Why fear when He is here?


Sreejith Narayan

After the few recent posts on saikingdom.com, devotees have been emailing me with concerns that such messages about probable disasters are generating much fear and anxiety, taking the focus away from the positive nature of this website. Since some have sought my opinion on this, I would like to express my humble views here. 

Firstly, we should all take comfort in Swami's words while He was in His body, that there would be no major deluge or pralaya.

"There will be no pralaya (total destruction). But disasters will be there....I will repair that part of the world, which is damaged." (Sri Sathya Sai Anandadayi)

"No disaster is imminent for the world. Over the vast globe, there may be some mishaps here and there, from time to time". (Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 24 Chapter 4)

At the same time, a Divine forewarning is usually a call for prayers. It is our duty to pray for this world and as stated in my previous article, let us indulge in intense prayers. That is the very least we can (and must) do.

"Remember that there is nothing in this world as powerful as the Lord's name to protect it. It is not arms and bombs that will save the world. Only God's Grace should protect the world. It is man's foremost duty to pray for God's Grace. Prayer is of supreme importance." (Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 24 Chapter 4)

"Through genuine prayer, mountains of evil can be pulverised and destroyed". (Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 13 Chapter 26)

While I do believe that some "event" might happen in the near future that would serve as an eye-opener to the humanity, I also feel that it could be more frightening in nature than destructive. Some shake-up might happen in order to persuade people to turn to God. Before the miraculous times can be experienced, there might be a short period when humanity is forced to call upon the Lord in one voice for its protection. So the Lord's Reappearance could happen at the most opportune moment effectuating the protection of mankind from that particular "event". 

That being said, whether something major happens or not, it is always wise to be prepared for any eventuality. Many of us might be knowing that, with the Divine Grace of our Bhagawan, the Sai-EP (Emergency Preparedness) project was setup a while ago in order to help facilitate emergency preparedness in each Sai Center. The objective is to bring awareness to individual, family and community preparedness. More information can be found in the links below:

From my Sai Center website:

Sai Emergency Preparedness official website:

Some important excerpts from the Sai-EP program:

  • Please remember! This program is not intended to cause fear / apprehension that some calamity will strike us in the near future 
  • It is our responsibility to be prepared and take action now so we can be survivors and helpers
  • Sai-EP focuses both on internal / spiritual and external means to be Swami's instruments of Love - whether in-person or in-spirit

Let us live with the firm faith that Swami is in control and that He alone knows what is best for this world. Why fear when He is here?

"The whole world is today in the throes of anxiety and fear. But, I assure you that very soon the dark clouds shall be scattered and you will witness a happy era all over the world". (Sathya Sai Speaks Volume 11 Chapter 28)


badri narayanan p
badri narayanan p2014-12-31 05:48#
dear brother Sreejith

Sai Ram. I thank you for the latest post dt. 30th Dec correcting the impression carried in some messages about great calamity to shake the world and the call for prayers, more to stall such a destruction rather than have the joy of seeing the physical presence of Swamy in the world again! I was one who was much anguished by such messages. I was thankful when you omitted the findings in Bridgu naadi widely circulated by some simpletons, which predicted the great destruction and wail that would precede the intercession of the Divine Father. I fully agree with you that our Swamy who cared so much for the peace and solace of the people would ever like the Nature to wreak such violent wholesale destruction on the Earth.

IN fact I remember an old speech of Swamy (may be in 1970's)that "In the past eons, God came to destroy the evil doers, but now Evil so ubiquitous and present in every individual that it is not feasible to eradicate the large number of people. Only destruction of the evil propensities would be the way.."

So we should not do anything to incite panic in the minds of the commons. Yes, there is so much destruction around already by the terrorists and trigger happy States, but there would be no major natural catastrophe to strike the globe wholesale. We have to pray for the safety of all people who are under threat of our species, the misguided terror outfits and by sporadic accidents in air and sea and isolated natural hazards of sorts, being reported almost daily in the media.

