A deliberation of the possibility of Sri Sathya Sai Baba's Reappearance



max2019-01-27 06:48#
Thought of the day !

Sai was an embryo that was densely charged with the atom of love.

Sathya His name - in Truth everything you seek, shall be reached, restored and revealed.

SAI-ENCE and SAI-LENCE redefines, reconstruct, reforms and revenues the algorithm of divinity.

GPS - G+dly Positioning Satellite, chant Sai-Ram incessantly to reach your destination.

May our beloved Bhagwan decorate your journey of 2019 with supreme peace.

Hai Mera Nath Mein Aapko Bhulon Nahhi

Sathya SAI is Omnipresent !

With Love

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