Vibhuthi in the shape of AUM

On Saturday December 7, 2013, Swami blessed me with an opportunity to conduct a study circle on His Reappearance, at the residence of Brother Girish and Sister Sai Kumari in Philadelphia. Sri.M.Ramanath a long time devotee from Chennai who has a wealth of information on Swami's Return, also joined us. Towards the end of the study circle, Swami showed His Divine presence by materializing Vibhuthi in the shape of AUM on one of the pictures. That too right on His forehead in the third-eye region!

I had been to the same home earlier on Saturday June 15th, 2013. Sai brother Girish had invited me to talk about the book. Sri Girish had a dream in which Swami indicated His reappearance. It was so clear to him that he along with his wife Sai Kumari, decided to arrange the Satsang at their home. By Swami's Grace, we had a wonderful session which included Vedam chanting, Bhajans and "Samastha Loka" chanting for world peace. Brother Girish's wife Sai Kumari's family has been in Swami's fold for three generations. In the early years, Swami used to wait at the Ashram entrance to welcome her grandparents during their visits to Parthi. In fact, Sai Kumari was named by Swami Himself. It is quite a story of how their 6 year old daughter Sai Veda was also named by Swami. When she was born, the couple prayed to Swami to name the child. Swami appeared in Sai Kumari's dream and gave the name "Sai Veda". Not fully satisfied, the couple wanted to go to Puttaparthi and physically request Swami to name her. However, owing to some reasons, they could visit Puttaparthi only close to a year later. As Swami was finishing Darshan and returning, suddenly stopped, looked at Sai Kumari and asked "Haven't I already named this child?". This experience reminded them of the significance of Swami's dreams and that they are indeed real interviews from Him! For the same reason, they are fully convinced of His imminent reappearance as Swami revealed to brother Girish in his dream.


Jim Martineau
Jim Martineau2014-09-17 05:34#
Thank you for this story.
Manorama vyas
Manorama vyas2014-09-21 16:21#
once in 1999 I was visiting at a saidevotee`s place in London U.K.,I went to her altar and from the photo of swami ,I took some vibhuti and put on my forehead as round tilak,when I was coming downstairs that devotee told me that you have Aum written on my forehead,And BaBa has blessed me!I cried like a child that How come BaBa is not calling me to Puttaparthy?I visited Him or He called me in 1965 November.After that so many years passed I could`t go there. That` why I was crying.She said now shortly you will go!And then in 2001 I could go to Puttaparthy,with BaBa`s grace.Manorama vyasN.J.
ajith kumar
ajith kumar2015-05-16 03:21#
Jai Sairam

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