OUr prayer - in my view - should primarily be for the preservation and upliftment of the human race in particular, rather than the special joy of the few advanced and chosen devotees to witness Swamy's proximity and favours shortly... We should not highlight such probabilities so as not to have other people feel unfortunate. The joy should be prayed for all.

Sai Ram.
S.NAGARAJAN2014-12-31 06:47#
Sairam! Taking umbrage in Swami's assurances, we all may create a blanket of protection by weaving his name together criss cross by several devotees throughout the globe. In some of the forums I used to write about Swami's assurance of global harmony and Peace. In the same, I used to point out that before that event, world would witness several disasters like Flooding etc and assured that the Lord will manifest Himself from the sky and set everything all right! We are all clueless and hence we can not dwell deep into the Universal Mind of Swami. May HE protect the Universe from chaos as He had already done during the Nuclear disasters of Chernobyl and Fukishuma. Let us unite in the mind and utter the Divine Name Sairam ever.
Rama2014-12-31 19:17#
Sai Ram,

A humble correction to the above comment. I gather "umbrage" means
noun: umbrage
offense or annoyance.
"she took umbrage at his remarks"
synonyms: take offense, take exception, be aggrieved, be affronted, be annoyed, be angry, be indignant, be put out, be insulted, be hurt, be piqued, be resentful, be disgruntled, go into a huff, be miffed, have one's nose put out of joint, chafe
"I would take umbrage at that if I thought you were serious"
shade or shadow, especially as cast by trees.

Love and Light
Latha Sairam
Latha Sairam2014-12-31 07:01#
Rejoice in the knowledge that a life with GOD awaits! :) Sairam
Gayle Angeline
Gayle Angeline2014-12-31 08:55#
Sai Ram,
I live in North Queensland Australia where every year we have a 'wet season'. In recent years we have had some very destructive cyclones and whilst governments promote preparedness every year, the media seems to focus more on instilling a lot of fear in people.
We know these things happen, we like to be prepared but we don't want to alarm people unnecessarily.
For me I accept that I am where I meant to be and what will be will be, we are not the doers as I am so often reminded.
We can change the course of such events through prayer and focusing on the positive and accepting that Swami will guide us in whatever pathway we have chosen.

Why Fear When I am Here ....if you look to Me, I will look to you and so many more or Swami's teachings instill hope and faith and trust in His Divine Plan.

It is our duty of care to not cause unnecessary suffering to others, we must endeavour to uplift where we can, spread hope and love not fear and uncertainty.


Our task is to live in love, trust in Swami's Divine Plan, know that we are where we are meant to be and that we have chosen this pathway long ago and our Divine Master will guide us along that pathway.

Jai Sai Ram
Gayle Angeline
SAMY2014-12-31 09:05#
Sais2014-12-31 09:07#
And by EOD today 2014 also ends!
Sai Dev
Sai Dev2014-12-31 12:20#


We had WW2 many died...Gulf war....many died...we had Chernobyl kiiled many bit not destroy world....we had 2004 Tsunami liked 250 000 MANY NOT DESTROY WORLD...we had Japanese Fukushima event and Tsunami killed many but not destroy world.....there will be many changes in future Now we have ISIS creating further evil which is spreading....but world will not be destroyed as Swami said.

in 1990 Swami gave me vision of END OF KALIYUGA.......BABA'S RE APPEARANCE FOR MANKIND.and other scripture too mention this...polar shifts..ice caps meting...global warming is all there......Swami even said HE WILL RASIE A MOUNTAIN RANGE.....that would be great shift.....NASA are in fear of SOLAR MAGETIC STORM...the planet is suffering great changes......lets not to say all this is not happening....


SO....changes will come...Swami will remove evil...evil times,,,evil lands..and evil pple who will not change..SATHYA YUGA will not allow any evil to exist.

