parking spot left in the garage when Mr. and Mrs. LW arrived in the morning. The spot they were grateful to receive was just in front of the elevator doors leading to the lobby and meeting rooms. When they finished the workshop and returned to the car to leave the hotel, they noticed a book and note tucked under the windshield wiper.  Mr.LW retrieved the items, and it was the "Sai Thy Kingdom Come" book along with a message about how it had come to be there. Guess who the message was from? – It was from the same friend that Swami had mentioned in Mr.LW's vision!

The next morning, as they were readying themselves to leave for the airport, Mr. and Mrs. LW reached their messenger friend by phone to enquire further about the book and the message. At this time she detailed her own messages and instruction received by Swami which had led her to leave the book under the windshield. She had been staying a few hours' drive from Perth when she received a clear and urgent instruction from Swami to leave her location, drive back to Perth, find Mr. and Mrs. LW at the hotel, and give them the book STKC. So, of course she had to do that! As she arrived the couple were still in their workshop and in the middle of a meditation so the lights were out and she could not enter. She asked the front desk if the couple had taken a room in the hotel and if she could leave a package for them. She was told they were not staying in that hotel. Upon inquiring if she could look in the garage for their car she was told that this would be futile, as all the spots in the parking garage were allocated already to overnight guests and there would not have been a spot for their car when they had arrived that morning. She asked if she could please enter the garage anyway just to satisfy herself and the staff person kindly agreed. And to help her search effort, the car was sitting directly in front of the elevators in the spot Swami had clearly saved for them at the hotel! She left the book and the note, satisfied that she had done as Swami asked, and drove away without speaking to them about it.  

Mr. & Mrs.LW are convinced that through this incident Swami was confirming the message given in STKC and it makes me very happy to share it with all the readers. Many other things came out of our discussion with the blessed couple. They mentioned to us about confirmations from Swami in various ways about His imminent return and that the world would be completely changed around or before 2015. One of the things Swami told them was: "people are busy looking all around for Prema Sai but how many know that the Sathya Sai form is not done yet?". Swami also mentioned to them that He was currently in Sai Loka (one of the universes in the spiritual realm) and will be back soon!


Naresh Sharma
Naresh Sharma2014-09-05 21:36#
Sairam Sreejith, I just returned from bhajans and read this wonderful note.. I am also happy for you that Swami in His mysterious ways is confirming your efforts through this book.

There is a buzz around about the Lord's return. Many show great excitement at first but with passing time continue their lives as usual. No judgements here.. but sometimes it feels like most devotees wish to see the greatest event in the history of mankind without them having to do anything on their part..
Truth be told we are all Lightworker.. Souls who Swami choose to fill His light into to shine at a time like this when the world needs it most.. My prayers and wishes for all devotees including me, that they realise this privilege and wake up to their blessed roles.

Naresh Sharma

October 18, 2012 at 8:19 AM
Sreejith Narayan STKC
Sreejith Narayan STKC2014-09-05 21:37#
Sairam dear Naresh,

Very true, we are all lightworkers and He gave us an opportunity to be a part of His Divine mission. As we keep on doing our work, Swami throws us these little “candies” to keep us motivated and energized. Even as one remains true to the conviction, it feels great when Swami gives such confirmations. Something like the feeling when vibhuthi materializes on Swami's picture. Even though we know Swami is omnipresent, these little incidents go a long way in making us feel His presence and boost our determination. As you rightly suggested, all of us should keep that flame burning inside and work harder to play our parts that we are most fortunate to have.

October 18, 2012 at 10:41 AM
Anonymous2014-09-05 21:38#
Sairam Sreejith,

Thank you for sharing! So beautiful, and so nice to read. Swami's Leelas are always amazing, and the naughty-Krishna element is so cute - as if he needs all these actors to get a book to Mr. LW. But everyone has a role and everyone feels good about it... 2015 is not very far! Time to do the accelerated sadhana course :) lol.

October 21, 2012 at 6:20 AM
Sreejith Narayan STKC
Sreejith Narayan STKC2014-09-05 21:39#
Very true. Not only that, Swami arranged it for me to know about this through the wonderful devotee I met at the Satsang!:-) It is amazing how Swami connects His devotees.