"The day of awakening is here and the day of reckoning, or weeding out, is not far away. The cleansing of the world will take place and only those awakened souls will be left to experience life in the divine state. Others will fall by the wayside, left behind and lost in a world of illusion and darkness. The day of awakening is not far away and when it comes there will be a true revelation of the true power of God, a manifestation of the omnipresence of the Lord. This will be the signal for a great move forward and the weeding out of those who are [not] ready to accept the challenge of the moment... Everyone should prepare now for this change, for I promise you that it will come, and only those who are ready will survive.
I have given the warning. I have given My message a thousand times and no one who hears My words can proclaim ignorance. Don't delay action to put right your own lifestyle and to change it to the way of God. There is no other way." (quoted in SSB and the Future of Mankind by S.P. Ruhela, 1991, p. 223 - taken from Lucas Ralli 'Sai Messages for You and I' Volume 1 & 2. Vrindavanum Press, London 1985.)






Sai Das
Sai Das2014-12-31 14:30#
Thank you brother Sreejith and others for interjecting with the reminder that Sai is a God of Love and Compassion and not a God of vengeance and retribution. How can we say that we are God and not these bodies yet be so concerned about these bodies? If Swami calls us home, it is our time in His time so why should we fret so? If we are thus so concerned, then perhaps we need to consider our attachments here.
Apurva2014-12-31 16:44#
!!!Wonderful message to one and all from brother Sai Das. Is this not how each Individual should think now??? If our TRUST in Swami is True, then how can we not TRUST in his decision.Some messages look simple, but they carry complete meaning / awareness. Thank you brother Sai Das!!!
Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-12-31 18:07#
badri narayanan p, this is an excellent comment. thank you.
S.A . Rajen Naicker
S.A . Rajen Naicker2014-12-31 21:53#
Om sai ram sisters and brothers wishing you and your family peace, joy, happiness, love , love and lots love for 2015. Jay sai ram
Al Macasaet
Al Macasaet2014-12-31 23:47#
Aum Sai Ram

Thank you for a good summation of Swami's reassuring words to us. It will happen as He wills.

I was just in an island where a tumultuous typhoon hit with over 80 kph winds that howled and furious rains that would not let up. I remembered in the back of my mind Swami's reassurances and meditated when the storm made landfall. I was under the impression that these storms are a reflection of our collective minds. It represents our fears, which have grown out of control. Still I was also under the impression that that the supreme awareness within us is vaster than all the external show of chaos. True enough, the stormed calmed down as the sun rose higher and higher.

Swami said He will protect his devotees ... what more can we ask for.

Jai Sai Ram
Chitra2015-01-01 00:23#
Wish you all very happy new year.Why fear when we the devotees of the Lord must be stronger and organize ourselves to be ready to assist and comfort if any calamity strikes the world We are taught by the Lord to do namasmarana or gayathri chanting. We sould equip ourselves With theis When rebest prtection., best armour, then we are ready to serve selflessly, those who are effected by the calamity.When Japanese nuclier dessaster happened reacently With Swami,s permission only Sai devotees went to the effected areas to help. They went chanting Gayatri mantra and came back safe. Later they gave a preasentation about their experience in Prashanthinilayam.

Be strong ,Be awear,Be ready to seave the world.
Joy2015-01-01 04:45#
This age is Golden Age for seekers of God - Baba

"Many people are scared because they believe that the Kali yuga in which we live will witness the ultimate Deluge. Others call it the Kalaha yuga, the Age of Conflict, for it is now well-nigh omnipresent. No, no. This age is the Golden Age for the seekers of God, for earning and learning viveka." Muddenahalli, 6-11-1981.

"Through just smarana and chinthana, we can reach the Goal. Smarana is the process of keeping the Lord ever in the memory and chinthana is the process of thinking of His glory all the time." Muddenahalli, 6-11-1981.

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-01-02 05:39#
Dear Sai Friends,

Sathya Sai Baba has returned!!!!!!! He has descended to the physical, starting December 31, 2014/January 1, 2015!!!!!

This is TRUTH.

Actually, the entire TRIO is NOW in the physical. This has been directly revealed to me and to some others.

This is TRUTH.

Very few are aware of this as of yet. But more and more will "see and believe."

The public appearances will increase.

Om Jai Sai Ram,

Jim Martineau
Satrughna2015-01-02 17:36#
Dear Jim, I hope we'll hear some more soon. Regarding 'the Trio' I gather you mean Sri Sathya Sai Baba, Sri Gayatri Devi Maa and Lord Jesus, as in those dreams? Waiting eagerly but very patiently, Best Wishes.
p c nayak
p c nayak2015-01-02 17:59#
dear jim sairam,
please write in detail about swami you have experienced directly, which will give much happiness to all sai devotees.
pc nayak
Anup2015-01-02 20:35#
true.be happy..
Mark2015-01-12 04:45#
Pralaya simply means dissolution which also suggests that all will be made new again. When taken in the context that the phenomenal world is merely an appearance it can be seen that it may be a most wonderful experience according to one's Faith.

Jim Martineau ~ You have made several proclamations here and on Facebook stating emphatically that the "Trio" are manifest in physical form, so please kindly tell us what gives you this confidence to make such an important announcement, eager to hear !

Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2015-01-12 23:14#
Dear Sai Friends,

Sorry for not responding earlier.

That Swami is back in physical is TRUTH according to Divine Visions already made public by Sreeejith on STKC Website and Facebook sites. Please ee his posts dating January 5 and 6, 2015 under "Posts By Devotees" These ARE DIVINE PUBLIC VISIONS. This is TRUTH. This much I CAN say with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY. Please be patient as Divine Will unfolds. Please pray, meditate and contemplate on that which is arleady revealed!!!!! Is it not Wonderful and Awesome!!!!!!??????

Regarding the TRIO also being in physical form now. This was private revelation to me and some others. I will not discuss now. So sorry. It might have been better for me not to have mentioned it in public arena. This was MY mistake. My mistake was in saying something in public arena, that was private revelation. But once I had done this, so be it!!!! What I said is TRUTH. However, I will not discuss further about this Private Revelation. Let us be patient, as surely Divinity, Itself, will Reveal Divine Plan to public in the right timing!!!!!! Again, I am very sorry for my mistake. I got "overexcited." This is not good. We all must learn self control. Private Revelation, is Private Revelation. We all make mistakes!!!!! This is part of plan too!!!!! I made one!!!!!! Sorry!!!!!!! Public Revelation is what I want to focus on now. Let us all focus on what has been Publicly Revealed!!!!!! It is so wonerful!!!!!! And Awesome!!!!! Is it not??????

I would love to discuss anything about the advent of TRIO that has "already been Publicly Revealed" thru Divine Visions, posted on STKC Website and Facebook Page from November and December, 2014, and January, 2015. Please see my resent posts (January 11, and 12) on "posts to page" section of STKC Facebook site. Prayer, Meditaion, and Contemplation on the Topic of Trio would be helpful to one and all!!!!!!