October 21, 2012 at 6:52 AM
J.Bruni2014-09-05 21:40#
Great! Fantastic! Awesome! I'm very happy with these news.

Coincidence or not... I've just created my own blog, on October 10th, and it is called "Stay in the Light!" (in Brazilian Portuguese)... a call to LIGHTWORKERS to higher their vibrations, getting ready and at the same time preparing the field for what is about to come!

October 25, 2012 at 10:13 AM
Anonymous2014-09-05 21:40#
Swami give us all your divine love, light and bliss...Aum Sai Ram - Namah Shivay

May 29, 2013 at 4:02 AM
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-05 21:41#
This is a really fun story. Thank you for sharing this!

October 4, 2013 at 5:52 PM
Susan Fay
Susan Fay2014-09-05 21:41#
Awesome story! Love how Swami emphasized the leela beforehand by telling Mr. LW in the earlier vision/dream that He was going to the lengths of such a leela because other messages on the topic to Mr LW had gone unheeded! It's such a confirmation for all us that our conviction that Swami is not finished yet is true.

October 31, 2013 at 4:23 PM
Nirmal2014-09-22 06:00#
Sairam Brother, This story sounds interesting! As you well said in your book that Sai's divine sankalpa cannot be known to anyone I wonder and also am afraid of whether these predictions would stay as a mere speculation. Though I want it to happen in order to have a Sai Rajya all across can we really hope for so?. As many of the hard core devotees say "we have to go beyond the form", "Swami has not left anywhere" etc etc. then what is the point in yearning for a high octane miracle?. Thanks for all your research on this topic with Nadis, Bihar-ul-anwar etc but still don't you think that the calculated time period between the disappearance and the expected return has elapsed - as it's almost more than three and a half years gap now irrespective of around two years according to your research scriptures. I would humbly request to know your current take on the things and please do not consider this as a rebuttal for the effort and the conclusions you reached. I always wanted to keep the mind in belief of Swami's return ..
Sreejith Narayan STKC
Sreejith Narayan STKC2014-09-23 02:03#
Sairam dear Nirmal,

In the book I mentioned April 2014 because of the calculations you saw there. However calculations cannot be 100% accurate. For example when someone says "I will see you in one year", we cannot assume that person will see you exactly in September next year. It could be any time next year since it was a casual statement. For the same reason, we cannot get 100% accurate calculations.

For example: In the "Chapter 3: Swami talks about His lifetime on earth", take the following statement:

"I will be in this mortal human form 59 years more and I shall certainly achieve the purpose of this Avathaar; do not doubt it". - Divine Discourse, Prasanthi Nilayam, September 29, 1960

I calculated that this quote points to a time frame between October 2019 and August 2020. But since it could have been a casual statement, even 58 years and few months could be treated as 59 years. So for example, even June 2019 could be treated as 59 years going by that. So the discrepancy of those few months could be there in the calculation.

Hope my explanation helps.
Dr. Rakesh Kumar
Dr. Rakesh Kumar2014-09-24 16:52#
Dear Readers and devotees,
and brother Sreejith,

Thanks for sharing all the divine experiences with Swami.
I am absolutely sure that Swami is returning. Many devotees around the world have got messages and that itself is the validity of the truth. Thus, the book STKC is divinely planned by Swami Himself. Many devotees ask me various questions as they are in some doubt. Where there is faith, there should not be even a tiny doubt. Have unflinching faith in the deepest of your heart that Swami is returning in His same body form. Yes, in the SAME body form. In the sight form, not the light form! And the whole world will see His unimaginable glory that will change the world. Thais will surely happen. His birthday this year, will also be the birth of the new age.
Om Sri Sai Ram.
Dr. Rakesh Kumar
KARTHIKEYAN2016-02-27 18:27#
Brother Sreejith, What it think Swami may be implying that He will be establishing Total perfect Golden age within 59 Years more- that means within 2019 but He will be available in the human form beyond 2019 up to age of 96 or more.