In your humble service,

Sai Ram,

JIm Marineau, Ardent Sathya Sai Baba Devotee (All of us are!!!!!! Yes!!!???)
anonymous2015-01-17 05:50#
Sairam Jim,
I too have had dreams and have received this a lot of information about the advent of the trio.
May there be truth,peace and love on earth
s.nagarajan2015-04-13 13:20#
Sairam! Tomorrow being New years day as per many regional calandars of India. The mention of Chaitra by Swami to some devotee in dream confirm this. Hence starting from tomorrow till the full moon on Chitra known as Chitra Pournami(3rd May 2015) is the period we need to remain careful. Especially devotees may avoid long travels out. Better to stick to the home unless there is an emergent situation. Many regions in India are undergoing severe stormy weather already bringing copius rains!
Sona Rani
Sona Rani2015-05-18 07:30#
Sai Ram to All Sai Brothers and Sisters Hello Sai Brother Jim Martineau
You shouldn't be sorry for anything. Because everything that happens is Swami's Will. You haven't committed any mistake. But I would like to point out that despite of Swami's teachings and all that we've learnt fro Him, most of us continue to commit the same mistake of looking for Swami in the physical form while we all know that He is Omnipresent and All Pervading. Sai brother Sreejith's experience of someone from Hyderabad sending message to him while he was busy writing STKC is a living example and proof.Swami has spent almost His whole lifetime to teach us so many things and this is one of the reasons He left His Physical Body on 24/04/11. But all these dreams and visions of devotees are messages from Him - they are real events-some are retrospective and some are yet. Swami's words will never fail- JESUS'S words will never fail.
s.nagarajan2015-05-19 11:00#
So far we have waited and expected him to return before mid May. Sometimes I feel that the prophesy regarding his coming back during the birthday this year seemed imminent. Sometimes back, I mentioned to a devotee here, not to discourage us by raising the target date to the near end of 2015. It is His Play. None can interfere or predict. Om Sai Ram.
Sona Rani
Sona Rani2015-05-21 08:40#
Om Sai Ram'
Absolutely. We all know that only Swami knows the time and date. It is His Play. We've already been told to "WAIT AND WATCH". But instead of waiting and placing our faith in Swami we are wasting our time and energy guessing the time and date of His return which is leading most of the devotees to despair. "Intezaar ka phal mitha hota hai". For those who've read "SaiSatcharita" and believe in the teachings from "Mahabharat" should firmly believe in Swami's return, no matter when He returns. If it's not in 2015, it can be in 2016, but He will certainly return because His words will never fail-RAGHUKUL REET SADA CHALI AYE PRAAN JAYE PAR VACHAN NA JAYE" Jai Sai Ram
radha2015-05-22 08:48#

well, it seems as though swamy is at HIS filtering best !!! now that HE is nearing 90, HE is filterin HIS devotees... those who believe in HIS words and who dont.... I am sure HE will come back in HIS physical form very soon and i felt happy to read Sri vasantha sai's article where she expresses the same .. as swamy Himself has told her that HE will come back in HIS physical form again soon, recently.. I was blessed to visit mukti nilayam last month for just day or so. It is a beautiful serene and very divine place that one should certainly visit. I was blessed to meet amma and be in her presence. though it was a very short stay it was very inspiring spiritually and i just loved the silence there. i would recommend you all to go and experience it yourselves. Jai Sai Ram
Sais Navaratna
Sais Navaratna2015-05-23 08:20#
Sairam to all the wonderful beings !!!!Swami had gone no where . After leaving his physical form as he is appearing in the subtle form in Muddenahalli, Italy, Japan HE is appearing to lots of his chosen instruments (who were also non devotees when he was in physical form) in different other parts of the world to get his work done to complete SAI MISSION in 300 years as he said earlier.Initially it was all a mystery to all those to whom he started visiting as such a phenomenon not heard anywhere but now it is undisputed truth as a broad day light. It is not that he is appearing to uplift an individual or a group but to transform the whole mankind.There are lots of acid tests the chosen people have to go through to prove he or she is capable and pure to be the part of his mission.Swami is Poorna avatar any thing is possible to HIM.
Sais Navaratna
Sais Navaratna2015-05-26 09:32#
Sairam to all the wonderful divine beings!!! When we all await for the return of Swami in Physical Form and waste our precious time wont it be a very selfish motivation of ours as we all have seen his body was very weak in March 2011. That Divine body would be more frail if he come in same physical form and appear in front of us. On other hand if he appears to us in a Mid age again we will be in a dilemma to believe or not if this is Our real Bhagwan or some body is deceiving us taking his form. So why should we worry on waiting for his return in Physical Form than rather following his teachings and setting an example of good work he has done to the world and making HIM proud to see his Divine hands and brain working through his children even after He passing away thus paying homage to our Divine Master. Sai Navaratna also is a group of nine ladies formed as per HIS divine will and getting direct guidance from SWAMI through subtle form to serve the world. JAI SAIRAM

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