But If I apply Power of Positivity, May be Swami may be available for us in Human Form even for the whole 1000 years of Golden Age.

(Referrinfg from Swami's Lines,"I will be in this mortal human form 59 years more and I shall certainly achieve the purpose of this Avathaar; do not doubt it". - Divine Discourse, Prasanthi Nilayam, September 29, 1960”
Paul2014-09-29 09:03#
There is so much great information on this site Sreejith. Thank you so much for all your work on it. Love the reference here to before 2015. Baba is really saving it for the last minute. "Watch the show." helps.
Barbara Joy Mullen
Barbara Joy Mullen2014-09-29 12:57#
Hahaha - Swami always said, "Love My Uncertainty"! Here I would like to relate a dream where I was on a mountaintop on a beautiful, sunny day. There, in the near distance was a white-clad figure with a white shawl over the head, sitting on the ground, facing away from me. As I approached, I wondered if it was Prema Sai Baba or Jesus I was approaching. As I drew near, the figure turned around to me, and gave me a cute, impish wink and a big smile. It was Sathya Sai Baba! To me the dream meant that Swami was so cutely confirming that ALL Names and Forms are His. ;-D
shyaravi2014-11-25 05:54#
I read STK IN APRIL praying eargerly to watch the show
chandra sekhar
chandra sekhar2014-12-25 13:49#
Thank you brother Sreejith for sharing such a wonderful experience, which is both validating and reassuring. Looking forward to seeing our beloved Bhagavan in flesh and blood again. May Sai transform this loka too into 'Sai Loka'.
Jo2014-12-29 17:55#
Wow wow wow!!!! That is the clearest indication of the time yet. From what Swami had said (can't find the quote now), people will call to God to save them from some big calamity, so that has to happen first before God comes back to save humanity. If he just shows up unbidden, that wouldn't make for a very spectacular drama, would it? ;)
S.NAGARAJAN2015-01-03 10:38#
Sairam! Though predictions are futile when it concerns Swami, I am thinking again again about Swami mentioning about the moon when it rises. This gives me a mild clue. There is going to be a lunar eclipse somewhere around March-April 2015. For the natives of India, it is the ending of previous year(Jaya) and ushering of New year (Manmada). The raising of moon seems to convey me, it is the releasing time of the eclipse when the moon become full again! I don't deny that we are all mere mortals and can only gaze at the Supreme, if we had the chance once again since the crowd will be uncontrollable! Just sharing my thought! Om Sri Sai Ram.
PREGGIE NAIDOO2015-02-28 21:25#
amarjit singh bamah
amarjit singh bamah2017-04-11 20:56#
Sai Baba is Unique
He supports many healers and therapists
around the Universe
SAI is the Protector
There are countless reports where He has appeared to protect Healers/therapists
Many of them do not even know who Sai Baba is
He still appears as SAI and protects them even though
He is not in His physical body.

LESSONS FROM GOD- Sai Baba and his Passing away
It was the third week of October 2010, I had just finished
prayers in London.
Sai Baba appeared and spoke,
I do not have much time left in this
physical body.
I have been busy preparing my Spiritual
Warriors to hold the world in Abeyance until I take
birth again.
My spiritual warriors will still be protected by me,
even though I will be no longer in my physical body.
They are scattered all over the world and beyond too.

We are tirelessly working.
The forces of Evil versus Good is merciless
They are relentless.
This is why I ask you all to open your hearts and
become Divine Love

Its with Divine Love, we can infect Evil
and create a momentum which will change the world
This change is already happening

Prema Sai will bring in a new form of Energy
This energy will be even more divine then my predecessors.
Everyone who has surrendered to Sai will become a Beacon of Change
They will spread their Holy Vibrations all around
Sai will look after them
For Sai is the protector.
I came before as Rama, Krishna, Joseph ( Father of Jesus) Kabir, Nanak, Sai
I have incarnated in other forms too to protect my children
however what their names are, is not relevant.

Do your duty with love,
Tune into me constantly
then you will know that I am always with you
For I am your Mother and Father
Sai ".

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